Dirty Water Dunk Tank Challenge

– Can we fill in the blank to avoid the tank? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) Good mythical summer! – Even though it will be dark on GMM for the next two weeks, there will still be new content dropping over on the mythical society

– Like last weeks episode of Cotton Candy Randy's show Hi, daddies – [John] Hi Randy, this is John When I whisper sweet nothings to my wife, I think of you Bye

– When I whisper sweet nothings to your wife, I think of Rhett and nothing else Rhett with the beautiful beard, Rhett who always wins the games, and Rhett, who isn't a low down dirty slut who's trying to take Rhett away from me – What are you waiting for, join now at mythicalsocietycom – It's been said that the sweet bliss of summertime is a tricky siren that leads us precariously to a delicate ledge of happiness all the while dark waters churn below hungry for us to slip and fall into the cold certain sadness that is the coming dark months! – Yeah, that's said by a lot of people

– Many say that! – Everyone says it, but it's also, it's an apt metaphor for the game we're playing today with extremely gross dunk tanks It's time for – [Matt And Jordan] Fill in the blank or get dunked in that tank and covered in stank – As you can see, we're stuck atop these dunk tanks so please welcome our host, Emily! – Hey! (crowd cheering) I'm so glad to not be playing this game All right, we're gonna play a fill in the blank style game today, all about summer, I'm gonna give you a summer sentence with some words blocked out, you have to tell me what you think those words are, whoever wins doesn't get dunked in dirty, dirty water – Cool, cool, cool

– All right, let's play (whistle blows) (upbeat music) All right, we know the best part of a dog is it's breath, which is why we have used dog toys in this dunk tank for this round From the local dog park, of course – I hate dogs now – Reduce, reuse, recycle

So, for our first round, there's a statement from a lifeguard, it's a confession Our biggest issue at the pool was the blank blank, who'd show up every few weeks – [Matt] Okay – Buzzin' in – Oh, okay

– I don't know if we're buzzin' in or not, but I just did – [Emily] Here, I'll help Jordan – Thank you, makes it more official So, I'm a big fan of public pools

Shout out to the Verdugo aquatic facility in beautiful Burbank – Oh – My favorite public pool – It's pretty good – Yeah, I'm just buzz marketing my favorite public pools

(whistle blows) – Humble bragging! – Dunk him! – No, I'm kidding, go ahead – Uh, yes, so I know that public pools have a lot of problems with waste Human waste – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Getting in the pool

And you have to close down when someone has a solid accident – What about a not solid accident? – I think you can have as many of those as you like – Yeah, I do that all the time – Solid, or soft? – So, I'm guessing this has something to do with a duke So I'm going to guess the biggest issue with the pool was the pool pooper who'd show up every few weeks

I think this is like a serial pooper, who they have a lot of problems with – All right – [Matt] Okay – Matt – Sure, so, I have gone to public pools before, and I also was a camp counselor

– Oh! – [Matt] So, I do remember that kids were always a problem, but more so senior citizens because they physically can't control their bowel movements Or they don't want to anymore after years and years of being told what to do with their bodies So, I say our biggest issue at the pool was the senior citizens, oh, the grammar's not correct I'm still gonna say that the life guard has bad grammar Senior citizens is my answer

– All right, let's see the answer Our biggest issue at the pool was the phantom pooper, who came every few weeks So, sorry Matt – [Jordan] I was pretty close I was pretty close

– Senior citizens should've been the answer I'm fine! – You just fall down feet first in that, you're so tall – It tastes like dog (laughing) – This is the best day of my life – I mean, I'm having fun

– Sure – Good! – Are you having fun! – Ah, no, that's! (whistle blows) (upbeat music) All right, this next round we have added some new items to the pool What is worse than a dogs mouth, but a human mouth? So we have added floss, and mouth wash, and tooth brushes, all used by the crew And as we all know medical insurance does not include dental, so these could be really gross – Not as gross as phantom pooping

– And we put in that dunk tank with the dog toys, it's grosser, are you ready to play again? – Born ready – All right, okay! – Four out five dentists recommend not falling in the water – So, next statement Only 20 people have ever been blank blank at Yellowstone National Park – Ooo

– Jordan, since you won, you're gonna go first – Okay, well I'm gonna talk it out Yellowstone National Park I'm thinking geysers – Yeah

– Old Faithful The best birthday ever These are just some thoughts I'm having So, yeah, let's see So it's gotta be summer related, I'm wondering if the fact that it is in a national park automatically makes it summer, or if I am looking for a more summery element to put in there

