Crazy Diet Fad Challenge

– Is that a tape worm in your colon or are you just happy to see me? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) Good Mythical Morning

– Mythical announcement! Tour tickets are available now for our April shows in St Louis, Columbus, DC, and Nashville, and for you UK beasts, don't forget we're gonna be in London February 15th Go to rhettandlinklivecom to get tix! – You know, this morning, I looked out of my bedroom window and I saw the 72 degree LA air rustling through the leaves of my favorite flourishing palm tree which told me that we are smack-dab in the middle of winter – Yeah

– Which then reminded me that spring is just around the corner, which then alarmed me because that means summer's only a stone throw away which could only mean absolutely one thing: that I need to start working on my beach body – Hey, and to get that beach body, you could adopt a sensible diet and exercise regularly, but that's not fun! You should be on a fac diet, but which one? There's so many out there and some of them are so crazy they just might work for a game It's time for Can This Internet Daddy Guess These Crazy Diet Faddies? Okay I've dug up some info about some of the most insane weight loss fads in history from all corners of the world Link, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about these and then I'm gonna ask you a question related to each one If you get the question wrong, you have to take one of our health shots in order

Some of them are real, some of them are made up Probably all unpleasant If you get it right though, I have to take it so someone's gonna be taking a shot every single time – Okay – Let's get started with the first question

In the late 2000s, a Japanese inventor created a new diet that hinged on a very specific type of apparel What was that apparel and what function did it serve? A, blue tinted sunglasses, which were supposed to make your food look less tasty and therefore, you ate less B, extremely tight knee-high socks, which supposedly stimulated a pressure point that controls appetite, thus allegedly leading to weight loss C, a belt that changed colors as it expanded, making it clear you'd increased your waistline, or D, a Bluetooth headset that automatically calls your mommy when you ate dessert before dinner (Link sighs) – Why would making food blue make it look less tasty? Makes it look colder

– Oh that's usually not a good thing unless it's supposed to be cold – Cold food Mm, so I can see that one, I could also see the belt working If you made that up, let's patent the heck out of that – Okay

– Man, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna go with A Blue tinted sunglasses – Link, you are correct! – Yes! – Yes, they're based on the fact that foods look appetizing when they're in the yellow to red spectrum, and so making blue glasses will make you eat less Here's a promotional photo from the company that made them – [Link] Ironically she's eating

– No, actually studies show that if you hold your food near your mouth without putting it in there, you also lose weight – Oh (chuckles) – Okay but I have to take a shot of potato juice – Potato juice? – This is for real Potato juice is packed full of vitamins and is also highly alkaline which helps reduce– – I would not not smell it first

– Acid reflux – Don't smell it, just take it down Ee! – Ah! It wasn't bad – It did not smell great – I feel so alkaline

– All right Let's keep going – Indian guru Prahlad Jani claims he hasn't had food or drink for 70 years – I believe him – What does he say he has been consuming for decades in order to survive? A, the energy fields of other people

B, ocean mist C, sunlight (Link chuckles) Or D, American cheese singles Technically not a food – Not food

(chuckles) Oh gosh, you know, consuming other people's energy fields kills them That's not very guru-like – What if you just fed off of 'em just a little bit at a time People wouldn't even know, just suck– – Sippy sip on the fieldy field? (Rhett slurping) Oh nothing, nothing – I'm just tasting your energy field

– I actually think that you might can survive a little bit Maybe not 70 years on ocean mist – (chuckles) Okay – So I mean, yeah there is a whole beverage line – Okay you're going with B

– B – It's actually C, sunlight Yes, this is something called breatharianism, and there was a documentary called In the Beginning There Was Light about this guy and other people who practice it Here's a clip – [Translator] 60 years without food or water

I simply can't believe that It's impossible Where is he getting the energy for his heart, liver, respiration? – [Translator] I pass the light directly I don't have stool anymore (Rhett laughs) – Ha ha ha, joke's on you! – Here's the thing, he doesn't have stool anymore but he's also full of crap

