Craziest Livestream Fails (GAME)

– What happens on Twitch doesn’t stay on Twitch – Let’s talk about that

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– But today we’re talking about Twitch or as anyone you tell about Twitch calls it, what is it? People just watch each other play video games? But that’s not all that Twitch is about– – Hank Hill – Because you can livestream, yeah, that was my best Hank Hill You can livestream anything on Twitch, and when you can livestream anything, you know you gonna get some fails But can Link tell what the fails are gonna be? It’s time for– ♪ Stream on ♪ ♪ Stream on ♪ ♪ Stream on ♪ ♪ Stream until your streams fail live ♪ – Wow you’re gonna bust an udder, Rhett (crew laughs) – I think I may have leaked a little milk on my gateway shirt

(Link chuckles) – It’s black and white apparel day – Okay Link, I’m gonna show you a clip of a livestream in progress and then I’m going to pause it and then I’m going to give you some options as to how this stream failed because let me tell you brother, it did fail in every single case Are you ready? – Yeah, brother – Streamer Silent Sentry (chuckles) is about to celebrate a donation but how will it go wrong? – Thank you for the support, man – Okay

– Yeah what’s about to happen? – Is this fail in the video world or in the lower left-hand real world? – Let me give you some options What happens, A, he falls off a stripper pole while wearing a horse head – What? – B, he chugs an open bottle of beer that turns out to have been used as his roommate’s ashtray C, he puts on a cape, jumps on a mini trampoline and busts a hole in his ceiling Or D, he jumps into the video game, pees in the woods and jumps back out again like nothing happened

(Link chuckles) It can happen It’s Twitch – Okay I’ve already narrowed it down to B or C – Okay

– Chugging an ashtray beer Or putting on a cape, mini trampoline Busts a hole in the ceiling – Busts a hole – I think he chugs his roommate’s ashtray bottle of beer

– Let’s see the reveal – Thank you for the support, man (rock music) (loud thumping) (groaning) (Rhett laughs) (Link groans) – Man I was wrong I didn’t even know that was within the realm of possibility My mind has been expanded

– Yes and by the way, Silent Sentry’s stripper name is Mrs Ed – So I didn’t get that one right – You didn’t, Link, and if you don’t get four of these right, then you have to do a livestream on our Instagram where you fail miserably And if you do, I gots to do that

So either way we’re gonna have a livestream that fails – Oh – Okay here we go, next one This is a clip from Anisa Jomha – Boys, all you gotta do

Yeah, throw me in a basement, okay, shut the lights off and play Nickelback nonstop for hours on end I will want to die, I guarantee you – Okay What’s about to happen on Anisa’s chat stream? A, she directs a Postmates guy into the room and he takes over her stream – Okay

– B, her boyfriend busts through the door to yell at her for dissing Nickelback – C, her roommate starts a fire in the kitchen and runs into the room screaming for help Or D, a merman busts in and steals her heart and her legs in a classic reverse-Ariel situation – Aw, reverse-Ariel Anything could happen at this point

– Yeah right, I mean– – You know I don’t think it’s the Nickelback thing, ’cause boyfriend was listening in I’m not buying that one (both chuckle) Man, could be Postmates, could it? Come on, send me– – It could always be Postmates – Send me your answers, this is live, so you send me your answer

I’m going with C, roommate in a panic ’cause he or she started a fire – Let’s see the reveal – Oh my (bleep)– – Nickelback? (bleeping) Nickelback? – Oh my God You’re making my hands tingle (both laughing) – Making my hands tingle

That’s adrenaline, girl – The boyfriend in question who was mad about her talking beep about Nickelback is YouTube personality iDubbbz – Really? – That was an iDubbbz cameo and listen, I know what you’re thinking This is the perfect opportunity to make a Nickelback joke but so many jokes have been made about Nickelback that I think I’m just gonna read some lyrics from a Nickelback song – Okay

– The song Animals It’s hard to steer when you’re breathing in my ear, but I got both hands on the wheel while you got both hands on my gears (crew chuckling) Next clip, Link Apparently the lead singer has more than one gear which I’m still trying to figure that out, but it actually would explain a lot about Nickelback’s music– – Would it? – If the lead singer had more than one penis (laughs) (crew laughs) – Like a snake

(Rhett laughs) – What’s about to go down with this ASMR stream? – What are they doing? – Okay, you can see she’s directed her attention to her cats back there – Okay – So what happens next, A, one of her cats jumps, hangs from the blinds and screams bloody murder while she’s trying to do her whispers – Screams? – B, she climbs onto the cat tree and topples it over, taking her cats down with her C, she picks up one of her cats and tries to whisper to it but it scratches her face

Or D, the guy from the last video busts in and yells, “You talking ish about Nickelback?” (Link chuckles) – Ish Ish! (Rhett chuckles) Remember the rap albums we would have, we’d get the edited version and they would have a zish and a yish – You just reverse the cuss words Cuff! – Observation, the one that I rule out first every other time has been the right answer – (chuckles) Yeah

All right so what one do you want to get rid of and go with that Sounds like a great strategy – I mean I’m eliminating C, she picks up one of her cats, tries to whisper and it scratches her on the face I just think that’s too cruel for us to celebrate here in this environ – Right right right

– So I’m eliminating that one Does that mean I need to go with that one? ‘Cause I actually think it’s B She, in faux aggression, takes down and topples over her cats – That’s your answer, B? – I’m sticking with that I’m not changing up my strategy

