Chocolate Covered Fries Taste Test

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

This week's guests were last week's guests Please welcome Rhett and Link – Woo! (crew applauding) Woo! Woo! – Welcome, gentlemen (Rhett chuckles) – No, that was gonna be something awkward (chuckles) – Have you heard of buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo– – [Rhett] Buffalo buffalo buffalo

– Is that an internet thing? – But really have you? I thought it was an internet thing Well first I thought it was like someone just trying to get me to say buffalo over and over again which I respect – That's what I thought it was and I liked it – Much respect for that – Then I was like, when I think something is funny 'cause it's random, it usually is a meme and I'm not getting it– – Can't get away from 'em

– So then I Googled it, turns out, not a meme – Can I ask, you Googled– – [Rhett and Link] Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo – Buffalo – Eight buffaloes I Googled – Okay

– It is a grammatically correct sentence in American English often presented as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs through lexical ambiguity – [Link] What? You're saying that– – A buffalo can be a noun – Yeah – A verb – Yeah

– An adjective – Well no, but yes, that is the general idea, because you can refer to Buffalo, New York, an actual buffalo – But how can buffalo be a verb? – Buffalo means to bully, harass or intimidate or to baffle and then you can, the buffalo – Buffalo, like a buffalo from Buffalo is a Buffalo buffalo and a Buffalo buffalo can buffalo so Buffalo buffalo buffalo and it apparently just continues on until you get to eight – Guys, if you're watching this right now, we are in London at the time that you're watching this

But for you, we are here with you on this Saturday – You mean, hold on, you're telling me that we don't make this show like an hour before it's posted? – Surprising, but it's true – No no no no no No no – I thought you were gonna say you're telling me I'm in London right now? (chuckles) It's gonna have to, yeah

– I love London! – How can you be making this show and be in London at the same time? It just doesn't make any sense – I know – It's blowing my Buffalo buffalo buffalo mind – This is an educational and sci-fi show, welcome – Just 'cause I drank doesn't mean you have to drink

– Yeah it does because we gotta keep leaving 'cause of the buffalo – Guys, this week, what a week First up, a surprise circumcision – What? – Yep We'll get to that later

I also did some Reddit mining And I found a few precious gems and a whole lot of coal So we're gonna go through that – Okay, heh – But first, it is GMM rejected snack time and actually we have a good one this week which is– – Oh actually

– Great for all of us We did Will It Valentine's Day Chocolate in which we made various beautiful, by we I mean Josh made very beautiful chocolates with weird things in them – Yeah we got a eyeball down – Yeah this is not eyeball level This is on the other end of the spectrum

He really wanted to do– – The other end of an eyeball – Um – Butt hole (Stevie chuckles) – He really wanted to do– – I'm not eating a sphincter – Animal style fries

– Oh! – For those of you, animal style's just an In-N-Out thing, right? Or is it everywhere? – I believe it's just In-N-Out – Yeah I think it's In-N-Out – So that's like their special sauce, like thousand island-ish with cheese and grilled onions covered fries that are so good and you can also get your burger animal style and so all of that chocolatized – But typically those are enjoyed crispy, out of the fryer– – Hot – Hot

So just prepare yourself for cold potato – Dink it and distant dink it – I have high hopes but this is gonna get all over my face Uh-oh Uh-oh

Mm-mm – It's very, I'm getting a similar sensation to the chips and dip because it's potato and onion – Very similar – Mm-mm, mm-mm – And you didn't taste that but see now you know how we felt

– It tasted just like this and that's why we didn't like it – Tell the people, Stevie Tell the people – Well the onion, you're right The onion– – Onion and chocolate

– Really doesn't do it I will say– – Strange bedfellows – It is a lot better, do you want one of these? – [Rhett] Oh thank you – It is a lot better than the oyster meatball which for some reason was so horrible to me – Well we shouldn't try to make bad things better than other bad things, let's just say they're all bad

