Commercial Styled Food Taste Test

– Is the food in commercials too good to be true? – Let's talk about that (alarm clock ringing) (upbeat music) Good mythical summer! – Have you ever seen a commercial for a burger and it looks so dang good that you want to reach into your television and take a bite of it? It's got the perfect grill marks, the veggies are crisp and refreshing, the bun is perfectly round and plump

It's calling your name Eat me Link, devour me big boy – Big boy, huh? – (whispers) Big boy – But the food you buy at a restaurant never looks as good as that commercial and have you ever wondered how they do it Have you ever also wondered how the commercial version would actually taste? Well, we're about to find out

It's time for that commercial food is too good to be true, but we're gonna eat it and hope it won't make us spew – We have learned some of the tricks used by food stylists to make food look amazing on camera and we are actually going to employ some of those techniques in recreating items here at the desk, but then we are also going to eat those items – Of course we are We're gonna watch some of these commercials that feature stylized food, but we're not saying that they actually use these particular techniques We're just showing them to you for reference

– Yeah we couldn't know for sure, but this also goes without saying, please do not try this at home, let us do it – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay, let's kick things off with one of my favorite meals It's the only thing I know how to prepare myself, cereal Let's take a look at this commercial and tell me your cereal looks this good

– Let's do this – [Announcer] New cinnamon Frosted Flakes are finally here Sweet cinnamon and the frosted crunch you love – Well? – Tastes like victory team, tastes like victory – They're gr-r-reat! – That family is way too aggressive about breakfast

(Link laughs) – Well when you add cinnamon to a frosted flake, I guess that's what happens Here's the deal, real milk makes cereal soggy This has been sitting here a little bit and it just looks, it looks a little – [Rhett] Yep – Oh gosh, once you get into it and this stuff sits on set all day while they're trying to get the tiger to cooperate – Right – You know, so what do they do? They use glue, at times Which allows the cereal to float on the top

– So, I need to put the – Cereal second – The cereal in second which is not the way you typically would do it

– Yeah, you want the cereal to be the star, you don't want it to get all soggy and sink down at the bottom – [Rhett] Oh, look at that – [Link] Look at that milk – [Rhett] That would look so good in slow motion – Okay, good, there ya go

– [Rhett] Take it a little bit higher, right There it goes – [Rhett] That's good It smells so good too – We got some normal, school glue

– It makes me want cereal – And then just throw your flakes on top of it I think we're gonna want to push a little bit Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's enough See and then the food stylist comes in and he's like, oh I'm gonna push this down and I'm gonna pull this up and I'll make a little volcano

Put these two pieces on there – You missed your calling, Link Ummm – Never too late – Yeah, look at that

It looks good from the side You see how it's got, you see how that, like, has a nasty sort of milk film that forms? That doesn't happen in the places that I haven't moved this around yet – Doesn't taste bad though – We'll see how this tastes It looks great

– Let's eat like they do in commercials – Go deep – Oh, goodness – Now dink it – And sink it

It's like I'm back in kindergarten (both retching) – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Most soda commercials make the soda look crisp, refreshing, and full of bubbles Unless you're a Pepsi, then you just hire Kendall Jenner to start a revolution Let's take a look at a Sprite commercial that has a cool song from BOB

♪Ice can go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ♪ ♪ Likes to pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ♪ – Look at all those bubbles, bubbles, bubbles – According to BOB, that Sprite is flat – Really? Oh, a music joke – Because he thinks the Earth is flat – Oh! Not

a flat Earth joke – Yeah, yeah – Oh, not like a flat note

– You stick around long enough, you'll figure it out I'll learn aboutyou believe in the flat Earth

– Okay, so as you can see This is just what regular Sprite that was just poured, seconds ago, looks like It's pretty bubbly, it kinda makes me wanna drink it, but it's not as bubbly as it can be One of the tricks that advertisers use is they use a combination of antacid tablets, effervescent, and dish soap So the order of operations here, Link, is go ahead and drop the antacid into the bottom

– Just gonna put one of those for now, maybe we'll need a second one – And then you pour the Sprite and then pretty, as soon as it gets to the top, do a teeny bit of dish soap on the surface and that'll actually make some big bubbles happen That's good, that's plenty, plenty Yeah Whoa

– Look at all them bubbles – Too much bubbles Our Sprite's got a lot of bubbles Our Sprite's got more bubbles then your Sprite – Kinda looks like dish soap

(Rhett laughs) – That's why I told you hold back on the dish soap You went real big on the dish soap – [Link] I mean, look at that – You went real, real strong – Whoa, this Sprite is gonna be great

– It's not sprite, it's clear Guinness (Link laughing) – Clear Guinness – Now from Guinness, we've got clear Guinness – Alright – Look at the head on that Guinness

– Tastes just like Sprite to me, now you taste it Drink in all those bubbles – Oh God – What? Is it bad? – You, you went so hard with the dish soap, man You went so hard

You deserve to swallow that Alright, somebody call Guinness, because I think we've got a really good idea for a product – [Rhett and Link] Round three – You don't see a lot of commercials selling fruit because the stuff sells itself It's nature's much less delicious candy

But when you do see a fruit commercial, do you ever notice how shiny the fruit is? Take a look at this commercial for strawberries (cheerful music) Mmmmm – I don't wanna eat a strawberry, I wanna be a strawberry (audience laughing) – What a fun, whimsical life – Yes

