Craziest Game Show Answers

– What's the worst answer ever given on a game show? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning

– We're going to start with a little Mythical reminder, our new behind-the-scenes, off-the cuff, anything-can-happen show, Let's Talk About That, airs tomorrow, that's Saturday, along with a brand new video version of our podcast Ear Biscuits on Sunday, but today, we're experiencing the worst answers game shows have to offer – Which means that they are the best answers game shows have to offer Game show bloopers are some of our favorite YouTube videos We just sit around, we watch them, we laugh (Link laughs) – That's what we do when we're not making this show

– So grab your buzzer It's time to play who wants to be a game show failure-naire? – Here's how it works, Stevie Harvey is going to show us the first part of a game show clip – Hello Stevie Harvey – Hello (Rhett chuckles) My top lip does not move

And I'm not doing an impersonation, I just adopted this voice for no reason – [Both] Okay – It sounds a lot like your normal voice, but– – But filtered through the Stevie Harvey mustache– – Tastes good – It's very different – Stevie Harvey will freeze the clip right before the contestant gives their answer and then we're gonna guess the answer by writing on a white board and then we'll see the rest of the clip and see if we got it right

– And we're told that these answers are so ridiculously unpredictable that we're gonna be lucky to get any correct, so if either one of us is able to guess even one of these bad answers correctly, we will get to do the ultimate Price Is Right come on down run through the GMM office where a fabulous prize will await that person in the mens' room If neither of us get any of these right, there will be a non-fabulous prize waiting for both of us in the mens' restroom, either way, we're gonna post that video on our Instagram, on our IGTV @rhettandlink, so follow us – Let's see that first clip – [Stevie] Your first clip is from Family Feud – Love it

– Something a burglar would not wanna see when he breaks into a house– (buzzer buzzing) Ron – Ron! Ron's opening his mouth, he's gonna say something stupid! – Oh man – Something a burglar would not like to see when he broke into a house – And it's gotta be something that made, you know, like a highlight reel on– – Right – How about this? Wanna see this logo the right way up? – Ooh, that's nice

– On YouTube, you know? – I think I may have it Okay – Okay, Link, would you like to reveal your answer? – I think another burglar (Rhett chuckles) (crew laughs) – That'd be good – That'd be good for the highlight reel on YouTube, I'd laugh

– Almost too clever I think – Yeah, yeah – Usually the Family Feud answers are related to a certain subject – Oh Sex

– Couple doing it – Oh – You know what it is? – I already said it – Not talking about the movie – All right, let's see who was right

– Something a burglar would not wanna see when he breaks into a house– (buzzer buzzing) Ron – Naked grandma! – Naked grandma (Rhett and Link laughing ecstatically) – [Link] I love this Naked grandma – I don't wanna see that either

(both laughing excitedly) – Grandma! Naked grandma! – I wouldn't wanna see that either I love these freaking clips – No hang on, a naked grandma could be a part of a couple doing it – That's not right, man – Okay no points, all right

– I am laughing and smiling so much but you can't see through my mustache (chuckling) – I love– – Ready for your next clip? – Yeah – It's from The Newlywed Game Let's take a look – [Game Show Host] What will your husband say is his very favorite kind of rodent? Josie? – What's a rodent? – His very– (chuckling) His very favorite kind of rodent

(Link sputters) – Okay, he did not explain what a rodent was when she asked, so she still doesn't know what a rodent is I think that is going to impact my answer – I also wonder if her husband knew what a rodent was, but that doesn't matter – [Stevie] All right, Rhett, you wanna go first? – I think she doesn't understand what a rodent is, so she's gonna say a dirt rodent (crew laughing) – Like a dirt road? – Yeah yeah, dirt rodent

– I think she knows it's an animal, but I'm gonna say monkey? That would be weird – Yeah that would be – It's probably not it – Could be a bad answer, I think we're both wrong – Let's see

