Crazy Tongue Trick Challenge

– Today's episode is right on the tip of my tongue – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Please say hello to our new friend and star of the new ABS Comedy Bless This Mess, it's Lake Bell! – Lake Bell! – Hello, hello – Welcome to the show, Lake – Thank you for having me Thank you for being here

– Oh we're always here – Yes, we are Okay so you have any voice exercises that you ever do like in the morning to get ready for your job? – You know, I do, I do actually I actually like doing kind of warm ups 'cause sometimes when I can't– – Starting – Yeah, it's already happening

What I will say is is that it is really good to kind of get your mouth– – Mouth – Around– – Round – Wow he's already doing it (Rhett laughs) But around words and especially difficult ones You know like if you have to say something like antediluvian or something like that

– Oh I have to say that all the time – Yeah you know like when you have to say– – I know what that means – Pretty much every day – Well similar to that, tongue exercises apparently are a thing – Yes

– Yeah, yeah – And they also helps speaking, singing, sleeping, all types of stuff which we are going the discover in this game, it's time for the tip of the tongue, the teeth, the lips, which exercise is real and which is a grift? – Ooh – Okay so we're gonna be presented, well we're actually gonna present to each other– – Okay – A potential tongue exercise, we don't know what they are, they're on these cards – Okay

– So whoever's presenting, the other two people have to decide is it a real– – Well all three people are deciding, it's just we're taking turns reading – True, we'll have to decide is it real or is it just a made-up thing that we just embarrassed ourselves by doing – Or in other words fake – 'Cause we're gonna do these – And there's some various props over here that we might use

– Oh – Now we're not really playing to win, we're playing to not lose and the loser has to lick a licorice stick but I actually like licorice Do you like licorice? – I'll dabble in a licorice – Okay so Link if you lose, you have to lick a licorice stick Lake, if you or I lose– – The lickety-lick licking stick licorice stick? – Then we've got to lick a lickety-stick which is just a stick– – Oh just a stick

– From outside – Okay – All right – Gosh all right – Let's get started with the first one

– Okay – Take a number two pencil – Okay, thank you – Thank you – And stick it under your tongue perpendicular to the tongue

– [Lake] Wait what? – Perpendicular – Perpendicular – You went the wrong, it's gotta be – I don't do math, okay – Without lifting your tongue off of the pencil, alternate singing high notes and low notes for a total of 10 seconds

(all singing high and low notes) – This feels– – 10 minutes? – Ow – Oh whoa Did I cut you? – Did you just stab Lake with a frickin'– – I totally stabbed her – Listen this is– – Why didn't you guys give him a dull pencil? – And there's slobber on your arm too – I'm the one who did it

– I stabbed it and infected you with slobber – Okay so is this real or fake, is that the question? – Yeah I've got my answer – Oh – Are we doing a countdown? – Yeah let's do a countdown – Ah ah ah ah ah ah

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – Boom – I felt nothing I felt nothing – This is real because it was not easy to do

– I don't know if vocal coaches have number two pencils It's very specific – Who has those? – Guys – Hard to find – What? – This is real

– No! – [Stevie] It's an exercise singers use to train their tongues to stay out of the pharyngeal cavity Here's a clip of a singer showing the proper way to do it (singing high and low notes) – All right you got that? – Right, you got that? – Right, you got that? – You still watchin'? – Oh we got it – Oh my gosh – Watch what I do next, kids

– Yeah I know, I can't believe it Now I'm gonna get competitive – Take that one off the top, that's yours – All right (clears throat) Please stick your tongue out as far as you can and while keeping your tongue out, count to 20 and then recite the days of the week starting with Monday

Remember to keep your tongue out as you can the whole time – This is so stupid – So okay, well – [Together] One, two, three, four, ive, thix, theven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday– – Yeah (mumbling)

– Wait I have a very strong feeling about this one – Can you give me any pointers 'cause I don't – I'm gonna say this is real – Your length was really lacking, that's all I know – Wait can you touch your nose? – Ooh! – Yes

– Yes, can you? Can you do it? Oh no – I think your nose is further away – No but that's the thing is that I have a larger nose and that's what makes it very easy I have a long tongue and a large nose so I can really get those guys together – Oh it's so easy

– Yeah it's very easy – [Link] That's something that you've done a lot – Yes – Okay Stevie – [Stevie] All right here we go, three, two, one

