Celebrity Cocktails Taste Test

– Today we drink like the stars – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning – We are very excited about the launch of our, shh, secret society called the Mythical Society, and we have developed lots of exclusive stuff for members including a vlog from us every single month just to you – Yes you're also gonna get a weekly video series called Behind the Mythicality and much more and if you sign up this month, you'll be an inaugural member and get a hefty bonus gift, this Mythical secret society– – Stein! – So join the fold at MythicalSocietycom – Only this month, y'all, and we do hope that you are having a Good Mythical Morning, but what happens when you're of legal drinking age and you're looking to nestle into a good Mythical evening? Perhaps that involved a refreshing adult beverage

– Yes I personally enjoy Seagram's Seven with bean juice – That's fitting because today's episode is all about strange, highly particular and unexpected cocktails, in this case enjoyed by the rich and famous – And can we match the celebrity to their favorite drink? It's time to play– ♪ Cocktails ♪ ♪ Woo-hoo ♪ ♪ Every famous person likes a cocktail ♪ ♪ Woo-hoo ♪ – Here stands the wall of fame On it we have celebrities Nicole Kidman – [Jordan] Yeah hello, Nicole Kidman here, from Australia

(Rhett chuckle) I hope these drinks aren't as poisonous as all the animals in Australia, yeah? – (chuckles) and Hulk Hogan – [Jordan] Oh yeah, brother I'm a bad person I'm a real rotten human being Oh yeah

– Matthew McConaughey – [Jordan] All right, all right, all right You know what I love about cocktails is I stay the same age and they get me just as drunk All right (Rhett laughs) – Donnie Wahlberg

(chuckles) – [Jordan] I'm not my brother Mark! – What? – I'm not Mark Wahlberg, I'm another Wahlberg, yeah? – He's a Kiwi? – That's his Boston That's his Boston accent – It's a Kiwi, it's a Kiwi accent – [Jordan] Boston – Next we have Oprah

– [Jordan] I love cocktails! (Rhett chuckles) I probably won't change my voice that much – Martha Stewart – [Jordan] Mm, yes, I'm looking forward to these cocktails today Hopefully they're as good as the toilet wine I made in prison (Rhett laughs) – Idris Elba

– [Jordan] All right yeah, it's me Idris Elba (laughs) Can you hear how handsome I am? – I can hear it, yes, I can And finally we have Benedict Cumberbatch – [Jordan] Yeah it's me Benedict Cumberbatch, but it's me when I'm doing an American accent (Rhett laughs) Like where is this supposed to be from, yeah? You know, right? I mean– – Oh

– Okay – [Jordan] I'm just a boy from Brooklyn – Okay we get it, we got it We're gonna feed you later – We're gonna be giving a strangely specific adult beverage and then our task is to match it with the celebrity that loves it and we'll indicate our guesses by actually giving that drink to the particular celebrity

I hope they don't have afternoon plans! – Whoever gets the least right has to drink a cocktail wiener cocktail in Good Mythical More which is of course a drink infused with cocktail wiener juice and blended with cocktail wieners inside – Yum – All right it's time for happy hour – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay Stevie, tell us what this drink is very deep within our Hollywood hills cloche

– [Stevie] These, gentlemen, are caipirinhas, classic Brazilian cocktails made of muddled lime and sugar and then finished off with Cachaca which is a Brazilian brandy made from sugar cane – Holy moly – That is sweet – Cachaca! – Sweet and limey – Mm, Cachaca sounds a little sophisticated

– You wanna go first? You have the honors – Brazilian whiskey? Whatever it was – Brandy – Brandy – Brazilian brandy

– Brandy It's refreshing Someone who needs that extra refreshment – Golly, this is not easy but I think this is something that Martha Stewart might be into Let's see if I'm right

– Thank you, thank you Yeah, put it right here, mm Mm Yeah, oh that's wonderful Could use a sprinkle of my homemade potpourri, but it's really nice

(Rhett chuckles) – Well she really liked it – Yeah – So that is your answer, you can place that there I guess – Oh gosh – You know what? I think this is a Cumberbatch

