Disneyland Food Taste Test

– Today we're tasting food from the happiest place on earth – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning! – Yeah! And today, we're gonna do some yoga with giant snakes – Ay – And then we're gonna be discovering the link between Nicholas Cage and deodorant There is one, – Yes – I'm told, but first, we're goin' to Disneyland, y'all! – Yes, Disneyland, the place where dreams come true, specifically food dreams, and I'm not talkin' about the one where you and your eighth grade crush swim in pudding and not that I know anything about that because it's definitely not a dream I've ever had

No, we're talking about– – Holly? – The food, not Holly, at Disneyland! – (chuckles) Disneyland is home to unique and intriguing food that can only be purchased on the premises and that exclusivity makes me want it so much more, but is it all really great? And what is the best? It's time for Fairy Tales Can Come True If We Buy Disneyland Food and Chew! – Now, we are going to be ranking them on this amazing board We're going from the worst which would be M-I-C-K-E Die! M-I-C-K-E Why? M-I-C-K-E Sigh M-I-C-K-E Buy This Tasty Treat! M-I-C-K-E Must Try! And M-I-C-K-E Bulls Eye! – Alright, let's get started with an iconic Disney beverage, the famed Dole Whip (twinkling music) Here it is A unique Disneyland frozen treat that people obsess over

(twinkling music) Apparently– – I haven't had this one, ever! – Now, ours is a little melted You know, it was acquired from Disneyland and it was brought back – So we're taking that into account, the fact that we're not currently at Disneyland, we're not in the atmosphere, some of these items have changed a little bit on the trip up from Anaheim – Mm-hm It's basically pineapple juice soft serve, but is it much more as all the people rave about? – It is good, though

– It is good! – And imagine you're out there, you've been waiting in lines – For a dollar more, you can make it a float – You got kids complaining to their parents, that it's hot

This is the perfect remedy to that – I had this with the kids one day You know when it's sweltering, boy, this really hits the spot – Well- – It's amazing, it's magical – I think they're all gonna be pretty good, so I just think all we can do is sort of just put it in the middle

– Yeah – You wanna put it at three or four – Yup I'm gonna go right there at four – Alright

Now, we're moving along to, what I believe, is the most iconic dish at Disneyland – I know you do – The corn dog Bring in the corn dog! (twinkling music) Now listen We once took a Mythical crew trip to Disneyland and I made everyone eat corn dogs for lunch

I was like, I don't even care if you've never had one, I don't even care– – We had to plan our whole trip around– – If you're a vegan, you have to eat one, or you're fired No, I didn't do that, I would never do that – We had to be at the Corn Dog Castle at a time when everybody was hungry and Rhett gathered everybody around and he's like, I'm buying all the corn dogs! – Yeah! – He was pretty excited Now, of course, this is in California Adventure – This is 8

75 You can get it at the Little Red Wagon, the Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland, or, the best place to get it if you're gonna get one, the Corn Dog Castle It's a freaking kingdom that does nothing but make corn dogs – Um– – I'm a mustard man when it comes to the corn dog I don't like to defile it with ketchup

– I am, too I don't like mustard on a lot of things, but mustard is perfect for a corn dog, and let me tell you, – Oh man – I have not had a corn dog better than this corn dog What is the secret? – Look at the batter The batter is incredible and– – It's so uniform

– It held up – It's not lumpy in any way, it's like smooth – When you take this right out of the fryer, it's amazing, but it's still incredible – It's so good – It's really crispy on the outside, and kinda cakey on the inside, but not mealy at all

There's no mealiness It's almost like cornbread consistency – Oh my gosh – Don't let anyone make you feel self-conscious about enjoying a corn dog Don't worry about the gifs that you're creating when you're eating it

(off camera chuckling) – This is already a tough choice Because– – Not a chance – They're so different – No, the corn dog is way better than that pineapple mixture thing – This is a magical mixture, but this is a magical meal, which to me, I'm gonna agree

I mean, I'll put it above it I'm not gonna go all the way to one – Well, no, there's no need for that Yet – Just right off the bat

