Deep Fried Snack Stadium

– Pump– – Here we go – Was my middle name in high school

Not middle name (chuckles) – Oh sorry, I touched your knee I touched your knee when you were saying that – Ol' Pump McLaughlin (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show

I'm Stevie and I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you This week's guests always answered honestly whenever they encountered a Got Milk ad Please welcome Rhett and Link – Yeah

– Woo! – Yeah we did! (crew cheers) Yeah we did! We got that milk – I'm sorry I don't have any milk right now Are you offering me some? – And then the ad would answer, Got Milk again, so no answer for you Hello gentlemens, how are you? – Get loose, Link

– Work it out – Good – Work those pecs up It's gonna be a big ol' day today 'Cause we got a big reveal

– Aw yeah – And we got questions and you've got answers – We do? – We, I mean, the Mythical Beasts and I, and so we're gonna go through those because the Mythical Society is live, people – Yeah baby! – Whoa oh oh! Woo! – I've been waiting for this! Too long, we've been talking about it too much – Tell me– – Without talking to people about it

– That's right And today's the day we're gonna talk to people about it – [Rhett] Let's talk! About that – I also have a new kind of behind-the-scenes clip – Oh

– From the conspiracy theory episode that happened earlier this week I like to pepper in new kinds of BTS – Oh getting innovative – Yeah And also, not only do, instead of a rejected GMM snack, I have a whole deep-fried stadium that we're going to build and eat from because the Superbowl is tomorrow

– What? – It's tomorrow and we need to eat those deep-friend snacks out of a stadium – Get started now – Who's your pick? – Oh God I wasn't prepared with a pick I don't wanna talk about it

(Rhett laughs) I actually do have an opinion on it An opinion that would piss Ben off, but I'm gonna keep it to myself if you know what I mean You're gonna have to go to his social media, see what I mean by that, and then see what my pick is – Oh wow – It's a lot of work and I don't recommend it

(laughs) – It'll be totally worth it! – But you know, I'm not gonna hold the suspense any longer – Oh what's my pick? Oh don't ask – People wanna know about the Mythical Society, and if you haven't been on the internet for the past like two and a half hours which I'm sure many of you have and many of you will comment, "I already saw that" I have a special video that you are in (Rhett gasps) That tells everyone about the Mythical Society

Do you wanna see it? – Just contrain– – I'm so excited, yes – Contrain yourself – Contrain it – I wanna see it – Let's see it

(gong music) (eerie music) – [Both] We are the Mythical Society We are the creme de la creme of Mythicality, and semper curiosus is our guiding precept We are a collective of like-minded Mythical Beasts who demand the most unique of our Mythical experiences – With greater curiosity, comes greater reward And we have three degrees of curiosity

To become a member, choose your desired degree There's first degree for $5 a month, second degree for $10 a month, and third degree for $20 a month The first degree has a 10% discount– – Barba non facit philosophum – What are you doing? – We gotta keep this secret – Yeah but they need to know why they should join

– But that defeats the whole purpose of a secret society – Just trust me on this one Like I was saying, the first degree has a 10% discount on merch at Mythicalstore, first access to news and announcements– – Lorem ipsum – Access to the full RhettandLinKast library, that's over 150 hours of content

Access to our exclusive Mythical Society chat form, a weekly Behind the Mythicality video, and more – I testudines– – The second degree has a 15% discount to Mythicalstore and everything else offered in first degree, plus, first access to tour and VIP presale tickets, a monthly vlog from us, and a monthly chat with us – Quod amor sit amet– – Entry into random giveaways of rare ultra-limited signed props and more – Ut votis amo testudines– – The third degree has a 20% discount to Mythical

store as well as everything I've already mentioned in first and second degree, plus a quarterly physical gift exclusive to Mythical Society, a quarterly livestream with us, and eligibility for a Mythical Grant – Tenens minimum sit amet – Do you even know what you're saying? – Yes I like turtles that love carrots that look like turtles holding the tiniest carrots – Is that code for something? – I don't know

But I do know that they should sign up and join us (eerie music) – Hello fellow society members – Yes – No you're supposed to be mysterious – Oh we're supposed to be very solemn because I have on my robe

