Cotton Candy Taste Test

– Wouldn't it be dandy to eat some weird cotton candy? – Let's talk about that Good Mythical Morning

– It is a good one Rhett I'm glad you're here – I'm glad I'm here too – I can do it without you but I don't pray Today, we're gonna be exploring a brand new Christmas fashion trend for men, so buckle up for that

We're gonna be reading some YouTuber tweets and trying to speed eat a watermelon like they do on Reddit – But first, today is cotton candy day That glorious day when cotton candy Randy sneaks in through your doggy door to whisper his sugary sweet nothings in your ear while you sleep – Cotton candy Randy, that happens? – You don't remember that from when we were kids – No

– Maybe he just came to my house – No Okay, well to celebrate we wanted to see if we can identify a bunch of different cotton candy flavors by our flavor tasters alone – Yes – It's time to play can we guess what cotton candy is in our sticky handy? As you can see we can't

– Okay, we are gonna be brought a thing of cotton candy Yes, that is the official unit of measurement for cotton candy and bacon rings It will brought to us on the patent pending cotton candy swab We will taste it and then whoever gets more right is the winner – Yeah, after three, two, one count we each have to say what we think it is that we are tasting in cotton candy form and the loser is gonna be visited by cotton candy Randy, even though I still don't believe that's a thing

– Oh, he's real Okay, let's bring in the first cotton candy thing There it is – It's so fluffy This is like the least dangerous interaction we've had while blindfolded

– [Rhett] Smell it Let him smell it first – Wow, it's hard to tell if it's Well, it's sweet because it's cotton candy but now I can't tell if the flavoring– – No, it's savory – Is like a savory flavor on top of it – Well I'll give you a clue it's definitely a savory flavor – Oh gosh – [Man] Sorry, sorry

– Don't jab it in my mouth Let me do it – Can I have it again? – I can get lost in this – There is a savoriness to it Boy, I never celebrated cotton candy day before

– I don't know I feel pretty strong about what this is but I may be wrong – [Woman] You ready to guess? – Yep – [Woman] Three, two, one – Parmesan cheese – Maple

I think it is sweet Maple syrup – [Woman] It was butter – Oh Oh yeah

– Swab me – It's in my Oh

My favorite part is this It's like somebody with a big fluffy sweater is I'm like on a subway and– – Oh, I know what this is – I'm like a short person on a subway I've never had that sensation

I'm just like in the back of somebody's sweater I'm like oh they got Don't eat somebody's sweater on the subway

– This is very enjoyable – Very good Very, very good This has gotta already be a thing I would think – Alright, I know what this is

I'm all over this – [Woman] Okay Three, two, one – Cinnamon – Graham cracker

– [Woman] So close – S'mores – A cinnamon roll Cinnabun – [Woman] It's cinnamon something

I'll give you one more try – Cinnamon roll – Cinnamon– – Cinnamon sugar – Cinnamon toast crunch – [Woman] Correct

– Oh, that's it That's definitely it What was the first thing? You said graham crackers – Graham cracker – We each got one side– – Right

– Of the cereal I said cinnamon You said graham cracker Okay, but I'll give it to Link He got the full thing

Alright, bring 'em in Oh gosh – Not a great flavor on cotton candy – Oh no, no, no, no I know what this is

– [Link] Oh, it's still there I think I know what this is too – I like it – I do not like it I think I know what it is

– It's so obvious – I know what it is Alright, we're ready We're ready I'm ready

– We're not ready – Come on Three, two – Got it, got it – [Woman] Okay

Three, two, one – Pizza – Old Bay Seasoning – Pizza (laughing) – You're laughing at him, right? – [Woman] It's pizza

– Yeah – Old Bay Seasoning is on some pizza – Not on pizza The reason that I got that is 'cause it didn't taste like pizza It tasted like pizza flavoring

And I was like what is that thing that taste like, doesn't taste like pizza but it taste like pizza flavoring Alright, we're tie – I think you should put Old Bay Seasoning on pizza – I'm sure it'd be good Where is it? Where is it? – Swab it

– Subtle but elegant The thing that this is closest to is when I put my nose in Barbara (grunting noises) – That's what Barbara would do Uh That's horrible

