DIY Trendy 2018 Halloween Costumes

– DI-why did we leave costumes to the last minute again? – Let's mom about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Moms! – Rhett and Link have asked us to host for Halloween again because they're locked inside their houses while the Logang eggs them

– I heard about that but if you miss them, don't worry 'cause they turned themselves into stickers on iMessage, y'all – Stickers on iMessage? – Uh-huh apparently they're just available for 99 cents in the app store now, which is cheaper than my favorite which of course is jalapeno poppers – I love those, a little spice – Mhm, a little cheese – A lot of fry, they don't stick

They don't stick to your innards just like, I'm trying to relate it to stickers – Oh I understand I like the way you think, sometimes – Well y'all we got a lot to catch up on It has been a slog of a year

I went fugue back in July and just came to in the seasonal section of Jo-Ann's Fabric two days ago – Uh-huh – I thought, good lord, it's Halloween? I been laying here for three months? And I had – I been wondering where you been, Linkita, but you know what, we are in a similar boat, because I too neglected to realize that Halloween was creepin' up on me faster than Walter the piggly-wiggly bag boy – Oh gosh, bit you know what, it is never too late for us, is it, Lorhetta? – Mm-mm

– For anything – No – Especially costuming and Halloween We can whip up a Halloween costume faster than Walter the piggly-wiggly bag boy if he whip out his phone – Ooh (chuckles)

We have gathered up a bunch of items we had just layin' around, counted our kids to make sure they were all still around and got the costume and it's time for we made costumes without much thinking because we were too busy day drinking – Unfortunately, our children are in school, I think I didn't wanna ask 'em 'cause I didn't wanna be a hoverboard parent – Right – So they cannot model for us today

– But fear not, 'cause I posted on Nextdoor for costume models and promised you'd pay them (chuckles) – Oh well, all my money's tied up in little owl items, so (chuckles), I can't help you there – Okay I like those too but they're not currency Anyway, the models will be comin' out of this big, scary door, look at that – [Linkita] It's a clown shark! – [Man] Clown shark! – That is so pleasant

– Was that a real person, alive in the flesh? – No, it's a clown that's been eaten by a shark or something – I don't know, I don't even wanna figure it out – I don't know either – But let's get this costume party started – Yes

– Now, I'm a big Ryan Reynolds fan He's funny, smart and sexy, or as I like to say, fartsy – Ooh – And even though his latest films contain some language I never let my youngest son Tarmac hear out of anyone's mouth unless his hip youth pastor who wears his shirt untucked was using it as an example of what not to say – Oh

– I wanted to commemorate Mr Reynold's work with a costume It's dead pool! (upbeat music) – There it is (clapping) I see what you did there, it's a pool, but I mean Deadpool came out years ago, Lorhetta – Why you always gotta take on my parade? – Well– – Do you know what else came out this year? Dead pool 2! – Oh, two of them

– Uh-huh – You have twins – That's right, clap Now– – Are they twins? – They could, well they might be brothers I don't know

– They're obviously mute – I didn't ask questions Now, I originally got these when I was talking about starting that mud wrestling league that you put the ca-bush on – Of course I did, look how big the pools are That's a little too intimate for even mud wrestlin'

– Okay well anyway, since then, since you rejected that idea, I been using these to put some of my dead items from my practice garden in, and also I been puttin' the little pet fish that Hunter Ottoman's been killin' over the past couple of months – You gotta stop givin' that boy pets – I'm trying to teach him empathy – Well I think you're just teaching him how to kill pets He's gettin' really good at it

– A few of those made it a couple of days, so I think somebody's working – Is that a foot? – [Lorhetta] Well it's a foot and a lower leg – Okay – From the knee down, I found it in the dumpster behind the rollerskating rink – It's apparently dead which fits the motif, that's brilliant

– Uh-huh I thought it was very Halloweeny – I love chimichangas – I know you do (crew laughs) – Deadpool says that

– Yeah, he's like Ryan Reynolds – He is – Was he giving me the side eye? – I'm not really looking for a relationship right now – Well I'm not either, what are you talking about, boy? – Okay, yeah, I just wanted to be clear – Get out of here! – Y'all can leave now

– Don't be so presumptuous – Look at him go – Thirsty much? Now kids these days, they want costumes that reference internet culture and thanks to Shane Dawkins, I am in the know – He is great – There was this big controversy back on the summer, and it was some sort of internet convention

It was all sponsored by some salon called Tan-a-mojo – Mhm – So this costume is Tan-a-con! (upbeat music) Well you don't have to look so miserable Or you do 'cause you're a con-vict – Oh! – Do you get it? – I get it now

– That's right That young lady is tanning a con Which of course started this whole Tan-a-con controversy Of course tanning the actual orange suit is probably not worth it – [Lorhetta] Unnecessary

– Now I use that tan spray on my son Daughtry to help him get vitamin D when he spends all his day playing that Fortnite – Yeah, he's been looking very pale – Well no he's not 'cause I been spraying him – No but the parts you missed – Oh

– I had to help him change – Fill in – I had to help him change the other day at the pool – Thank you for that – Yeah, he got his Speedo stuck

– Where? (chuckling) (crew laughing) – Have I told you that my cousin Nabrisco will give you a full body spray tan for $10? – No, because I would be taking advantage of that – He works at the auto body shop He uses the spray machine You gotta wear a gas mask but it's worth it – Oh my word, who is this? (crew laughing) – Who the heck was that little man? – I don't know but he looked like he's in total control of every situation

