Celebrity Favorite Snacks Taste Test

– Which celebrity has junk in the trunk and in their mouth? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer? – Hey, if you haven't already seen it, I'm in a new show on Mythical Society called How Long Can I where we see how long we can do some incredibly dumb things

The show premiered yesterday so make sure to join Mythical Society and watch it, won't you? – Celebrities are just like us They love eating junk food – The only difference is when Jennifer Lawrence eats McDonald's, she has an Academy Award at home and when I do it, I'm usually crying Not because I think McDonald's is sad, just because I'm usually always crying (Jordan chuckles) Today we'll be guessing celebrities' favorite junk food

It's time for– – [Jordan and Emily] Let's Risk Our YouTube Integrity By Matching the Junk Food to the Famous Celebrity – Here's how it works: we'll get to try junk food that a celebrity has explicitly said that they love We'll use one of these 10 masks and guess which celebrity said they love it As an added bonus, every celebrity here is someone we do perfect impressions of – Mm-hmm

– The 10 masks are as follows: Jimmy Fallon – Kim Kardashian! – Gisele Bundchen – Nick Jonas – Russell Brand, mate – Taylor Swift

– Madonner – (chuckles) Martha Stewart – John Cena (chuckles) – Channing Tatum (laughs) – Martha Stewart, John Cena, and Channing Tatum all sound like wealthy British dowagers

– (laughs) They're all Maggie Smith – The loser has to sit their junk in junk for all of More, let's play Round one, Dunkin' Munchkins – You eat one? – You know, I actually don't love Dunkin' Donuts and I know saying that publicly has ensured that I am gonna get killed by a guy in a Celtics jersey (laughs) I'm gonna be hit, my face slammed into a curb

– Well I'll eat this one for you – Thank you – I love the chocolate cake ones, they're the really good ones – I mean I see Dunkin' Donuts as an east coast thing Who are you guessing? Kim

I think Gisele is married to an east coast football man I don't know that for sure I'm not a football fan myself – You're not a fan of much today, are ya? – No yeah, I don't know any celebrities because no one was in a punk band in the '90s Why are there not more members of Rancid up here? – Yeah

(laughs) – Is this what my voice was like the first time? – Mine was screaming! I didn't mean to do it like that It's like a really back of the nose type thing with the Kardashians that it doesn't sound real or natural to me but you know, I'm not them – Actually might be– – I need your final guesses – Yes ma'am – [Stevie] You wanna know the answer? – Yes please

– [Stevie] These Dunkin' Donut Munchkins are Gisele Bundchen's– – Hey! – Dang! – She told Wall Street Journal that that quote, "They're so tiny "It's a guilty pleasure" – I actually did not hate, I thought that was pretty good That was the best bite of Dunkin' Donuts– – You got a little right here – Thanks Mom

(chuckles) – [Emily] Round two, sriracha flavored popcorn – How do you feel about sriracha just as a condiment? – [Emily] Love it, put it on everything – Maybe it's a little overused in food these days I feel like I like it on Thai food or Vietnamese food but– – Yeah my stomach lining is lit – Yeah sure

– But woo, this does have a little bit of a kick I don't know, I think I'm gonna go with Taylor Swiftie on this one – I think that's a good call I think whoever likes this is kind of a foodie I thinks sriracha is kind of a foodie trend

That's why I think I'm gonna go Martha Stewart – Oh, really? – Yes, I love this sriracha popcorn Is this what I talked like in the first segment? – (laughs) I like cats All right – Do you like Taylor Swift's new cat? – She has a new cat? – Yeah, semi-recent cat anyway

– Oh man, I can't keep up – It's great – [Emily] Kitty! – [Stevie] Okay this is the favorite junk food of Nick Jonas – Ah – Oh

– [Stevie] He told US Weekly that he loves it but he won't eat it until the movie starts No eating during previews – That's a weird rule – No, everybody knows you pound all of your stuff right before the movie starts and then hate yourself– – Yes so you have– – Throughout the rest of the movie – A stomach ache for all three and a half hours of Avengers

– Yes, that's what you do – Round three, Fig Newton ice cream We've been told that this celebrity said they like to break up the Fig Newton as they eat a scoop of vanilla ice cream and we've gone ahead and broken them up in the ice cream ahead of time This is brilliant by the way – Yeah