Right there, corn dog – Alright, we're gonna get even more meaty now The Disneyland turkey leg (twinkling music) is a time honored tradition of eating a gargantuan hunk of meat on a stick Now, let's bring these suckers in (twinkling music) They are absolutely massive

– Good gracious I have not seen these I've seen these at a fair

– Oh, I've seen people walking around Me and you, I think both of us, have a bias against turkey legs because we've had this discussion before There was an– – It's like a genetically altered chicken leg – I think, you know what it is, this all goes back to the one time at the state fair, you remember this? – Yeah, I do – When we were in high school, and we thought these would be great and we got them at the North Caroline state fair, and we both took a couple of bites and we were like, there's something too rich, – Not right

– Or I don't know what it was but, ever since then, we just looked at people enjoying turkey legs with disdain – It has this barbaric, kind of, effect – I don't mind that at all Of course I don't mind that – People walking around, five year olds walking around with this as big as their upper torso, like (loud chewing)

Like, (disgusted shivering) – Normally, that's something I would be into it, that's what I'm saying, so it's kinda weird that I'm not into it, but, it's been many years, let me go back – It's remarkably hammy How do they do it? How do they do it, Rhett? How do they make 'em so remarkably hammy? – Now, Ellie told us that one of the secrets is that these are exclusively made by male, not by male turkeys The male turkeys are not making their own turkey legs

These are male turkeys, tom turkeys, they call those And, while a lot of other ones might be female turkeys, and there's a distinct difference in the taste of male and female turkeys, and, for some reason, Disney said, let's do male turkeys only That's the secret, Link – Does that make– – That's how they make it so hammy – Does that make you like it more? – I don't know

'Cause I am a man (off camera laughing) – I mean, I like a good chicken leg, but when I'm at a park of happiness, I don't wanna have the animal parts in the front of my mind when I'm eating – This is too not dissociated, – Yeah – From the animal – This is so dissociated

– It's such a beautiful package – What part of the animal is a corn dog? – I'm gonna, you know, I think it goes down here I don't like it as much as the Dole Whip – I'm in agreement, M-I-C-K-E-Why? – Now if I had to pick one city for Disneyland to immortalize, my first thought would be Buies Creek, North Carolina, our homeland, but they chose New Orleans instead, which is fine – Mm-hmm

– If you visit that section of the park, you apparently must try a (sparkling music) Cafe Orleans Monte Cristo Sandwich I have not tried this (sparkling music) – This is absolutely incredible looking – Turkey, ham, and swiss sandwich, fried in a light batter, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a berry puree – How have I missed this? It starts out savory and then, as it moves towards the outside, it's sweet

– But if you dip it in this, the berry puree, first, it starts sweet – Yeah – Oh my wow Oh my wow (Rhett chuckles) Good gosh, it's like eating a meat and cheese stuffed doughnut

– It almost seems wrong – Mm-hmm – You know what I'm saying? It's like when you're doing something that's wrong but feels right – You don't want anybody to see ya – That's what's happening right now

– So many flavors hit you It's got all the food groups – The fact that's got cheese and it's got some sweetness I don't want to dethrone the corn dog, I really don't want to do it, but, I'm really leaning towards it right now – I gotta taste this corn dog again

– Who would have thought you could stick a sandwich in some berries? – I think the corn dog is just a little bit better – Give me it (Link chuckles) I'm coming down here – It's more refined Yeah, it's two things, but it really becomes one thing

This is just like– – As the corn dog king himself, I feel like I have the authority to issue a new decree – You think so? – The Monte Cristo sandwich is better than a corn dog I feel like you gotta go with me on this, man You gotta ride this train – I am on the fence so I will gladly go with you

– I never thought I would say it but it's absolutely incredible – The corn dog king has dethroned himself – Sorry, I mean, you can't be a king forever – M-I-C-K-E-Must Try! – Now we are moving to something that is available in Cars Land – Love that place

– Which is my favorite place in all of Disneyland – It's cool, man – I never heard of this either, it is the, (sparkling music) Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Cone – What? – Creamy mac 'n' cheese, littered with bacon bits, packed into a swirly golden bread cone – What? – I mean how in the world? – I've been there (stumbles over words)

