Caviar and Vodka Taste Test

(Link laughing) – I'm gettin' ya I got ya! I really got ya! (Link laughing erratically) Link

(Link moans) – What? (laughs) (poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie, part of your average family I've got a dad, a mom and a sister There is Donnie, we found him, and Darwin, he found us Oh yeah, about our house: it moves, because we travel all over the world

You see, my dad hosts this nature show and my mom shoots it Okay so we're not that average, and between you and me, something amazing happened and now I can talk to animals It's really cool, but totally secret, and you know what? Life has never been the same Today's guests probably have no idea where that quote is from Please welcome Rhett and Link

(crew applauds and cheers) I'm clapping now as well – Don't tell me what that is, but– – I changed that – I think it's– – It's a show obviously – It's a show – Yeah? – It's Dora the Explorer

– Close kind of – What did you say, you can speak– – She can talk to animals and her dad, they're just in the wild and she talks to animals This show was on slightly after it was okay for me to watch it, like my younger sister watched it a lot You're never gonna get it, it's The Wild Thornberrys Nickelodeon show, 1998 to 2004

– The Wild Thornberrys? – An animated series – And animated series and every intro started with that and I probably botched it and I'm probably gonna hear about it in the comments but I tried – All you Wild Thornberrys fans – If you wanna send me any more intros that are difficult to say, do it and then we can talk about it afterwards – They don't necessarily have to be that long though

– That was a little longer than I was comfortable with but– – I was just standing over there – Are you excited to hear what we're doing today? On this Saturday? (Rhett and Link clap) – So glad I got up for this – I have slightly compromising footage of Link in his car – Oh good – We're going to celebrate your birthday, a little belated, couple days belated, but I didn't get to celebrate it with you on the day– – That's okay, I'm all right

I'm doing fine – And finally I'm gonna blindfold you and do things to you that you don't know about – Love it – Okay Great, but first, we have to drink our beverage of the day

This beverage only comes in two bottles, so I have two bottles and a glass Any preferences? – Why don't I? – Here You guys can have a bottle and a glass You can determine– – Just give us a bottle and glass – And today's drink is called Malk

– This is Malk – Malk, does that remind you of a YouTuber? – Yeah, Julian Smith – Yes – Did they ask his permission? – I don't believe so I don't believe Julian has moved to the cold-pressed Malk coffee business

– I don't know, he could be getting royalties You don't know, he's sneaky – That's true – Okay so it is cold-brew coffee and– – It's pecan milk – I would call it pee-can milk

– Pee-can milk – Pee-can, yes – Could you pour me a little? Can you shake it and give me a little? – Do we shake this? – Does it say shake? – Does it say? Shake well – If you haven't seen Malk, Julian Smith's sketch from years ago, I'm sure it still holds up Watch it, enjoy it– – Yeah I watched it recently, it's great

This is a plug for Julian Smith's Malk video (chuckles) Let's taste it, let's do it – I'm just waiting to get poured – Enjoy within seven to 10 days of opening Made in Texas

– I haven't had pecan milk – Oh that's plenty You know, I just– (Stevie chuckles) You know what cold brew does – What do you mean? – You know what cold brew does for me – [Stevie] It's mostly pecan milk

– Oh is that all you want? – Dink it You wanted half from you and half from me – Whoa! Hey good sound – And sink it Oh yeah

I like that – It tastes good, but I don't know, I find the concept of pecan milk a little pretentious – I like it a lot, man – You drink oat milk – Somebody's just out there trying to find the next nut to squeeze

You know what I'm saying? I would drink this for money Just because I find pecan milk pretentious doesn't mean I wouldn't drink it for money – Okay well speaking of other things you'll do for money, when this comes out, you will probably be in North Carolina 'cause last night you were at the NC State Fair – Oh what a night it was – Man

– Last night we tried out our Doing a full-length musical concert – Musical concert, yeah

– It went great – I feel that it did – I hope we survived – And then we got on a red eye and came right here to be on this show with you – Oh, well we kind of were pretending that that wasn't the truth and then you at the end pretended that that was, so I'm lost

– Played it both ways – But what I wanted to say– – All options – Is that the majority of the audience was not at that show that happened last night in the time that you're watching this On Ear Biscuits last week or the week before, you had mentioned, Link, that you were rehearsing on your own in the car on the way to work and that you might look a little odd while doing so– – Yeah – And I thought, we need to see this, so we sent you with Ben who now hates me, in the car