– Hold on a second – Okay – [Link] Buffalo – Did you know there was a buffalo here? – Yes But I did not connect that to earlier but I really, what if I had though? What if I placed a buffalo on the set for you to make the connection yourself

– That's what I thought had happened – Later in the episode – Let me feed it – This hasn't always been here, I don't think buffaloes like chocolate – Guys are you stalling so we don't get to the surprise circumcision? – I don't really jump for joy when I hear the term surprise and circumcision together

– Yeah, or just circumcision probably Surprise sometimes could be a good thing I don't like to spend a lot of time on Reddit because it scares me because– – Okay – They talk about stuff on Reddit that's not very nice sometimes – The cake is a lie

– Huh? – Go ahead Wow, Link – But we have a very active subreddit Have you been on it? – I have, yeah – Okay so I found a few things that I like that I wanted to share with you so hopefully you haven't seen these

I dug real deep so this first post is by puzzle_pieces and it's called young Rhett found drinking syrup Oh – [Rhett] What? (Link chuckles) – It is crazy how much that looks like you – That could totally be me as a youngster I dressed up like an elf all the time and drank in the Walmart

(Stevie chuckles) – He's just drinking syrup It actually, it looks a lot like Locke – Really, the resemblance – It really looks like you and your son – Yeah don't bring the bottle down, son, if you wanna keep up the illusion

– But there is a whole, there's a post that's just GMM stats, GMM Statistics is what it's called It's a post by Novacaine96 and– – Novacaine96 is a cataloger of all things GMM – Yes so there's– – It's amazing – A bunch of different Googe docs that you go into and see like a wide variety of details about the show It's really insanely detailed

– Detailed – The sheet that we're looking at right now is every single time you've ever played a game on the show– – I haven't seen this – And who won and who lost – Oh this is really interesting – Thank you

– Super interesting 'cause sometimes you just think like ah, I don't know, I have no idea how I would guess this Somebody's done the work – And you know what the data shows surprisingly is that it's pretty even – Yeah Wait

What? Because you can see from way over there? Or because you've seen this before? – I'm just lying (Stevie laughs) I'm just kinda like wishing that– – Well you're right Do you run all of Reddit? Did you make all these posts? – Oh is it really? I was making a joke I felt sure that I didn't win– – [Rhett] I can't read those numbers, it just looks like they're both in the 50s which means it's pretty even – It's a little weird 'cause one sections says R and L compete against each other with guests and the other section says R and L play game to each other with guests so it's a little, I was a little confused by that

But essentially, the percentages are fairly close 'cause in one column it says Rhett wins 46%, Link wins 31 And then a tie 22% of the time And the other thing says Rhett wins 58, 59% Link wins 56%, so I mean– – And for the record– – It's not as skewed as you would think – I was making a joke assuming that I was a loser most of the time

– Well you shouldn't assume that about yourself, Link – And the data has beared that out – I actually, if you had asked me to guess the reality, I would have said that it was somewhere in a very even split I think there are some games in particular like the dart game that you got a bad losing record but I think that there's a lot of games where you've got a little bit of an edge – Hmm, imagine how the record would be if I actually tried? – Oh (chuckles), okay

– Uh-huh – All right Watch out, son – But I wanted to bring up the score sheet specifically because people take the games that we play so seriously that I as the announcer of the scores oftentimes and thrown under the bus if I do not make the right call on whatever answer it is – Right

– As you know, we are all coming up with the score and I'm just voicing it But it's fine But there was one particular episode where I was really peeved about it – Peeved, huh? – I was just pissed right off about it And that was in the Craziest Game Show Answers episode where I was Stevie Harvey

– Ah – Now in the episode, there was a question that you both got wrong And then I tried to explain to you why you got it wrong and here's that clip – At Sir Irving's knighting, the queen slipped with her sword so instead of being knighted, Sir Irving was blanked – Uh– – Castrated him

For the win – I didn't go quite as far, I just said he got circumcised – Oh (chuckling) You really didn't go as far – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

– Let's see what he said – At Sir Irving's knighting, the queen slipped with her sword so instead of being knighted, Sir Irving was blanked – Uh, bar mitzvahed (game show audience laughing) – Hey – No