What are we doing? – How are we missing this? – We're waiting in lines for rides, like losers – We're idiots, we're Disney idiots – We're stupid! – Gosh, I hate us – So like a cornucopia of genius – Can you hear the ocean in it? I can mac 'n' cheese

– I can hear my future in it Grand enjoyment – Man – Oh, it's great There's no denying it's great

– You can't eat If you went to Disney, and you ate this and the Monte Cristo sandwich in the same day? – You'd keel over – Yeah, that's too much

'Course we're about to do it right now – Yeah, we'll do it – But You gotta make a choice You gotta be, what heart attack am I going to have at Disneyland today? It's really really really good I would definitely get it, but, in my mind, there's no way it beats either the corn dog or the Monte Cristo, at this point – I'm a fan of the Dole Whip I don't wanna move that down

– Okay – I personally am more a fan of savory than sweet, but, you know, I made the corn dog king decision so I'll let you do that – We're moving that one into slot number five And now, let's eat a churro You can find them all around Disney, (twinkling music) but we got our hands on a special edition churro

This one is (twinkling music) the rose gold churro that's found outside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, which, by the way, is smaller than you'd think it would be – Yeah, it's bigger in your mind – Yeah, even now, it's growing in my mind Five dollars 25 cent for this churro It's got strawberry flavored sprinkles, and gold sprinkles on it

Oh, that's magical – It smells good, and it is very pretty, let's eat it – Now, again, ours has made the trek back from Anaheim – Churros really need to be enjoyed, – Fresh off the cart – Right out of the cart

– But, if we put ourselves back in that place, that's a very unique experience It's got everything you would expect from a churro I still think there's cinnamon in it But then that strawberry hits you, and you're like, whoa, this is surprising – I really like it, but it's not, it's not a mind blowing experience

You know what I'm saying? It's not the kind of thing that I would gather all my employees up and force them to eat (off camera laughing) You know what I'm saying? I do that with corn dogs – Right – And I'm kinda biased against strawberry flavored things because I usually don't opt for those So, if you love strawberry flavored things, you're no doubt gonna put this higher than we're about to rank it

Let's rank this, and then, let's see what we're gonna do, 'cause there's nothing in the number one slot, and we're not gonna put the churros there, right? We agree? – Right – I'm actually putting this pretty low Ellie was talking huge, she loves this thing I'm sorry, Ellie I think this is your number one, Ellie? – Yes

– But, for us, I'mma put it, – It's better than a turkey leg We'll give you that – I'mma put it way down here Here's the thing here, we gotta talk about this – Well, Ellie pointed something out, and I do want to take this into account

She pointed out, reminded us, that the Monte Cristo sandwich is available only at a reservation only cafe, the Cafe Orleans, and it's $21 – 21 freaking dollars? – Whereas, you can get this corn dog for 875, which is a lot for a corn dog, but you can get it at a freakin' castle, which is actually just a little booth, and two other places, so it's readily accessible, and it's the perfect thing to walk around Disney, so I think that the portability and the availability and the affordability– – Is the Corn Dog King trying to take back his throne? – I'm just saying, the Corn Dog King can do what he wants – The Corn Dog King needs to consult with the Hand of the Corn Dog King – Okay, alright, what do you– – Who is really the guy with all the power, let's be real

– What do you think? – You're just a sniveling child who rants about corn dogs all day, and I'm making decisions for the realm – You think I'm like Joffrey? Is that what you're trying to say? – But I do agree with myself and the thoughts that I planted in the King's mind, that we gotta, this thing, not in it's current form, but this is a beautiful entity– – It was a beautiful entity – That must be enjoyed Move that to the number one spot – And it looks like a number one

– Move the Monte Cristo to number two Move the Dole Whip, which I can't get enough of, to number three Then you got the cone of happiness, the churro of strawberriness, and the leg of, I say nastiness but you might love it – Forgettable turkey – At number five

– There it is How many of you have we upset today? Let us know in the comments I'm sure you will – And click through to watch us literally do yoga with snakes – Oh, it's gonna be scary

Whether you're at the happiest place on Earth or lounging at home, you can get comfy in one of our GMM hoodies and tee shirts, available at Mythicalstore

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