– After last week – Yeah– – You made up You made up, it's cool He's just not gonna back over things and run away anymore – To see what it was like– – We also promised we weren't gonna talk about it a week later

– In the car with you, here we go – Welcome to my car I've been asked to take you guys on a ride-along to show what it's like on my commute into work as I practice the songs that I'm gonna be performing at our concert First thing I do is, I crank up my car, and then I put my seatbelt on I gotta take these glasses off, gotta put 'em in a protective case, and then I gotta put these glasses on

These are more suitable for sunny environments I go to my practice playlist Rhett gives me a hard time about how long it takes me to get ready to drive I mean it literally takes me sometimes 10 minutes to leave my driveway And I'm pressing play

♪ You're a mama's boy ♪ ♪ I was born in an arctic cave and adopted by wolves ♪ ♪ That's how I was raised ♪ See we're on the interstate, man Everybody's doing their thing Everybody's trying to get somewhere Me I'm just trying to be a 40-year old rapper (chuckles) ♪ When my ca breaks down I don't call a mechanic ♪ ♪ I just open the hood and then I stare at it ♪ ♪ And then I call a mechanic ♪ I gotta merge right here

Oh you're blocking my mirror I almost hit that car! ♪ We need it ♪ ♪ We want it ♪ ♪ Vacation ♪ ♪ We own it ♪ ♪ Surf, beach, palm trees ♪ ♪ Got no worries ♪ That was Rhett's part, I shouldn't have sang that ♪ Hold up ♪ ♪ Fill the hole up with molten gold ♪ ♪ Molten gold nugget for my charm bracelet ♪ ♪ Potting soil ♪ ♪ Random seeds ♪ – I think he misunderstood my hand signal as an insult ♪ We can cruise around in a big SUV ♪ This car doesn't wanna pull up beside us, 'cause they see me singing ♪ In the dark that I cannot see ♪ ♪ Because it's so dang dark ♪ ♪ So dang dark ♪ ♪ So dang dark ♪ ♪ So dang dark ♪ I'm not gonna be driving on stage

That's the thing I don't have to navigate anywhere I mean I will get lost but then I realize, oh, where am I? I'm on a stage ♪ I just haven't met a woman of a high enough calimer ♪ Calib– (chuckling) This is my me-time though Just me driving into work

Ever since Rhett wrote me a letter and said he didn't wanna carpool anymore That's fine, I have my podcast (upbeat electronic music) Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I'm Link – [Link Speaks Over Rhett Voiceover] And I'm Rhett This week at the round-table of dim lighting, we are exploring the question is texting ruining friendships? – Yeah

You see how hard it is to lip sync yourself to your own podcast? – [Rhett Voiceover] Comedy duo Rhett and Link will be live at the NC State Fair, October 12, 7:30 pm, Dorton Arena! – See that's what I'm practicing for ♪ Mm, yes I am a nerd ♪ ♪ Bookworm I'm studious ♪ ♪ From my cerebral cortex to my gluteous ♪ I'm just practicing for a concert ♪ You need 16 gigs of RAM to watch a Steve Jobs doc ♪ ♪ I keep an actual ram in my PC ♪ ♪ His name is Spock ♪ ♪ I'm a new console ♪ ♪ Your face is birth control ♪ ♪ I troll Brony sites ♪ – See sometimes you're practicing, you just find yourself yell-rapping at an elderly couple at a stoplight

I'm not nervous about messing any of these songs up I'm gonna be great at all of 'em I'm gonna nail it ♪ You are the classic example of the inverse ♪ I don't remember that part Who wrote this crap? Well I hope you enjoyed your ride-along with me, Link, as I practice the songs that compose my concert at the North Carolina State Fair along with my friend Rhett

We're gonna make total fools of ourselves in front of family, friends, and other fair-goers By rapping Hmm It's gonna smell like cow manure there See what you missed when you don't ride into work with me anymore? – I've never felt better about my decision to drive myself to work

– Yeah There were a couple times when you were literally looking down in your lap as the car was going on the highway and then there was that part where you were like this which I was just confused as to what was happening with the car? – It's a self-driving car It's a Scion – Oh (chuckles) – I'm concerned

I'm concerned about you trying to do those two things on the road, driving and anything else (chuckles) Having just seen it a little bit Now to clarify, we're not carpooling because we're going to different gyms (chuckles sarcastically) (laughs) – That is– – So glad you clarified that one – We decided to go to different gyms

– Pity me not – You wrote the letter about that then – I was like, "Link, I hate to tell ya, "I'm gonna stop going to your gym" I got hurt at his gym I went to his gym– – My gym is like an upper echelon type scenario

