Covering Weird Things In Chocolate (GAME)

– What's under the chocolate? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning

– It is chocolate lovin' week all week long here on GMM and here to help us celebrate today is YouTuber extraordinaire Joey Graceffa – Woo! – Extraordinaire – Welcome to the show, man – Thank you – Yeah give us one of these

– Double shake, double shake – (chuckles) Woo hoo! – Okay Joey, are you a chocolate lover or a chocolate liker? – No I'm allergic (Rhett laughs) – Uh, we've got a problem You're messing with us – Yeah

(laughing) – Okay – Should we panic? Should we bail right now? – You're like uh– – Okay – That was a good one (laughs) – He said he's a chocolate lover officially – Great, well chocolate is a lot like love

It's sweet, it won't last forever and once it's gone, you gain a few pounds – Okay Rhett Chocolate is also like a tarp – Okay – Because it covers things

– Sure – Today chocolate is gonna be covering a lot of weird things that we have no idea what and we're gonna be guessing what those weird things are It's time for– ♪ Chocolate things ♪ ♪ Can we guess what these things are or not ♪ Okay, we're gonna each take turns being blindfolded I'll start since I'm seated here and we're gonna be presented with an object that's covered in chocolate and using only our mouths, we have to guess what that object is because it's an important life skill – Yes it is

– Can we hold it with our hands? – No – What? – You can hold it with your mouths – Welcome to Good Mythical Morning (laughs) – Fun – Okay if you get it right, you get a point, and the winner at the end gets pride because the two losers are going to have to get a pep talk from the winner

Let's play – Round one – Is it there? – Oh my gosh – Yes it is – Okay

– It is there, Link You're a foot above it So just come on down – A little lower – Link, lead with the tongue and then you're almost there

Oh, that was chin contact (mumbles) – (chuckling) Oh my God – Oh yeah chocolatey – Taste good? – I think a little spin might be helpful for you if you wanna just rotate– – Okay Oh yeah

– Mm-hmm – I was thinking maybe it was a banana 'cause of the curve but the curve just keeps going – Yeah, bingo (chuckles) (mumbles) Get out into the middle of it – Yeah you need to find, there might be a hole

– Oh there's a hole (mimics trumpeting) – What about some biting, man? This isn't a lick challenge, you gotta– – Ugh – That must be a very weird sensation – Oh, it's foamy and mushy – Uh-huh

– I cannot bite through it – Can you grab hold of it and pick it up? – It's like fabric (grunts) – Does that give you any indications? – Is it a dog toy? – No, I mean dogs have– – Is it a dog toy? – No Dogs have been known to play with this, but cats are more likely to play with it – It's fabric? It's one of those things that cats will like sharpen their nails onto them? – It's so simple, man

You probably, you will use this today if you haven't already I don't know I haven't been with you for every hour – I'll use it and it has a hole in it? (laughing) – Not the teeth – How am I gonna use that hole? (laughing) – I've gotta say, with this chocolate on your mouth, what you're eating, it just looks very wrong – Yeah yeah yeah yeah, uh-huh

– Ooh this is a bathroom thing – Okay – What's a round thing in the bath, oh is it paper towels? (crew laughing) – What kind of bathroom do you have? – What? – It's too big to be toilet paper Is it toilet paper? – Ding ding ding ding ding! – Oh! – Take it off, Link– – Whoa, in my mind, it was this big (laughing) Like the hole was this big and the thing was this big

I was like there's no way it could be toilet paper – Wow, your chocolate mind is so expansive (chuckles) – Round two – It's in front of you, Joey So again, no hands

– How big is it? (Rhett laughs) – Only you can tell – Is there anything sharp? – No, I don't think there's any sharp edges It's about as big as your head – You're not gon' get cut – I'm afraid

– Yeah it's scary, right? Okay – Ooh, ooh! (Rhett laughs) – It's exciting (laughs) – Yummy Good – It's pretty light

