Clean vs. Dirty Under A Microscope (TEST)

– We're ready for our extremely close up – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning – Did you know that we have that we have a Merle Haggard tribute album, featuring two classic Merle songs, covered by us? – I did – With a special appearance by Britton Bunchanan? Here it is, it is only available if you're a third degree member of the Mythical Society by September 30th, at midnight pacific time So sign up now if you want it, it's going to be the only way to get this thing and we've also posted a video of the process of making the record, both are at mythicalsocietycom – Yes, now technology has come a long way since the first camera was invented to steal our souls and now we just willing hand over our souls for views which must be why microscopic videos or microscope videos have become a huge trend – Yeah they have and today we're going to get up close and personal with this camera and probably find out that everything is covered in tiny little bugs, I wanna die

It's time for The Weird Part of the Internet! Microscope videos – Microscope videos are interestingly enough, the most popular in the beauty vlogger world Let's check out an example and we're told if you are trypophobic, you might not want to watch this – We're going to do this on his face Eeewww! Oh my god, eeeww, eeeww, eeeww! – Urgh, so since most of these beauty world video's feature human faces and such, we're going to explore all sorts of other things that could be horrible or could be absolutely amazing, let's find out

– We may think we know the normal stuff we interact with everyday but it's time to take a closer look With an apple, apple a day – Which I interact with everyday – [Rhett] Oooooo, So there's just the– – [Link] Yeah you set focus, there's a little wetness there – [Rhett] Gonna come over here to the bottom of the apple

– Oh you going for the butthole – The butthole of the apple – [Link] There it is – [Rhett] Eeww, It does – [Link] Fuzzy! – You ever looked at your butthole? – Um – Don't answer that

Does it look like that? (laughing) – Yes – [Rhett] And then they get the top, oh look at this this is the stem, I'm hovering over the stem – [Link] This is like a GoPro in one of those like extreme mountain climber videos – [Rhett] And then look, it does down into the other butthole of the apple – [Link] That's like freaking cobwebs! – [Rhett] Is that mold or spider webs? – It's freaking cobwebs! – Apples got spider webs – But, I wonder if it was added by a spider or if that's just part of the apple

– [Rhett] Now here's the inside of the apple, with the seeds – [Link] Is that a seed? Seed get big under a microscope! Look at that, oooo look at that – Seeds get big – Under microscope! – [Rhett] Whoa, look at that one, it's got like, it's bursting – [Link] Think you bit the edge of the seed – [Rhett] Something's coming out of that seed

– That's pretty cool, okay I got something too I have got Stevie's brand new watch (laughing) Stevie's walking around with this like big freaking gold watch and I'm like Oooo Stevie! – Yeah, its like what are you trying to prove Stevie – It's one thing to tell time, it's another thing to tell people that you're telling time – Yeah right I know – [Link] Right, so going close, right here, oooo! Look at those gears – [Rhett] Holy Moly! – [Link] So that is the middle of the watch – [Rhett] Oooo! There's moving parts! – [Link] There's movement – [Rhett] Look at that, we're in like some sort of weird steampunk movie

– [Link] Yeah man, Steampunk Tron! – How do watches work? You ever though about that? – [Link] It's telling the story of time – [Rhett] Whoa! Look at that little thing, look at that little thing, what's happening? – [Link] And that thing? – Stevie you've really done yourself a favor here – [Link] See how it's wound up in there? – [Rhett] Whoa! Move over to that little gear, yeah look at that one! Zoom in, (inhales) Look at that one on top of it, it's moving very, very slowly! You see that? – [Link] If I keep this still, you can use it as a like a screen saver, oooo and look at that, it looks like a bird pecking a gear! – [Rhett] Yeah it looks like a woodpecker – [Link] And here comes the arm! – I could watch this all day – Yeah! – We should start a new channel, the Watch Channel, watch watches! – It's all about the watch time! – Whoa! – In my house we share our earbuds and I've never felt good about it but my kids are like, " I lost mine, can I use yours?" And I'm like but I love you so much but I hate this idea – [Rhett] So I got a fresh new pair, unused

– [Link] Oh look at that, that's cool I could still be on that, that could be a screensaver All right, so there's nothing on there – [Rhett] There's nothing in there, super clean – Super clean – Now we don't know who these are, they wouldn't tell us but some crew member donated their earbuds for this use – [Rhett] We're going to see what's in there

OH NO! – [Link] Oh my gosh – [Rhett] You're shaking so much – You know what? I'm too nervous, I can't stop shaking, here, you try, you're hands are much steadier – [Rhett] Oh, Oh my gosh – [Link] That's not real, that can't be real – Can you even hear out of these things anymore? Oh and look there's, there's oh my gosh, there's dead skin, there's wax – Okay, that's gone, that's over

– That's what's in your headphones when you share them with family and friends, definitely don't do it with strangers – Say hello to Wooshu, we're going to look at some animals – Okay I'm just going to come into the hair here – [Link] Oooo! That's fluffy, that's pleasant, Wooshu's clean – It's very thick, I'm going to come into the darker hair

– You gotta stay still, Wooshu's trying to check you out – Maybe at the back here, oh, look at that, look at that, whoa! It's almost like glass, it's very, very fine – And the coloring is so interesting – You're hair is very, very fine Listen now, okay, now we are going to go to the vet and check out your ears