I guess, national park, you can kind of go any time of year, winter camping (whistle blows) – Too much brainstorming I'm gonna give Matt a little chance to have a conversation with you too Why don't you two brainstorm together? – Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park? – Yeah, my mom's a big geyser head, so we had to go see the geyser – Has she gone geyser bathing? – No, I don't know

– Because I'm thinking that maybe only 20 people have ever done that – Geyser bathing? – Because it's such a bad idea – Here's what I think it is I think it is skinny dipping – Ooo

– I think they've got rangers on hand to make sure things don't get too naughty But, I think sometimes, a nasty little camper's gonna slip through the cracks – Nasty little camper – You seem so certain for skinny dipping Only 20 people have ever been? How would you, it's such a big park

I'm thinking geyser bathing – Also, who's keeping count? That's fun – Yeah, I mean, I bet they have little like, hash marks on the wall at the ranger's station – There's just a bear that watches people get naked, and he's like, "I've counted 20" That would be cool

– So wait, so you're saying skinny dipping, and you're saying geyser bathing? – Geyser bathing – Well no, let me change my answer, because it's probably not geyser bathing I would say bear fighting – Okay – That makes more sense to me

– That summer activity that everyone loves – Everyone loves to fight bears, but have you ever done it in Yellowstone National Park? Only 20 people ever have, and 19 live to tell about it – All right, let's see the answer Only 20 people have ever been boiled alive at Yellowstone National Park – Right? – That's horrible

– I win, because, because, when you are boiled alive your clothes all come off, and therefor your final act on earth is skinny dipping, so yeah! – That's a really good explanation – Thank you – I'm sorry, but Your answer was closer to dying – Mortal danger! – And since this is dangerous, and death is involved, we're gonna go with bear fighting

– Mortal danger! – Disagree, disagree – I'm so sorry, Jordan – Oh! There's so much floss in here And I think everybody had ribs (laughing) Everyone has has ribs, and there are rib bits in this water

– I love my life (upbeat music) It's our final round It's all tied up, truly anyone's game We filled the dunk tanks with all of my ex boyfriends! Just kidding, it's garbage, same thing – Don't speak that way about Phillip

I don't know if you ever dated someone named Philip – All right, you ready? – Born ready – All right, this line is from Drake's hit summer song, Summer Sixteen I got a bigger blank than ye, and look man ye's blank is nice mine's just bigger's that's what, what's what I'm saying – You love rap, huh? – Yeah, love it

– You're a big rap fan – Big rap fan, go to all the raps – Everybody loves to rap – And, clue Both these words are the same word

– Hmm – [Matt] Mh-hmm I know what I want to say But I also don't want to get fired – It's a real catch 22

– You can say popsicle on the show – Is that allowed? – It is, they've said it before – All right So first of all, I believe it's not ye, but yay – Sure

– [Matt] As in Kanye – Oh – [Matt] As in Kanye West – Oh! – You thought this was about the Ren Faire – Probably, that is more on brand for me

– I've got a bigger chalice than ye, and look man, ye's chalice is nice – Would ye like a popsicle? – If one of y'all wants to find a summer song that Reba McEntire wrote, then I'm good – Cool, cool – This is not gonna be the thing that I know – Uh, I think I know this song, but I don't know this part

Is it, I think it's I got a bigger pool than ye, and look man, ye's pool is nice, mine's just bigger, what I'm saying – Okay – That's my guess – I admit I, that was what I was going to guess So you stole my answer

But, I think maybe I can help myself out by going a little more specific I do think you're right to guess that it has something to do with water sports So I guess I'm going to go, instead of pool, I'm gonna say jet ski If there's one thing rappers love, it's jet skis – All right, let's reveal the answer

I got a bigger pool than ye – [Jordan] Ah, it was pool! – And look man, ye's pool is nice, mine's just bigger's what I'm saying – Could you find some way to make the answer jet ski There's some mental gymnastics, kind of like what you did with the boiling alive thing, where you're like well that's deadly, and bears are deadly Could you maybe like do me a solid, and kind of like, jump over that hurdle for me? – [Matt] She's doing it (whistle blows) – This garbage bag is leaking it's garbage water into the pool

So there's lots of weird – Well, looks like your the winner Matt – Yay, thank you And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – [All] You know what time

– (laughing) Yes, that's the best! – I knew it! – Hey, I'm Darren – And I'm Jen – I'm Hayley – And I'm Trey – [All] And we're at the Hardy County Fair

And it's time to spend the wheel of Mythicality – That looks like a really fun fair – Don't try the funnel cake, I've heard things – All right, well click the top link to watch us taste and rank store bought lemonade in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel of Mythicality is going to land

We're hitting the road this fall to bring comedy and music to even more mythical beasts Get your tickets now at rettandlinklivecom

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