– I'm talking in my deep voice – I have to use my deep voice – So the Mythical Society is live and you can go there and you can sign up – Do it! – And we're going to tell you even more about it than you probably already know Because questions pop up

– Yeah, people got questions – And they need answers – Frequently – We're gonna go through the FAQs I'm gonna do the Qs and you're gonna do the As

And we're both gonna do the Fs Okay, first question – I thought you were gonna do the As and the Qs and we're gonna do the (Stevie and crew laugh) We're gonna do another A that's not the A from FAQ – You're right, Link! – And you're surprised that I'm right – Yeah well Okay so– – I'll take that personally – Here's the first Q I'm gonna A

(Rhett and Link laughing) Why should I sign up? – Why should you sign up? – Wow, great question – Hmm, because we're excited about it and we're asking you nicely I think it's gonna be very fun We are actively involved in it We're gonna be doing monthly chats

We're gonna be doing a monthly video We're gonna be doing a quarterly livestream, so there's a couple reasons – Yeah well and we listed all the reasons in the video so I could just say, you know, watch that But no specifically, we think that it really fosters creativity I mean, we've got the Behind the Mythicality series that we're gonna be doing that's gonna be kind of highlighting the creative process here at Mythical Entertainment, and also something we're very excited about is we're going to be doing this thing called the Mythical Creative Grant where we're gonna be actually offering creative feedback and helping to finance someone's creative idea

So more details about that to come – So we're gonna give somebody money – Yes – And then we're gonna give them– – Personal feedback – Creative feedback through the completion of the project

That's pretty awesome – There's gonna be interaction, like Link said, with us but also interaction with each other on Discord and you're gonna actually be able to vote on Good Mythical More content and upcoming merch, so you're gonna have a voice in what we're developing – And you'll get cool stuff I think a main thing that as we conceptualize the whole society was, we want to continue to create things that are only available through the society that are actually really cool, so yeah it starts what he pin and the badge and the chalice if you join the third degree – Oh what did you say? – Oh you got the pin, the badge and the chalice? – Did you say something about a pin? – Oh here's a pin

– A badge – Oh – And a chalice – [Rhett] Here's a badge There's a chalice

– There it is, guys And then every quarter, we have ideas for ambitious items that again are exclusive to the society that you are gonna want I think that the last reason is that, because it's all exclusive The stuff that happens within the society stays within the society and is not available in any other way So it's valuable

– Yeah – It's got value – That was a thorough and informative answer to the very first question – [Rhett] Yes – Do I grade these? I give you an A plus

– Oh, A plus on that – A plus, all right, so you're joining – Oh I'm already, I already have a robe and everything – Oh that's true, she has a robe – She does have a robe

– Okay, very important question Does not signing up make me less of a Mythical Beast? – Honestly this is a concern we have so I'm glad you asked this question – I got you – The answer is no You're not any less of a Mythical Beast by not joining the society

Joining the society does not prove your loyalty to us It's just, we're creating something that's worth paying for If you wanna pay for it, pay for it But you are special to us All Mythical Beasts we love equally

Just like my children – Yeah even the middle one And I think another thing that's important to note is your experience as a Mythical Beast will not change at all if you don't become a member of the Mythical Society because we're gonna keep doing all the stuff that, it's not like we're taking a bunch of stuff that we were doing and then suddenly putting it behind the society The society is all new stuff So if you don't join, it's just gonna be status quo, what you've always got

If you want a little bit more, completely new stuff, join the society – Okay this is a more difficult one, I'll say If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? – Okay – I'm not gonna say testicle – Okay

– I knew the answer to that one Testicle (Stevie laughs) – Got it – I knew the answer too but when you said it, it was good, it was a lot funnier – You get an A plus on your testicle

– Oh hey you know I'll make the answer even better Two testicles – Oh – No, that wouldn't be the right answer (Rhett chuckles) – Oh

– Oh but I guess, yeah, multiple tests – How about this, three? – Oh, no (Stevie laughs) You don't want that – Or maybe you do – Is this a Patreon? – Great question, Stevie! No, it's not

