Creating Cringey Christmas Photos

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I have two extra arms that are edited out

This week's guests believe more than anybody that two heads are better than one, but one chin is fine for two Please welcome Rhett and Link – [Link] (laughs) Love it (crew applauding) – [Crew Member] Yeah-he-heah! – Arms and chins and how you gonna get down, man? Drop it like it's hot Drop it, take a knee

– It's fine, I don't need– – Oh I figured it out – Tinsel, man – Oh, no No – It's tinsel time, y'all

– Welcome, gentlemen, to the Christmas set – Wow, should have warned me – I have that feeling that you're gonna sneeze but then you don't ever sneeze – I'm not gonna sneeze – I'm not gonna sneeze

(Stevie chuckles) (Rhett laughs playfully) (all laughing) – Okay, I have so many fun announcements this week – Did you announce things in school, like high school? – Reveal, no, I did not – Missed opportunity – I kind of feel like I would do announcements in school, but no, this is not a school announcement – You can always go back

– This is an announcement, this is like a never before heard day of announcements that are coming out on this LTAT episode – Yes, lots of big stuff coming out – And I feel like– – Don't know what it is – The Mythical beasts are gonna be very excited about it You don't know what it is but you will know what it is when I say it

– Okay – And also, I have a handful of the most awkward Mythical crew holiday photos of all time – (laughs) Good – We did a competition of awkwardness – Mm-mm

– Good – And so I have asked representatives from each Mythical crew team to hype the awkwardness up to come present their photos so we have that as well – Good – But before, it's beverage time – Oh, what do we got today? (Link clapping) – [Stevie] Today's beverage– ♪ What do you do when it's an LTAT ♪ ♪ And you get really thirsty in the beginning ♪ ♪ And you get a drink ♪ (crew laughs) – It comes with– – Ku-kah-poo, Ki-kah-poo

– Kickapoo Joy Juice – This, to open things with – I don't need that We did a video called weird ways to open a bottle – You can do it with your eye

– Which one are you employing now? – You can do it with another bottle – Kickapoo Joy Juice Here, you may use the bottle opener prior to me using it– – I can use a– – Friend – I'm gonna use the edge of the– – He's gonna use the edge of something – Oh no

– I'm gonna use the edge of– – No no no no no no (bottle clatters) – Oh wow, see that's what I slammed into when you tickled me at the tickle party – Kickapoo! – And that's why I had the bruise for a long time It was the couch's fault – [Link] Which tickle party are you talking about? – [Rhett] This contains no juice

(laughs) – Dink it – Ope! – I think this is just sugar, basically– – [Link] Get that kick! – Is what we're about to experience Sprite – Sprite? – No, it has a Mountain Dewnishness – Squirt, Mellow Yellow, Mountain Dew all together

– All together That's exactly what it is That's all Kickapoo's doing is mixing three other drinks – Have you heard of something called the Tour of Mythicality? – Yeah I have – Perhaps because you did it and let me tell where and for how many people you did it for

22 cities, 29 shows, 50K plus tickets sold across shows in the US, Canada, and Australia – 50,000 plus – 50,000

Plus is the stat I have Here's another stat I have though There are just about 15 million subscribers on the Good Mythical Morning channel, so that by my calculations means about 15 million people that didn't get to go see a Tour of Mythicality live– – Just about– (chuckles) – Right – But for those people, we have done something very special and it's so special– – We've gotten a backup band (chuckles) To take our place

Roy and– – Yeah, they're gonna be wearing helmets, everyone's gonna be wearing helmets so they can– – Lars – Sneak in as you No, it's so special that it is a special We have filmed the Tour of Mythicality and put it in a special so that the Mythical Beasts who did not get to go live can now participate via the special and– – Any time – We have the trailer that we are going to premiere right now

– Trailer? (crowd cheering) – Hello, Mythical Beasts! (crowd cheering) (rock music) Woo! – There's a jingle for this one ♪ Nilla wafer top hat time ♪ ♪ I think it's time to lock this down ♪ – Now because this song is about middle school, Link will be playing the quintessential middle school instrument (Link playing recorder) It's beautiful ♪ I wish she was my middle school girlfriend ♪ – Project Lionel endures because it's gonna happen again right now – [Rhett] Don't worry, we wash this before every show

Britney, are those pants white? – I'd like to think they are – They're really white right here – Yeah ♪ My hair goes up ♪ ♪ My hair goes down ♪ – This is the Penetrator 3000 – That name is still up for debate