– Fake – Oh you think it's real huh? – [Lake] Yeah I do – [Stevie] It is real – No! – Oh! – It's meant to improve– – It hurt – [Stevie] Overall tongue strength and here is a vocal power instructor– – Vocal power? – [Stevie] To show us how it's done

– One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 – Listen, that did a lot for me (Rhett laughs) I'll be honest – What exactly? (laughs) – I'm still processing it – Keep the tip of your tongue pushed against the roof of your mouth and repeatedly say la la la as you move your jaw back and forth from left to right

La la la– – Inside, yeah (all grunting rhythmically) Oh I just popped somethin' – You okay? – Oh, oh man I just dislocated my, let me get it back – [Lake] Is it back? (grunting rhythmically) – This sounds like how you attract an alien

– Yeah it's a mating call – They're coming – Right when they step off of the ship – (grunts) They understand us – Like a seal mating call

They're coming, the walruses are approaching and they're horny – Two – Man Oh, she's doing it – One

– Fake Oh hey, you just switched it at the last minute, man – What no I didn't, I was here and then I went with fake I'm not look, how am I cheating? I'm just givin' my answer – He felt it

– [Stevie] This is fake – Yes – All right Lake, at some point you gotta switch it up – Oh no, okay, I really believed in that one – Okay so I've pulled ahead

– Okay Link – Lake – All right, yeah yeah yeah – You know sometimes people think my name's Lake – Like at a loud party

– Oh you say what's your name? – Lake – Anybody ever think your name's Link? – Yes actually– – Oh really? – And they also think my name is Blake or Lee or I'm like really, Lee, where'd you, I don't even – Who's a Lee? – No but that doesn't, I'm like Lake! – Lake, Lee? – They're like Lee? I'm like negative – You get the Blake, I get the Brett – Right, yes, I understand

– I'm a Brett and I'm a Brett at all parties (crew laughs) – But you're Rhett today – With the tip of your tongue held against your front bottom teeth, sing this verse of America The Beautiful – Wait – Hold it out so we can sing it together

– Okay so tip of the tongue on the bottom– (mumbling) ♪ Oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ For amber waves of grain ♪ – Let's speed up ♪ Purple mountains majesty ♪ ♪ Over the fruited plain ♪ ♪ America ♪ ♪ America ♪ ♪ God shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ And crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ From sea to shining sea ♪ (crew applauds) – Lake, that never happens (chuckling) – We never get applauded – Okay – All right so

– You ready to guess? – This is a toughie – Right because is it just them wanting us to do that – To do that, I know – What was it about the words in that song– – Yeah can I look at it one more time– – That a voice instructor would be like you need to say fruited plain and you need to say brotherhood – Butherhood? – Brotherhood

– Buthahood – Buthahood – And fruited plain – And sea to shining sea – Yeah

– I'm starting to think different about it now that I look at the lyrics again – [Stevie] Here we go, three, two, one ♪ Real ♪ – Nope, I'm not with you guys on this one – [Stevie] It's real! – Oh! – Yay! – [Stevie] This is a tongue relaxation technique meant to relieve tongue tension and here's a clip of a pro doing it – Oh a pro, huh? ♪ Oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ For amber waves of grain ♪ – Oh, there it is, follow the tongue, follow the tongue

– I love this part, this is my favorite part I think (sings high note) – Okay Lake you got another question for us? – Okay yes I do – 'Cause we're all tied at two, two, two right now – Gentlemen, sit up straight and stick your tongue out all the way out of your mouth as far as it will go and then pull your tongue back in, clap your hands once– (both clap) And do this 15 times (Rhett laughs) – Really? – Everybody, let's get in rhythm

– Okay sit up straight – Stick and clap – Stick out your tongue and blah (clapping) – Ham – We're not in rhythm

– Hey, you gotta– – It's like ah, clap – [Together] Ah, clap Ah, clap Ah, clap – Oh

Oh it hurts – Ah, clap Ah, clap Ah, clap Ah, clap

– Who's counting? – That was eight – I hope that was 15 – Leh – Okay – That was 15

– Clap – So – That's how I count at the gym too – Did it, how did it feel for you? – It felt like my tongue was about to detach – That's a great sign

– You might have been straining – I feel like my chin is wet from the tongue juice – Yes – 'Cause you were sticking down not out – Yeah I went out