– Well, it's not good – Is it down here – It definitely The sugar influences everything It's so subtle I don't have anything to go on Do you have a slight hint for us? – [Woman] Okay, if you're at the grocery store you would go to the produce section – I know

I got it I got it – [Woman] Link are you ready? – Yes, yes, yes, yes – [Woman] Three, two, one – Broccoli

– Brussels sprouts – [Woman] No Do you want a further hint or you want the answer? – Cauliflower sprouts – [Woman] What is that? – Okay, no – [Woman] It's in a salad

– Spinach – [Woman] In other places you call it– – Onions – Lettuce – [Woman] Rocket – You call it what sprockets? – Sprockets? – [Woman] Rocket

– What? – [Woman] Oh that was just the answer It's arugula – Asparagus, asparagus, asparagus – [Woman] Arugula – Arugula

– What? Why do you call arugula a rocket? – What other places are you talking about Stevie? – [Woman] I think everywhere else other than the US they call it rocket – I don't travel Okay, swab us

Oh – Meaty It's uh You don't want meat to be in your cotton candy man – It's not that bad

– This is grossing me out Horrible – What is wrong with you man? – I don't know It's just being afraid of what kind– – Did you stick his in something else 'cause it's not bad – Oh gosh

It's like ham – Man, it taste like Parmesan cheese again – It is funny that I could convince myself that it is like burnt Parmesan cheese – Like a veal Parmesan that got left in the microwave for a really long time – Crusty veal Parmesan that is his answer

– I think we might need a hint – [Woman] It's not meat but it's in the sea and it's a sauce I'm just giving you the answer basically at this point – It's a sea sauce – [Woman] Yes

– What? What do you mean a sea sauce? – It's oh – Like shrimp sauce – [Woman] So close – Shrimp cocktail – [Woman] It's fish sauce

– Shrimp sauce – Fish sauce I had fish sauce on some brussels sprouts the other day – And they were incredible But who didn't like them? – Me

We are tied Rhett, so whoever gets this one correct seals the deal that the other one's gonna be visited by that weird cotton candy guy that you believe in – Cotton candy Randy – Okay – And because this is the last round typically things escalate for us, so I'm anticipating this not being pleasant – And I haven't said it before but I'll saying it now, I don't really like cotton candy

(mumbles) – It's so pointless It's so overpriced at like in public events – Uh – Is it in? Oh Only thing I can think to say is uh

– I don't think I can eat it I don't think it's edible – Okay I'm just gonna for science Ah

Not that bad Actually– – It's really sugary It smells horrible – It smells horrible but it taste like sugar – [Rhett] Taste good

– I think you rolled up some cotton candy underneath a buck's butt – A buck's buck – It's like his buck urine man It's fricken buck urine – You can't eat that

– It's fricken coyote urine – It smells so bad but it taste pretty good It taste like sugar I like the taste Man what could that be? How could you? It can't be buck urine

– It is It's like, I think it's synthetic, so they didn't feel so bad about us eating it But it's buck bait That's my guess man My guess is that it's– – My guess is that it's vomit flavor

– It is urine It is to entrap animals – [Woman] Okay, you're both incorrect right now – It's a lure – [Woman] It's something that you would be scared of if you had your blindfolds off

– A grizzly bear – Snake – Creepy crawly – Bugs – [Woman] It is a bug

– Oh yeah, it sure is Spiders – [Woman] So close – Scorpions – [Woman] Go back to spiders

– Is it a black widow? – Spiderweb – Blood of tarantula – [Woman] Tarantula, correct – Uh, what? My blindfolds off but I still can't see (screams) (laughing) Did I put my fricken mouth on that? Did I fricken put my mouth on that? – Oh gosh, how close did I get to it? – [Woman] Very close

– It smells so bad – My mouth was right there beside – Now, you could have said be more specific when I said spider but you said go back to spider (laughing) Okay – Hey man, you get a visit from

what's his name Randy candy? – No, cotton candy Randy You know what I have fond memories of him, so I'm actually looking forward to it – Well we'll see (mumbles)

For now click through to as we test the Christmas romper for men – [Rhett] You got ear biscuits for your ear hole, now get a ear biscuits jar for your mouth hole at mythicalstore We signed a select number, you might get one

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