So I believe you can– – Is it round? – Pick the whole thing up, I mean, it's pretty light – Oh – Mm-hmm – Oh – He is levitating the object

All right move around, you know, just kinda– – You can spin the whole table with your hands 'cause I think there's a certain side of this that's gonna give you a big clue Oh there it is – Keep on, get a lay of the land Go all the way around – I know, I can't figure out where it begins and where it ends

It feels like a visor or like, some sort of hooded thing – Hooded thing? Okay (Joey gasps) – It's a hat – Take off your blindfold – Take a look

– You didn't even– – Whoa! – You just got that from the taste of the chocolate basically – (laughs) It's a chocolate hat – That's good, you're free to wear it – Yeah you can take it home – Or not

– I'll try it on – Oh – Wow (Rhett laughs) – Nice – That's a look

– Round three – Okay – It's there – This is gonna be challenging – I'm gonna go in a little bit more aggressively than you guys, is that okay? – Sure, I would recommend going in like a giraffe really thirsty trying to take a drink

No no no no no, back, back, back, back, back, back Towards me, towards me Up, up, up, up! There it is, forward, now down – Take a big ol' bite out of it – Okay, what? – Don't tip

Wait Oh did he just, did you– – You told him to take a big bite All right, lick around – I'll just try eating it – How's that (laughs), yeah, how's that taste? – I got some of it

– Pretty chocolatey? – There's a cinnamon taste in there – Oh – Okay yeah Get some more of that cinnamon – Oh, oh

– Yummy huh? – Mm-hmm, uh-huh – Look at that, there he goes – Yeah – Yeah, take it down I guess – Yep, yep yep yep yep yep yep yep

Oh gosh Okay I know what this is 'cause that taste– – Maybe don't swallow it – This is a candle – Wow! – Remove your blindfold You're right, you're all over it

– It helps when you just eat the candle – How did the candle taste? – Is that a pumpkin spice? – Chocolate cinnamon – Chocolate cinnamon – Wow – Mm it's good

I'll have some more (Joey laughs) – Round four – All righty, so this second round, we're gonna take it up a notch and it's gonna be two points each if you get it right – Okay Rhett did so well, we're just gonna go ahead and let him go again and start a round two The item is in, okay, yeah

– Oh my gosh – Just– – Be a little gentle It's a little sharp – Back, there you go – Pointy

– Oh – Yeah – Oh, oh – Give it a little nibble – You might wanna get an overall shape

– Yeah, go exploring – Okay – Do those ridges not scare you? I'd be terrified if I felt that – It seems like it might be natural Is it natural? – What? – Is it a natural thing? – Parts of it probably are

Oh yeah, okay, yeah Dog toy it– – It's very strange dipped in chocolate – You know what, I don't think you're getting the full picture You probably need to go into the crater so to speak – (laughs) Into the crater

– Yeah you go Now you're into it What are you learning? – What is that? (Joey gasps) – There you go You got it now – Oh my God

– Okay What is that in the middle? – Oh, oh, it's got a taste Whatever I broke through has a unpleasant taste – So there's an outside and an inside – It's shaped like this

– In the middle is nasty, huh? It's open and it's nasty in the middle That's all the hint I'm willing to give – Is that some kind of hair in the middle? – Oh my gosh – It could be – Gosh, should we give him a hint? – Sure

– I don't wanna give it too easy – It can be worn – If I have to use the hint, I get one point – It's worn but I wouldn't call it clothes – That's all you get

– Is it Is it one of those things that you put on a dog after its had surgery? – Oh a cone? No – Is that your final answer 'cause Joey just said it was nobe

(Joey laughs) – Okay – I'll give you one more guess unless you give up – You wear it but you wouldn't call it clothes – You don't wear it – Is it like a visor for when you're doing metalwork? – Does it taste nasty in the middle? – I don't know, man

