Do You Know These Ridiculous Beyoncé Facts?

♪ I don't think you're ready for this trivia ♪ – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – Now before we get going this morning, we have something very important to tell you: please vote! The U

S midterm elections are November 6th, and if you aren't registered to vote yet, what are you doing? Make it happen! – Yes, please go to Voteorg right now to handle your business as soon as possible and to be your Mythical best – Now voting first became a thing in America when 242 years ago we declared our independence from the British monarchy and fought an entire war all so we could prepare ourselves to be faithful to the one true leader: Beyonce She's all-powerful, all-knowing, and we're all obsessed with her

– So it only seemed fitting that she would be the first subject of our attempt at the most difficult pop culture trivia game on the planet It's the truest test of millennial might, the undoing of keyboard know-it-alls, it's time for Un-Google-able, Beyonce edition – Okay Link, I'm very excited about this because it's going to be very difficult – For me – We have combed the outer reaches of the internet to find the absolutely most challenging trivia about Queen Bey herself, and because it is so difficult, you're gonna have multiple choice so you could just do random guessing and get 50%

– But this is not just to stump me, this is to educate even the most dedicated– – Yes – Beyonce fan – The most hardcore members of the Beyhive, which I always thought it was the Bay-hive, turns out it's actually the Bee-hive – So you're not in it – So basically Ellie did the deep research on this

This is finding out things about Beyonce that you can't just Google Like you would have to Google multiple things and kinda piece them together You'd have to be like a weirdly super, super fan in order to know this – [Ellie] And speaking of being a super fan, you did say Queen Bay instead of Queen Bee up top, so just checking you there – Oh already I'm wrong

She's the Queen Bey of the Beyhive but she's called– – Negative point – Beyonce She's not called Bay-once, you're right – What do I win? – Okay, if you win, you actually get to taste the lemonade that Queen Bey outlined in her song – We have that? – Yes

And, if you lose, I'm just squirt some lemon in your face (chuckles) Okay, question number one, at the 2009 VMAs, Kanye West became incensed at Taylor Swift's win for best female video – Yep – He famously stormed the stage to declare, "Beyonce had the greatest music video of all time "Of all time!" The show would go on to award Single Ladies video of the year and the controversial event would go on to psychologically destroy both Kanye and Taylor Swift for years to come

So the real question is, what's the exact number of times Beyonce claps her hands together during the Single Ladies music video? Was it A: 24, B: 13, C: 87, or D: she never claps her hands (Link sighs) ♪ All the single ladies ♪ I've got a confession to make – Okay – I have seen this music video many times, but I was never looking at her hands – Mhm, okay, I get it

– (clapping) 87 times ♪ All the single ladies ♪ ♪ All the single ladies ♪ I mean you can get to 87 – That's exactly how But how many times– ♪ Now put your hands up ♪ – Not how many times do you hear claps, how many times does she, Beyonce herself, clap in the video? – I believe that it's 87, and I'd like to think that Ellie counted – All right, let's see it! ♪ All the single ladies ♪ ♪ All the single ladies ♪ ♪ All the single ladies ♪ – [Link] (laughing) I love this! ♪ All the single ladies ♪ – That's it, man! That's it, all 13 claps right there

– Just there, it doesn't come back to that later in the music video? – Well it keeps coming back to different angles of Beyonce– – But she's not clapping – But she actually only claps herself 13 times – And I never noticed how profoundly loud the clap sounds were in the video, but they are (chuckles) – It almost sounds like someone edited in clap noises after the fact – 13, huh

Only 13 – Yeah You know, you gotta be a real big fan to know this kinda stuff Okay, here's the next one Beyonce has an incredible range and she especially excels at nailing high notes live

In one incredible performance, Beyonce shares the stage with another great vocalist and hits an impressive C6 high note in a bid to outperform them Who is she competing against? – Okay – Is it A: Bruno Mars in a faux battle at the 50th Superbowl Halftime Show – Saw that – B: Shakira in a rare 2006 live performance of their duet on Beautiful Liar, C: Celine Dion when she invited Destiny's Child to a special concert recording, or D: Watson, the IBM supercomputer and he's got– ♪ Range ♪ ♪ Range ♪ ♪ Range ♪ ♪ Range ♪ – I can't go any higher than that

– Come at me, bro – I refuse – Bruno Mars, he can hit some high notes, but not as high as Celine Dion – Celine Dion – Can Beyonce sing higher than Celine? She definitely sings more appealing to me

So don't hate on me for that comment I'm just saying Shakira sings low ♪ Shakira sings like this ♪ – Not the Shakira I've been watching ♪ My hips don't lie ♪ I think this is Celine, early on in the Beyonce, Destiny's Child scenario

– Okay ♪ A part of all the the things you ♪ ♪ Are ♪ ♪ But you've got a part of someone else ♪ ♪ You've gotta go find your shining star ♪ (Beyonce holds high note) (Link mimics high singing) – Yeah, whoa, whoa! That's not a C6 (Link clears throat) Yeah, it was Salon It was Salon! – I got that one right! – It was Celine ♪ All the winning guys ♪ ♪ All the winning guys ♪ – In September of 2016, Beyonce posted a series of Instagram photos featuring her, Blue Ivy, and the family's new pet dog

What is that dog's name and breed? Is it A: a fluffy Shih Tzu named Munchie, B: a fluffy miniature poodle named Elsa, C: a fluffy Maltese named Colette, or D: we don't know because the dog has never been seen or heard from again (sighs) – I don't know this (Rhett chuckles) I'm going to be guessing – Okay, got it – So I'm trying to guess what kinda dog they had, that's the best I have to go on, and I feel like a Maltese, though I don't know exactly what that dog looks like, sounds like a dog that they would have, so I'm gonna go with Colette

