Crazy Peppermint Foods Taste Test

– Today we go where no peppermint has gone before – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – It's the holiday season which means all around the world, prudent proprietors are patting their pockets and profiting from putting peppermint in pre-existing products – Though these proactive proprietors are only pinpointing particular products to permeate with peppermint Sweets like peppermint pie, peppermint parfait, peppermint peanut brittle (chuckles) – Brittle

– And many other sweets that don't necessarily begin with the word P – And it's high time these peppermint proprietors pack a punch in pungent products In other words, we're about to eat some peppermint flavored savory foods that have never been eaten before It's time for Never Been Eaten: Peppermint Edition – In the name of discovery, Mythical Chef Josh has infused peppermint into some savory foods to create some dishes that have never been eaten! Now we're gonna decide which one of these is the best and if it should be sold in restaurants all around the world because we have that power

No, maybe we do, I don't know And we wanna start with peppermint pizza – Now if you Googled peppermint flavored pizza, this is what you'll get This is not a freaking peppermint pizza – No

– Where's the sauce? Where's the cheese? Where's the meats? – That's a cookie – It's a peppermint cookie, right This is what a peppermint pizza should look like It is made out of peppermint pesto, candy cane ricotta dollops, dried peppermint bacon, candy cane Parmesan and fresh mint leaves on top Okay Josh– – Now that I see this– – It seems that you've done a great thing

– And smell it Good gracious, it's got some strong– – Whoo – Oh your breath's gonna smell good after this – Yeah the pesto with the peppermint is gonna be an interesting combo, is it not? He's grinning so big over there – He got a little closer

– So excited – Get a little of that dollop – It's almost like eating like a toothpaste pizza – It's actually not– – But then– – It's not bad, man – It comes together

– I mean I like mint – It's festive – I like peppermint – It goes well with the pesto, doesn't it? – And even the cheese – The pesto is very aromatic, I mean, cheese and bread, they're very accepting

– It's not off-putting This is surprisingly not off-putting which is not a great slogan Surprisingly not off-putting! – [Josh] That's the best compliment I can hope for in here – We need something more like, it's not delivery It's peppermint! – I don't know, DiGiorno

Think about it – So I don't know if I would recommend it but I can officially say that it is eaten Next up, peppermint burger and fries All right you've heard of Peppermint Patty, but have you heard of a peppermint patty? Sounds the same but it's very different (Link chuckles) – And here it is

– Okay so– – And fries – Yeah this is a complete meal We've got the burger which has peppermint extract aioli, and then fresh and dried peppermint in the patty itself Candy cane white American cheese, a little bit of arugula dressed in peppermint oil vinaigrette Then peppermint fries along with peppermint ketchup! – What! Mm

– And then just a pickle That's not a peppermint pickle, right? – [Josh] It's a peppermint pickle – It is a peppermint pickle? – Yeah there's no escape – Oh – Let me try the fries first

– Okay – And the I mean, it seems like I'm just eating a soft candy cane

– And what's wrong with that– – Nothing – Really? – Nothing So there's actual pepper too, what's the black stuff? – [Josh] Oh your guess is as good on mine on that Oh on the fries? – Yeah – [Josh] Sorry, that's dried mint

– Oh – The black stuff Okay, get a load of that – I like that – The peppermint aioli– – Refreshing

– On the burger is a different color than you would expect on your burger – Yeah, very pink Dink it – You're dripping – And sink it

– Oh there we go – Mm – Okay that's a little different The thing that I'm surprised by is how much, how noticeable the peppermint is without making me want to gag – Yeah, it's a very refreshing burger

– I haven't wanted to gag yet That's a good slogan – How about try Peppermint Patty When you wanna drop a Snoopy that's not Charlie Brown I'd be buying that

– Is a Snoopy a dookie? – Yeah – I'm– – The aioli's good! – I keep wanting to go back to it (Link humming Peanuts theme) Did you expect this, Josh? – [Josh] I don't know what to expect in my day to day here – Mm-hm That's safe