♪ You're my friend ♪ ♪ 'Til ♪ ♪ The end ♪ – [Rhett] Thank you, Los Angeles! (crowd cheering) – And thank you everyone for watching our Tour of Mythicality special! – That's just the trailer – And that was just the trailer – That wasn't all of it? – And not only is that just the trailer, we also have a mini documentary – Oh my God, you took my segue You took everything between the trailer and when I was gonna announce that

– Oh I'm sorry! (Stevie groans) I'm so sorry! (chuckling) What if I had a real meltdown? (Rhett laughs) – Gets the views on Facebook! (Stevie yells) – I just smashed everything – Do it, break something, Stevie – No, today is December 15th which means it's pre-order only time because next Saturday is order order time But now you can pre-order the special on iTunes Next weekend on Saturday, it'll be available iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, DISH, DIRECTV– – We got on Microsoft? – TiVo, et cetera

– Oh look at us! – Basically everywhere Also, special, another way to get it is on Blu-ray if you are old or Chase – Let me hold it (crew laughs) – But I do recommend because it does have some exciting spoilers on the back that I was gonna read but I feel like only if you have it do you get to read those quotes – Yeah you can't read that

– [Stevie] They're very special quotes – You gotta get the Blu-ray for that – But guess what? – Wow look at the, whoa – Rhett, you won't believe what else comes with the special! – What's that? – Oh it's a documentary! – Oh, a documentary, yes! – What? – All purchases come with this additional documentary This is the first time we've ever talked about it I believe

It's the first time it's been– – Well I talked about it a second ago (chuckling) Just like a minute ago – There's also a trailer for that Let's take a look – Oh yeah

How much time do we have before our first show? – [Woman] Two weeks tomorrow 'til your dress rehearsal – I thought it was three weeks (exciting thumping music) – Link and I actually haven't sat down and talked through any of this stuff – Do I sing some of the chorus and die in the middle of the chorus? – You sing the whole chorus alive and then you die at the end of the chorus So that's why we're working through every single detail

♪ Friends ♪ No ♪ Friend ♪ Ah, I don't know yet – [Man] This is what it's gonna be like – They're about to come in here and say, guys, you're on This is the deal

This is happening for real (exciting music) – [Announcer] Please welcome to the stage Rhett and Link! – It's gonna be good (bass whooshes) – [Rhett and Link] And thank you for being your Mythical best – Hopefully people will cheer (Rhett laughs) – So epic

Whenever there's a ooh in a trailer, it makes it real good – Yeah, a big bass hit – There's one guy who does that, he provides all the ooh– (moans) – I really shouldn't be doing that – Yeah yeah yeah yeah Let it live on the video

– It seems weird – I sincerely think that you will enjoy this documentary as a fantastic companion piece to the stage performance itself – Mm-hm, I've seen it, it's good – It peels back layers – It's appealing

– Of skin and think about how painful that would be and that, we were flayed for this (crew laughs) And it's just raw It's real, it's not bloody though There's no blood under there It's just about the creative process and (sighs) I can't even remember what else

It's been awhile since I watched it But yeah it's a nice little edit there – And then what about– (Stevie laughs) What about the live album? What about the live album? (Stevie groans dramatically) Because I mean last I checked we were also gonna release like music, a whole album of the songs from the thing, the live versions Do you have something to say about that? – Yes, I do, Rhett! (Rhett laughs) But first, the documentary is available on all of the platforms where you could get the whole Tour of Mythicality special – Microsoft DISH? – Yeah, Microsoft

– There's two different ones Microsoft doesn't have a DISH – WTF is that? – iTunes, it's an iTunes Extra through iTunes Extra – Oh yeah – And then on all other platforms it's actually attached to the end of the special so it'll automatically start playing once you finish the live stage portion, then you go into the whole making of skin peeling portion

– Mm-hm, that was metaphorical, but– – But wait, there's more! – Oh– – What on earth could there be? – The live album? – There's also a live album – We haven't mentioned that yet – And yes it's very– – Musical – Yes, super auditory and you listen to things and I highly recommend it for when you're doing other things like driving, like when your eyes are closed Stuff like that

– Things that music is generally good for – Yeah stuff that music is good for This is the cover I don't have a– – You don't have a trailer for the album? – (laughing) I don't have a trailer for the album – Really getting into that

– But here's a little acapella clip – No you don't have it – No I'm just waiting for it I'm just looking at you – Oh

♪ One two five six seven eight three four ♪ ♪ Two six five six three eight seven six ♪ ♪ Five four two one three and ♪ ♪ And wha it snee never never nobody ♪ ♪ Never never knew again ♪ (Link clears throat) (Stevie and crew laughing) – Why couldn't you say words at all? – It was more than he did – So again, that is available for pre-order today on iTunes, next weekends on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play And we'll put the link in the description for the pre-order of all of the Tour of Mythicality special parts in the description below so you Mythical Beasts can get all that on this holiday season – I think that it's a great thing, the show is a great thing to share with your family and friends, even as an introduction to the world of our friendship and all the– ♪ Five six seven ♪ (Stevie laughs) – Okay, I don't think we've gotten awkward enough So this week on the show we had awkward Christmas photos that you had, it was a little guessing game of awkwardness