Traditionally a Patreon is where you are a patron and you support to enable the work of an artist and that is not specifically what we've ever done What we have done is one, ad supported So like GMM, Ear Biscuits, this show, you get it for free but you're gonna have to sit through some ads and watch some ads and some integrations and that kinda thing And the second thing, like with the book, our merch is, there's something of value and if you want it, you pay for it No ads involved

So we wanted the Mythical Society to not be this thing that had a bunch of ads all over it 'cause we think it's a very special experience We want it to be kind of a curated experience for people who are willing to pay for it So that's why it's not ad-supported so the alternative is to charge people for it And like Link said, we think there's a lot of value in it so we think it's worth paying for for those of you who want to – And that being said and not to complicate this, but we are working with Patreon to build the society

Patreon acquired another company called Memberful which enables custom-made subscription services, so once they made that acquisition, we started talking about building our vision for a society which was separate from how Patreon works and everything that you've already talked about So I mean you can think of it as a fan club We're describing it as a members-only fan experience – Hmm – You like that? – Yeah I do

That's pretty clear – Members only fan experience – That answers that for me This is something that I've wondered for a long time Why does my gynecologist leave the room when I undress? – Yeah

(crew laughs) – Yeah, 'cause um– – 'Cause he's a professional – I didn't say it was a he – Because she's a professional (Stevie chuckles) Because they are a professional! – Oftentimes when I'm trying to undress in front of a doctor, I'll trip and fall and hit equipment or get a syringe in my eye If you don't want a syringe in your eye, then let 'em leave the room

– But then I get a syringe in other places, you know – What if you need it? – Is that what they do? – What's the biggest difference between the degrees? – Mm – You're still thinking about the gynecologist question, aren't you? – Is that a gynecological question? (Stevie laughs) As the degrees go up– – My hood fell down – So do, oh Let's leave 'em off

'Cause I think another question is, are we always gonna be wearing robes when we talk about the society? – It's kinda fun – No It's actually not fun – What if I do it? – I'm done with the robes – All right

– I'll leave the robe on – I love a good robe – As the degrees go up, so do the rewards and in general you get more stuff and you get more of the things that we are contributing to in the society, I mean, it gets better The more you pay, the more it sucks What if that's what we did? – [Stevie] I think that's a different campaign

– [Link] What if we did that? – That's for vacuums – Okay and can you dish out any examples of quarterly items? – Yeah, it could be a dish – Oh! – A commemorative dish, if done in the right comedic fashion, is definitely something we would do – I wanna add to the list – Perceived value and you can hold it and break it

– The philosophy of the quarterly items are, this is something that it's unlikely that we would make this some item that we would sell, we would make a whole bunch of 'em It's like a limited run of an experimental kinda weird special album, item It might be a vinyl record – Did you say album? – It might be a vinyl record It might be like a oil painting that we commission of us nude

Oh did I say that? Of us fully clothed And yeah, that kinda thing – Yeah, that everyone signed up after you said that (chuckles) Okay, I mean I think that's pretty clear I think we did it

– Woo! – If you have other questions, go to the website – [Link] We A'd your frequently A'd Qs – I mean A'd – We A'd your Qs – Yeah sure

A'd your Qs gives me no segue to the next thing I'm gonna talk about but we had Max Greenfield on the show this week – All right okay – We can do hoods down 'cause we're moving on from the society – Okay all right got it – Max was on the show

We deep-fried a bunch of Superbowl snacks that shouldn't be deep-fried – That wasn't dangerous – And have you guys seen these snack stadiums before? I have a couple of examples that I wanted to show you They're basically like– – That's cool – [Stevie] If people had Superbowl parties and they organized their snacks in these awesome ways that look like stadiums

– Mm-hmm, then people will talk about how awesome the party was! – Mm-hmm, I had a stadium – So I figured, what if we deep-fry a whole stadium? – What? – Okay, of course – Hello boys We're on the couch – Hey

– Hi – You are always on the couch and I'm here – Hi – Look at this thing that we found at Party City It's the– – Infladium

– It's the new way to buffet We're going to do an unboxing Look it's like a two-for-one video you get with this – Oh wow – And there's a bunch of flat stuff and then there's a mushy thing

