Colorado Pizza Taste Test

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I disliked Rewind

This week's guests turned their frowns upside down via an experimental operation funded by all grandmothers, pre-school teachers and misogynists everywhere Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) Had trouble with the word experimental – How'd you know about that operation? (Stevie laughs) – Well I mean, when you smile, it's hard to– – See my teeth? – Yeah Frowning and smiling just looks like beard to me

This week, it's another packed show I figured we'd do a little bit of a react episode this week So the first thing I wanna do is, we've had a couple weeks to get used to the change of the new intro I wanna go back through all the intros we've done and add some color – Oh you wanna do that? – Oh yeah okay

– I want to tell the Mythical Beasts a little bit more about them than they already know, and I also have a new possible LTAT intro I wanted to show you and get your opinion on, so we'll do that first – Too soon – Also, I was on a little show called YouTubers React – What? – And I didn't want you guys to watch it because I wanted you to react here – I knew you were on there but I haven't seen it because I couldn't avoid the Twittersphere, people talking about it, but I have not watched it 'cause I wanted to watch it on this show

– So we have like little clips of that that I want you to react to, the Mythical Beasts to see, and then go watch the rest of the video And they have some party convo tips because I felt like last week went really well and people used all of them so we're gonna do it again But first, it is time for a GMM rejected snack, and I think you're gonna like this one This week, we tasted various different pizza styles to determine that New York pizza was in fact the best one But, we did not go west

– Yeah 'cause we are west – But Josh found a pizza style, Colorado pizza style, which I really wanted to try because– – We know about this – We've had this – [Stevie] What? – We've been to Fort Collins and had it – Do I know this? Should I know this? – Well I don't know

– Tell me what it is – Josh, come on in – Yeah tell us about it – We may not have had – So it's a modified deep dish pizza with a braided crust

– It is, it is! – Yes! – It is it! – Dipped in honey – Yes! – Yes! – [Link] I love this pizza – What's the name? – Am I doing this? – Am I doing this? – Link, what's the name? Beau Jo's! – Beau Jo's! – Yes, we've been here! – Been to Beau Jo's, they have an incredible– – Wait, why did you go to the, when was this? – This was 20 years ago – Oh wow – Maybe more than that

– Look at that – We ate at Beau Jo's and they had the buffalo chicken pizza and this was back when buffalo chicken pizza was like, whoa, can you do that? – Oh it must have been 20 years ago – And instead of tomato sauce they used a ranch dressing mixed with hot sauce as the base and I still make that pizza to this day in my own kitchen, but I do not braid the crust because that is advanced – The braiding the crust is advanced I failed the first time

– Oh wow – It looks really nice – It's hard – It looks very, very nice – They do it by hand on every pizza and I have nothing but respect for Beau Jo's

– It is so cheesy, Josh – Oh, thanks man – Look at that – [Rhett] Would you like some, Josh? – [Josh] I like watching you guys eat, it's more fun – Dink it

– Dink it – So good – Distant dink it – Wow This is much better than the milk from last week

– I feel like this might be better than anything we ate on the show (gasps dramatically) – Colorado pizza style's the best pizza style – I love it – All right so tonight, many people may be having not Colorado pizza but something else to eat with other people at a party See how that segue works? – Oh! Woop woop woop woop

– I don't want them to have to do the work of going through our episodes and gleaning that knowledge for themselves, so let me tell you what you could be talking to your friends or your acquaintances, or people you haven't met, tonight at these parties you're going to – [Josh] Want me to leave? – [Stevie] What? (chuckles) – Josh is like, "You want me to leave?" – You guys want me to leave? – Oh, oh, you can leave Yes – I'd like to leave If you don't mind

(Stevie laughs) Not for any reason, I just, you know I don't wanna be here anymore – [Link] Is that why you were looking at me? – [Josh] Yeah yeah I thought you were looking at me I thought you were telling me to leave

– Oh no, I was just looking at you – Um sure, yes – Yeah you keep it – Okay thank you – You were introducing the party convo

Josh was looking at me, I was like, okay, and I looked at him and I nodded, and he interpreted that as time to go, buddy (all laughing) – You know what, David, yes, thank you You saw me– – Me too – Struggling – Anyway, party talk

Pizza styles So there was one style of pizza, thank you, that I did not know existed and it got really far in the competition – Get on the people mover! Detroit – The part that I was more shocked by is that Little Caesars is Detroit-based and has the Detroit style pizza on their menu – Which became the clincher