– (chuckles) Exactly – Okay Link you have to take– – This is a white one – This is tuna juice and Vagenaise, is it Vegenaise? How do you say that? Vegenaise – Vegan mayonnaise? – We made this one up (chuckles) Basically this is a carb-free tuna sandwich shot

(Link gags) So healthy! – Oh (blows air) – Oh woo, keep it that way, brother – Smells great – Moving on! The tapeworm diet is an awful idea that no one should ever try The basic thought is if you swallow a pill with a tapeworm egg inside, the egg will hatch and release the worm inside of you, allowing it to grow and fester inside of your intestines and eat whatever you're eating

Then– – What? – You can eat whatever you want because the tapeworm will consume all of your extra calories However, none of this works and it's just plain dangerous Don't try it! Which one of these home remedies for removing tapeworms from the body is real? A, wrap an ice pack around your stomach for 24 hours straight The cold temperature will kill the parasite and you will naturally expel it B, crush two raw cloves of garlic into milk, boil it, and drink it on an empty stomach

Repeat every day for a week C, consume only apple cider vinegar and lime juice for 48 hours, or D, stick a piece of candy up the anus each day for a week Then, at the end of the week, when the tapeworm comes out looking for the candy, grab him and pull him out (both laughing) Oh It's called anus candy

– Good gosh Apple cider, vinegar and lime juice seems like the choice, but it could also be B – Mm-hm – I'm gonna go with C No, you know what, I'm going with B 'cause C seems too obvious

B, raw cloves, garlic, milk, boil it, blah blah blah blah blah, tapeworm gone – Link, you are right! – Yes! – And just in case you don't really believe that the tapeworm diet is a bad idea, here is a digital recreation of a time one woman tried it and got some unfortunate results – [Narrator] She ingested the parasite, a species of tapeworm normally found in cows, which can grow to a stomach-churning 10 meters in length While the tapeworm hooked to your intestinal wall can make you lose weight, it often ends in malnutrition and anemia A fact her doctor kindly informed her of when he explained the reason for her discomfort

(Rhett laughs) – Okay, now here's the thing, that doctor's behavior was– – What? – Completely unacceptable You should see what he does to people who don't have any stool – What? So you gotta take that – This is aquafaba I'm going to drink Now this is liquid from the can of chickpeas, which people are now using as an egg substitute– – Aw, that's a easy one

– In baking In fact, I saw somebody put this into a cocktail that called for egg whites recently So vegan substitute – Is that a YouTube channel? It's like a news channel where they animate stuff, right? – It's actually pretty good – So it's supposed to be comedic

– No I made the animation, what are you talking about? I spent hours on that – Well it's offensive – No yeah that was the from some YouTube channel that I don't actually think it was supposed to be funny I think that they didn't understand that that was highly inappropriate – Oh

– Yeah Question four, the clay diet has nothing to do with how Clay Aiken got those sweet abs! (Link sputters) Though it is very popular amongst many celebrities The clay diet is unfortunately exactly what it sounds like and involves mixing technically ingestible clay with water and drinking it Advocates of the diet say the clay passed through your body, taking toxins in– – Mm-hm – And taking toxins with it and then satisfies your hunger along the way

Which of these celebrities is not a clay dieter? – Okay – A, Shailene Woodley B, Zoe Kravitz C, Zooey Deschanel, or D, Xenu, the galactic overlord – (chuckles) Love that celebrity

(sighs) Xenu's always coming out of LAX and TMZ's all over it – Yeah, right, mm-hm – I think this is Zooey Deschanel, one of my favorite people because she's in one of my favorite movies of all time that I watch year round Elf – Okay, Link, you're right! – Yes! – I don't know how you're right

Zooey Deschanel– – Drink it, buddy – She's not a clay dieter, however, I do want you to watch a video of someone who enjoys eating clay Wet clay pots that is (clay snaps) (hard crunching) – Ugh! – You really gotta watch that, 'cause if you do that too much, you get a pot belly (crew laughs) Okay, I'm going to drink a shot of edible clay