– All right let’s watch the video – Hi Can I get in this? Oh my God (bleep) Oh no! (thumping) Oh my gosh That was a bad idea

Are you guys okay? Maya, are you okay? (Rhett laughs) – I love the fact that it happened so slowly and then she still turned the light switch on and off for no apparent reason – Yeah and Link, you were right and don’t worry – That’s right – Don’t worry, it’s okay Both of the cats died

(crew chuckles) – Wow – Let’s watch another clip – [Sodapoppin] Oh a guitar (Rhett laughs) – Oh a guitar – Oh

– So this guy’s out on the streets – Yeah, livestreaming from the streets – Okay, Avenue Barber Shop – Yeah seeing a guitar is very exciting but it doesn’t go smoothly for Sodapoppins in real livestream What happens in Sodapoppin’s stream? A, Sodapoppin interrupts the guitarist with a penis joke

The guitarist yells at him and Soda runs away, profusely apologizing B, the guitarist makes fun of Sodapoppin’s outfit, causing Soda to walk away furious while his friends laugh at him C, Sodapoppin tries to, I could say that all day Sodapoppin, Sodapoppin, Sodapoppin Sodapoppin tries to take money from the guitarist’s case and the guitarist kicks him in the stomach, or D, Sodapoppin opens an umbrella and flies away to join his mother, Mary

(crew laughs) – (chuckles) Um – Get it? – Yes I’m thinking this is C ‘Cause you don’t need to stop playing guitar to kick Sodapoppin in the stomach – Ha ha, okay let’s see

(acoustic guitar music) – [Sodapoppin] I like it You say you have a (bleep)? – [Guitarist] You wanna (bleep)? What’s wrong with you? – [Sodapoppin] I’m sorry, I’m sorry – [Guitarist] That’s really rude, what the (bleep) man? – [Sodapoppin] Oh I’m sorry, I’ll walk away – I’ll walk away I’m sorry

– You know, I played that clip because the guitarist was wearing his baseball shirt too – Yeah (chuckles) – There’s a lot of profanity in that – I thought you’d feel good – You know, the one thing I did notice, as the camera panned over, it said no cussing in the barber shop window and there was a lot of cussing

– Yeah – It’s pretty ironic – Well the guitarist doesn’t usually cuss It’s only when you confront him and ask him, “Did you say (bleep)?” – I’ll just walk away I’ll just walk away

– Okay – Didn’t get that one right – Link, you’re doing horribly – Yeah – Here’s the next clip

Okay – Is it silent? – Yes, we muted it (chuckles) – Okay – But Yung Llama notices a sound while he’s in the middle of his game What’s about to happen? We had to mute it so you wouldn’t hear it

A, a full marching band parades into his room paying One Week by Barenaked Ladies B, his mom, dressed as Mrs Claus, comes into his room jingling sleigh bells and yells, “Merry Christmas!” C, his dad chainsaws through the door wearing a creepy mask and yells, “Happy Halloween!” Or D, I run into the room wearing a skimpy neglige because this episode needed footage and that’s how committed I am – (chuckles) Oh gosh that could be the case – It’s also black and white

– Yung Llama – Yeah – Hm Mom, dad or a full band Wow

You know what, I actually think this is a full marching band performing Barenaked Ladies Why? I don’t know – Okay Let’s see it (chainsaw buzzes) – [Dad] Happy halloween! (chainsaw revs) – Wow

It looks like his dad has done that a few times before now with all that tape – Yeah, this is dad’s go-to prank (both chuckling) Apparently, don’t worry Dad, I’ll just tape it up again – (chuckles) Whoa, that’s, anything can happen on Twitch – (chuckles) Okay Link, you can’t win

You’re definitely doing a livestream fail But you know what, if you don’t get this one, it’s gotta be a super fail – Oh gosh, okay, okay – Here’s the final clip (speaking in foreign language) Okay– – That’s what I was thinking

– You weren’t supposed to be able to understand that What happens to this in real life Twitch streamer during her walk and talk? A, a man in a Wario costume runs up to her and steals her backpack B, she accidentally walks across a picnic and fully punts an open bottle of beer C, she gets distracted by a motorcycle and walks right into a pole Or D, she stumbles upon a Nickelback concert and dies from having too much fun

– ‘Cause we had to bring Nickelback back into this – Right right right right right right right – Can you throw in a penis joke while you’re at it? There haven’t been enough of those in this episode – She trips over Nickelback’s second penis (crew chuckles) – Uh, hmm

I’m immediately drawn to the pole – Okay (crew laughs) He said it – ‘Cause that, with this composition, that would be really funny but the punting a beer, I just don’t know how– – Yeah how would you even capture that– – How would she cover that? – How would you get that, right – Wario

– Wide angle Wario, why would he be there? – You don’t steal a backpack that’s on the front That’s why she has it on the front, for Wario attacks I’m going with C! Hey! – Let’s see it (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) – Laugh it off

Laugh it off – You know you gonna be hurting in the morning – Yes it’s a very long walk She started in Russia but ended in Poland (laughs) Woo hoo hoo! – Woo, yeah! Another penis joke? – No, it was just a pole joke, man

– Oh, kay – Okay Link, you didn’t win, that means on our Instagram, you gonna do a livestream with a fail – How’s it gonna fail? It ain’t gonna fail My streams don’t fail – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

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