– Little Caesars is Detroit style? – Yeah – The man from Michigan just confirmed that Okay New York wins (chuckles) – But then not to win – But hold up, so that's conflicting information

– What do you mean? – You said they have it on their menu– – Yes, it's called– – But I just thought it was like when I got the $5 pizza which I think is now $6 – They have various different styles, but their Detroit style pizza is called DEEP in all caps, exclamation point, DEEP! Again, same way, dish, all one word – So just because they serve it, it didn't win I mean – Yeah, I feel kinda bad now, because I feel like, the way it was phrased was, this is what Little Caesars serves, which is not incorrect

– This was supposed to be a fun party talk – [Rhett] There's lots of conjecture– – (chuckles) Party talk when we come back – I feel like I should apologize to the city of Detroit – Okay – Do it

– But then I would have to apologize to the city of New York which is larger so I'm not gonna do it – Why, why? – I don't want people coming after me – Listen, I can't tell you the last time Rhett's actually apologized He can't do it – Yeah, I talk about apologizing quite a bit though

– Oh okay, well anyway– – You said it, man – I just thought it was interesting DEEP!DEEP! Dish (Rhett laughs) Little Caesars, Detroit style pizza, looks really good I didn't have any that day 'cause I was exercising self-control

Speaking of other things that we learned this week, we tested natural cleaners versus chemical cleaners – Yeah – And we discovered that natural cleaners do just as well as chemical cleaners on the show – They work pretty evenly – What a relief

– So I looked up, well, there was a general statement about how chemical cleaners aren't very good for you but I wanted to really delve into why that was the case This is a little bit morbid conversation I guess – That's why you've been drinking chemicals all week? – Yeah, I wanted to do my own experiment by drinking these things – 'Cause you don't eat it You don't eat carpet

At least not usually – Did you know, this gets a little bit dark, but I just, it's interesting An EPA study– – I like dark – Concluded that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air itself So they went into people's homes and tested the air and it's bad

– Well, and let's keep going even darker People who clean for a living have very high cancer rates Because they're constantly exposed to these chemical cleaners – They should be cleaning with the natural stuff – They should

– Natural works just as well – Yes, if you own a company that has people who clean, switch to natural (clicks tongue) (Stevie chuckles) – You should really just be cleaning with vinegar and water solution – This would work well for a party in which everyone cleans things I think – Vinegar cleans everything

– Hold on, hold on, hold on Like a Merry Maids conference Which incidentally we happened to go to by accident – (laughs) Yes – That was a blast

– But they were also wearing sports teams outfits – 'Cause the night we were there, it was fan night where you expressed your fandom – They know how to have fun – I think you can also talk about the Merry Maids conference at your party tonight I think people will like that as well

So there's a general sentiment every time we change an intro – We love this! – Yeah DEEP!DEEP! Dish really like this intro (all laughing) Or I really hate this intro, or, a nice pattern I realized the past couple weeks was like, this is, every intro keeps getting worse, or every intro keeps getting better But then after awhile people are like, we're not gonna comment on the intro anymore

It's something that we're used to – But I have seen, because people who've been watching the show know that inevitably, we are going to change the intro every few seasons And no, we're not ever going to go back People are like, "You should go back to season 10," or whatever That's never gonna happen

But people, they understand now, it's gonna happen regardless of what they say So a lot of comments are, I don't really like this, but I know I'll get used to it – Yeah So I wanted to look back at our old intros And a couple of them I wasn't even here for, so I need you to kind of fill in some commentary

– Okay – So the first intro I wanted to look at was launched January 9th, 2012 – Oh we're doing these out of order – What? – No that's the first episode – Oh

We're doing these in order – What could be happening in his brain? I wish I could see a chart – That just doesn't seem like that long ago I'm like, it had to have been 2010 when we started the show – That was seven years ago

It was a week and seven years ago – Good Morning Chia Lincoln was 2011, and then 2012 is– – So we're doing these in order – We are, this was season one and two You guys made this intro The song was royalty-free music– – Love it

– It's a great one – And let's take a look (organ lounge music) – Oh yeah – It's nice – Short, sweet

– Breakfast-themed – The toast letters, they look so nice – We kept that toast for a long time, and then we gave it away to a Mythical Beast A Mythical Beast won that toast – They did, didn't they? – Yes

– Toast holds up – Okay All right so the next intro– – And that, by the way, that is the card table that the show happened on – Yeah I noticed that – [Link] Underneath there

– Second intro, January 14th, 2013 Seasons three through season five Animator was Kendrick Kidd, and intro motion graphics was Eden Soto The song was the same It was still royalty-free, let's take a look

