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– Today, we invent a new food sport – Let's talk about that

(playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning – You should come see us in concert For those of you in London, it's February 15th, and back here in the US, we're gonna be in St Louis, Columbus, DC, and Nashville in April Go to RhettAndLinkLive

com for tickets and info – And almost as importantly, the Super Bowl is nearly upon us, but since only 01% of people ever have a chance to play professional football, the rest of us get knocked on our butts by tailgating and playing party games – Yes, and because every sport is made better through food, we decided to combine an iconic sport-watching food with an iconic sports-bro activity to invent a brand new food sport Yes, we're marrying chips and dips with beer pong in the wedding of the century and the dress code is a tuxedo t-shirt

It's time for Food Sports: Chip Dip Pong First up, we're giving you a showstopping party snack hack that doubles as the ping pong ball replacement – Instagram, Pinterest, and your obnoxious crafty friend, Tammy, will be shook when you show up to the party with our brilliant chip balls developed and perfected through multiple rounds of trial and error by mythical chef Josh, so that you can make the exact same creations at home, check it out – Alright, so first we need to make our glue, and that's just gonna be made with Velveeta and whole milk, So you're gonna take one pound of Velveeta and you're gonna cut that up into little bits Put it into a pot with three tablespoons of milk, whisk that up until it's melted, pour that into a squeeze bottle, put the squeeze bottle into the freezer just for about 10 minutes to set up, then you take two Tostitos Scoops, pipe it around the edges of one, place another one on top, and then use your squeeze bottle of Velveeta to fill in the seams

And there's your ball Kobe – Here they are Use #ChipBalls to show us yours – Don't use #ChipsBalls, that's something different

We are in the Pong Zong, and we invited mythical team members Josh and Will to be the losers in our game of chip dip pong How you guys feeling? – I've never played beer pong ever in my 25 years of life – Well, this isn't it – This is different – I've played thousands of games, won close to thousands of games, so I plan on carrying this whole team

– Okay, I am a little intimidated – We're winning, we're gonna win – Okay, this is how this is gonna work We're playing four-cup elimination chip dip pong, diamond rack, all the cups have had the beer replaced with various dips One re-rack per game, no rollbacks, bounces, ball-backs, elbows, rebuttals, or bazookas, and the losing team has to chug a hot skunked Natty Light – Ooh, okay, and just like in normal pong, if the other guy makes a cup, then you have to chug the dip and get the chip ball in your mouth and consume that whole thing, alright

– Oh my god – Three of the four cups on either side have normal dips, but one of them, and it can be different for each side has a nastiness added to it that I'm being told Do you know? – I don't know actually, I have a couple of guesses knowing how people's minds here work – But you didn't do it? – I didn't do it, no – 'Cause usually you would do this

– Yeah This is scary, this is the first time I've been on the other side – Alright, and when you're chugging, you have to do the chip dip chant, which we practiced, let's demonstrate right now – [Group] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – It's so cool

– It's great – Alright, because we're taller, we'll let you guys go first – Thank you, do you wanna go first, I'm better at batting cleanup – Okay, I don't know what that means – Grab the chips, throw it into the cup and then I'll make it in the same one

– Okay, alright – I believe in you, Will – Oh wow Which one of those dunks you wanna drink? That brown one looks like it (Will grunts) – Oh, save that one, it didn't break

– You may need everything in your bowl over there, yeah – Wait, you're already throwing? – Did someone mop this floor? – Yeah, I gotta be in a rhythm – I thought it was my turn – I'm a rhythm shooter No, you go, – He's doing rhythm

– You know the rules, it's both of us throw on each side, right? – Can you do this? – This isn't miniature golf, move your hands – I believe in you, Link Do I give you a big hug now or later? – Oh, that was close – So close – Don't step on it, Will

– So close – Yeah, we may need that – 30-second rule – What's up – I got it, I got it, I'm feelin' it

I feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme – Look out for this edge right here – Get on up, it's chip pong time – Overshot it – They're denser, they're denser then the ones I practice with

(driving rock music) – Oh, I thought that was in (Rhett and Link grunt) – Bad-a-boom, bad-a-bing – [Group] Oh! – Chug, chug, rub, rub – [Rhett] You like hummus, do you wanna go first? – Yeah, this appears to be hummus I'm gonna give it a nice chug since I'm here

It's dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – And I have to hug you while you do this – Alright, here we go – [Group] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – Keep doing the chant

– [Group] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – It's hot – Ew, he got one of the gross ones

(Link mutters) – [Stevie] That was your mystery cup Surprise, it's spicy hummus (Rhett laughs) – I'm sorry, hey man (Link mutters) – Did the hug help? – It's important that I do this as his opponent – Oh gosh

– The stakes are so high – Oh, the hiccups are coming – You still haven't gone yet, right? – I haven't – Were you aiming for the (hiccup) spicy – No, I didn't know it was spicy

I thought it would've been dog food (Link hiccups) – Oh, granny shot – Yes, oh – It almost worked Well Link, you're actually up again

– Your adrenaline should be spiking right now It's good for sports – No, I'm just (hiccup), I'm gonna throw this right through your body – Just aim a little short, account for the adrenaline rush – Do some underhand, it's good for your health