– Whoever did this is kind of a genius I love it when stuff I like is smashed into other stuff I like – It does sound delicious – I am super into that I would love to smash other cookies I enjoy in vanilla ice cream, I think that would– – You wanna smash them? – Are you suggesting I wanna have sex with the cookies? Is that what you were saying? – I might be

– I'm not that lonely yet (Emily laughs) It's comin' though – Oh – You not like it? – No I just choked a little – Okay, this rules by the way

This is so good – Oh man – Do this at home The fig in the ice cream is so good, okay– – This has gotta be Martha Stewart – I think it's– – It's gotta be a chef type person who came up with this

– I think whoever did this is a cutie Whoever did this is a real cutie who likes to do cute things with their ice cream – But do they smash? – No, I don't think this is a sexual thing at all I resent the fact that you're making it like that (Emily chuckles) I think this was done by number one late cutie Jimmy Fallon

Whoa! – I'm gonna stick to my guns here – I wanna share this with The Roots I'm friends with Rhett and Link I think – That's true! – So I better not say anything bad about myself – I'm friends with Snoop Dogg

– [Stevie] This is incredible because this is enjoyed by Jimmy Fallon – Hey! – [Stevie] Which means Jordan is just on a roll – Oh my God – What? – [Stevie] He confessed on Ask Jimmy that he used to eat this all the time growing up – Fallon rules

– Round four, American cheese singles This is one of my favorite snacks – Yeah this was, I mean, this was for me, this was like my number one snack when I was four or now when I'm stoned – Yes This is, well my fridge is dangerously close to my bed

– Really? – I can just open the thing and reach on over – You don't have to move – I don't have to move – What a life Yeah, it's gummy

It might not be organic – It is not – It rules (pounds desk) – I love it – Oh yeah

I think whoever picked this is trying to convey a wholesome image 'Cause this is a very like, you're a kid – Okay – You're eating, Kraft, can we say Kraft? I don't know, you're eating cheese singles So I think, I don't know, I think whoever picked this in the interview is trying to convey a wholesome, all-American, down-home image and who likes to convey that image more than– – Taytay? – Taytay

– Dang – I have a new cat – I feel like this is– – It's pretty good – Here's my reasoning for my choice I think it's somebody who's like a, ugh, no I don't like that

No! – Take it off, Emily – I think it's either John Cena or Channing Tatum because I just, I feel like people who are always gaining muscle mass– – Oh – Just eat stuff like this all the time – Are we gonna get jacked 'cause we ate that cheese? – No, let's see, I think it's, I'm gonna go with Channing Tatum 'cause he kinda looks like cheese Doesn't his face look like cheese? – What cheese? – First, it is Kraft so– – Nice

– You can say it – Cool – Second, this is Martha Stewart – [Both] No! – [Stevie] But the next sentence I'm about to say I can't believe I'm about to say it She told Town and Country that her guilty pleasure is to steal these out of her housekeeper's drawer and eat them right out of the plastic

– Prison has changed her – [Stevie] I don't know what that means – Yeah, in prison you can trade a Kraft single for a pack of cigarettes – (laughs) You can Damn, that makes me have a lot of respect for her

– She steals from her employees – Not that part – Yeah – But the snackin' part – The part where she snacks you can respect

– I have a lot of respect for– – Hey Martha, buy your own Kraft singles, gosh darn it (Emily chuckles) Round five, McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped in honey We're both very excited to eat this – Yes he is – Yeah, this is great

Not enough people know– – Ooh! – That you can get honey at McDonald's and you can dip nuggets in it and it rules – I didn't know that This is awesome – Oh yeah – Oh I'm very, very excited

– Yeah I usually get– – I don't care if you double dip by the way – Aw thanks, that's nice Yeah I usually like to get one little pack of honey and one little pack of BBQ sauce and if they drip over into each other, who cares! – I'm afraid I'm gonna gleek everywhere, I'm salivating so hard (both laugh) – Yeah Yeah this is great

– Mm-hmm – Pretty good, huh? – I'm so happy – Yeah these are awesome You can dip fries in 'em too, that's also very good Yeah, boy, let's see