(gently chiming pop music) (fire blasts) – Wow, okay, yes The few interesting things about that one Obviously, that intro has served as the template for every intro since That you're kinda moving through some kind of landscape and then you end on the cockatrice blowing the fire logo Interesting thing because it was royalty-free music

But it was music that was being used in lots of things at the time, like lots of commercials and stuff, and we would get messages all the time So and so stole GMM's music! Because people didn't understand how royalty-free– – Erectile dysfunction medication (Stevie laughs) Choosing your– – You guys need to get your lawyers on that! Also there's a Randler in the intro on the left that's in the shadows– – Hidden – A lot of people do not see You can watch this next time, Stevie, see if you see it

Oh, there it is – Oh yeah – There he was – [Stevie] You really hid that one, huh? – [Rhett] Yeah – A lot of people are like, I like the first intro the best but I always think that they're talking about this intro

Do you think they're talking about the toast? – I think they're talking about whatever's first for them – For them, yeah, they don't know Okay so when I joined you guys, that was our intro And then we did The Mythical Show And that's when we found Digital Twigs

– Yes – So we did– – That was an amazing intro for– – It's really amazing I wanted to look at that one because it kind of informed the rest of the intros that we did for GMM That had a VO From your friend Mick, and music by Roger Lie-ma, Lee-ma? Lima (mysterious music) – [Announcer] Deep in the subterranean tunnels of embarrassment, a single drop of sweat from the hardest working man to ever live

– Heh – [Announcer] Fell – Heh – Heh – [Announcer] Into the squishy center of forgotten jelly germinating the wild nut of freedom and subsequently conceiving The Mythical Show with Rhett and Link! On this week's show, Craigslist crank calls

Forest patrol Tony Hale A musical performance, and more! And now, here are Rhett and Link! (joyful chiming music) (Link clapping) – Yeah, yeah – Really made you wanna watch the show – I love it so much

– That's a favorite We rewrote the intro – It's different every time – Yeah – So the intro was always different

The story was always different so you could, the visual meant something new – And that's how we got to know Paisley who's now part of the Mythical crew – Stick your head in here – Yeah, come in 'cause you have some– – [Link] Stick any body part you want in here – So you were saying– – I'm sticking them all in

– Was it for The Mythical Show intro? So Paisley was the head of Digital Twigs and now works with us all of the time But you said for The Mythical Show intro, was that the hours pulled? – [Paisley] Yeah it was a little wild – You look at it and you're like, this is crazy 'cause it's all real! – Yeah, well Link was like, it's cool if you guys take a couple extra days but Rhett's freaking out You're taking so long So I had to work two 23 hours days in a row, not sleeping, totally just in like a daze, and I decided to crash my car into another guy who was in a brand new Audi on a first date

– Good – 'Cause I thought that would help get the work done – Oh wow – Yeah so– – Sometimes you gotta take out your frustration – And in the meantime, I'm like calling you like, hey, can we bring our families over? (laughing) So my kids can see how you're building this, because that's not gonna slow you down any

– That was fun though – And you were so gracious Like you gave 'em all this tour They'll never forget it And your glasses were bigger and round

– Yeah I had like my big glasses on – [Rhett] The 23 hour days, you need big glasses (all laughing) – But we loved the intro so much, we decided to redo the GMM intro with Digital Twigs as well So this launched July 14th, 2014 It was season six through season eight, and the song is by Pomplamoose who we were very big fans of and we reached out to see if they'd be interested in redoing the GMM song, moving away from that royalty-free

And let's take a look at that (upbeat pop music) (flame blasts) – Short, sweet It had that Mythical Show vibe to it – This is, so the cockatrice from that animation has been in your office and– – Don't break it – I asked to get it for this

Well, the problem is it's kind of already broken – What do you mean, break it? – See this neck part – [Rhett] Yeah, chicken neck broke Now– – Hold on David, you just broke it

– No, David did not break it – No it's been like this – No it hasn't – That's what they look like from the other side if you turn a cockatrice around – Yeah

It's good, right, look at him – So that's in our office – Yeah 'cause I don't think anybody had any idea Watching that, you have no idea what the scale is, but this is the scale See my hand? That is the scale of the chicken, of the cockatrice

– Cockatrice Chicken (scoffs) So then, we did it again January 11th, 2016 Season nine through 11 Let's take a look

(electronic pop music) (flame blasts) – Yes and now we're kind of in like Monument Valley meets Joshua Tree kind of a situation – Kinda funky – And what if we go from the perspective of the cockatrice? Or, riding the cockatrice – And then most recently, the intro from seasons 12 through 14 launched in August, 2017 We remixed the song

