Cold Brew Coffee Taste Test

– How much do we knew about cold brew? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer! – Yeah, it's me Ellie

Be sure to check me out next week on another new That Ask Though over on the Mythical Society – But I really felt bad about this and I regretted it for a very long time – [Ellie] What did you do? – I threw a watch at a lady (Ellie laughs) – Oh my God – And I'm Jordan

Some guy named Cotton Candy Randy has a show called Hi Daddies on Society too so check that out – [Jessie] Hey Cotton Candy Randy, Jessie here I think we'd all like to know, does the carpet match the drapes? Mm hmm hmm – You'll be glad to know that I have no carpet at all There was a giant fire at my house that I started from having a fondue set but nothing to dip inside the fondue so I just flung it around and boy howdy, did that cause a fire, burning off all of my carpet and also my pubic hair

– We love cold brew It's brewed slow so you can move fast, baby It's smoother, richer, chocolatier, less bitter It's the best (Jordan chuckles) – Ellie got started early

– Absolutely – But we are both cold brew aficionados You can tell by how white I am and about how I'm smirking like I know a secret that nobody cares about – I care – I have Star Wars opinions

Who wants to hear my Star Wars opinions? – I do but first we're gonna taste cold brews from different chains and see if we can tell where they came from It's time for ♪ I wanna wake up ♪ ♪ Baby it's cold brew time ♪ ♪ Which brand's in this cup ♪ ♪ Baby it's cold brew time ♪ ♪ Baby, it's cold brew ♪ ♪ Time uh ♪ – Each cold brew will come to us in our patent-pending Cold Brew Old Shoe We'll taste the brew, ranking it from one to 10 and we'll also be guessing which chain it came from and whoever guesses the most right wins and is crowned cold brew Brian Very prestigious We'll also get to eat some special themed cake in Good Mythical More so stick around for that

– We'll be tasting cold brews from the following chains: Starbucks, Peet's, Coffee Bean, Stumptown, Panera and Dunkin' Let's drink some freakin' coffee – [Jordan And Ellie] Round one – All right let's see our first cold brew old shoe Wow

Beautiful – Fun – Appetizing – These were both stolen from train yard hobos apparently – Okay so I may have a bit of a cold, but from scent alone I'm getting very strong coffee vibes

This is definitely from a coffee shop – This is certainly coffee Is there a half and half flip flop I can have? I usually don't take it this black Just a regular ol' jar – You're gonna put milk– – Just a touch

– We called ourselves cold brew aficionados earlier – Are you not supposed to drink it with– – No – Oh, sorry – You drink it black – (sighs) I'm cold brew basic

Let's have a taste Okay, this is– – Yum – A little more– – Wow – Complex than I usually– – Lots of nutty, fruity notes – Lots of notes

F sharp – There's a minerality – E flat (chuckles) – A minus – A

(both chuckling) – I never took a music class – No, I thought you were rating my joke A minus, pretty good! – I'll do that from here on out – Okay yeah I get that this is like a higher class product

I think this is– – I don't know about that – Yeah? Here's my impression – Okay – Is that this is a little more artisanal, a little more high class, probably a little more expensive I get that it is good and that it has notes

I don't love that in my iced coffee I like a weak iced coffee – Mm, true man of the people – So for me, yes I'm a man of the people Vote for me

So for me, this is a four It's too complicated, I can just imagine the diarrhea I'm about to get (crew laughs) – I'm gonna give this a six out of 10 but not because I think it's too fancy or not fancy enough, I just think it's a little weak and that's also going to go into my guess – I think we have a very different tolerance it sounds like – They also told us not to drink too much of each round because it's gonna be a lot of coffee but I'm doing it anyway

– (chuckles) Yeah, who wants– – You guys ready to guess? – Yeah – Yeah, Stevie – Ready? – For me I think this, we say at same time? – She's gonna give us a three, two, one – [Stevie] You're really ready to guess Okay ready? Three, two, one

– Panera – Stumptown – Okay – Stumptown? – Yes it's complex Stumptown is like a higher class product

– [Jordan And Ellie] Round two – Cold brew old shoe number two – Ya-Ya Sisterhood Ready? – Bink – Cheer bink

Oh that's fun Oh wow, bleh – It's a little closer to what I'm into (Ellie moans) But clearly not what you're into – I was wrong about the first one

