Designer Or Forever 21 Dress? (GAME)

– [Voiceover] I know that you secretly save your poops (whimsical music) – If you've ever been to the store Forever 21 you know that they sell a lot of trendy clothes that are inexpensive

– Oh yeah – You also know that most people who shop there are not 21 They're either 16 and full of angst or 45, divorced, and full of angst – And since Rhett and I are always in the market for a snazzy, yet affordable dress, we wanted to play a game It's time for: Did This Dress Cost a Ton, or is it from Forever 21? – Okay, here's how it's gonna work, we're gonna be presented with different dresses, modeled by mannequins right here on this rotating platform (echos) platform, platform

– Wow – We're gonna guess whether the dress is made by a designer or from Forever 21 using these stylish fans that people at fashion shows like to use – Fan themselves – Let the fashion show begin – Okay, let's see our first dress

It's rotating around Lots to take in, very flowy – Layered – [Voiceover] Hi fellas, I'm Sage (guys laugh) Do you like my outfit? – Yes, Sage

– It speaks – [Voiceover] This fun, flowy, flirty number says to the world, "I'm easily the most "fun one at my book club" – Does have a book club quality because it's – – [Voiceover] Honestly, I didn't even read the book, it's just an excuse to hang out – I admit complete ignorance in this area, not an expert in any way, but something about the fact that the dress touches the ground, makes it seem more designer than something you'd get at Forever 21 Is that totally off? (laughs) – Uh, yeah, you're totally off

Because I'm an expert I have no clue, but yeah – – It's just there's so much to it – I've seen dresses drag the ground on runways – Yeah, exactly – Like airport runways

– Designer, that's why that's my guess – Oh, that's your guess? Well, I think the whole thing seems to be held up by a little green string And I think that if that string were to break or get cut, boy your book club would get real interesting – [Voiceover] Don't even think about it, saucy boys – How are you speaking with no mouth? – [Voiceover] Telepathically

– Oh – Oh goodness – So we're the only ones hearing you? – [Voiceover] Yeah, when this video comes out you're gonna look insane (Rhett laughs) – I'm going with designer I'm locked in

– This has the color palette of Forever 21 – Oh, interesting – So I'm voting Forever 21 Sage, do you know what you have on? – [Voiceover] I certainly do Link The right answer is designer

– Whoop, because it touches the ground – [Voiceover] Well, I don't know if that's the reason You seem a little preoccupied with that, but it was a good guess The Roberto Cavalli dress costs $2,995 It's a floral- – We're returning it right? (Someone laughs off-camera) – [Voiceover] Nope, I ruined the tags

It is a floral silk crepe maxi dress from the 2017 Resort Collection – What? – Oh yeah, very resorty – I'll resort to still returning it somehow (upbeat music) – Next dress – Okay

– She's striking a pose – Mm hmm – A little nude underlay there – [Voiceover] Hi fellas, I'm Paige – Oh, rhymes with Sage

– [Voiceover] Oh, does it? (Rhett laughs) I don't think that'll be a running thing Anyway This fun, flirty number is reminiscent of a 1920's film star so just by putting it on, I've developed an opium addiction

– I'm sorry, Paige I notice that we have It's a nude base layer

That's not flesh, that's what they call nude – Yup, yup, I'm aware of that – And then, over the top of it, we've got a coralic configuration of sequins – [Rhett] Coralic, is that a word? – Coralic as in like – Coral-like? – Coral, like a reef Like if you were to snorkel at a reef, you would see coralic things – I'm certain that's not a word, but it should be This is from Forever 21 because it does not touch the ground

– That's It's as simple as that for you? – [Voiceover] Again, it's an odd metric to use – It worked last time

– All of the coralic overlay is very intricate And I know that Sage had on a designer dress, but we can get a hold of another designer dress Cause I'm told that we are renting them – Yes, we don't have to return them We do have to return them, but we're renting

Much cheaper – Paige, do you wanna tell me, whisper the answer in my ear? – You have to make a choice, Paige Sage

– [Voiceover] I can whisper Because I am speaking telepathically, again, I can whisper the answer in your head – Yeah, do that

– [Voiceover Pitched Lower] I know that you secretly save your poops (Rhett and others laugh) – I'm going with designer – I'm going with Forever 21 – [Voiceover] Well, once again, Rhett's weird ground-touching thing for some reason worked (bell rings) It's Forever 21

This is the Ornate Mesh Dress This is $68 – Oh, very affordable – It's good, You're cost conscious (upbeat music) – Oh look, another dress on a pedestal