Jeff Zeigler remixed the song, and this is it (alarm rings) (playful pop music) (flame blasts) – Clean, crisp – And look at this guy – What? – Cockatrice – Where is that from? – Can I bend? – Yeah you can bend him

– Where is that from? – From your intro – Yeah – We just saw, what do you mean, it's right there – That, it's that guy – You want this on your shelf as well? – [Link] I mean I haven't seen it

I've never seen that in person – I've never seen that either – I've been keeping it – You didn't give us that one – You wanna touch it? – Look at that one

– Wow – [Stevie] Yeah, he's not broken – Oh my gosh – Just in case you need to know the scale, here's my hand And here's the cockatrice

– Yeah so that was, we went on a different– – I'm afraid of– – Kind of a different route for that intro We wanted to not be traveling through something, we wanted to be transforming – Yeah and we also added the with Rhett and Link just to remind you, it's with Rhett and Link – Yeah and then finally– – Where has this thing been? – In my, why? (all laughing) – You took that one – Why do you ask? – I'm gonna put it back where I had it

– No, you're keeping that one We got that one, you can keep that one That's fine – He can just live right here – If you haven't been watching the show, for the past couple weeks, here we are with our new intro

(funky electronic music) (fire crackling) Cool, and that was done by Dana Schechter, and it is a personal favorite of all of ours I do believe – Watching them all, it's like, I got a special place in my heart for every single one – Our music producer Mark Byers remixed that as well – There was a very, we're trying to do something different with each one and I think that we were like, you know what, we wanna maintain this whole in a world kinda feel, but let's go for a different genre So let's move away from the stop motion

– So it's funny, I saw a comment about how we stuck with the stop motion, but this is not stop motion, this is collage that's animated So yeah so that's that And so since we changed the intro for GMM, I thought is it time to change the intro for LTAT? – Is it? – Uh-oh – I had an idea We shot it

Ultimately I felt like I enjoy the current intro we have but I wanted to show it to you guys and see what you thought (sweeping piano music) ♪ It's a beautiful day in this LTAT hood ♪ ♪ An LTAT-y day for an LTAT ♪ ♪ Tat you be mine ♪ ♪ Would you be L? ♪ ♪ It's an LTAT-ly day in this beauty tat ♪ ♪ A tattly tat for an LTAT ♪ ♪ Stevie Levine ♪ ♪ Rhett likes beans ♪ ♪ I have always wanted to talk about that ♪ ♪ Just with you ♪ ♪ I've always wanted to live on screen ♪ ♪ With the Mythical crew ♪ ♪ Let's tat the most of this LTAT-y day ♪ ♪ We'll talk about that all Saturday ♪ ♪ All of the time Link wants to find ♪ ♪ A way to cure his herpes ♪ ♪ Won't you please ♪ ♪ Won't you please ♪ ♪ Please won't you talk about that ♪ Welcome to this LTAT, Mythical Beasts (laughing) – Stevie! (Rhett, Link and crew applaud) – I didn't know you could almost sing – Well okay, so here's the thing When we were watching the Mr

Rogers intro, he doesn't really sing, he kind of like– – It's talk-singing – He kind of like talks – Yeah he was the first rapper – He's the first rapper (Rhett laughing) – Also it's not really to a beat of any kind, so that whole time of me recording the vocals, Mark made the soundalike track and then I just didn't wind up using it at all 'cause I was like, this is so weird when you actually try and talk-sing this

– Oh – And then we lip synced it in the room, so since it was a single camera move, we had to do it over and over again, and poor Chase was just in the closet the whole time (laughs) I kept being like, are you okay? Did I throw my jacket at you too hard? – [Rhett] I think he was enjoying it (all laughing) – Oh, that was fabulous – Yeah, but I like our intro now

I think we'll stick to that one – Well you know what– – I don't – How many– – I like that one! That's amazing! – How many comments are we gonna get about, no, you should really seriously use that one! – Can you imagine? Oh, can you imagine? No I won't be doing that – It's a little long, so maybe we just use a piece of it so over the course of a month– – Great– – Four seconds each time – Here's the real feedback

Well if that wasn't thrilling enough, I mentioned I was on YouTubers React for the first time – Hold on, I gotta, tell me more about your singing experience – I wasn't really even singing – Are you trained? – Ben Ben

– Do you sing? – Don't, don't Let's move on It's bad No no no – Hold on, did you get any footage of her singing? Recording because that's what I want– – We have the entire track