– [Game Show Host] His very favorite kind of rodent – (chuckles) His saxophone (Rhett laughing) – [Link] What? (game show audience laughing) How? – What kind of– – She's interesting I wouldn't wanna be locked in a room with her – I'm trying to figure out where a rodent and a saxophone meet

– Nowhere, man – A rodent and a saxophone walk into a bar – All right how about this next one, it's from– – I don't have a punchline – A British game show called Family Fortunes – [Game Show Host] Let's remind people at home of the previous answers

I could have 20 seconds on the clock Good luck – Thank you – [Game Show Host] Name something you put around your neck – A neck lace

– Another answer – Scarf – Name a sport that involves throwing something – Tennis – [Game Show Host] Name a treatment you might have at the beauty salon

– Brazilian wax! – [Game Show Host] Name a type of bean – (stuttering) Baked bean! – [Stevie] What type of bean does he guess next? – So he said baked bean, it was already said He also said Brazilian wax, this guy's a wild card – Yeah he said it with such conviction – But then he was a little embarrassed

He was totally discombobulated at this point Baked bean – What other kind of beans could you say? – This is so tough, but I feel good knowing that no matter what I write, I get to see what he said and it's gonna be great (Rhett chuckles) – Right – [Link] Okay

– [Stevie] All right, Link – I got nothing, I'm saying string – Yeah boy, I'm sure that made the montage – String – Have you seen that clip where the guy can't say baked and then he says string? (Link chuckling) You gotta see it, it's British

– Well let's see what you got! – Human – Human bean – That's good, let's see what he actually said – Oh thanks – [Game Show Host] Name a type of bean

– (stuttering) Baked bean! – Another answer – Lesbian! (game show audience laughs) (Rhett laughs excitedly) – Did he say lesbian? – Lesbean, lesbean (Link laughs) – Oh lesbean – Lesbean (Link giggles) Lesbean

(Link sighs happily) Is that what he means? – I think so, yeah That was it – Now that show look a lot like Family Feud, I just gotta say – Well speaking of, let's go to your next Family Feud clip – Top seven answers on the board

When you were a kid, name something you used as a partner to practice kissing (buzzer buzzing) Jeff – Oh Jeff – Ooh Jeff – Oh he's thinking so hard

– He's thinking hard! – Oh he's taken back, he's digging back into the archives – [Link] Is that clip frozen or is he still thinking in real time? – He's still thinking – What's something you practice kissing on as a kid? – Kissing practice, practice kissing – Okay – All right, Rhett, let's see your answer

– I think he embarrassed himself and said mom – And I too said your mom – Oh! – Huh, interesting – 'Cause that would be, that's almost, "Naked grandma!" (Rhett laughs) He's gonna say, "Naked grandma!" – [Stevie] All right let's see what he says – Name something you used as a partner to practice kissing

(buzzer buzzing) Jeff – Sister – [Rhett And Link] Oh! – [Link] Oh we were close! Look at his face I love that Steve Harvey face, when he does that – Steve Harvey has made millions and millions of dollars just standing there going

– Saying nothing – Let me do my version Do you see my lip move? – Yeah – [Link] Make your eyes bigger – It's not quite as– – Not that big

(Link laughs excitedly) – It's not quite as compelling It's not quite as compelling I gotta say – Don't make me laugh, this is tickling – Now as a kid, I practiced kissing in the shower, on the wall of the shower The shower kinda went in where then at the bottom you'd sit the soap, so there was like a ridge and then I also practiced kissing on my bed post, I had a high bed post and it had like, I don't know, like– – Who were you expecting to kiss after that? – Like a lip-shaped– – What part of a shower ridge is lip-shaped? – I will say that no one I've kissed since has been quite as cooperative

(crew laughing) – You're supposed to pick something a little softer If you're picking showers and bed posts– – It was moist It was moist And the bed post had a lip– – Now you've said moist, let's move on This next clip is from Match Game

– At Sir Irving's knighting, the queen slipped with her sword so instead of being knighted, Sir Irving was blanked – Uh– – Uh – Uh-ha – Now at the last second, his corners of his mouth went up and something hit him he thought was funny – Something hit me