Absolutely not – Hold on, Stevie – No – That's right, right? – No if you're circumcised it's a bris, and I think it's, he was trying to look for that, but he went with bar mitzvahed instead of bris, which I'm taking a negative point away for both of you at this point – What are you Jewish or something? – Yes, I'm Jewish Stevie Harvey

(groans) – (chuckles) I like the clip that ends in ugh – (groans) So disappointed – Just as a reminder, you were supposed to be guessing what that person was gonna say that was like a crazy answer – Right, right – So and then the commenters were not having it even though I explained in the episode why that was the incorrect answer and then also you weren't really having it

– No – So I really– – Sorry 'bout that – It's been a long time coming but I needed to take things into my hands? – Yeah, take 'em right into your hands – (chuckles) And you know, I'm Jewish I had 10 plus years of Hebrew school

– Okay – I feel like that qualifies me, I can still read He, Hebrew I can't say it – It's hard to say sometimes – But I can read it

So I decided why don't we get someone in here to teach you about the bris ceremony and so I called up my good friend Larry King who said, "Yes I'll do it" (Link snaps) Then yesterday, he said it's been a long week and he had to cancel on us which is fine, shout-out to Larry We still love you – I understand – Yeah

– What that did though is it left me with a bris ceremony to plan last minute And I pulled everything together and I got someone in here who is as equally Jewish as I am to just lead you through the ceremony They're waiting for you in your office right now so please, go ahead I'll see you guys after the bris – Shalom

L'chaim You might not recognize me I'm Stevie Harvey but my mustache changed due to the fact that we didn't have the mustache I was wearing previously and now I'm wearing this one I do have two yarmulkes As Stevie mentioned less than a minute ago, you're going to be walked through a traditional Jewish bris and I'm sorry for the smell

– Smells like onions in here – Very strong – Yeah luckily it's due to onions 'Cause sometimes it's not due to onions, but it's due to onions Let me just remind you– – Like an infection or something

– Yeah something – Reading this what a bris is A bris is a ceremony in which an eight-day old boy's foreskin is removed from his penis – Okay I don't have any questions

– Just you wait A bris should have a minyan which is 10 or more adult Jewish people What we did was we basically rounded up the Jewish people in the office which usually isn't a good thing In this case it is – Oh gosh

I can't laugh at that – So we have a mini minyan and I would just like to go down the line if anyone would like to say what their Hebrew name is Zack – Can I pick one right now? – Oh Alex, I'm sorry You're not Jewish but yeah

– I'll go with like Ralph – Yeah yeah, that's good – The first step is that the baby is carried into the room where the circumcision will take place It's a great honor to carry a baby to his bris and it should be done by someone who is important to the parents Oh sorry, you're playing the parents

I'm sorry I didn't– – Oh – You are in this instance the parents Now because Flanagan did not wanna be on camera today, Davin is the important person But you know what Davin, you are important – Oh gosh

– I didn't think that Baby Secret had a penis – Well– – That's the secret – [Stevie] Not after today – I'm trying to be very solemn and– – Ope – Like just respectful and not uneasy

– Okay Thank you for letting me know What you just saw is the baby being handed to the sandek and being selected as the sandek is the highest honor one may receive which is of course why we gave it to Alex, whose Hebrew name is Ralph Now I am the, I'm playing the part of the mohel – Got it

– Which is the person who is specially trained in circumcision Now I will cut the penis As you mentioned, Baby Secret does not have one, which is why we have strategically placed a fingerling potato– – Perfect – In my hand I wanna be clear, this is not how this is usually done

– They usually don't take it and– – Detach it – And usually a special knife is used to cut the foreskin but those knives are very expensive Which is why I will be using this carrot peeler – Okay – Yeah of course

– So I gotta say I'm the least qualified to be approximating a penis with a fingerling potato, but what I imagine is happening it that this part right now is the part that I'm gonna shave – Yep – Just live your dream – And then, ooh, shiny – Why is this painful? – [Stevie] Shiny