– Shiny fruit sells and you know how they do it? With spray deodorant or hair spray – We've got hair spray – Alright and I'm gonna pick out – You need any in your hair? – Sure, I do – Just a little spritz

– How I want it and then hit it right there That's good, that's enough Alright, so I've got two strawberries that are, let's see, that are pretty identical Well, I thought I had them picked out I think that, yeah, I thought

Two here? – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Take a look at that, okay And now spray that one – You're gonna get hair spray on your hand Let me do it away form the mic

– [Link] Nice Alright, okay, okay buddy, okay Is it shinier? – [Rhett] Let me get in there and see – Is it shinier? – A little bit I mean

– Ours isn't that much shinier – The other one was already kind of shiny You know, we got some shiny strawberries – But boy I bet this one's gonna taste great – Yeah, it's gonna taste better, definitely

– Here, spray this one for you No, spray it – Okay, okay (audience laughing) Ready Oh, oh, okay

Oh, come on, man Come on – Oh, it's nasty, it's got hair spray all (gags) over it – I'll do it Oh my

– It can't be that bad – Did you see how much I sprayed on there? – Ugh – I don't think we should swallow this – I'm having flashbacks to when I would go in my mom's ready room in the morning I was like, mom, I'm gonna be late for school and the whole place would be filled with hair spray

– What's a ready room? (audience laughing) You lived in a mansion, huh? Hey, I've been to your house when you were a kid, man It was a two bedroom, one bath – Mama – Ain't no ready room – She had a whole section, she has a ready room now She had a whole section of our bathroom that she called her ready room – Oh, okay She got you talking about that too, huh

(laughing) – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Now it doesn't take much to make me want a burger Let's take a look at this Burger King commercial for the Whopper – [Announcer] The new double, quarter pound king from Burger King Made with over a half pound of flame grilled, 100% beef, four slices of cheese, pickles, and freshly chopped onions

The new Double Quarter Pound King, now part of the king collection only at Burger King – That looks so appetizing – So juicy and grill marky – Now what you notice about that is, right This is what you get when you just go to Burger King

So these are just taken off of a Whopper Now that doesn't look juicy to me I mean, it's got grill marks on it, which I give them credit for that It is actually flame broiled, but it's not super, super succulent – By the way, the bottoms don't have grill marks

– Don't show the bottoms – They only do one side – Too late Okay, here's what they do or here is what has been, you know, rumored to have been done At least at some point in the past

The first thing they do is they don't cook it all the way They just sear it for like 10 to 20 seconds on each side, so it has this like, you saw how it had this like floppiness to it Like the burger was like (makes weird noises) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – That was because it wasn't cooked all the way Then they use a secret ingredient, shoe polish

– Which we have here Oh gosh – So first thing you're gonna do, just glaze that thing up with shoe polish – Sure, I'm gonna glaze one, so we can have a comparison – I'd paint it on like a, like Picasso, man

– Happy little accidents all over this burger Oh, look at that, that is getting juicier by the second Tastier by the, never – It does, okay, it does look a little tastier – [Link] Look how shiny it is

– Now, the next thing they do is they take a dark shoe polish, like you've got your black shoe polish over there, and they reinforce, reestablish the grill marks – Okay – This is gonna take a steady hand, Link – [Link] What? – [Rhett] Have you got a steady hand? – [Link] How's this for steady hand? I'm good It's bleeding a little bit and boy

– Okay, I'm not gonna make you do the whole thing – Whew, that is strong smelling – So this is what that would end up looking like if you put those two things together This is one that has been done off camera – It's been Josh-stripped

– Now, let's, beforeThis black one is really toxic, so we don't want to eat that Let's recreate this thing

Put your buns on here Keep up with what side is the non-toxic side Towards you, okay – [Link] Yeah, my side – [Rhett] Add some onions

– Now the Burger Kings I go to, they slather on a whole bunch of mayonnaise, too much – Really, really? – Yeah, they've got a mayonnaise issue – Some of that – We don't have any of that for that reason – Some of that

Some pickles, put the pickles towards the camera – [Link] Oh yeah, you've got it Rhett (Blows raspberry) – You just got a little bit in my eye – Sorry, twice? Let me tell ya, that looks – Look at that, see you want that squirt to happen

– That looks straight out of a commercial – Man, don't you want to eat that? We'd be selling burgers left and right – Hold on, which side is the non-toxic side? This is the non-toxic side – Are you sure? – Yes so, you bite that side The toxic side, I'm gonna bite this side

– Go a little bit off center on the non-toxic side That's what our show has become We have to find the non-toxic side of the burger – First thing that hits me is, okay, a little dry Burger King burger Been out for a while and then all of a sudden there's that special coating

There's a meat coating that hits – Something that seems like it belongs on the shoe and not the mouth – I could acquire that taste I think (audience laughing) – Yeah – I mean, if it was either that or never eat a burger again

– [Rhett] I mean, it looks juicy I don't want to die today (both forcefully spitting out burger) That was – That what I think of advertisements – That's the next Burger King commercial Just two guys taking a bite and then going (both forcefully retching) – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Austin – And I'm Lindsey – And we're from Austin, Texas

We're in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – [Both] And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicallity – Whooo, Myrtle Beach – Biker wings – Myrtle Beach

– Click through to watch us eat shaving cream desserts – And to see where the wheel of mythicallity is gonna land in good mythical more All that meat and cheese making you think of tacos? Get our will it taco shirt at mythicalstore

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