– Uh, her sword slipped – Not sure I could spell this correctly – And instead of knighting him, she– – I could imagine a couple things happening with a slipped sword – Okay – All right, Link

– Castrated him For the win – I didn't go quite as far, I just said he got circumcised – Oh (chuckling) You really didn't go as far

– Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah – Let's see what he said – At Sir Irving's knighting, the queen slipped with her sword so instead of being knighted, Sir Irving was blanked – Uh, bar mitzvahed (game show audience laughing) (Rhett laughs) – Bar mitzvahed

That's– – [Stevie] No! Absolutely not – Hold on, Stevie – No – That's right, right? – No if you're circumcised it's a bris, and I think it's, he was trying to look for that, but he went with bar mitzvahed instead of bris, which I'm taking a negative point away for both of you at this point – What are you Jewish or something? – Yes, I'm Jewish Stevie Harvey

(Rhett groans) – Okay, well – I thought you had it too, 'cause– – Yeah me too – So did he – Okay, none right yet – All right next up we have a clip from The Weakest Link and it features professional tennis player Andy Roddick

– Oh nice – [Game Show Host] Which letter of the alphabet sounds exactly the same as a term for a female sheep? – (sputters) What? He doesn't look smart (Rhett laughs) – He looks really good at tennis (both laugh) Andy Roddick What letter of the alphabet is the same as the word for female sheep? – The correct answer I believe is ewe, right? – E-W-E

– Which I thought that was just a baby sheep That's a lamb But we know that he didn't say the correct answer (sighs) I'm going for it, guys – Okay, okay

– All right, Rhett? – I'm thinking he got confused with what you call a female sheep and he said bitch – Oh Do we have to edit that? – No it's a female dog – Oh, okay I just thought he said bah, 'cause that would be funny to see Andy Roddick say that

What is his name? – Yeah – Andre Agassi? – Yeah – Bah – Let's see what he actually said – [Game Show Host] Which letter of the alphabet sounds exactly the same as a term for a female sheep? (suspenseful music) – Bah

(game show audience laughs) – [Link] Yes! – You got it, Link, you got it! – Yes! – You got one! – Yeah, I get something good out of the restroom on IGTV, check it out later Bah! I don't know what it says that I'm able to tap into his brain though – You should hang out with Andy Roddick more – I don't think that makes me feel good about myself – All right you wanna see if we can tie this thing up with this last question? – Yeah, you wanna get something good from the restroom, Rhett? – Yeah I do

– Bah – And it's from one of your favorites Jeopardy – Hymns is the category for final Players, here is the clue for you

A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical And you have 30 seconds, good luck Now over to Choyon (Rhett chuckles) – He's looking around – First of all, he's gonna win, 'cause he's got $14,000 and the other two people just had $1

So I think he wins anyway But he's not confident about– – He probably didn't bet anything but he still tried 'cause he's got pride – Something he thought was a hymn – A Christian hymn, a Jewish hymn, and a Tony award-winning musical I'd like to know the real answer to that, by the way

But what is the stupid answer? – I've got a stupid answer – Ready? – All right, Link – Cats? (Rhett chuckles) – You know, every time you go to church or synagogue, you're singing Cats? – Yeah that Cats theme ♪ Meow ♪ – I think you got influenced by the illusion to religious hymns and went with The Book of Mormon – Oh

– All right, let's see what he actually went with – A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical Now over to Choyon What is Kinky Boots? Yes indeed (Link laughs) Whenever people go to temple or go to church, they sing Kinky Boots

– Kinky Boots – Oh, I like when Alex threw that in Well congratulations, Link You get to do The Price Is Right run over on our IGTV, @rhettandlink – Check it out

– And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Reese – I'm Alex – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

(chuckles) – Yeah, it's a wheel just like ours but different Click the top link to watch us play Gang Beasts in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land Tickets to our final Tour of Mythicality shows of 2018 are up for grabs Get some before they sell out at tourofmythicality


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