– Mine– – I mean we don't really have to, wow, you really have a long tongue (laughs) I thought I did – Oh wow – Do you know what the thing in the back of your, in the back of your throat– – The punching bag – The little, yes

You know what that's called? – The uvula – Yeah uvula And you know a fun fact, I can take my tongue and go back and touch it – Let's do that now – You can't tell, it's a special– – I betcha I can tell in your eyes

I can tell– – Gah! Hold on– – You're making this weird face – You might swallow your tongue and that could kill you – No, I thought everybody could do it – You're like surprised, aroused and nauseous – No, there's no arousal in it, okay? It's just– – You're reading into it, Link

– It's a really practical– – Your mouth is open a little bit and your eyes are like– – I know that the word uvula is a bit– – Yeah yeah yeah – Dodgy – Right, it sounds like it should be on another part of the body – Like I can touch my uvula with my tongue Everybody's like– – Are we voting? I can't even remember

– But again– – Okay we haven't voted But I am ready – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Fake – Oh I went with real

– [Stevie] This is real (Rhett laughs) (Lake and Link groan) – Yeah, suckas – Because the tongue is directly connected to the brain stem– – Yeah I felt the brain stem pulling– – [Stevie] This exercise not only strengthens the tongue but is also believed to potentially stimulate the brain for neural (chuckles)– – Neural? – Retraining Here's a clip (clapping) – Ugh, this one's tough, this is a real buy

– I felt it pulling on my brain steam – You did? – Now that it was described by Stevie, I could feel it, it was like– – 'Cause you accidentally got it right– – No I felt like– – It doesn't mean it makes sense – I felt like my brain was going down half an inch every time, every time I clapped – Oh I don't know guys – All I know is I'm in the lead! – All right so this last one, if I get it, is worth two points

If Lake gets it, it's worth one point, and you are not eligible for points – That's not how points work – Wait a minute, wait a minute, yeah – We're just playing to have someone not lose – Yeah

– All right so we're playing for, this is worth two points – We're seeing, it doesn't matter, it's just whoever between the two of you doesn't get it right – Tilt your head back to face the ceiling Stick your tongue out and move it left to right as you sing happy birthday in a high pitch for 15 seconds Tilt your head back– – Oh boy, all right

– Stick your tongue out, left to right tongue movement ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (singing the tune of "Happy Birthday") – Lake, it was just my birthday (singing the tune of "Happy Birthday") – That was fun– – It was fun – I'll say that much – Yeah

– Wow, right down here – Do you remember when we, do you remember that? When we were– – Your birthday party? – And we sang– – No we weren't invited – Happy birthday to the ceiling – There's so much padding up there – Questions, what's up with that? (laughs) What was up with that? – That's a good one, okay

– Haven't we learned already at this point, I can't lose but haven't we learned that really, there's no rhyme or reason to– – What to all of these? – To these tongue exercises This is just somebody with a YouTube channel thinks they're an authority (crew laughing) – I mean is that the message? – Seen that happen – Yeah, is this the emotional part of the show? – Yeah right, this is where I begin to question every decision I've ever made that led up to this point – Listen, get through what you gotta get through

– Okay– – There was piano music – But I'm ready – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one – Oh listen, yep – You know what, I'm not gonna get stuck in the loser bracket with you, Lake

Yeah I cheated and I looked at your answer And I went with the opposite – [Stevie] This is fake – Ah, that means that Link, you are– – You got me – The loser! – So I have to lick a lickety-split licorice stick

– Here it is, it's very large – Oh my lord – Oh wow – But you know what, you got a big ol' long tongue so – Yeah so get lickin'

– Well you guys like licorice so it could be your prize – It's like corn on the cob (growls) – Oh, glue – Oh – Ugh, ugh

– There's glue – That's no bueno – What, is that, oh gosh – Did you spray this with– – Definitely – Some sort of lacquer? – Well thanks for coming, Lake Bell, we just killed you

– I'm poisoned – Make sure you catch Lake on Bless This Mess which airs Tuesday nights on ABC – It does, that's true – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing Now Lake you say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is (Rhett chuckles) – Hi I'm Jake – Hey I'm Sarah – We're on vacation in Gulf Shores – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Woo! – Whoa, careful! Click the top link to watch us taste and rank Pop Rocks flavors in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Hungry for some thought-provoking conversation? Feast on the latest episodes of Ear Biscuits Available now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts

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