Yeah I think he likes that refreshing limeys – [Jordan] Perfect for me, just a boy from Brooklyn, yeah – [Rhett] (chuckles) You can see his eye (chuckling) – [Jordan] You can take it out of my mouth now This is a long segment

Yeah, that's right, uh-huh Yeah – He actually didn't like it as much as I thought he would I'm probably wrong but that is my answer – [Rhett] Okay, all right

– [Rhett and Link] Round two – [Stevie] You might recognize these babies as pina coladas made with light rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice – [Rhett] Hmm – Nothing too specifically different about that, huh? – Pretty straightforward – Mm-hmm

Who likes getting caught in the rain? You know what I'm saying? – Ho ho ho hey! – That song's got quite a twist Have you noticed? (Jordan laughing) (crew laughing) – Sounds like Jordan back there – No no no no no No it's not Jordan – All right, you know, on a vacation, off a vacation

Shoot, who is this? This is, I don't know, you got the umbrella and you got the, it's kinda got a frou frouness to it – Yep yep – I'm thinking this has got Hogan written all over it (Rhett laughs) – Really? – Oh yeah Hey, just a reminder, I'm a real bad person

Oh yeah, gimme, mm – I thought he would like to drink like vitamins – [Jordan] Oh yeah, mm (chuckles) – Want some more? – [Jordan] Nope, I'm a bad guy All right

– Okay and you know what, I agree with you I think this is frou frou which would not lead me to Hulk But it might lead me to Gayle out on a beach with her best friend! Oprah – [Jordan] That's right, I get a cocktail and I get a cocktail and I get a cocktail – Oprah

– You wanna try that maraschino cherry? Think you can get that? – I get a cherry and I get a cherry – And a pineapple So Rhett, throw your answer up there – [Rhett and Link] Round three (Link mimics explosion) – [Stevie] All right so these are picklebacks and what I'm gonna need you to do is take the shots of whiskey, that's the darker one

– Okay – [Stevie] And then you're gonna follow that with the shots of pickle juice – Pickle juice? – I feel like I could get into this I'm not gonna do the full shot because we got to share it with the celebrities But I'll take a dash

– Hey Oh it does help, ooh, but still – Where have you been all my life? – Wow – Pickleback – That is weird

– It's very nice It immediately takes the edge off of the whiskey So this is somebody who likes whiskey, but then wants to take the edge off of the whiskey – So you can keep going – So I actually think that this is the Hulkster

– [Jordan] It's me, you know what kinda guy I am The bad one (chuckles) – A little sippy sip – Follow it up with a little– (chuckling) (Jordan chuckles) – All right so this is your answer – Oh, I got some on my pants

(chuckles) – Hm, who's getting jealous of the Hulkster with the pickleback? I don't know, I just feel like, I feel like this is something that you do to one up your brothers – Oh okay I see where you're going – And your band mates – Ah

– You're not washed up band mates – Yep, uh-huh – You're out there making burgers, you know who I'm talking about, Donnie? You're out there making your burgers – [Jordan] Oh yeah it's me I'm as good as my brother Mark

Everybody knows that (Rhett laughs) – [Link] And get the chaser there, the pickle juice – [Jordan] Oh yeah, oh that's great – You love it? – Go Sox – [Rhett and Link] Round four

– It's an earthquake in the city – [Stevie] These are Aperol spritzes or spritzi I don't know which one's proper Made with Prosecco which is an Italian white wine, Aperol, which is an herbaceous, bittersweet apertif, soda water and topped with a slice of orange – This one struck me immediately

– Yeah, I have a strong guess Could I get a clean straw? – Yeah, here's a clean straw I'm gonna give my clean straw to Nicole Kidman Because I want her to talk to me – [Jordan] Yeah all right, it's me, give me that

Oh yes it's like when I had to drink to be married to Tom Cruise (Rhett laughs) Mm, oh yeah, I'm almost drunk enough to hear about your weird space religion, yeah? (Rhett and Link chuckle) – You also think this is Nicole Kidman? – Yeah I feel like she could use a little bit more because that's a great guess – [Jordan] Oh I'm back here – [Rhett] Oh gosh, I can't, I can't get into this (laughs) – Nicole, you're drooling and you– – She just took the straw from me

