Discontinued Chocolate Taste Test

– Today we eat a 29 year old chocolate bar – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning – Attention Mythical Society members, there's a crew Q&A on Discord today exclusively for members so get involved at MythicalSocietycom – It is a sweet, sweet week of love, and we love chocolate So we are continuing our celebration of chocolate with another day of chocolate lovers' week! 'Cause we just can't get enough! (90s dance music) Wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on

Listen If you are gonna be slinging chocolate again, I don't want it all over my back Just sling it gingerly directly down my throat – Hold this (Rhett chuckles) (90s dance music) – You have to appreciate every chocolate you get because you never know when that chocolate is going to get canceled

(chuckles) You okay? (crew laughs) (sighs) But thanks to the magic of the internet, we got ahold of some exclusive out of print chocolate products to try today It's time for To Be Discontinued: Chocolate Edition – All these products were discontinued and are no longer in production We're gonna be tasting them for most recent to oldest and we'll be deciding whether we should bring it back or nah, that's whack – We should probably tell ya that some of these chocolates are very old and it's a good thing that chocolate keeps so well because they're gonna taste exactly like they were meant to taste

Let's start – Yeah, over the last 77 years, Mars Candy Company has given us new M&M flavors such as crispy, caramel, and even birthday cake But what Mars giveth, Mars can also taketh away and we got ahold of one of the deceased M&M's, the discontinued Chili Nut M&M's – Yeah so this is a chili flavored roasted peanut inside of an M&M It came out in 2016, limited edition along with coffee nut and honey nut

I didn't know about any of these – Here's one – Oh I got the same color – [Link] It's a bit powdery – Let me get a different color

– But there are other colors – Oh whoa the chili nuts have been broken – Mm, oh goodness, what are we gonna do? Let's just eat a whole one – I'm gonna eat a orange one – Okay, I'm gonna eat a red one

Mm So not too old but they don't taste new – Oh, whoa Whoa! – I'm not getting any chili yet – You don't get the spice? The spice is pretty nice

– There wasn't any spice in that one Try this one – The orange one kept the spice – The red was not spicy but wow – Really? – The orange definitely is

Yeah – Orange holds spice better than red? – Orange keeps the spice, y'all – That's counterintuitive – It's not too spicy – This is something very, very nice, unexpected

You can't get any of this, there's so many other kinds of M&M's but how many of them have the spicy, savory flavor to balance out the sweet? I think this should be an option – I mean I personally am not into it If it started spicy and ended sweet, I might like it, but the opposite's happening so now I'm just left with a hot mouth Chili Nut M&M's – Bring it back

– Nah that's whack – We have a contact on eBay named David Cross He's our Altoids man He got us some Altoids before and I don't know where he gets 'em from but he's a good source Thank you David Cross

Not the David Cross but, you know, a David Cross (chuckles) – [Link] We still paid $150 for these – Yeah we did – I just think he was asking for a whole lot more before we said we'd give him a shout out so there you go, David Cross, but not that David Cross Again

– A David Cross Chocolate-dipped Altoids because there's nothing like a breath mint that gives you love handles (Link chuckles) – So we got that one and then we've also got the creme de menthe and these were introduced between 07 and 2010 so they're between nine and 12 years old – Good – If I open these things up, if you look at that, they look like bad quail eggs

You know how chocolate starts to turn white-ish, that's definitely what's happened here – [Rhett] These are not as white-ish – Well these are the creme de menthe, so maybe there's more creme that's coming through Let's try this one first I mean you just can't chomp down on an Altoid

– Yeah you can, I did – Oh well that might have been my tooth – Oh man You know what this is like? – The Altoid itself is totally in tact – This is like the Andes Mints that your grandma used to have in a little bowl but with a crunch

– A wicked crunch– – A wicked crunch I just gleaked on myself – You gleaked? – Right onto my belly – Okay – Altoids make you gleak, thank you David Cross

– I find that to be the best way to moisturize my belly – With a gleak? – Yeah Here's a creme de menthe I'm not really having a different experience – They're not as strong

Now, I feel like you might have to tap out for this one because you don't like chocolate with mint But as a representative of the chocolate and mint brigade in the world, I can say that these are absolutely remarkable Even a decade old – Yeah – In fact, I'm gonna take these with me, put 'em in my pocket and have a good time with myself

– Well I'm gonna take these 'cause I'm not tapping out I like to eat chocolate and then I like to eat mint afterward And that's what happens – Okay so we're saying chocolate-dipped Altoids– – Bring it back – Now we all now that Elvis loved a peanut butter and banana combination and in fact, he liked it so much that Reese Cups put out this limited edition peanut butter and banana creme peanut butter cup that we're gonna try right now

– Now this was a collector's item introduced in 2007 for the 30th anniversary of Elvis's death so it is 12 years old We got it for $16 and the seller said sold as a collector's item only and not meant to be eaten as it is long past the expiration date Ha ha ha ha ha ha! – I don't get it, man I don't get it – We're gonna take your warning and hold on, we can instantly win an Elvis tribute card

– Did we? – Not an instant winner but buddy if it said it was, I would have gone to Graceland and demanded it – We've already been there, we're friends of Graceland Now you know how Reese Cups taste when they're old so I just don't– – Like old Reese Cups – I don't have high hopes of this being good at this age – You broke it

Oh gosh – Look at that cross-section – It does not smell good – I don't even smell peanut butter – There's a part of my brain that's telling me to listen to the seller right now

There's another part of my brain that's saying you're on the internet, brother – Get the clicks (Rhett chuckles) I taste something that used to be chocolate Oh gosh, I taste something that used to be peanut butter Are you getting any banana? – I'm getting an echo of banana