– Do some underhand – No, he didn't (Link cheers) – I told you it would work Yeah! – Alright, we have the chant, gentlemen – Chug, chug, rub, rub

– [Group] Big hug, big hug Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – Oh no, oh no, I know what is it now – What is it? – Malic acid

– [Stevie] Revenge is best served sour It is the sourest cream – I knew what it was, sour cream, sour, ha, ha, sour cream, I get it – Oh man – Oh god, my teeth hurt

– You took one for the team, thanks man – I took more for our team – I'll give it a sip, let me give this a sip Just kidding – We can keep this going right here

– We're tied up, and we're in pain (group cheers and whoops) Alright Will, I don't what that is, but, dip, dip, – [Rhett And Link] Chug, chug, big hug, big hug Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug

– Dip, dip – It becomes chip the more you say – Are you giving him the Heimlich? – I don't know – Is he choking? – What is it, ranch? – It's this, like this, Tostitos been on the floor – Yeah, it's old

The Velveeta makes 'em soft – What is that? – It's like, I mean, it's probably fine, I'm just disgusted – [Stevie] It's spinach dip – It's spinach dip, you drank it? – That's not bad – Okay, alright, and that one leaves the board

– The floor Tostito ruined it – Can we get a re-rack to stoplight? Yeah, thank you – [Link] Alright, that's your only re-rack – That's our only re-rack, that's the only one we need (Will retches) I'm not feeling great either, man

– That one wasn't even supposed to be gross, Will – It just is – Little to the right – Believe in the underhand – I love the technique, I can't fault the technique, though

– Okay Link, you go first – That was so close – Do you want a re-rack? 'Cause I'm usually more on line each time – Yeah, let's re-rack, vertical – And the distance is the problem

– Yeah, boom! Eat the red – Will, I have so much self-esteem locked up in this I don't wanna lose – Dip, Dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – [Group] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug

Dip, Dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – It's so hard between, – Hey Will, that doesn't look like a hug I don't know what you're doing – Dip, dip, chug

– Something else – Oh, wow – That's my chugging stance He was right, I was wrong – I don't know why he was bending over

– Story of my life, this isn't bad, though – That's not bad? – This isn't bad, this straight salsa's not bad – Is it organic? – It's just all over everyone's mouth is the part that's getting me – We're not done, guys I still got a chance to – For the win

– Take that out right now – Please, please, no, no, no, no – There's no rebuttals, so this is for the win – At this point, put us out of our misery – Aw! – Horrible

– [Will] Come on – You're so far behind at this point – Oh my god This is atrocious – This is where I'd be at by now if we were really playing

Not at all – Seriously? – It always looks great until you throw it – Until you do it – For the win – [Will] Don't do this, Link

– Yep, yep, that's it, that's it (Rhett and Link groan) – [Will] It broke open, two points for us – Alright, you saw what I did, just do it a little bit better Come on, do it Put 'em out of their misery

– Aw! – Short – Wlll, in 1980, (inspirational music) Lake Placid, New York, a group of ragtag teenagers took on the fiercest hockey team ever assembled Not only did they topple them, they toppled an entire political ideology in the process They didn't believe in themselves, and neither do you – Lock me up

– But Kurt Russell did I think, he was in Miracle, right, Kurt Russell? – I thought you were talking about The Mighty Ducks – [Will] I thought he was talking about The Mighty Ducks, too – Anyways, make this cup, man, come on man, come on, Will – Is this Space Jam? – Michael's secret stuff was inside them all along

– It's the secret stuff, you can do this – Aw, so, it was in there, – Brick – Come on man – It was in there – Kurt Russell, come on, he's Santa

– If his speech meant anything to you, Will, sink the chip – I know what I'm doing The underhand is where it's at I gotta step back a little bit – That was one of your better tosses

– It was closer than the last one – I will say, okay, alright, alright There's no pressure because we're so far ahead Like don't, just a day at the park – It's high risk

– You're just shooting around, nobody's watching – It's intense – Look at those trees – It's Madison Square Garden, everyone's looking – There's an old man reading the paper, he's just looking up, he doesn't care

– Not even a little bit – Not enough loft – Get it in there – Are you telling me how to play? – Just make it Come on, come on

– So close – Another split – You go first, you go first, let's switch it up – Watch this y'all, watch this Y'all ready to drink? Y'all ready to drink? – Yes! – We got so much we could gulp over here, guys, why are you going easy on us? – The groans from the audience come out

(Will gasps) – That's it, that it (Rhett and Link cheer) – [Rhett And Link] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug Dip, Dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – Yeah baby, look at me, look I was able to make stuff

– Yeah, three of 'em – Yeah! – [Rhett and Link] Dip, dip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – Really, you failed yourself I think the system failed us – Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug

Chip, chip, chug, chug, big hug, big hug – Alright, you guys earned yourselves some hot skunky Natty Lights in Good Mythical More – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – [Group] You know what time it is – I'm Lydia

– I'm Michaela – And we're at Central Maine Community College in Auburn, Maine – For our first day of college, – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Good luck, ladies – Big things ahead

Click the top link to watch us play flip cup with Josh and Will in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land Grab a front-row seat and listen in as we explore life's most interesting questions Subscribe to Ear Biscuits wherever you listen to podcasts

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