Disney Movie Food Challenge w/ Jon Cozart & Noah Cyrus

– Good mythical summer – And nothing says summer quite like fresh vasectomies

– That's right, we're about to get our vasectomies renewed – Yeah it's like when people renew their wedding vows except in their pants – So today we've invited YouTuber slash musician Jon Cozart and actor slash singer Noah Cyrus to guest host – Yeah it's gonna be as fun as getting double revasectomied – See you on Monday

– Today we grope Disney foods – Let's talk about that (soft cheerful music) – Good mythical summer, I'm Jon Cozart, you may know me from my YouTube channel Paint where I happen to have a lot of songs about Disney – And I'm Noah Cyrus and I also happen to have a lot of songs but not about Disney We go way back though

– What, you and Disney? – Yeah – You think you're a bigger fan of Disney than me? How laughable, name one TV show that features a girl who just wants to be normal but is also an internationally famous pop star, just one! – You're right I have no idea what you're talking about Sounds extremely cheesy But I am ready to beat you at this game – I think it's time for, ♪ Look at this food ♪ ♪ Isn't it yum ♪ ♪ Can we guess what Disney movie it's from? ♪ Okay so we're not actually gonna be looking at the food

We have blindfolds we'll be wearing The mythical crew will place a food item in front of us and the food will be from a memorable scene in an iconic Disney movie We will inspect the food with our hands and try to guess what Disney movie we think it's from – We got two lifelines, sniff it, and lick it We an use those only once whenever we want

Also we only get one guess per round so if we blurt out a wrong answer and if it's wrong, which it totally will be on my end we automatically lose the round Whoever gets the most right wins The loser though has to take a bite out of a poison apple So I'm probably gonna krrk Anyways, you ready to do it? – Yeah let's do it

– Alright – [Both] Round one – So as you can see, we can't We can't see guys Let's get to it

I love, I look at you as if I'm looking at you – Oh it's pasta and meatballs, it's the dog movie – Oh my, oh it's warm – The hound, it's the hound, Fox and the Hound! – This is horrifying – It's totally from, no

– Are you eating this? – Yeah of course! – I just hear like this ravenous noise, oh my– – It's Fox and the Hound right? – [Woman] It is not Fox and the Hound – You had pasta and meatballs no Fox and the Hound? – What's the movie where they share the pasta? – Oh yeah right, that's, it's based on a Shakespeare play – Do you want to share pasta right now? – Taming of the Shrew – Where's your mouth? – Oh my gosh do not touch me, I will freak out – Put this in your mouth

(laughing) We can share it like the movie – I'm gay (laughing) – Wait what's the movie? – It's obviously Lady and the Tramp, hello – Okay – [Woman] You got it, you can remove your blindfolds, Jon got the point

– I'm so sorry that was– – [Both] Round two – Jon – Uh-huh? – So I, I forgot my own rules – Really? – And I sniffed it, well actually I didn't sniff it I ate it

– Okay – And then, let me tell you, first of all it was great But can I start over and can I just not, can that not count as my lifeline? Because I forgot the rules – Honestly for every round you get wrong your lifelines should just reset – Thank you

– Because you utilized every tool available and still misidentified the film – Okay I knew the movie, I could picture it – Yeah – They're on top, where do they go? Like the Eiffel Tower or something? – They're in Paris – Okay so now we have a new thing

– Oh yeah we got a new thing If you would like to eat it you may, but that's your lifeline okay? – Okay a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, is that what this is? – You know it might be salt – Is this Mary Poppins? – It might be a spoonful– – Is Mary Poppins Disney? – Yeah, wait, yeah, Mary Poppins – [Woman] Yeah, that's correct, you got it – Woo! – [Both] Round three

– Is it there? – Okay okay ugh Wha? – I don't like the noise you're making It's a crab (screaming) – You're right, I thought it was a breadstick – I don't like this, I don't want to touch it

(screaming) – Is it The Little Mermaid? – This is absolutely horrifying – Is it The Little Mermaid? – Wait is it? – [Woman] You're right, it's Little Mermaid – Come on! – Woo! – [Woman] Take off your blind– (screaming) – It's alive holy (beep)! (laughing) – Oh my god, oh my! (laughing) – [Both] Round four – Welcome back to Fear Factor (laughing) – Well I'm sad

– And I'm afraid – Because I didn't mean to hold a living guy – Yeah, no crustaceans were hurt in the making of this silly show – And I'm making sure they're going back to being in water because I loved the little guy so so so much And they're gonna undo his pinchers

Okay so anyways, here we go What (sniffs) oh, oh no! – Wait are we starting? – I'm not supposed to smell – I've, I feel like I'm– – [Noah] What is this? – I honestly don't want to do this anymore Oh it's not alive (triumphant laughing) – Listen to the noise

– Is that a lifeline? Oh okay – What are you feeling? – It's like a cylindrical vegetable Smells a little Italian, but I didn't use the lifeline that's just my natural sense and it's overwhelming – Right that's your, you're not trying to smell it's just what God gave you – You know what, I know this, I know it

– How the hell do you know what this is? – Let me tell you something, okay Our brief trip to Paris in the first round is being– – Is it snails? – What? (laughing) Yes – Like when you said Paris – No no no, it's ratatouille, right? – [Woman] Correct – I was gonna say that! – Yeah right