– I'm not swallowing this, first of all – Whoops (crew laughs) – It is emitting that rancid smell from my mouth that says this is gonna give you a headache – I'm getting like a 12 year echo of banana, you know what I'm saying? I'm trying to take this taste and rewind it and recreate what it was originally supposed to be – Yeah I don't wanna say it's whack just because this is old

I wanna say it was what it should be – Even if it was what it should be and as much as I respect Elvis, I have to say that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is a perfect candy that should not be messed with– – [Link] You don't have to argue with me – Even by the king of rock and roll And so that's the page I'm on – I don't really like bananas

– All right so we're saying collector's edition Elvis Reese's Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Cup – [Both] Nah, that's whack – Speak of the devil The next item is the R Crumb Devil Girl Choco-Bar – Now this features the art of Robert Crumb, R Crumb, very famous cartoonist and look at this box of 15 bars which we paid $190 for on eBay

Look at that illustration That is just exquisite, that's exquisite – Very flexible – That's exquisite Let's open this thing up, get right to it

There's enough to go around, guys It's like a cigar box Wow – Oh my goodness – Another angle of the bad devil girl

This is kinda cool – It says it's bad for you – Seven evils in one And then it– – I feel so scandalous – It lists them

– She says eat me – This is 25 years old Let's just open one because we need to resell this on eBay – [Rhett] Man, it looks so new – All right so there's that, what's on the inside of it? Crumby kitchen sink stuff, I don't know

This is packed with details All right so again we've got a chocolate bar that has the whitening of 25 years of age – But it's just milk chocolate Chocolate can't really go bad – Yes it can, smell it

– You can eat dirt, man If you can eat dirt, you can eat old chocolate – This is a 25 year old sedimentary layer of chocolate Mm, gosh, it's absolutely horrible tasting – It's not that bad

– It is! – I mean it's not good – There's nothing chocolate about the taste – I think what we really need to evaluate though should it be brought back and the fact is is that from a candy standpoint, it's just a chocolate bar I mean sure it's got a devil woman on it which is intriguing and– – All of the design is stellar – Yeah yeah yeah

– It's super cool looking – But you don't need that on your chocolate bar You just need that in a poster in your room – Yeah, I mean this is like a collector's item Glad we have it and I'm not gonna eBay it

– But no disrespect to R Crumb himself but I think R Crumb Devil Girl Choco-Bar – [Both] Nah, that's whack – Well we have unearthed some chocolate featuring everyone's favorite sports star (Rhett chuckles) Wade Boggs That's right, the sports person that you all know and love from the baseball world Wade Boggs– – Okay now you're talking– – Had a– – You're talking about Wade Boggs but my daddy used to talk about Wage Boggs like he was part God

– Which part? – The belly The slight over belly And that's the thing I love about baseball players is you got a little bit of the belly but you can still knock it out of the park 352% of the time or really 352% of the time

– Oh gosh, how old is this thing? – It's from 1990 so that makes it 29 years old I love the shape first of all I love a square almost baseball card sized chocolate bar – That makes sense, all right we're gonna slide that out – It's a catchy name too

352 bar, give me one of those 352 bars – And we only paid 10 bucks for this – Man, quite a steal – Nobody wants this – We only got one? – Oh my gosh, look at that

– [Rhett] Five-time American League batting crown – It's like the Shroud of Turin Hold on is that Wade Boggs? It's our baseball savior Wade Boggs – You know Wade Boggs– – Oh look! There is Wade Boggs! – It is Wade Boggs – [Link] What the crap! – Oh, you know what, it is like a baseball card

– Yeah it is – It totally makes sense – Yeah yeah – It actually is genius, look at that – [Link] Smell of it

– Smells like Boggs – Wade Boggs – You know Wade Boggs allegedly once drank 64 beers on a cross-country flight You know we need better sports heroes these days In 1990 they had it figured out

Now we just look up to athletes for like giving to charities (chuckles) (laughs) – When I smell this, I immediately get a headache I just don't wanna, I'm not gonna swallow it – Okay – Every time we do these I have a headache for the next three hours

– I think I am gonna swallow it In honor of Boggs – [Link] You want his head? Here it is – Well I don't want the whole head but I mean in my mind, once chocolate hits a decade old, why not go three? You know what I'm saying? – Right, that's true Bogg it and jog it

– If Wade Boggs can drink 64 beers on one flight, I can have a piece of his old-ass chocolate (both laugh) – Okay here we go – It kinda bogs you down, you know? – Again, it's, I mean in its prime, it's probably just a piece of chocolate – But with the face– – Oh gosh! But then you get hit with something that smells and tastes nasty Are you smell, are you tasting, or are you experiencing that? – I put a little bit of Boggs in there

You put a whole bite of Boggs – Oh gosh – That was your problem – Never go full Boggs – (chuckles) You know what Boggs? Is he still alive? I mean drinking 64 beers, okay he's still with us

Mr Boggs– – Come pick up your, come pick up your bar, buddy We don't need it – I think Boggs should make a comeback and if he does make a career comeback, I would gladly buy dozens of these bars at a time But I don't think that's gonna happen so I think we have to say the Wade Boggs bar from 1990– – [Both] Nah, that's whack

– So, Altoids, do us a flavor Bring 'em on back, okay? – Yes, and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Grayson – And I'm Brandon

– And we just got married and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – [All] Woo! – Oh! Party towel! – Congratulations Click the top link to watch us test love spells on Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel lands – [Rhett] If you missed the Tour of Mythicality, have no fear

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