– Link, this is a little bit of a trick question, because the answer is actually D Yes, despite initial reports, the dog has disappeared from public knowledge – What? – Munchie the Shih Tzu, however, was a dog Beyonce appeared to own in 2004 but disappeared as well except for one PETA article where her team responded that the dog was alive and well and living with Beyonce's cousin Yes, there's two dogs that Beyonce has owned that have disappeared from the public Kinda like the other members of Destiny's Child

(crew laughs) – I bet they're happy – Yeah – Just because you're not in the public eye, doesn't mean you're not doing what you wanna do – Yeah, they're probably enjoying themselves and finding sustenance and real meaningful things – Yeah, yeah

– In a more recent music video, Ape (bleep) That's not the name of the video, I just wanted to say Ape (bleep)! – No, it is – The name of the video is Ape (bleep)! Beyonce raps– – Mona Lisa – In the Louvre that she has a lot of money and wears expensive fabrics ♪ We live a lavish lavish ♪ ♪ I get a spice of fabrics ♪ – Yeah

– I get a spice of fabrics, is that? – Expensive fabric One of the most expensive fabrics in the world is called sea silk which is hand harvested and woven from fibers found in giant clams off the coast of Italy, then dipped into an ancient secret mix of herbs until the fabric glitters like gold – Whoa – This is an easy one It's yes or no

Has Beyonce ever worn sea silk? – Yes I mean after that description, she deserves no less, and she should have it constantly At least in an underwear form, hey (chuckles awkwardly) I mean she should have it as the deepest layer that she's wearing at all times – Are you picturing that right now? – Yes

– So your answer's yes? – Yes, all the way – Okay, has Beyonce ever worn sea silk? ♪ No, babe, no, babe ♪ – Oh so I got it wrong, but I feel great because she sang directly to me – Yeah, we had Beyonce prepare that video just for this question, just for you Congratulations – She's telling me no

Which is fine – Actually, the truth is, that sea silk fabric can only be gifted It's made by one woman in the world and she pretty much only gives it to sick people So until Beyonce gets sick, she ain't gonna be wearing it, as underwear or otherwise – Well then I hope she never wears it

– Okay, in the Grammy-nominated visual album Lemonade, Beyonce literally shares her grandmother's recipe for lemonade in a poetic interlude Now we have determined through extensive testing the average time it takes to make Beyonce's exact lemonade recipe, something any true fan would have undertaken – You've done a time study? – Yes How long does it take? Is it A: 16 minutes and 13 seconds using hand squeezing, B: five minutes, 47 seconds using a lemon squeezer, C: eight minutes, 24 seconds using hand squeezing, or D: three shakes of a lamb's tail – She did not dictate hand or lemon squeezer squeezing, so that was up to us, huh? – Mhm mhm mhm mhm

– I do like hand squeezing over lemon squeezing, lemon squeezer squeezing – What do you like about hand squeezing? – It's visceral and it's, Beyonce likes that too But it doesn't take 16 minutes So I'm blindly guessing C: eight minutes, 24 seconds worth of hand squeezing, lemonade making power – Link, you're right! – Yeah, I'm in the game! – Eight minutes and 24 seconds with hand squeezing

The recipe requires eight lemons, one pint of water, half pound of sugar, the zest of half a lemon, and the blood of Becky with the good hair (Link chuckles) All right Link, you've got two right If you get this one right, you get to enjoy some sweet lemonade– – Taste the lemonade – Yes Although Beyonce has expensive habits, most celebrities get offered free items

The Queen's iconic Coachella performance featured holographic fringe boots made custom by Christian Louboutin, which were gifted free of cost Louboutin has an exclusive shortlist of celebrities who get that type of swag Another shortlist, the Forbes ranking of America's richest self-made women of which Beyonce is also a member – Okay, two lists – Okay, now the full list of Louboutin's preferred celebs is a secret, but one of our writer's friend's cousin's girlfriend works there and exclusively confirmed the following information

– What? – One of Beyonce's cohorts on the Forbes list is not deemed worthy of gifted custom Louboutins Of the following, listed in order of their net worth, who's the shoeless loser? – So between the– – This is all true – Between the two lists, the Forbes list and the Louis Vuitton list, there's only one from the Louvis list that is, the one on the Forbes list that won't get the boots Or something free – [Ellie] That would be Louboutin

– Lou-vitton – It doesn't matter It's just expensive boots – They need to sue each other – Is it A: Oprah Winfrey, worth $3

1 billion with a B B: Kylie Jenner, worth a measly $900 million, C: Madonna, $590 million, or D: Taylor Swift, $320 million, and that last one, D, it's not a joke It's just true I'm giving you four choices – Who does Lou-vitton? – Louboutin

– Louboutin – Louboutin Loubouti? – Not deemed worthy of free stuff I don't know what they would have against any of these fine people Man, this is tough

I wanna taste that lemonade though There's no way anyone's gonna deny Oprah anything Kylie, she's polarizing I mean Taylor Swift is polarizing Madonna used to be polarizing, but not anymore

She's cool, she's like a founding forefather of kuh, pop culture – Kuh-pop culture – Kuh-pop culture It's down to Kylie and Taylor for me, because I think they could be polarizing So have to choose Taylor Swift

I think she's being denied – Mm Link, the answer is B, Kylie! You were so close! Kylie may be worth $900 million, but she still has to pay for these boots just like a peasant (crew laughs) And that means that I'm going to squeeze lemon in yo face in Good Mythical More I'm not gonna enjoy it though

I really wanted you to win (chuckles) Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – You never know where you're gonna find one! – (chuckling) That is, that was worth it – Yes it was

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