Cheese Only Meal Taste Test | TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING?

(upbeat music) – Fromage, queso, formaggio, no matter how you slice it, cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world – Quite frankly, I can't get enough of it, or can I? That's the question we're about to answer

It's time for Is Too Much of a Good Thing a Bad Thing? Cheese Edition Now with the help of mythical chefs, Tess and Josh, we're about to dine on a full meal that puts cheese in the driver's seat, and in the passenger seat, and in the backseat, and tied up in the trunk There is no nook or cranny that has not been cheesified in this entire meal – Okay let's get to it First the first course, we have ordered cheesy macho nacho queso supreme with Cheeto asada

– Oh, Cheeto asada, my favorite – Cheesy – Good evening sirs So, the chips are made of crispy cheese – Mmm, move this over here

– And then, cotija, you're almost there – Cotija? – You know, don't repeat after him – Just eat it – Okay – Yeah, you can just absorb it

– And then we have refried marscapone beans, such as fried cheese balls, we have Cheeto-crusted carne asada, a whole Gruyere nacho cheese sauce That is sour cream cheese, just lime juice and cream cheese, the finest Here we have pecorino de gallo That is pecorino instead of tomatoes, just for you buddy – [Link] Thank you

– And then, this is goat-amole, which is goat cheese guac – Mmm, nice – Enjoy – Thank you so much – Wow

Is this thing made of cheese? – [Josh] Um, no That's just a green thing – So, we need to create a bite that has everything So, I've got two of the different dealios on here, but now I gotta get three of the toppings – Let me get some of this

– This, a little bit of that – A little bit of that – Oh, gosh – Wow, looks good Smells great

– [Rhett & Link] Dink it – I'm gonna try to get all this cheese in one bite – Yeah, me too – Well – That really packs a punch

– You keep waiting for something else other than cheese to happen in your mouth – And it doesn't – It just keeps happening Cheese, and then what's that? Cheese, what's that? – [Rhett & Link] Cheese – But what's that? – More cheese

♪ Cheese keeps happening in my mouth ♪ ♪ What can I do about it nothin ♪ – That's a really catchy song Now, you know I already established how much I like cheese, but I really like cheese I like cheese as much as a person can like cheese I believe I'm on the end of the spectrum – Mhmm

– And, you're a cheese appreciator, – I acknowledge cheese can be good – but things can get too cheesy for you Sometimes, I've actually heard you say the word too cheesy – Mostly I was referring to your jokes, but the jury's still out It's not too much cheese so far, but it is an overwhelming amount

Let's hit the next course though – Okay, if you're gonna have something heavy like this, you also need to have something green So, we have ordered a cheese wedge salad – Yes – Two wedge salads gentlemen

Okay, so we have a Gouda that has been mixed with basil pesto and a little bit of spinach pesto and melted down, and carved into a little wedge Then, we have some Roquefort dressing, and we have a crusted monteray jack with bacon And, tomatoes are bocconcini balls that have been infused with tomato paste, enjoy – So, these balls are not actually tomato That's just the cheese ball colored red? – [Tess] Yes, that's correct

– You weren't listening – [Tess] I was, these balls are not actually a tomato – That's right – [Tess] It's just a cheese ball red – It is good when you're not actually listening to then just agree with me

– [Tess] Okay – Say I'm correct – [Tess] You're right – This is not exactly light – That is a heavy salad

– Okay, I'm gonna cut down the middle – But this is actual bacon, am I right – [Tess] Um, yes that's correct – You started to latch onto the part that's not cheese, and it's like the very very minority here – I'm just guessing that this is gonna be too much for you

You do not like Roquefort, which is like an even stronger blue blue cheese – Oh, really? – Yeah, get plenty of it though It's gotta be a real test here – [Link] I'm gonna take half of one of these Oh my word

– Get plenty of the sauce That's the good part – Dink it It's a salad, it's good for you Ooh