– [Link] Oh, good job, it's okay – I don't think he wants it, maybe a paw, that'll be less disconcerting for him Nope! (laughs) – It's okay – He's like I don't want you to see my small parts! – All right Wooshu, we'll let you off the hook – Bottom of the foot, he doesn't like this thing, okay it's fine we got other animals

– Good job Wooshu! – That can't say no (laughs) – Yes, I'm told we got something in here Oh look! It's a huge freaking nightmare! – Okay so we got some Madagascar hissing cockroaches and there's another kind of cockroach in there as well, you wanna take it out? – Well, we should take it out – Well, you should take it out, I'm microscope man, I got a steady hand – My hand can get steadier – This thing is about to get steadier now, you gonna have to be cockroach man, that's what you just signed up for

– [Link] Like I don't grab bugs – [Rhett] Well you're about too (cockroach hisses) (laughs) – Did you hear that? – Yeah it's called a Madagascar hissing cockroach for a reason – I know you're fine with grabbing it, just grab it – I'm not fine with grabbing it, come on man! Just be careful, here's one

– [Link] Here's one upside down now that's perfect – [Rhett] Oh my, OH MY! – [Link] I'm not even looking (Rhett screams) (laughing) – [Link] Look at that, look at his (Rhett screams) – [Link] Stop! Stop screaming – [Rhett] (whispering) Look at it, there's its face – [Link] Look at his hands, look at his freaking hands – [Rhett] (whispering) And his face, and his hand and his body

– [Link] All right, we gotta get one of these big one's out, Lucas, you want to touch it for us? Yeah come in here – [Rhett] Put the little one back in there, he needs to go back to his home – Lucas is our – – What, you can just do that? – Yeah grab the big one – [Rhett] You're crazy – [Lucas] Oh calm down

– [Link] You talking to me or him? – No Taylor (laughs) – [Link] Look at that armor man, it looks like leather, that is an evolutionary feat, let's see his feet – [Lucas] You want to see his feet? – [Link] turn him over – He hissed at you – [Link] It's like a cat, move it over there, there you go

– [Lucas] Oh now he's on your microscope – Oh my gosh! You gotta really get some, I wanna see those hairy legs, show me those hairy legs Taylor! – [Rhett] Oh here's a leg, there's a leg, oh look at that – [Link] Look at how spiky that is, that's crazy – [Rhett] There it is, there's the end of it, look at that, there's like big hairs and little hairs Link, you're helping a lot

– [Link] I have nothing to say, do or contribute, okay Taylor, get out of here and that brings us to the end of our animal section, I'm sure – No no we've got Craig to look at, oh and that's Jenna, not Craig, that's Craig You know what Link just hold Craig, just hold him – I don't want to hurt Craig – You're not going to hurt Craig – I feel like I can hold Craig more than I can hold a cockroach – Easy, you got no problem holding Craig, you own Craig, Craig is your pet man

Okay first I'm just going to get some Craig scales, – [Rhett] Whoa, look at that! – [Link] I can't look at it 'cause– – [Rhett] Look at that! – [Link] his head, let's turn him around so that's he's facing them not me – He's just going to turn back and look back at you because you're his daddy Okay so again we got, here's some dark scales, this is the transition from light to dark scales Now doesn't he have two penises or is that a shark? – [Link] I'm not contributing to this anymore – [Rhett] A snake has a penis man

– I don't want to find that – This is the one chance we've got to find a snake penis man – Is it that small? (laughs) – I just think that it's under, you gotta get under, Craig where's your penis at man? – Why you doing this? – [Rhett] It's like in there – [Link] Look how clear it looks under there – [Rhett] Oh! Is that a penis? – [Link] It looks like Jell-O – [Rhett] Yeah look at that, there's a pubes

(laughing) – You're horrible man – [Rhett] You know you close to the penis, when you find a pubes (laughing) – Stop! Stop – Okay I can't find the penis, maybe let's look at his head and I don't want to distress him, so I'm going to turn the light down, then we're going to look at his head – [Link] I got him in a good pose, Oh, look at that, it looks like bubbles to be popped – [Rhett] Where is it, where's the eye? There it is

– [Link] Is that the eye? – [Rhett] There's the eye – [Link] That is a freaking snake eye – [Rhett] That's a snake eyeball guy – [Link] Look at, look at the different scales that are kinda over it, there's like an eyelid, kind of a thing over it – [Rhett] What is happening, he's got like a T tattooed in the middle of his eye, it should be a C, Craig, maybe its Craig T Nelson, maybe that's his snake name, shout out to The Coach

(Rhett laughing) – Since you're making jokes about, a sitcom known as The Coach, that means we can wrap things up here – I had a lot of fun, didn't find a snake penis but I still feel like it was worth it – We've learned some horrible things today, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Alexis

– I'm Aubrey – And I'm Dagny – And we're here at NC State University for the State Science Olympiads Tournament – [All] And it's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality – Nice! – GO Pack – You know I got first place, Science Olympiad – Oh congratulations

– State Tournament – I didn't know you didn't tell me – The egg scrabbler event – Click the top link to watch us explore our bodies with microscopes in Good Mythical More – Pick it and stick it with our Mythical sticker four pack, available now at mythical


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