– [Both] Round five My heart is racing What are we dealing with here? – I'm gonna die – Can we do like, let's do a 20 questions before Living or dead? Okay

– Okay are you ready? Tap tap, oh it's just soup (screams) – Wait, now I'm just jumpy okay – I'm gonna use a lifeline – Okay Wait which one? – Oh it's honey

– (screams) Oh honey – Winnie and the Pooh – [Woman] Oh my gosh that's right – Oh my gosh, congratulations – Thank you

– [Both] Round six – Okay I have to win this round – You're not – It's embarrassing, it's my whole brand – I don't, I've not even watched, like, I even told you my childhood was full of horror movies I was not into this stuff

Except for The Aristocats, Aristocats lit, but okay– – Honestly I think like just subconsciously Disney seeps in– – Are you touching it right now? – Oh no, I'm not playing, I was chatting – Okay okay– (yelling) – Oh wait, okay wait – Let's chat, let's chat What were you saying? – I just think Disney is so pervasive, you know? It's ubiquitous with our culture – You use a great vocabulary

– And it just soaks into your subconscious and now all of the information is coming out in such a beautiful way – Yes, okay so should we tap? – Okay yeah let's do it, let's do it – Onions – We're in this together Onions

– Onions – Shrek Oh wait, I'm just kidding, it's not Disney That was a joke – Onions

– Ladies and gentleman – Onions – What is this? Oh I'm gonna smell it – Why do you need to sniff it if it's an onion? – That's an onion (laughing) – Could you not tell by the skin? – I don't cook a lot, so

– I don't either, but I can tell it's an onion – Okay so – Onions – Can I try and juggle these? – That's what I was just doing! – Oh my gosh, sisters, (beep)! Darn (laughing) – Uh, onions

– [Woman] I'll give you guys a hint It's a live action film – Oh shoot, a live action, not an animated? And also you like inked into Pixar with Ratatouille – Right that's where I got confused if Ratatouille was even Disney – Yeah, yeah, it's Pixar, Disney Pixar, they bought the company during Toy Story

– I love when that little lamp goes krrk krrk krrk (laughing) You know what I'm talking about? – I absolutely know what you're talking about – Yeah, that's my favorite part of every movie – It's that feeling of magic you get – It's like yay it's start, but what is this? – Wow I'm just using this lifeline a lot

As if it will change me knowing Okay live action, onions, Disney canon, I mean Disney owns everything, it's like how do we reduce things? – [Woman] Okay here's another hint – Yes – Shia Labeouf is in this movie – [Both] Oh holes! – I said it first! – No, no! – I said it first! I said it first! – That was, that was me

– [Woman] I think there was a tie, that was a tie Anyone else? I think we're rolling it a tie That was impressive – Oh my gosh, wow, good job – [Both] Round seven

– What's my prize? – You don't have to eat the poison apple – Oh – Yeah it's like, not much of a prize It's kind of like Hunger Games, you just survived – I don't like what my nose holes are getting

– Oh gosh – What is this? – [Jon] I'm blindfolded – It's a hard boiled egg I don't even– – (yelling) What? What? What? – [Noah] Listen to this (squishing) – Could you please have some courtesy? – It smells like chlorine

– Alright I'm gonna eat it Or touch it with my tongue – It's mushrooms Is it mushrooms? – Tastes like water (squishing) – [Noah] What is this? – Yeah these are mushrooms

– Okay Oh Alice in Wonderland – [Woman] Correct – Oh my gosh, you are so good – [Both] Round eight

– Alright listen up – Uh-huh? – There's no lifelines – Uh-huh – And since I'm beating you, would you like this to count as two points in case you get it right? – Babe, yes, that is very sweet of you – I love charity

Okay here we go (laughing) so, are you ready? – Yeah, I'm ready I'm ready, okay, what's going on here? – Don't tell me that's alive Like if that's alive – What is it? – I don't want to touch it again

Because I feel like they're like Like bugs – Um – That's totally a bug and I'm not touching it again (uncomfortable noise) They're bugs, is it crawling on you? – (screams) I cannot do this

– I'm not touching it I give you the points – Okay – It really freaked me out – I'm gonna give this to you

You get this one, and I'll take myself out – Was it alive? – You have fun – [Woman] You guys don't have to touch any more, you're right, it's bugs, and none of them are currently– (screaming) – You scared me, you scared me! – I don't like it – None of them are crawling on you, rest assured, none of them are on you – Okay

– There's many? – [Woman] But does anyone have the answer? – The Lion King – [Woman] Yes! – Honestly I'm horrified Oh shoot! – I hate it so much, I really do I have like such a freakout with bugs oh my god – Honestly

– [Woman] But guys, guess what, neither one of you have to eat the poison apple because you tied – Woo! – We both– – Oh my god, oh my god I can't believe I just touched that Like I'm really sweating profusely – Yeah that's really gross

That's really gross Well that was traumatizing For more Disney related internet fun check out my YouTube channel Paint – You can check out my latest single Team with MAX, available everywhere, and stay tuned because I've got a big announcement coming in the next couple of weeks – You know I'm sensitive right now

Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Maddie and I'm from Kentucky, but right now I'm at Disney World! And it's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality – Alrighty, click the top link to watch us play Disney character or luchador in Good Mythical More – And find out where the wheel of mythicality is going to land

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