Okay, any day now There she is – [Voiceover] Hi guys, I'm Cage What do you think of my plunging neckline? – It's very frilly – Cage, huh? – [Voiceover] It's a family name

– Do you have congestion or something? – [Voiceover] No, this is just how I speak telepathically – Oh, I'm sorry – Don't make fun of me – Okay, so as Cage pointed out, plunging neck line with ringlets of detailing, and then there's a stripe across the upper-chest area of more ringlet detailing – It almost touches the ground

But it doesn't and so I'm gonna go with Forever 21 It's a pretty simple system, it's never failed me – There's nothing overly special about this besides the ringlet detail – Your system of over thinking it is not been Has not worked for you Just so you know – I think this one looks like it could be cheap Which tells me that it's designer, wouldn't you say, Cage? – [Voiceover] I will say that once again Rhett is right

(bell rings) (Rhett laughs) Forever 21, $78 A gauze-woven maxi dress by Dark Pink – Dang it (upbeat music) – Swing it around Ooh, double animal print

– Leopard, and what is that, tiger? – Yeah – [Voiceover] Hi fellas, I'm Mage This dress was inspired by the inauguration wardrobe of New Jersey's first female senator (Rhett laughs) – I get it Mage, I request permission to not touch your dress, but get close to see if it's actually touching the ground

Is that okay? (Mage breathes heavily) – [Voiceover] You may Just keep it PG-13 there buddy (Rhett whistles) – Are you looking across the dress or trying to look up it? – It doesn't currently touch the ground, but I feel like it would touch the ground when walking Like, I feel like it would graze the ground and therefore I'm going with designer It doesn't touch it in this current state, but I'm certain it would drag the ground during an evening out, and that's what makes a designer dress

– It's an audacious choice to combine two different cats on one dress Is that something a designer would do? I think so – Oh, okay – It is a designer dress – [Voiceover] This is in fact a designer dress from Moschino, it's $750 from the Cheap and Chic line that is said to be more accessible

– Cheap and Chic, 750 bucks? – [Voiceover] When she dies, this is what Fran Drescher has requested to be buried in (laughter) But hopefully that never happens, she's a national treasure (Link growls) (upbeat music) – Turnin' around – Oh there's a lot of action in the wrist area – [Voiceover] Hello fellas, I'm Quage

(Rhett and other laugh) – Hello Quage – [Voiceover] What do you think of my little black dress? – It's not very little – [Voiceover] Are you calling me fat? – No, no, no, no, no, I mean it's long – [Voiceover] Ugh, well, I never, ugh – Are you okay? – You sound like you're being belted with something

– [Voiceover] No, that's just the sound I make when I've been insulted, uff, ugh – Pelted is the word I was trying to use – Are you being shot with paint ball right now? Oh, he's looking at the hemline

– [Voiceover] You should really ask first I know it was okay with the other mannequin, but it might not be okay with me – Quage, is it okay if I look – – [Voiceover] Yes, it's okay, it's fine – Again, not touching the dress, not touching the ground It looks like it would touch the ground on an evening out but I think- – I believe it would

I believe it would cause she's standing on her tiptoes – Here's the thing, Forever 21 knows the principle that I have established And they were like, "Hey y'all, let's make one "that touches the ground -" – [Voiceover] There's no way they'd know that – "And pass it off as designer" And this is the one time they did it

Forever 21 for the queen sweep – You're reversing your own stupid rule? – Because Forever 21 is like, "We gotta get in on it" – Well, it's deceptively elegant (Rhett laughs) It's just a black dress, scrunched up in the belly button region But then you've got those wrist accoutrements

– Yeah – Wow – Some may even say accountremént – And that's why this is a refined and understated designer dress – Alright, what is it Quage? – [Voiceover] Nothing but the finest for Quage

It is an Alexander McQueen designer dress (bell rings) Price tag: $6,395 – What? – Whoa – [Voiceover] I can't believe that you would think that I would dress myself in the rags that children buy at the mall Oof, ach, oo, ee, oo, ah, oo

– I'm sorry, Quage I should have trusted my principle – Well, I gained some ground there, but you still doubled me, four to two Rhett Congratulations – What's my prize? I get to take one of these dresses home, right? I'll take this one

– Okay – My wife'll be very happy – Go take it Congratulations, Rhett You won

That's the dress you've chosen – [Voiceover] What, don't take me off my precious podium (upbeat music) (someone laughs off-camera) – The hand fell off – Sorry, Quage – Stick around to watch us play a game about some of the most ridiculous yearbook quotes ever

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