Covering A Car In $4,000 Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

– Oh man, what happened to your car? (Link laughs) Wonder who would've done that? (theme music plays) – A couple of days ago, an alleged good friend of mine found himself with way too much free time on his hands and copious amounts of tape – I have no idea what he's talkin' about

– Well that's interesting, maybe this will remind you – Now the last thing the internet needs is another prank video, but what if we could do something wholly original and prank someone who is very particular about his stuff Always wanting it to be exactly how he wants it to be Wouldn't it be irresponsible not to prank that person? I think it would be That's why we're gonna take these scratch off lotto tickets and cover Link's car! Let's evenly divide these

Don't let any hit the ground! – I won't – Uh oh – Remember the "don't let anything hit the ground" thing? – [Woman] I got it – We got this double sided tape So just, use that

(group laughs) – [Rhett] Let's just all take a side of the car If my calculations are correct this will completely cover the car if we don't do any overlapping – I've got two so far – Okay, I'm gonna start with the license plate so you can quit blurring it – [Alex] I did one on the wrong side already

– Scratch off side out, Alex – [Alex] That's on me – That's pretty much the only rule This is gonna take a while, guys – Yeah! – But here's the thing: this is really gonna upset Link and that's great! – Are we doing the top too? – [Rhett] Yeah

– [Woman] No! – [Rhett] I want there to be absolutely no surface area of this vehicle that is not a potential winner! Did we test to make sure that the paint will be okay? We didn't, okay – My favorite part of a prank is when you ruin the trust you've built with a long-term friend – Let me take a look at yours, Alex That's horrible! – What am I supposed to do? – You have so much space here! – It's called "avant garde" art and that's my thing, okay? – [Rhett] Guys, I think we're gonna need some help Four people is not enough

(uptempo jazz music) – [Rhett] He might want to keep it like this He might get, like, in the Guinness Book, man – What do you think Link's gonna do when he sees this? – He's gonna say, "what the crap?" – I think he'll be like, "oh man!" – I think he's gonna be like, "you guys!" – I think he's gonna be like, "what?" – I don't mean to be rude, but there's no way he does that, Jay (group laughs) – Okay guys, I think we're done So Link is a creature of extreme habit

Leaving work every day at six pm on the dot Which is any minute now (low, bouncy music) – Oh man, what happened to your car? (Link laughs) Looks like somebody put lotto tickets all over it

Wonder who would've done that? A lotta lotto tickets Here's a quarter you can start scratching off – This is where you've been? – I mean, I got a little help But you're not gonna need any help scratching off, right? You're probably not gonna be home for dainner on time You might wanna text your wife

– Yeah! – We can win up to $888! One eight is $8, two eights is $18, three eights is $88, and four eights is $888 How many eights this one has? None Hey, but you gotta start somewhere – Twelve, twelve – You won another ticket

– Seriously? – Just keep holding that one 'cause we need to get another ticket with that one That could be the big one I'll be back in a second Okay, I brought some reinforcements – Found another losing ticket! – Alright, put it in that box

– Welcome everybody! – It's my car! You know who was actually pranked? – Who's that? – Both of us because pranks are not relevant anymore on YouTube – I thought it was really funny though, I don't know – Even prank people, on YouTube, no longer make prank videos – We swoop right in and we take over the whole genre – Hey we won $2! – Oh my god, $2 winner? – Right here! – Hey, guys look at that! It's already happening! – I'm not winning anything! – [Rhett] I've won tickets, but not

Oh, I won another ticket – Oh, that didn't sound good – $4

– $4, Jen? – Whoa, I just won $2! – Hey, see how fun it is? – It feels good! Can we get more people out here? (group cheers) Provide your own coinage (upbeat piano music) Okay guys, last ticket Drum roll on the car, please (group drum roll) (group stops) I won another ticket (group cheers and laughs) – We're gonna add these up and see just how much money we've won

– So counting all of the winning tickets took a little longer than we thought, but here's where we net it out Rhett, after you bought 4,000 $1 tickets — – Yep – I won a whopping $1,504 Turns out the lottery is not a great investment, who knew? – Okay, well, you're not just gonna take all that money and run though, are you? – No, I'm not – No, we're actually gonna give that to Children International who's helping children that are living in poverty through health, education, empowerment, and employment

And we encourage you to be your mythical best and also donate at childrenorg Thanks for letting me do that to you – I really was given no choice Alright, stick around because we are about to see if we can tell the difference between a CEO and someone on death row

– You got ear biscuits for your ear hole, now get an "Ear Biscuits" mason jar for your mouth hole at mythicalstore And don't be a "you know what" hole

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