This is a tough one – This is really tough – I think, you know, I'm just gonna try and get into the head of the people who prepped this game a little bit – Okay – The random celebrity on here to me is Russell Brand

– Mm-hmm – I don't know if, you know, he seems like maybe he's not been that high profile lately, maybe he's up to something, I certainly don't know because he wasn't in Green Day So I think he's on here for a reason – Okay – So I think maybe this is him, I'm gonna go Russell Brand, mate

– I don't think it's Russell Brand He wears too many necklaces to eat McDonald's – He wears too many necklaces to eat McDonald's? – Listen, I think everyone agrees with me but you – I don't understand the logic of that at all – People who wear necklaces eat, you know, tofu

– No you're right People with necklaces do eat tofu – Men with tons of necklaces I think that your logic with the American cheese thing about trying to seem wholesome, it could be Taylor Swift but it could also be Kim Kardashian in my opinion I am gonna go– (sighs) I'm gonna go Kim Kardashian on this one just because I think it would be a cool thing for her to say

– Yeah – I eat, you have honey all over Russell (chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay This is the go-to fast food order for Kim Kardashian – Yeah! Got one! – Respect, respect

– [Stevie] She told her fans on her app that she likes to dip nuggets in honey – Of course she did Round six, PB and J with Cheetos – Okay so right now I am winning two to one Rub rub rub, I'm rubbin' it in

But Emily, you know me, I love the drama I'm a messy (beep) who loves the drama (Emily laughs) So why don't we go ahead and make this round worth two points so that if someone wins this, they win the game – That's so generous – Thanks, I'm fun

So this peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Cheetos inside Again, a brilliant innovation – Yeah – And I'm– – It's a little Breakfast Club – It is a little Breakfast, yes, it is a little Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club as we just had some Pixy Stix

Yeah boy, I hate to keep going back to this but this is so stonery So I think whoever this is is probably that way – Yep A lot of jelly – It's so, yeah, there's too much jelly in the sandwich but– – Josh! You're fired

– You know how we like our jelly! Sparse! No, you do a great job on the show and we love you – Definitely – I didn't wanna be mean to Josh This is really, really good Again I would put a little less jelly on this but this is a great combination of things

(crew and Emily laugh) So I think that whoever eats this from time to time is probably a little stoney baloney and I think of the people we have left, the most likely person is Channing Tatum – Yeah I was gonna do that too but just to break it up, I'm gonna go with Taylor Swift just 'cause this seems like a trendy millennial thing to do, putting Cheetos on this so– – How so? – Well Cheetos are really cool right now – Oh I didn't know that – Especially if they were Flaming Hot Cheetos then I would really definitely pick this but I don't know, this just seems like a cutesy thing to do Channing is so rude! – Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm

I was gonna be Gambit but they canceled the movie Mm, mm, mm – Is that true? – I think so – That is a big miss – [Stevie] Okay this is the favorite snack of one Channing Tatum

– Oh! Ho ho ho! – No! – Mm! – This is a quote from him from his Reddit AMA Bread, white, peanut butter, not crunchy, creamy Grape jelly, double portion More than you think should actually fit on a piece of white bread – Oh okay

So Josh was doing that for a reason, way to go – Sorry Josh – God I'm so sticky This is the stickiest I've been – Since when, Jordan? – (chuckles) Since this morning

– Since you smashed – Stop suggesting I have sex with cookies It's not helping my reputation – Is it? – Well I win Someone who looks a lot like me and has a cotton candy beard and is hosting a new show on the Mythical Society

– [Woman] Hey Randy, me and my husband are now trying to have our first child What do you think a name for a girl or a boy should be? – If it's a girl, Damp Napkin If it's a boy, Paul If it's a lizard, Swimmy If it's a cow, Brown Stuff

If it's a dog, Best Friend If it's a cat, Angel If it's a mouse, Jesus If it's a hamster, Bookshelf If it's a bookshelf, Jesus

Tune in at MythicalSocietycom – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – My name's Cotton Candy Randy and this is Cotton Candy Mandy – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Wonder if they'd be open to a third in their relationship (Emily laughs) I feel drawn to them somehow Click the top link to watch us guess crew members' favorite fast food orders in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] Got some hair, got some lips, got some stank? Get your groom on with the Mythical grooming collection available now at Mythical


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