– You've stolen the straw – Okay – But look, somehow it's coming out of Idris Elba's mouth How did that happen? – [Jordan] Oh yeah (chuckles) – [Link] You got rid of it

– [Jordan] If it's on the run off, yeah – You got rid of it I was talking about the straw All right, final answers – [Rhett and Link] Round five

– [Stevie] These are pomegranate rose martinis They're made of pineapple and star anise infused organic vodka, three ounces of fresh pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds, half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and two ounces of champagne rose – Okay, you're going first on this You got some rose – I'm almost positive this is Martha Stewart but I've already picked her so, you know what, I feel like Cumberbatch could get in with some of this

He'd get in trouble with some of this – [Jordan] Yeah rose every day, oh yeah Mm Yeah, the perfect drink for me, a boy from Brooklyn, yeah All right

– (chuckles) I don't quite understand (laughs) All right, okay, you think this is Martha Stewart I think this is Oprah, but could it be that we need to speak with Matthew McConaughey first? (laughing) – [Jordan] I don't know, do you? Come on, baby – You gotta work for it – [Jordan] I'm pre-gaming

Mm – [Link] You like a little pomegranate in your life? – [Jordan] Mm-hmm Mm – Okay let it go – That's an antioxidant

All right (Rhett and Link chuckle) – All right – How many do we have right, Stevie? – Well Rhett It appears as if you have one correct – Oh I've got one correct

– And Link, you have two correct – [Rhett] Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo, okay – Yes – Ah so switcheroo – [Link] Did we both get Nicole right? We were both pretty confident in that

– This is trouble because if I had two right, I probably wouldn't switch any of 'em, because you know I'm going go with, first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go with what my instinct was about Martha – And I'm putting the pomegranate on Oprah, but then this limey lime down here I don't wanna change too much I've got two right, I just, I'm not changing anything else

– I think McConaughey is the pickleback connoisseur and then this was, yeah, I'm gonna say that that is Idris And, whew I know that one of these, I'm sticking with that That's my switches – Okay Oprah, why don't you call for the results? – [Jordan] Let's have the results! – [Stevie] Link, you have three correct

– Yes! – Oh ho ho ho ho – [Stevie] Rhett, you have zero correct – Aw! – Boom! Take that in the celebrity mouth hole! – Okay – All right, so what do we have? Nicole was wrong for both of us then – [Stevie] Nicole Kidman's favorite drink is not on the board

– Ooh – [Stevie] Hulk Hogan's favorite drink is a pina colada – I was right and I changed it Oh I wasn't – It's up there

– Oh I got it right – Yeah, that's you – Duh – [Stevie] Matthew McConaughey's favorite drink is not on the board – Ooh

– [Stevie] Donny Wahlberg's favorite drink is a pickleback – Pickleback – [Stevie] Oprah's favorite drink is a pomegranate and rose martini Martha Stewart's favorite drink is a capa, caipirinha You know, I said it right so many times

You gotta give me this one – Yes, right – [Stevie] Idris Elba's favorite drink is not on the board – Mm-hmm – And Benedict Cumberbatch's favorite drink is an Aperol spritz

– Oh well there you have it – How do you feel about that, Nicole? – [Jordan] (chuckles) I don't know I've been passed out for the last five minutes (Rhett laughs) I haven't heard the results I'm sure everything went swimmingly

– All right Rhett so you gotta drink a cocktail wiener cocktail in Good Mythical More Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Hey Hulkster, say you know what time it is – [Jordan] You know what time it is! You people who are better than me, a bad person (Rhett laughs) – I'm Katie

– And I'm Allison And this is little Jerry Seinfeld – We're from Buffalo, New York – [Both] And it's time to sin the Wheel of Mythicality! – All right, click the top link to watch us match the Mythical team member to their favorite cocktail in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

– [Rhett] Now you can dink it and sink it with a friend using this double-sided mug Friend not included, available now at Mythicalstore

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