– Okay – The differences are so strong But before we go into that, we should talk about the difference between cold brew and iced coffee 'cause that's crucial For any of you out here who are like what's cold brew? What's the difference, like I just said – This is an educational program first and foremost

You're here for information – Iced coffee is when you take regular hot coffee and you just pour it over ice which is what I did at the barista job that I lied about having been a barista before for They wanted me to make cold brew which I didn't know how to do – So you just boiled a pot of coffee and then put it over ice? – I got a bunch of ice 'cause it melts it 'cause it's hot – Sure, yeah

– And then you have to put melted ice– – I do know how ice works, Ellie (chuckles) I might need this cold brew thing explained to me but I do know how ice works – But the lies, the intricacy of the lies I went through to pretend I was making cold brew, I would have to pour it over the ice and then take that watered down icy thing, put it through a strainer, and then put more ice in it so it didn't seem like you just had a cup of melted ice – The ruse – Yeah

– The ruse – But cold brew is brewed cold first, slowly – Okay, meticulously – It's supposed to be, yeah – So yeah it's an artisanal product

– Yeah that will give you a heart attack if you're not careful – Yeah, geez So yeah I think this is a little more my speed It's a little weaker than the first thing – Ah, ugh

– What do you hate so much about it? – Well it's so bad – The badness? I like the badness – Do you really or do you train yourself to like the badness because– – This is still not my favorite, this is still not weak enough for me This is not enough water – In weird ways, this is actually stronger than the first one in terms of it being immediately bad in my face

– Okay – It's in my nose, it's reached my eyes – (chuckles) Okay for me, if the last one was a four, this is a five, it's a little closer but it's still not quite what I want – This is two out of 10 – Wow

– Ready to guess? – Harsh, yes – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Peet's – Peet's – Wow! – Twins! – I love that

– Oh I was gonna do this Do you wanna do this? – [Jordan And Ellie] Round three – Little toe tap? (Jordan mimics flatulence) I will say I hate that so much – You don't like the shoe fart? – No I've never liked potty humor, can I be honest? – (laughs) Thanks, Mom (Ellie chuckling) – Ew

– Can I just say to the audience that I can feel my, the caffeination peaking in my body – Yeah I feel weird – My hands are shaking – I feel weird Yeah, yeah

– Oh I know what this is – Oh really, you know immediately? – But I also know how much I like it – This is more my cup of tea, coffee, cold brew – You think this is a low brow? – I think this is a medium brow I think I definitely know what I think this is

This is familiar to me – I'm rocking a medium brow right now – I like it a little bit more So I'm gonna say for me this is a seven – Mm, oh

Five out of 10 – Okay – Ready to guess? – Yeah – [Stevie] Three, two, one – [Both] Starbucks

– Look at us – Wow – Same wavelength – This again? – No I'm doing this – No! – It's fun! – [Jordan And Ellie] Round four

– Just an update on my health – Yeah – My brain is spinning (Jordan chuckles) – An update on my health, I'm planning to fill my Prius with farts on the way home (crew laughs) – Ooh! – That's right, I drive a Prius

(chuckles) This is my favorite so far, I kinda like this – This is good – This is really good – Maybe we're more alike than we think – What a fun discovery

– It does taste a little watered down, but that to me is part of the cold brew process because you kinda let that ice melt and that, wow – So yeah this is very drinkable to me You can get a large of this and just kinda pound it all day which is what I am looking for in a nice coffee, to pound it all day (chuckles) Somebody make a meme of that – But cut out the first part and then it's just you can move it for anyone

– Yes you can Yeah I like this a lot, honestly to me this is an eight – To me this is a seven – [Stevie] Are you ready to guess? – Yes – I don't know

– Three, two– – No wait, no – Okay – No Hold on – Are you okay? – Are you also on shrooms? – (chuckles) No

No, no no no I did take a Dayquil – Oh (laughs), yeah Do you need to go to the chill out tent and have a banana? – No, I have a guess I have a guess, I have a guess

– Okay – Okay, three, two, one – Stumptown – Panera – You fool

– Oh wow Okay, you're jacked up on competition – Ooh yeah – [Jordan And Ellie] Round five ♪ Cold brew old shoe ♪ It's a song that we did for the title