There's something really aromatic – This is actually better than the nachos for me – The Gouda has a smokiness, am I right? – [Tess] Mhmm, that's correct – Don't second guess yourself – That is good, that helps

– Yeah, when you make observations, you can't say, "am I right" You gotta go into your brain – The Gouda – [Rhett & Link] Has a smokiness – Period – And, I am right – Yeah, you don't necessarily have to say that out loud, but maybe as you grow into it – Um, you're right

Even though I don't like blue cheesy stuff, this is easier to eat as a salad than the nachos were – This is really really good – Could you eat the whole thing? – No, I would probably die on the spot – (laughing) – I mean this thing is probably like 4,000 calories Okay, what else do we have? – Now, cheese tends to be quite salty, so we're gonna need some refreshments out here

We have ordered two Arnold Cheesers – The world famous So, what we have is a parmigiano-reggiano broth that is mixed with ice tea, and then just as Mr Cheeser liked it, we are gonna put in three beer cheese ice cubes – I didn't know what an Arnold Palmer was until I moved to Los Angeles

That is ice tea and lemonade mixed together – Right – Is there any tea or lemonade in this? – There is definitely tea There's about a nine to one parmesan to tea ratio – (laughing) – Just the way Arnold Cheeser liked it

Before you ask, because everyone does, we do have mozzarella cheese stick straws – Oh gosh – That should be at least semi-functional – (laughing) – Enjoy – Somewhat functional if you can get it out

– Yours went kinda deep – [Rhett] Oh, sorry – Now, I'm just gonna smell this Smells like cheese, liquid cheese – Here I go

– Here I go, here I go – Mm, that works The cheese straw works – (gurgling) – I've always thought that those things that they sell as cheese straws should function as a cheese straw – Ugh – Give it a chance man

– I did – Give it a chance – I did – I gotta get my mouth on a cheese ice cube That's really the

– [Josh] That is the proper technique – I'm having a difficulty with it – This is just what Mr

Cheeser would do – My nose is running – Oh, oh, okay – This is not my idea of refreshment – I may be reaching the upper limit

I think I've hit the upper limit I don't think I should have bitten into that – But you know what, now that we are refreshed, let's move onto the next course No meal would be complete without dessert, right? We have ordered peaches and cheese crumble cobbler I'll move this out of the way

– Okay, that was a little strong – That is intense – Wow, you guys have a little spill here So, this is a cheddar based crumble with white sharp cheddar Then, we did a sauce Mornay with truffle cheese from Spain

– Is that what you're calling this is a sauce This isn't ice cream? – No that is actually whipped cream that's been infused with cheese wiz – Oh, of course it is – Enjoy guys – Ugh, that is really good

– Very magical thing Cheese whip We've freakin invented cheese whip – No, we didn't – We

– [Tess] You did, you did it – You guys, you're doing great – [Tess] Nope, you did it

– Cheese whip – Can we take credit for it just like Link did? Alright, I have high hopes for this one I think this may bring the whole meal back I think I just made a mistake with eating that cheese ice cube – Right

– I'm waiting on you brother – Dink it, you got quite a big bite – Yeah – Mm, that's good – [Tess] Really? – So good

Now, I've had apple pie with melted cheese over it I thought that looked and sounded weird, but then I tasted that and it was amazing This is taking it one step further, and it's so good – If you take, sorry Mr Cheeser, rest in peace

Is he dead? – Yeah – Rest in peace If we didn't have that, this would be the perfect meal – This right here, I'm taking another bite of this Bringing this in

– [Tess] Good on you guys – But officially, can you have too much of a good thing when it comes to cheese? We have to say officially yes – Yes, I hate to say it, but yes – Skip to dessert guys – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Liz – And, I'm Sierra – We're from Reno, Maine, and as you can see, we can't – [Unison] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Those girls stole our blindfolds We'll get you Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning – And, click the top link to watch us try a 17 cheese ice cream in Good Mythical More – More cheese, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land

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