– All right, remove your blindfold (buzzer buzzes) – He's like what is it? – You know what it is? – It's a diaper – Yes! – I think it's a dirty diaper I don't know what the nasty is in the middle but your face was all in that, man – What is in the middle? Just more diaper? – It's just more diaper

– Just more diaper Okay – Oh a clean diaper, we were nice to you – That is, that was very, very difficult – Yeah

– I do wear them – Round five – All right – It's a substantial item in front of you – This is impressive, impressive

– Uh-huh – All right, go ahead and get in there – Okay – Just come straight forward Yeah there you go

– Oh my God – Up – Okay so it's tall – Uh-huh, uh-huh – Get in there

(Joey chuckles) (Rhett laughs) All right Rotate it the other way and just give it a good tongue drag Keep going, keep going – The ol' tongue drag – Oh my gosh

– Keep going Keep going, keep going Up and down and around Yep, I assume you're learning something – Did I make it all the way around the circumference? – Not quite

– No, no – No? – Keep going – Oh my – You could explore this all day – Now

You're not gonna break that off – Plastic – Yep, plastic – Yes, yes – What could be plastic? – And now, I would say go straight down from where you are

Dive your face into the crevice – This way? – Yeah – Forward? – All the way down Take the elevator down – My face doesn't fit! (Rhett laughs) – Now just go down, I think this may help

(gasps) (mumbles) – Oh my gosh, I can't– – You know what, I think we can help you out here – Oh – Okay now– – Yeah – What did you do? Did you move it away from me? – No I just– – We exposed part of it Now just go down– – Exposed it? – I opened it

– There you go, pick that up – Did you put something new here? – That was inside That was inside of the big thing – It's part of it – What the hell? (Rhett laughs) There's multiple objects I have to guess? – It's all one– – It's all part of one thing

– Total package Yeah there's that Then to your right Down, there you go No, sit up with that

There you go (Joey laughs) – Why are you talking so creepy? (Rhett laughs) – There you go, you got it (all laughing) – You can get it – Back away, back away That was inside there

– Why? – This is disturbing – I might even say he or she was inside there – Yeah – He or she? – He or she was inside there Was the hint

– Mm-hmm – Does this have legs? – Yep yep, you are on the legs right now – So this is some sort of little Barbie Doll, oh! (Rhett laughs) – He's like I can't touch it – Don't touch it – You're about to say something

– Kind of like a dollhouse or something (Rhett gasps) – See, take your mask off (Joey gasps) (bell rings) – That is not at all what I was expecting Holy crap, it was a dollhouse (Rhett laughs) – Yeah

– And look, there's, you ate the baby – Round six – Okay Link – Is it here? – Yep It's smaller than previous rounds

So you have to go low– – A little lower – There you go, whoa! There you go – All right It's little – That's difficult to watch

(laughs) So get a lay of the land, you can go all the way down – What do you mean all the way down? – I mean you might as well get the– – He's exposed what's underneath – You might as well get the length of it – Okay, yeah, I say that's a good– (Joey laughs) – Okay and– – Five inches tall – Now, whenever you feel like it, I would just say feel free to just bite into the top

– (laughs) Oh gosh – Oh, ugh! Deodorant – Whoa! – Oh, Link! Link, you did it! – Oh gosh! Ugh! Oh, where do I spit? – On it! (Rhett laughs) – Spit behind this thing, you're gonna have to wash this Ugh – It's non-toxic, it's Tom's

– I never wanted to taste Tom – Well there you go, you know what You guys both won You each got three points I'm the sole loser which means I'm gonna get a pep talk from the two of you in Good Mythical More

– Ugh, and I'm gonna get my mouth washed out – In the meantime, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing and make sure to check out Joey on YouTube And you say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – I'm Josh

– And I'm Ashley – And we just got married at the Powder Canyons – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! (laughing) – Don't walk this way – It's so disconcerting Congratulations

Click the top link to watch us unbox prince toys with Joey in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel is gonna land Great things come in twos Just like the discounted Dink It and Sink It Diner Mug Set Get yours now at Mythical


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