– I feel like I've eaten a burger and brushed my teeth at the same time I like the cleanliness – You know the little mint that you get on the way out, you're like, no thank you – I mean it could at least be animated in a Peanuts cartoon – [Rhett] Taken care of

– And now we can officially declare peppermint burgers– – [Together] Eaten – Next up, peppermint nachos Now we humans put everything on nachos: cheese, meat, beans, lots more I've even seen people put ranch dressing on nachos because they thought that's what ranchero sauce was – You mean it's not? – No it's not

But no one has ever put peppermint all inside of nachos until right now Now these are made of fresh peppermint salsa verde, candy cane sour cream, peppermint marinated chicken, peppermint oil refried beans Oh, I don't know what that's gonna do to your bean experience – I'm there – Candy cane white cheddar cheese sauce, and fresh peppermint guacamole

– Wow, I feel like these have potential because people are already in a really experimental place when it comes to nachos – Yeah And it's beautiful! Look at that, that just makes me wanna stuff a stocking – Got a perfect bite there – Dink it

This is a, this is a little much for me – I was about to say, that face does not– – Mm-mm Here's the thing – Not giving me hope for this one – Again, before when I described, it feels like eating a burger and brushing your teeth at the same time

But this is over the top I think we've gone too far – Did you get a bean bite? I think you got too much guac on yours – No, it was the bean that got me I left most of the guac

– I like beans so much though That it's really doing something for me I was gonna say that I was really on board with this one – Really? For me it's not playing well together I don't know

I mean, this is not gonna be like a Chili's appetizer – There's gotta be a place that's willing to take chances Somebody that's desperate like Shoney's – Shoney peppermint nachos – Shoney's, you do something like this, we're coming back

I mean we may not be happy when we get there, but we'll come back, that's really the goal – I mean we're not saying you're desperate, we just basically said you're desperate (chuckles) The one thing we can say is peppermint nachos have now been– – [Together] Eaten – Next up, peppermint ramen You already know that ramen is the Cardi B of food

So it can do no wrong, everybody's into it But, can we peppermint it up with a little hint of mint? We've got pork bone and candy cane stock Oh candy cane stock Peppermint-marinated eggs, peppermint rubbed pork, and then regular ramen noodles because you can't find peppermint ramen noodles it turns out – They don't look normal

– And then we got fresh mint on top So they have discolored, or they've got– – They have been colored – They've been colored exactly what they need to be – Woo, just smell of that I just said it again

They've been calling me on it forever I say smell of that – You say that, I don't say it – I don't want you to say it – No but they said that I said it too

If you can present evidence that I say smell of that, I wanna see it – Just said it You just said it, I'm just saying – I just gave it to 'em there – Hey, smell of that

Smell of it It's strong – I'm gonna eat of it – It's like eating elf juice, isn't it? – This is what happens when you bring an elf to the equator They put 'em in a bowl

– He turns into ramen – You know, 'cause elves are made of snow In my Christmas world, that's how it works – It looks like it would be really pungent but it– – It's more subtle than you could ever imagine – Right, which was my problem with the nachos, they were so peppermint forward

– Not a bad slogan More subtle than you could ever imagine – Yeah, like a dead elf – I'd buy that – Can we combine the two? It's more subtle than a dead elf

– But maybe we can really tap into some passion, you know, how about make ramen peppermint again – That could work, can we still get a dead elf in there? – Sure I don't know, I feel the same about all of these I would order it as part of a, yeah, let's get one for the table I'm getting my own food but let's get one for the table because of the promotion that got us into Shoney's

– This one is better and here's why Because the whole ramen experience of the steam coming up and it opens you up, it opens your pores, it opens your sinuses Peppermint only helps in that initiative, man So it's a double team – I am going back to it

– It's pretty great Yeah you keep eating it – And we do have at least two great slogans – This is my favorite one I mean where's this gonna go though? Who does ramen? – Shoney's should do ramen

– Shoney's ramen (laughs) – Think about, if they came back not only with ramen– – Okay Shoney – But with peppermint ramen, and they did the whole– – Let's work together, girl – Make ramen peppermint again Think about the crowd that would show up there