Any time I record a voiceover or anything, I was talking about how we should do a behind-the-scenes thing because me sitting down, like for the top fives last year, me sitting down and doing all the voiceover for some reason, it becomes very difficult and so you get a lot of expletives and things from me So this was interesting as well (Rhett laughs) But anyway – Yeah – Are we, can I? – Yeah you can move on

I won't but you can – So YouTubers React It's been an institution of YouTube since December of 2012, which I thought it was like, it's kind of odd that the timing is– – So we're not doing this in order (Stevie laughs) – So Benny reached out to me and he was like, "I have a crazy idea, but why don't you come "on YouTubers React?" And I was like, "Me? "Okay, I'll do it "But don't tell Rhett and Link because I want them "to react to it

" And then we shot two videos and when the first one came out, I was like, oh I have to tell you guys now because it would be very weird if you saw it on Twitter – And that's when I found out, when you told me – Yes exactly, so I walked into your office and I said, I didn't wanna tell you this, but I was on YouTubers React But don't watch anything – And when you said it, it sounded like you were preparing us for something we were gonna be upset about

– Yeah – I didn't wanna tell you this, but I was on YouTubers React, like it would be a betrayal– – I talked crap about you – Of our trust Not like a preservation of our reaction – Yeah

– I was like, "I'm not upset, Stevie, I'm glad you did it" I think was my response – Well I mean yeah, you can see how it turned out for me But I went, they shoot on Sunday and so I went over there and it quickly became apparent to me at least that nobody working there knew who I was at all which is right, like, that should be the case But the person at the front desk, you sign in, they have a whole process, and she was like, "Oh, Benny wants to see you?" (Stevie and Rhett laugh) Like ah that's weird

Apparently he does wanna talk to you So I went and talked to Benny and then they vlog everything and I couldn't find, the vlog probably is out but I couldn't scrub through to see, so they have a wall where all the YouTubers sign, and I was signing the wall and I saw– – You're a YouTuber now – Yeah, and I saw your signature – How does it feel? – And so I was like, "Oh, "there's Rhett and Link's signature" And she was like, "Oh yeah we have a lot of people come in here

" And then I was like, okay, she doesn't know who I am either (all laughing) Why I would be pointing at your signature She thought I was just a super fan But anyway, so I did two videos The first one was meme-based which I am terrible at, but I felt a lot better about the second video I shot which came out more recently

We went through the top 10 videos according to YouTube of 2018 and here's that short clip (suspenseful music) – [Producer] So today we're gonna be showing you the top 10 most trending videos of 2018 from a list released by YouTube, and we're gonna see if you can correctly place them in order from one to 10 – Yes! – Great, awesome – Yes! (boy yodeling) – Ah yes Walmart yodeling kid

– You gotta start somewhere in the middle, but I just, I feel like this one's gonna be at the top part Number three – It's number one That's the most prominent digital memory I have from 2018 was this kid – I missed this completely

– This one goes at number eight – I'm gonna say nine right now (dramatic music) – This, really? – Cobra Kai – Who didn't see this, considering YouTube advertised it across the entire platform (Rhett laughs) – Oh

(suspenseful music) – Oh wow, I don't know this one – Of course (speaking foreign language) This is one of my favorites – I don't know what's going on – [Producer] This is a Vietnamese YouTube channel which often posts sketches including this film which is two hours long

– Wow – [Narrator] Do you hear yanny? Laurel – Oh my God – Oh (bleep) this – Or Laurel? – Oh

– Hey it's gonna be a different kind of video We're gonna be doing a– (laughs) – Oh this is so sad – Somehow the funniest break-up video of all time (both chuckle) – So here's the thing – Those are just videos, you know? – It's not an easy thing to do to react to stuff

– No! – But you did great – It's not – But how does it feel to now officially be a YouTuber? – You know it kinda feels the same as it's felt for a bit, but– – Don't worry, you'll get a chip on your shoulder soon enough – I feel like a reactor now So that's something

– I have a very large robe that says YouTube on it that I got– (Stevie chuckles) At some event, I'd be willing to let you use it – No, I'm good, thank you – Come on please, wear his robe! – Maybe YouTube will send me– – [Link] He's trying to give you his robe! – My own robe now that I was in React – I lost the thing that closes the robe though – Oh gosh

(crew laughs) – I did, I did, I lost it So just keep that in mind when you wear it – Okay good All right that's all I got So now our final line

Until next LTAT– – LTAT– – [Together] Keep on BYMB! – [Link] F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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