– Here's the stadium – That's it – That seems like not the best unboxing video – It is huge! – Heck yeah! – Oh dang – Do you have a pump? – We're gonna get those– – What is this? – Yeah

(clicks tongue) (Rhett laughs) – Here you go – Pump was my middle name is high school My middle name – Sorry I touched your knee I touched your knee when you were saying that

– My nickname Ol' Pump McLaughlin (rock music) – I'm just kidding We have a bike pump (rock music) (high pitched fast forwarding) I'm just kidding

We have a air compressor – And try to edit out as much of this as possible For the internet (Stevie chuckles) – I've never laughed like that before But today– – You had this going the whole time? (rock music) (high pitched fast forwarding) – Stop! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Stop it, you're gonna bust it! – Stop it

– You're gonna burst the stadium! – They explicitly said don't over air it – Over air it? Probably didn't say that – They didn't say that – Probably didn't – Link– – Step two, insert the containers

(air blasting) (Rhett laughs) – Whoa, you got so much hair! – I think it's just like basically fold it and then stick it – Oh gosh – Do you need tape? – This is– – No I don't know – This is– – And then what? (Stevie laughs) (clock ticking) – Okay so Josh and Davin put together a menu of fried snacks for us to stadiumize things with, and I don't know what all the things are So they're right next to you

Let's discover together – We have a load of stuff, starting with a plate of what appears to be– – Onion rings – Onion rings– – Whoa! – Okay, you know what? I'm gonna keep this organized – That's a good onion ring – Yeah that's the whole point

– That's all organized – Here's some more onion rings You know what else we got? A plate full of chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs (rock music) Here's a plate full of taquitos What are these fingers? Are these french fried fish fingers? – Sure are

– Oh – Okay now– – That's a fried zucchini, right? – [Josh] Jalapeno poppers (Stevie gasps) (Rhett hollers) – Jalapeno popper! – I'm gonna have one of these– – Let's have one of those – One of these daddies Let's just call everything daddy

– And then– – Can we do it together? – Let's put these right in the corner – Whoa, that was a salty, that's a salty popper – You need to follow that up with one of these – What was that, a corn dog? – What's that? – Hush puppy, oh yeah – Make a corn dog corner

Corn dog corner That sounds like a place I'd like to die – He's headed to the big corn dog corner in the sky – These salty daddies aren't as salty as those daddies – We need two corn dog, hold on

We can't, hold on, you're putting it behind the seats where the teens are gonna make out You can't do that – I need a– – Here, put it on this – Thank you – Yeah yeah yeah

The parking lot – Ooh and look at this A frickin' huge egg roll – Are those egg rolls? – How do you feel if you see chimichangas? – Is that what it is? – Yeah – Touch one part with your lip and then the other part give to me

– Oh gosh – Give it to you – Is that the part you touched with your lip? I turned away – No, this part, and then– – Is he lying? Okay – I'm not active right now

Fried triangles – [Stevie] Whoa – [Rhett] Oh is that straight up fried pizza? – [Stevie] Should we? – I feel like I gotta take a bite out of one of these – I know – Oh wow look at that

Look these are egg rolls – [Josh] Those are shrimp egg rolls and then the other one are Korean-style beef egg rolls – [Rhett] Let's just do a whole thing of egg rolls – A beef roll – How was it? No

Oh you're showing me I thought you were gonna put it in my mouth Mm-mm – I want you to look– – I don't put any beef rolls in my mouth – Look down the barrel of that beef roll

(Stevie and crew chuckle) Look down the barrel of the beef roll! – Link – What about taquitos? – What are you implying? (laughs) – Josh suggested that we make a bed of tater tots – Yeah why not? – [Link] We have a lot of these (rock music) – That's probably good – Probably? – Earlier

(Rhett and Stevie chuckle) – This is like a deep-fried rib slab – Oh my gosh (Stevie laughs) Because why not? – Where should we place it? – In our mouths – In its own thing – [Link] A deep-fried pork chop