– Right, right – So I thought, you know, it went so well last time for the candy tournament when I assigned little assignments to the Mythical crew teams I wanna do it again – Yeah – So I said, hey, if you put together the most awkward holiday photo you can and then we're going to judge the, the, the most awkward

– Good – And most, most, most awkward photo, but then I got all the photos in and I was like, I feel like they need to be introduced by you guys, so there is a special member of each of our teams that's gonna come up– – Oh my – And do some explaining Now unlike our other tournaments, we are going to be deciding the winner on the show, like the three of us collectively will decide who we think the prize goes to, and the prize is, you know, I don't want to spoil what the prize is No one knows what the prize is so I just wanna build it up

You don't know what the prize is And then at the end we'll reveal what it is, but– – It better be good 'cause we're waiting on it – So up first we have the short form team and the Meme Lordz From the Meme Lordz, Greg, Greg will be the– – Welcome Greg – I've asked for this particular mic stand and mic because I thought that it would be extra awkward

– I like it – A little bit – So Greg, let's see the Meme Lordz photo – [Rhett] Oh wow – [Link] Happy pawlidays from the Meme Lordz

– Is there any explanation that you would like to add? Like what was your thought process behind this? What was your inspo? – I mean who doesn't love a good people doing animal things and animals doing people things picture really? – [Rhett] Right – But our whole approach is really suburban mom who's trying her best – Oh Which one's the suburban mom? – I am the mom (Stevie laughs) I am the suburban mom of this picture

– You're Rudolph, you're Rudolph in the picture – Yeah how'd you get to be Rudolph? – [Greg] John came onto the stage and took a roll of red electrical tape and put it on my nose (Stevie and Rhett laugh) – Oh so that's added in post Jen looks like she's been in that position for days (Stevie and crew laughing) – Teresa's gotta learn how to find the light

– Everyone except Teresa looks miserable, I love it – Okay thank you Greg, thank you Meme Lordz – No thank you – Up next we have the writers who are called the Interns and their representative Kev – [Link] Kevin

– Hello Kev, welcome to the awkward mic – Do you wanna set this up? – We collectively thought, you know, how can we take this photo but not take away from the hard work that we'd be doing all day So we decided to take our photo during lunch We used our own lunch time to take this photo Let's take a look

(crew and Rhett chuckling) – [Stevie] So explain to us what's going on here – So there's a very friendly Mexican restaurant that probably many of us know I'm not gonna say the name – Yeah, it's best that you don't – It's probably better that I don't

But we ventured over there and we had a nice meal The waiter is on the left The other guy, he had nothing to do with our service, but we asked him if he'd like to take a photo and he said sure – And did he say, if I could hold a spoon? – No, that was his own free will – Oh okay, well, that's points

– I'd like to also say that we did give each team a little bit of a budget to use on these photos so to clarify, I believe what you're saying, Kev, is that the writers took the budget and had lunch with the budget – Absolutely not What I'm saying is is that we used our own lunch time– (Stevie laughs) So that we could make sure we got back and did our day's work – So what'd you do with the budget? – Well (all laughing) It might have just so happened that this bill equaled exactly what our budget was

It might have just happened that that was the case – Okay, all right, thank you – All right, feliz Navidad, okay I see that, I see that Mexican restaurant, Spanish – Next we have production, AKA the Moneyman's Men, and of course the moneyman himself, which I didn't realize– – Davin

(crew laughing) The moneyman – Hello – It wasn't until today where I understood that this is a character– (laughs) – I knew that – I thought– – He's like the guy from Monopoly, right? – Well yeah but no He's the moneyman

– Davin, why don't you tell us? – All right so, after seeing these two pictures, I feel like we kinda misunderstood the assignment (crew laughs) Put it out there – Oh gosh Oh gosh – So there's our Christmas photo

What we thought we were supposed to do is to channel our Christmas spirit by being charitable So we basically googled the most famous church in LA and we found this church (crew laughing) So that's what we did with our budget – You gave our budget to the Church of Scientology? – Well we spent more than half of it printing the check and then we spent the rest of it forward to the nation – That's a expensive printing job

It looks nice and let me say, the quality I don't wanna show any favoritism but I do feel like the quality of this photo is like very cinematic – [Link] Are you really there? – We were really there It really looks like it's in front of a green screen We totally could have shot– – And the sign looks like it's fake but that's actually what the sign looks like