– It sure is – Dink it and sink it – I think this one's gonna be complex Not looking forward to it – [Ellie] Mm

– Ooh yeah this has a lot going on Do not like, mm, no – I do like and I will have you know that production has told me to stop drinking as much – Oh – But I won't

– Wow, take that, production (chuckles) Ellie's not listening to you – This one is very good and I actually think, I know what I said before but I do think I need to put milk in it to know if it's truly the one that I think it is – Add a little milk – This one is– – I mean listen, add whatever you want to it

We are both gonna have the weirdest poops in the world after this segment– – Oh yeah – So throw a little dairy in there – Did you have a banana beforehand? – We should have had a banana – We should have had a banana – Yeah, yeah, I don't like this, this is too complex, there's too much going on

I can only drink it in little sips which I do not want – You're so wrong, this is a nine out of 10 and you'll know why once I say where it's from – No it's a straight up three – And I'm 100% confident – This is a straight up three

– You're insane – Okay – [Stevie] Okay here we go, three, two, one – Dunkin' Donuts – Coffee Bean

– No way it's Dunkin' Donuts – Absolutely yes way – It's too complex Dunkin's a simple, a simple restaurant for simple Boston loudmouths – That's why it's delicious

– Okay – But you have to have lots of milk and sugar in it – [Jordan And Ellie] Round six – The final cold brew old shoe – Give me that leather, baby

You wanna– – I think you wanna do that Beep beep boo boo boo – Kiss kiss kiss (smacking lips) (both moaning) I'm a shoe full of coffee – I'm not looking for anything serious

(chuckles) – Oh I am – Oh well, see ya (Ellie chuckles) Ooh, fave of the bunch I like this, this is mellow, very drinkable, weak-ass iced coffee, love it – What is wrong with you? – I guess I just enjoy quality too much

– I feel like you don't want cold brew I feel like what you want is– – I know, I think we're just– – Coffee that's been left like on the sink – I want boiled-ass diner coffee poured over ice – Yeah like apocalypse, we only have so many beans that we have to make last – Yes

Yeah, I like it a lot, this is a nine for me This is really good – This is a four for me – Hmm, hmm – But yeah, I will go in for another big gulp

– Okay now Ellie, you know I respect you I think you're very talented I consider you a friend – Thank you – But I just want you to know that you burped earlier and I can still smell it

– It's crazy – Yeah – It's like hanging in the air – I know – Yeah

– There's a ka-burp cloud – And it wasn't even a loud burp, it was just like a uh, and it's just here – It's hanging out – Mm-hmm – Okay

– In the air – Yeah are we ready to guess? – No no no, yes, wait one second – Yeah, let's have another little sip This is good, this is good stuff – Wow, yeah, my skin is tingling

– Yeah I think this is something I've guessed before – [Stevie] Here we go Three, two, one – Coffee Bean – Stumptown

I take back my guess – Stevie, could we hear how many we got right? (Ellie chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay – I don't know even what I said – Who's ready to brain storm? – I've got thoughts – [Stevie] You got zero correct

– Wow, zero Man, who am I, Link? – I was right about you this whole time – Geez – And you're in the Rhett chair – Oh that's fun

– Yeah – Zero, I got none right? – Bring it home, baby, Stevie – Ellie – Tell me what I wanna hear – [Stevie] You got also zero correct

– No! (Jordan laughs) – [Stevie] I do believe that makes this the worst of these games we've ever played in history – A couple of Links over here – [Stevie] Your favorite though, the coffee with the best score from the two of you is Dunkin' and your runner up was Peet's – Wow – I was wrong about which one I thought was Dunkin'

– Well I guess we're both cold brew Brian– – Or we're both not cold brew Brian – Because we're both equally bad I hope cold brew Brian doesn't become a recurring character with an uncomfortable beard (crew laughs) So neither of us is cold brew Brian, and both of us are cold brew Brian so we are gonna share a tres coffees cake in More – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hey I'm Nancy – I'm Karim – I'm Nor – I'm Ria

– We're from Ontario, Canada and we're about to do a blind coffee taste test but first– – [Together] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Enjoy your diarrhea, Canadians Click the top link to see if we can tell the real silly coffee shop names from the fake in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's going to land – [Link] What goes together better than biscuits and gravy? Our Ear Biscuits mug and tee, baby

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