Everybody's who's currently just sitting there rotting in Golden Corral would go over to Shoney's – Take notes, girl – Yeah Why is it a girl? – It's a last name of a girl – Okay, take notes, girl

(laughs) – All I know is we can now say peppermint ramen has been– – [Together] Eaten – Next up, peppermint sushi Now, I've seen candy sushi, it's basically candy presented like sushi but I don't like candy, and I don't really like sushi, so maybe we're off to a bad start or maybe the thing that's been missing has been peppermint all along So we've added that Thank you, Josh

– Now this is purdy Look at that – Sushi's already purdy I'm not gonna argue with that – Hold on but hold on, he actually got red fish eggs, I don't know, what kind of eggs are those? – [Josh] Fish

(crew laughs) – That look like a little bunch holly berries – Yeah peppermint fish roe, fresh mint, candy cane crab salad, candy cane dusted tuna, peppermint oil sushi rice Avocado and cucumber for freshness – You ever thought about how holly berry sounds a lot like Halle Berry? – Every day, man Every day

– [Rhett] Mine fell apart – Oh, mine fell apart too – I don't think that's bad sushi making, I just think it's the peppermint, it wasn't, you know, the sushi is trying to repel the peppermint because it's not typical Gonna go for this one – Now the thing is, I said I don't like sushi, but my family's bringing me around

I can't do the seaweed and I can't do like hunks of raw fish, but– – I'm going for the whole thing I'm sorry, you're talking but I'm going for it – [Link] I'm making some progress, man – [Josh] This is gonna set your progress back – Oh gosh

– Sorry – Oh God Oh my You gonna be having trouble, my friend – I think it helps

(crew laughing) I don't taste the ocean, I just taste the stick – Taste the stick is a good slogan – Peppermint stick – Taste the stick and in parenthesis, very small, it says peppermint – Get the raw but taste the stick

(crew laughing) – No, you went too far – It's helping me – The Shoney's crowd will not be into that – Oh, this is still at Shoney's? – Taste the stick, it's raw, what? No, Darlene, don't go in there (chuckles) Just get the hot fudge sundae to go

(chuckles) – You don't like this because it's very peppermint forward, right? That's the only thing that's getting me by at this point – Yeah, but this is not going to work for someone who actually likes sushi so I think you need to– (Link exhales) I mean, congratulations for getting it down but I think you have to step aside as an impartial judge here – Step aside – I like peppermint I like sushi, but unlike every other thing that we've tasted, they're not complementing each other

I mean basically that's what you said– – I'm definitely saying that – It's covering it up – Yep – It is the prettiest one But again, the Shoney's crowd doesn't care what the food looks like

They want it to be all different shades of brown (Link exhales) And so, 'cause first of all, we didn't intend this to be a Shoney's promotion (crew laughs) – I don't think they are – Can you get paid after the fact for a sponsorship 'cause I don't wanna say not a sponsor I wanna say pending sponsorship by Shoney's

(laughs) – I think based on what we've said, it's not gonna happen – I don't know There's somebody at Shoney's who's trying to shake things up They're like, guys, they're gonna sit 'em all down in a board room, they're gonna watch this, and then that person is going to be fired (chuckles) And I really hope you video it

– So you want us to be like creative consultants for Shoney's – Yeah yeah yeah – That's what we want, Shoney – You wanna seem cool to the kids, you gotta be able to make fun of yourself a little bit And I think what we're saying is that you should be selling the ramen, right? So you got two years on that slogan

After that it's gonna be keep ramen peppermint again So we really got a short window, Shoney's – But for right now with sushi, we can finally say, peppermint sushi has been– – [Together] Eaten – And we can also say, looking forward to your phone call, Shoney's – That's right, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi I'm George – I'm Greg – We're here in North Hollywood, California having some ramen – It's time to– – [Together] Spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Well you're gonna be at a Shoney's soon enough – (laughs) That's right Click the top link to watch us try some weird candy cane flavors in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Here's a tip, take a little trip and pick up a zip

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