– [Link] Who'd you give the check to? – Well, you know (Stevie laughs) (crew laughing) – Did Tom Cruise take it? Did he come and walk out and take it? – He might, he might – In the future – He's not gonna receive it now, it's like they're in – Okay

– We want to have it signed– – They've been recruited in – All right, thank you moneyman – Thank you – Moneyman's Men – Post and post is people too

Oh Matthew the model is here – [Matthew] That's my model pose (chuckling) – All right Matthew tell us what we're about to see – I think we can just share it right now and then we'll get into it I think it's kind of self-explanatory, but– – [Stevie] Yes it is

– [Link] Season's greetings, post is busy making the show – They literally took a still image from– – From the last content – The last video (crew laughing) – You added Christmas-y stuff – [Rhett] They put Santa's face on there

And some hats – Mm-hm – I mean, that did take a little time – It did, it did Thank you, it did

– So that budget that we were talking about (beeping) And finally, we have operations which is Mythillaneous – Mythillaneous – And we have Dana, Dana! – It's me – All right Dana

– Hello Before we show the photo, we only had like 30 minutes to figure this out and so we're having our jam sesh and Chris was like oh it's the harvest She had some Sunny in Philadelphia kinda vibes and all of a sudden, long corn came to mind – What? – And I think the photo can speak to itself – Long corn? – Long corn

– [Link] Oh long corn (chuckling) – [Rhett] A season of cheer is around the corn-er – Happy holidays That is some long corn – Now where'd you find corn that long? – We don't give away trade secrets like that here

– Oh wow – Is that $100 worth of corn? – Oh no – Oh – But we did make sure we spent money on some beautiful turtlenecks Jenna went out of her way to knit this beautiful scarf for our snake Craig and I think he looks fantastic

– [Link] Oh where is that? – [Dana] Where she's holding up, you'll see Craig kinda like chillin' out – Oh gosh – All I really see is that Jenna's the one who's not really committed to this (Stevie laughs) It's like in the upper right she's like– – [Dana] She's wrangling a snake – [Link] I don't believe in this, and then in the middle she's just laughing at the rest of you guys

– Now did Craig get jealous of the long corn? – I hope not, he was actually very camera shy – He could eat that corn and just become it – Ugh, okay, thank you Dana – That is so weird, guys Like communally eating off of a long corn is the definition of awkward

– Yeah, we have our, oh Have you already decided? – Have we decided? – Well I just wanna add– – You don't have to stand there for us to decide – [Rhett] You can recede into the distance – Yeah forget this ever happened – The prize is a very special holiday photo with Santa and Santa

– Oh are we Santa and Santa? – Yeah because I knew you'd have a hard time deciding who was Santa and who was the elf, so– (Rhett laughs) – Right – [Stevie] I just made it Santa and Santa – Okay that's good, keep it, yeah – So keep that prize in mind as we're deliberating – So the prize is really the money that they spent on lunch

(crew laughs) – Apparently – All right so let's decide, shall we? – [Stevie] So we have the Meme Lordz with the reindeer, we have the writers with their lunch We have production with Scientology Post with post (crew laughs) And operations with long corn

– All right– – Long corn is so weird – Well here's what I'll say I think that just on the face of it, the Scientology picture is the strangest one, but the fact that they gave $42 to the Church of Scientology I feel like disqualifies them Especially if, like, Mythical Entertainment is on the check (laughs) So now, we're gonna start getting weird emails and– – Oh yeah– – Mail from the Church of Scientology

– We're gonna be on the newsletter Oh gosh – So that alone disqualifies them – Is it tax deductible though? – I don't know – The misery in the reindeer one on the Meme Lordz, I think resonated with me

I think Kiko's still out there actually (crew laughing) No one told him to come in – This isn't a bad one but I don't know, that long corn is really sticking it Really sticking with me, you know what I'm saying? – I'll never forget it – I'm gonna thinking about long corn for some time

– Me too, that is my vote – Okay, all right, I guess we have ourselves the winner of the awkward holiday photo contest is– – Mythicallaneous – Mythillaneous (crew applauding) So look out for that Santa and Santa photo on our Instagram @rhettandlink And that is all I have for today

– That's it? – That's it! – The sooner this is over, the sooner I can put on a Santa costume and Flanagan can sit in my lap (crew laughing) – You know what I think we and I, and operations, would both be fine with just that being the photo (Stevie and crew laugh) So Look for that on our Instagram

(laughs) – All right, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing And our final line – [Together] Until next– – LTAT– – BY, oh gosh! What, I can't get– – Keep on BYMB! – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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