And what you wanna say is shiny three times – Gosh Oh gosh – I'm not watching (blows potato) – Golly

– Yep, okay – You know the interesting thing is that orthodox Jews actually keep the foreskin, they put it in a jar and then on the day that their sons get married, they give the jar to the new wife as a gift – Of course – That is a lie – Good

– What you do is you feed it to– – Oh, feed it to Ralph Well there's some on the ground There's foreskin on the ground so you know what – A year's good luck for me – I think you've got enough

– Because this is a potato, it doesn't have any blood so what we did was got a little bit of ketchup in a small packet Is it opened? – Wrong end (Alex and Link chuckle) But why does there have to be blood? – Now I have to clean the blood from the wound And so I'm going to use gauze to do that Thank you

(Link moaning) So I'm going to just wrap this baby up Now after your penis is wrapped, you're gonna wanna sprinkle a little cumin on it– – What? – For a little added flavor – [Rhett] Yep, done that before – Okay – Adding some cumin to it is a funny joke

– Yep – It doesn't actually happen Now we will turn to this page – This is, you know what – I've never been to one of these before but, you know

I think I'll do it more often – [Link] Yeah – So after you have your flavored wrapped penis, what you're gonna wanna do is pour some wine May I just put this penis here? – [Alex] Yes – What is going on? – Now– – What? – Everyone cheers

(men cheering) (Link screams) – The baby penis fell in the cumin – Okay, now we are going to not drink that, no no No not yet We're going to place a couple of drops of wine in the baby's mouth – Of course we are

– [Stevie] Don't worry about the penis, it's gone now – Okay – Be careful please – [Link] Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh – Okay now the ceremony is over

– Oh thank goodness – I just wanna make sure before we wrap this all up that you understand what a bris is now – You remove the potato penis You shave it You coat it in cumin

– Nope, nope, no, first you add the blood – Add the ketchup – Then you wipe away the blood – Your shawl keeps falling off – Then you bandage it

– Then your mustache comes half off And then we get to drink wine and forget this ever happened But we do get to keep the ♪ Baby ♪ – The little drunk baby – Yes, that is what happened So now it's time to eat the bagels

– I thought you were gonna say eat the baby and that was not gonna surprise me at all (chuckling) – L'chaim! – L'chaim! Oh I thought we were all gonna do it together (chuckles) – Hey guys, you can come back – Oh goodness! – How was that for you? – It was quite the learning experience – [Stevie] Yeah

– I'm scarred, thankfully just emotionally – Oh, yeah I was gonna say you're not the only one (chuckles uncomfortably) – We should have brought our baby back but he, she, it's in a safe place And you know what, we were talking about the In-N-Out animal fries earlier

It just occurred to me that I've seen, they perform their circumcisions on their potatoes right there in front of everybody – Right – As opposed to like McDonald's, they ship their potatoes pre-circumcised – Mm-hmm – That's why I like In-N-Out, very fresh

– I'm a little bit lost I'm lost on where you're going with this – Oh, well, yeah you weren't there – Yeah can't I just say, if it's not clear, did you know this was a comedy show? And we're not telling people if they should or should not get circumcisions for their children Did you know that? – Yeah yeah yeah yeah

– I feel like it might be something that we need to make clear – Yeah let's just go ahead and say that, this is a comedy show – Well you know what, I have a special message though – And Rhett has a special message – I have a little PSA

Circumcision is your baby's decision So leave it up to no one else, you know what I'm saying, like leave it up to the baby eight days in At that point, they clearly have the ability to make the decision and just look them in the eye and just hope you don't miss – Can I say something into a camera too? – You probably should – Actually we're not making any opinions about circumcision at all

– [Stevie] Yeah – We're just having a little fun – Yep – It's true – And it's over

It is over – It is over, and that is when we say our closing line – Oh – Oh – Until– – Next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – F-S-O-H-O, I said that backwards or wrong or something

– I am circumcised (poppy electronic music)

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