Again, you heard about the, this is bentonite basically So this is supposed to take some of my toxins – Yeah, I think you've gotten the easier ones How's it taste? – I've gotten three out of four You got one, ugh

– That one was the nastiest though – That's (grunts), that's good (grunts) I love it – Taste like dirt? – Mm, me and Zoe Kravitz drink clay together Ah! Now for another celebrity favorite

Celebs like Madonna and Demi Moore are reportedly following– – As opposed to Demi who? – Something known as the werewolf diet Which of these options actually describes said werewolf diet? Is it A, a diet in which you may eat only wild caught grass-fed meats like a wolf might, for three days a week B, a diet where you drink only green juice during the day and then eat lean animal protein after sundown C, a diet revolving around the gravitational pull of the moon, starting with a day-long fast and continuing with specific eating plans for each phase of the moon Or D, a diet in which you only eat meals prepared by your personal chef Taylor Lautner

(Link chuckles) That's what he's doing now – Got it – He's coming in for an interview next week Be ready (chuckles) – He's gonna be our new Mythical chef? – Yeah, potentially

No, he's gonna be Josh's assistant – I think the moon one is just weird enough for Madonna and Demi to get on board My instinct tells me it's that one (howls) – C? – C – Link, you are on a roll, my friend! – Yes! – That is right

And while I get ready to take this shot, this is the perfect opportunity to watch a couple of wolves eat watermelon Those wolves have been in LA too long – I can't smell that and identify it – This is a blended Lean Cuisine (chuckles) Made up, as you can imagine

It's got a bunch of stuff from a Lean Cuisine tray in it – That's good, you deserve it Yoop! – That's nasty (groans) – Nasty – But lean, okay Link

– That's nasty – I've had to drink all of these except one, if you weren't paying attention – The rappers drink lean, they shouldn't – Those who follow the tongue patch diet undergo surgery to have a piece of medical-grade mesh stitched to their tongues The patch makes it painful to eat solid foods, therefore causing you to eat less and consequently lose weight

Here's a clip from Nightline in which tongue-patch advocate Dr Nikolas Chugay defends the procedure – [Nikolas] All right the first stitch is already in – Lysander is his 81st patient as he pioneers the process here in what arguably is the plastic surgery capital of the country, southern California You're sewing a foreign object into somebody's mouth

Is that healthy? – (laughs) Okay How does Dr Chugay answer this question? – (laughs) That's the question? How does he answer? – Yeah yeah yeah A, "Healthier than being fat" B, "It's not unhealthy

" C, "Define healthy" Or D, "I went to eight weeks of online medical school, "so you tell me, smarty pants!" – Sparty pants (Rhett chuckles) – He opened his mouth a little Then he was like, "It's not unhealthy" "Define healthy

" Boy, that makes him the smarty pants just to find out This is just green stuff but it's last so I don't wanna drink this – It's Brussels sprouts and asparagus juice – Oh, okay, it's good for the pee smell – Mm-hm, yep, make it smell all day

– "Healthier than being fat," can't be it I think it's, "It's not unhealthy" I think that's it, B – Roll the clip – You're sewing a foreign object into somebody's mouth

Is that healthy? – Well, it's not unhealthy – Yes! (both laughing) – Oh wow Link, you really did me wrong on this one – Oh yeah, I like my diet fads I think he's right – He got that degree at Burning Man

– (chuckles playfully) Oh gosh – Ugh! You know what, I feel like a real winner today – Blow it in my face, I deserve it (blows air) (Link whimpers) – Congratulations, Link Five out of six

Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – Pretty good, you know what time it is – Hey it's Sarah – And I'm Eric from Just Train Fitness, Hamilton, Ontario – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Woo! – Woo! – I wonder how much they trained for that video! Click the top link to watch us try out the craziest workout product you don't have, the Bodyblade in Good Mythical More

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