– Mhm – All right, go lock her back up – Okay, it seems like every time I sneeze, there's a new Marvel property poppin' up – Yes – Also every time I sneeze I pee a little

That's what three babies will do to you – Me too – You could drive a toy train through there – No thank you – Anyway, a popular Marvel property from this year was of course a little Amazon show that won a bunch of Emmys

It's Marvel's Mrs Mayo! – [Linkita] Look at her! Good gracious! – [Lorhetta] Isn't that wonderful? – It's a bunch of mayonnaise containers turned into a superhero – Yeah I have no idea what Marvel's Mrs Mayo's superpower is but I think it has something to do with turning cabbage into slaw – That was a good one

– That wasn't even a joke, it was just an assumption that I've made – You being honest? – Right, just an honest observation Now, we go through a lot of mayo at my house, so we call it the lord's condiment And so I just took a bunch of my big empties and just put 'em right on this lady that showed up at four o'clock – Good lord, your house goes through more mayo than my uncle Carls Jr

, no relation, goes through rehab facilities – Oh? How's he doing? – He's going through another one right now – Oh well good for him – Yeah – As long as he's going

– It's like collect 'em all kinda thing – Yeah, well there's a good one in Erwin – There is? – Yeah – The denim capital of the world – Yeah, you get a free pair of jeans if you get through it

– That's good, that's good Your jugs are a little low, but we can fix that – Well, sh, you're one to talk Anyway – Guys, can I ask you a question though, ladies? – Oh sure

– Oh yeah, okay – What's this for? – I don't know, a good time? Congratulations on all your success – Thank you, do you validate parking? – I don't even know what that means, but you should run along back into the clown shark – [Mayo Lady] Okay – [Lorhetta] Isn't that nice? – She moves with such purpose

Okay moving on Now I used to vacation in a little town on the banks of the Ariana Grande, and then come to find out, they named a pop singer after it And she dated some ghostly comedian named Pete Davidson for less time that it takes me to make my famous Manwich pot pie – Huh – But back this summer while they were still love birding, she tweeted that he was going on a big dig of some kind and Twitter blew up, confirming that this little scrawny guy in fact had big dig energy

And here it is – My goodness – In costume form – That is quite a big shovel he's got – [Linkita] You've got the idea

Hey – You know what? – Hey – Hello – You going on a big dig? You got a big dig you're gonna go on? – Yeah – Mhm, you got the energy for it? – A whole lot of energy, ma'am

– A lot of energy for your what? – My dig – And how big is your dig? – It looks to be about, uh, it's a decent size dig – But you know what– – That's just a shovel You're not on the dig yet – [Shovel Guy] That's true

– But it's not the size of the shovel, it's the depth of the seed – That's true, yeah – It is true I took a horticulture class If you bury the seed too deep, then it doesn't know which direction to go

You could have a tree growing underground into the water table – Yep, and then it poisons it – It poisons the water table – You don't want tree in your water, mm-mm – No you don't

And you don't want water in your tree either – Well I think you do, actually – Oh, doesn't go both ways – I think that that's how trees work – Do you? – Do I water my trees? – Are you gonna put your tree in my water? I think that's– (crew laughs) I think that's the question

– Now don't be presumptuous – I, okay – All right, see I got this, I should tell you what it is, but I don't even care anymore I was gonna tell you about the overalls, but– – Don't – Who cares? – It's not important

– Right – Okay, hey you hang out on the other side of that– – Just wait over here? – Yeah – Now he has got a big dig to go to What's he gonna do with all that energy? – I've got a few ideas – Now, I try my best to avoid the news because I rash easy, but I do have my hairdresser whisper me snippets when he's shaving my neck

So I do know a few things Now, last week, when he was trimming my split ends, he leaned in and asked me if I would make him a costume and I was so honored Now, his name is Damnyell, so that gave me the perfect idea Come on out, Damnyell (upbeat music) – I'm Stormy Damnyells

– I know Damnyell He tutors my kids – He tutors my kids too and he often stays for supper uninvited Which is fine – He's known to do that

– Now of course he's wearing a rain slick I found in the sewer where that clown murdered all those kids and it just fit the motif so perfect– – I love it – Then we mucked it up a bit with some debris from the edition we started in 2003 and never finished – Now, which one is Stormy Damnyells? Is she a weather man? Or a weather woman? – No, no, no She's a movie star who received hush puppies from the president's lawyers – Oh, mm, right

– Okay Damnyell, you're weirding everybody out, so move along – This is Stormy Richard – I know, honey – That's great, sweetie, but please leave Do you feel okay about him being with your children? – I am second-guessing that

– Right – Thank you for likin', commentin' and subscribing! – You know what time it is – Hally Halloween! – I'm Rhett – And I'm Link – And we're in Layton, Utah

– [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Now that's a little confusing to me – Those boys have people emulating them on the internet That is so sweet – What an honor! – It's cool

– Click the top link to watch us rank the cutest dog costumes in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality lands – [Rhett] Wanna paste my face in a text? – [Link] Or slap what the crap as a response? – [Rhett] Now you can with Rhett and Link stickers for iMessage – [Link] Available now on the Apple App Store

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