– [Josh] It's a 45 day dry-aged Frenched bone-in rib eye (Rhett laughs) – It's a rib eye – Oh my God – Put that next to, this is the prime section That's where the prime stuff is

– And a fish – [Josh] That's just standard branzino – A fish – Yeah a fully fried branzino – Wow

– Put that fish right up on my steak – What is that? – It's, Rhett has weird stripe – It's Snickers bars, guys – They're deep-fried Snickers bars in the wrapper – Why didn't you take the wrapper off? – [Josh] I like having something to do during parties so you can unwrap it and– (Stevie laughs) – It's a Snickers

– Wait what does the inside look like? – Where should we put these? – I know – Ooh look at that – Maybe we can blend 'em into nuggets What else do we have over there? – Weird – It's just melted a little bit, but then it kinda– – Just kinda put 'em on top of the nuggets and then if people make it through the deep-fried Snickers, there's dinosaur nuggets under there to reward them for digging

– It's like paleontology – Yeah paleontology Exactly – You know what we're missing? Waffle fries (Rhett laughs) – Just right there, in the end zone

– Sure yeah – Here's a plate of waffle fries – The other end zone – And here's a plate of waffle fries – 50 yard line

(rock music) – [Stevie] Oh, we're going over the tots? All right, I think that's fine – We're gonna drizzle this– – No no no! The crew is going to eat this (Rhett laughs) – Crew, you're going to eat this – Crew, you're gonna eat this! – Okay hold on We need, this needs to be like a side– – This is beef, this is beef– – We need to keep these on the side

– This is just straight beef – This is beef sauce – Is there anything interesting? What are these sauces? – [Josh] Nacho cheese and chili – This is chili – Oh nice, we need to dip some fries in this

– [Josh] It's beef sauce – [Link] I'm gonna dip some fries in this chili – I'm going straight taquito – Oh yeah Oh going for the taquito, huh? – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm

– Ya want some white sauce? – [Stevie] This is beautiful, I think we have a– – (claps) We did it! – It's beautiful! (Rhett clapping) There a camera up there – Oh really? – [Stevie] It's beautiful! It's beautiful! – You may or may not be in the shot – I don't know if I am It's beautiful In that camera, it's also beautiful

It's beautiful I don't know why I keep repeating that – [Link] It's yellow and crunchy – Do this at your party Because we did it

– We gave you a great idea, now take it and run with it just like a deep-fried football – Well that was disgusting But you can go to our socials to watch the Mythical Crew partake in the rest of the fried goodness – [Link] Oh yeah – There's some ribbage and steakage that I just wanna see be bit right into and you can over at rhettandlink

Final piece of today, I mentioned I had a new kind of behind-the-scenes clip – Yeah – This is from the Finland Doesn't Exist episode, and you guys didn't see this happen because of the magic of editing But because of the magic of me going back into the footage and grabbing it, here it is for you now – Somebody give me some salmiakki

Here it is right next to me – I'm inspired by this If you know what I mean (crew laughs) – You gonna say what's written for you? – I didn't know that was the end – That was the end

(laughs) (crew laughs) – You said there's a really long pause and don't say anything – Oh I skipped over that Where did it? Yeah that wasn't it It was supposed to be like the second thing I said somehow – Oh

– Or as they say in Finland– – [Crew Member] Oh yeah you skipped that I just figured you didn't wanna do it – I wanted to do it (chuckles) But it's fine So I was just supposed to, my case was closed

I'm just chewing on my salmiakki and you're like, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – Okay yeah – That's gonna be your line (Rhett moans) (crew chuckles) Are you gonna say it? – Yeah (crew laughs) – [Crew Member] We already have the long pause

– Yeah we just did it for like 30 seconds a second ago – [Crew Member] We just need you to get out – This is my moment, guys He's had the whole episode I get one moment

(crew laughs) Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – String it all together (crew laughs) Use all of it – Wow

– But you didn't do that – Riveting Riveting – That was my idea This is gonna be the longest silent, except for that time where we did the whole episode in silence

– Yeah that was good That was good (Link giggles) I like to end on a real high note – That's the quality content you signed up for – All right well that's all I have, and now our final line

– [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – [Link] F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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