Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)

– It's Friday the 13th, what could go wrong? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning! – Our novel "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" comes out October 29th

It's scary, it's funny, we created a very special live event to go along with this release It's called Bleak Creek Conversations and each ticket comes with a copy of the book! – Copy of the book! – And there are just a handful left, and you can see all dates and cities at bleakcreekcom – Mm hmm, and Happy Friday the 13th! It's a bad day, it's a day where bad luck hides around every corner It could be a guy in a hockey mask and stylish coveralls It could be your best friend who knows a deep, dark secret about you

Or it could be nothing at all! So, this really bad day, we're gonna watch some videos of people having really bad days, or almost having a bad day, you'll see It's time for, Do things go mysteriously right, or do they go gentle into that good night? – Okay we're gonna look at some videos where one of two things is gonna happen Someone who is tempting fate will either, A: have something terrible happen to them, or B: luck is gonna be on their side and they'll emerge unscathed We have to predict which one it will be – And apparently we're tempting fate ourselves, because if we guess wrong, I'm told that something terrible and unexpected is going to happen to us

And only the Mythical Crew knows what it is I can't wait to find out Let's see the first clip (car engine revs) Okay What on Earth? (car engine revs) So that's like a quad

– It's a four-wheeler, with a freaking powered parachute – With a propeller behind it – Yeah, this is what I've always wanted to do Not with a four-wheeler involved – Okay, so

– I have a lot– – Our options are "Okay", everything turns out okay, or "No Way", something bad happens – I really want this to work, and so I'm going to say everything is okay 'Cause I want this type of flight, like ATVs in the sky! – Most likely something horrible is gonna happen because of all the ingredients I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the guy in the foreground, or him just crashing into that building in the background But it's gonna be bad

Let's see it (car engine revs) Ah, going up, going up, going up, the guy is turned around, he's giving up – [Rhett] Pull up, pull up, – [Link] Yes, yes, – [Rhett] Pull up! – [Link] Yes! – [Rhett] Pull, oh! – [Link] No! – [Rhett] Oh! (shouts) Whoa – Wow! You got it wrong, and you got punished – Is that guy okay? – [Crew] Yeah, I was gonna chime in and say that everybody in the car, is apparently okay? But that looked really bad

– The guy on the ground, who was taking pictures at first, he is not okay, because he missed the entire thing – He said, "Alright, I've seen enough" – He's hating himself forever! He turned around, and hits the building Alright, let's see another one Okay no, okay, this is classic chase

(laughs) – I love that guy had said, "I might hit you, I might not" Yeah, pretty much one of two ways is gonna go I'm sticking with "Okay" again I feel like this is something that if I was having a really good day, and everything was going right I might attempt to try this, with someone who was willing If you were willing to do this, I would be willing to try it

– This can't turn out well, I mean, there's so many fingers to hit And speaking from experience, it's difficult to hit a bulls-eye Let's watch it – [Man] I might hit you, I might not, alright? – It ain't nothing but a thing (group yelling) – Oh! Whoa! – "It ain't nothing but a thing y'all

" (gong sounds) Well you got Gong'ed, you love gongs – Yeah, that was, that was pleasant – It was more cymbal-ish, than gong-ish – Hold on, I gotta see that again, Is there anyway to– – She's says, "It ain't nothing but a thing" – [Man] I might hit you, I might not alright? – It ain't nothing but a thing

(group yelling) – I love the reaction of everyone there! Ahhh! But it's a gleeful "Ah" – You gotta admit, she's pretty cool man She is cool stuff – You wanna know something about me? – I like a woman who takes it in the hand Alright, here we go

(crew laughing) Show another video! Oh, cats Rhett It's a cat video Oh no, oh no Now is that cat heavy enough to turn over that chest of drawers? – At this point, I have to go with "Okay" just because I have done that every time – But, what do you hope happens? C'mon, be real

– Like I said, even though I have been hypnotized to try to love these devil creatures and it didn't work I don't harbor, just unnecessary, unfounded ill-will towards all cats for no reason at all I mean, this cat, I don't know this cat Maybe he's capable of getting up there and peacefully getting himself into the chest of drawers Which I believe happened

– I think it does fall, but he's totally okay, because you can't show us a video of a cat getting maimed, I mean – You can do that with a person, but not a cat – Alright, so play it Oh, here comes a drawer Now does the drawer shut, because that would be awesome

Oh, get your tail in, oh The drawer shuts! (laughing) What?! – Okay – What?! – That did more for me than any of that cat hypnosis – How did the cat Was there fishing line involved? – Cat's are smart man! – Was that like, rotoscoping or something? I don't know how — – Well, it's not as amazing as you're making it seem – How did the cat do that? Like, what's the cat pulling on inside of the drawer? – Anything that's not the drawer To pull it back in The chest part of the drawers

– Don't — – I mean, I'm not trying to spoil it for you, but — – Don't pee in my cornflakes man Alright we both got that one right, no punishment! Next one Oh, we got celebrating – You know something goes wrong here – Okay, laptop sale, $139, what am I supposed to be looking at? – Those balloons, I believe

I think they go directly into the power-lines and since there's helium in them, they burst into a small, but impressive explosion – And then they fall on a car, which then catches fire You know, no place other than LA have I gone down the street and seen cars just on fire

About every three weeks, I'll see a full car, just completely on fire! – What is that about? – Like welcome to LA! I mean, come on out and see us guys, cars on fire! I didn't pay nothing for it I mean, if this is okay — – Why did they film it? – Why did they well, I think, okay, I think that would be funny, if it just goes

(laughing) – Okay, we'll see – [Woman] Oh (beep) (explosion) – [Rhett] Oh! God! – [Link] That was a big — – Get in the car, get in the car, get in the car! – What are you, what are you — – Hold still please (shouts) (ice cubes falling) – Ice (crew laughing) Versace buoyant – Hey, that was worth it

That was worth every second of it Do you think that they stuck around? – I think they got out of dodge, 'cause that's highly illegal man You shouldn't be putting that stuff on the internet, you'll probably get arrested or something – Okay, so are we, does that tie us up? – No, I'm up by one Let's see the next clip

(man laughing) (speaking foreign language) Okay – I mean – This is a party atmosphere, we got some long, glass noodles – So she's either gonna slurp these — – And die – completely down

Or, – Choke and die – In the process of slurping, they're going to stop, they're gonna get stuck – Maybe they'll come out her nose You know how sometimes you'll slurp, cough, blow? And noodle come out I think this is gonna go bad in that particular way

– Well, that makes more sense than saying that she's just gonna slurp them, why would you care about this video, if slurping was the only thing that happened – 'Cause they just searched, "Woman eating noodles" And they found a video with 15 views – I'm gonna go out on a limb though, and say that it is just a signature slurp (laughs) Nothing goes wrong at all – It's gonna be a long slurp, it could be amazing

(speaking foreign language) Oh! (group laughing) – Wow, it's like she had a — – Hey, hey, don't involve me in this! (crew laughing) What was that? – The punishment's getting worse! – You just got splashed in the face with water? – Yeah – And I got splashed on the arm with water – Yeah it's just position you're in, sorry – It seemed like everyone watching her slurp the noodles, expected that, that was gonna happen It must've been laced with something

– Oh you think it was like, super sour or something, yeah Maybe, do we know? We don't know – Next video, no we don't – [Man] Camera's rolling – [Link] Oh gosh

– Oh no Oh my goodness Oh! – I can tell this gonna be just fine (laughing) Alright, no seriously, I can tell first of all, this isn't just some 25 year-old redneck, this is like a man who has lived a long time, and figured out how to do this, he has a little short wave-sport, like you can see the engine nearing in the ladder that he's built into his pool Everything about this is going to be perfect

"Okay" 100% – He does look like a college professor from the waist up – Yep, right – From the waist down, he looks like a kayak

– Yup But from top-to bottom – Or a Kayak (laughs) I thought that was the joke you were gonna make – Yeah that would've been good

But when you made it, it wasn't very good From the waist up, he looks like a British dude From the waist down, he looks like a kayak – College professor was better Put it all together now

(laughs) – That's high up man, and that's a rickety — – He's got a wave sport man! – Bad, it's gonna go bad, play it Inch forward (kayak sliding) (water splashing) – [Man] Oh my god – See he's like, "Of course!" – That was a sharp — (can hissing) – I tell you, being in the line-of-fire of this stuff is – That was a sharp turn at the end, when he hit the pool – Yeah, you can only do that in a wave-sport – Now this stuff, Now Luke, this is all fun and games, but this stuff stains man (crew laughing) My kids silly-string'ed the whole back, fence of my house, and I had to repaint the whole thing

Next video – Oh goodness – Green means go – [Together] Green means go (laughing) – So he's punching, he's punching cactus, and now he's on a car, shirtless, with a bandana around his neck

– I think he's well protected – Eye protection – I think he's so well protected, that this is gonna go just fine I think that he knows something that we don't, Link – Well I know that I'm already winning, so I'm glad you answered first, 'cause that means that if I agree with you, I definitely win, but we might both be punished, hmm

There's no way this ends well But I wanna win a game, 'cause that doesn't happen a lot So I'm saying — – Okay, well then I'll switch – Hey, you can't switch – Yeah I can switch, yeah

– C'mon man, where's your back-bone? – You think it's "Okay", just go with "Okay" then – Well then I'm going with "No Way", it's bad – I almost got you (laughing) C'mon man! It's gotta be, whatever you do, I'm doing the opposite That's my official position

Whatever your answer is, mine is the opposite – There's no — – It's my only chance to tie! – There's no way this is okay, this ends badly – I think he's gonna be okay (laughing) – Let's see it – Green means go

(screaming) – Pull my legs over! Pull my legs over Zach, help me now! (Laughing) (beep) – I think he's okay! I mean, he's not dead – He not okay man – I'm disappointed in you, Rhett (crew laughing) (laughing) – David's disappointed in you! And so am I

– [Crew] And that means Link, you win a Lucky Charm – Oh! Congratulations Link Eat it now, before it gets cold! – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is! – Hi, I'm Martha – I am Mike

– And we're in the Rocky Mountains, at 12,005 feet elevation – [Together] It's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality! – Wow, talk about Rocky Mountain high! That woman is happy to be there – Click the top link to watch us look at some real life Lucky Charms, in Good Mythical More – And to find out, where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – I think it's just the altitude

– High – So many Snotes, so little Snotebooks Unless of course you venture over to mythicalcom and pick up a bunch of Mythical Snotebooks

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