– I told them, I was like, I need to get my back in shape And then I hurt my back, I was like, screw this! I went to the place that helps my back – [Stevie] That'll do it – And so now, one of the benefits is, we don't have to carpool anymore (chuckling) – It's a bit dangerous

I mean, but hey– – Also I gotta say– – I had to be good with the concert – When a young woman is walking across the crosswalk and you go, nice, or whatever you said (laughing) – I didn't say nice I was rapping – You said something that was akin to– – Singing

I'm not afraid of the dark – What she was seeing was, this guy This guy thinks I look nice (laughing) Not this guy is rapping to his own song And he's pleased with himself

– Yeah, yeah, you might wanna go back and explain that to her See if you can track her down – Okay for your birthday, I wanna do something that I've never done before so really it's mostly for me, but I thought that you would appreciate it – Okay – On the expensive food episode, there was caviar on everything, but you guys didn't touch it because you said that you didn't like caviar, but the caviar was the most expensive part of everything so I felt like we should all collectively experience, well I don't know if you've experienced, I haven't, the Russian caviar and vodka situation

Like have you ever had that? – No, that's how it should come, together? – Yes, so they do caviar and straight vodka and then bread with butter on it So I invited Josh to come– – Oh no – Join us because I really wanted to experience it and it's a celebration – Well then why does Morgan have our spit buckets on hand? – I'm not gonna spit it out – Thank you, Morgan

– I think it's gonna be an experience that we're all going to remember – Hey Josh – Josh, you like this, right? – Yeah, I'm a big fan of caviar – And we have– – What do you like about it? Because I'm not a picky eater, you know that – Gosh

– Yeah but it's just very concentrated flavors of the sea and when you try different caviars, they kind of express different notes, they have different textures, it's one of those things like wine where you kinda really dive into the culture behind it and that's what makes it special – Okay cool So– – I mean – How do you do it – Dish it out, man

– Yeah so, typically, you carry the spoon in your back pocket – Step one – Keep it warm – Like all Russians – Exactly

All Russians have a spoon on them at all times – I'm actually excited about this – You like caviar? – I like things that are super pungent, so you're kind of like, when you take a bite, you're telling yourself (bleep) yourself, but in a good way – Oh wow – You know? And the vodka I also dislike, so it's a double (bleep) you culinarily

– I was gonna say that too – You might need to see someone about that, Stevie – Might be, it does kinda sound like a sex thing, doesn't it? (chuckles) – Well, again, that's not what I meant (chuckling) I meant a professional of some kind – No but you know, like when blue cheese– – I just feel nauseous just thinking about this

– [Stevie] When something has that like– – No I relate to that – Ooh, you're like, that tastes bad but good – I like a lot of things that are bad but good – Go easy – But I just, I don't know

– So this is not, is it chilled? It is chilled – Yeah so the vodka is typically served like absolutely ice cold, especially with the caviar Caviar is always kept on ice and so you just take a shot of vodka and then– – Oh, shot of the vodka first – Why is the vodka first? – No, caviar then vodka – Do we have to take a shot of it? I feel like we should just sip it

– You can sip it – He said caviar first – Oh caviar first, then a little bit of vodka – Yeah, it's more just like a swatch of vodka and caviar – Do you know any Russian celebratory words? (speaks in foreign language) – What's that mean? – What's that? – I don't know

(Stevie laughs) No, you choose, you say (speaks in foreign language), right? Anyone, Russian? Yeah, yeah, (speaks in foreign language) – Davin is not Russian – He's from Indonesia – It's Russian adjacent, next to them – The guy from Indonesia was like, "Yeah, that's what it is!" (laughing) – Hey, he's closer than we been

– He is closer – A lot closer – He's closer to Russia – So to Rhett on his 41st birthday – Happy birthday, man

– Here we go Happy birthday (Josh speaks in foreign language) (Stevie chuckles) Wait, the caviar first You're not having? – Yeah I gotta say

Much better with bread and butter – The butter helps a lot – Oh yeah On top it was just a steaming hot omelet It was not good

– No – Huh – Hold on I think I might understand caviar now – [Stevie] Right? – Caviar

– Having the butter and something like creme fraiche, giving it some fat that actually distributes the flavors of the caviar better – Yeah But still, those black eggs are still not to my liking – Mah! I feel like I could breathe fire right now – Wow, you had a lot of that

– No (Josh chuckles) There was a little – Bwah! – And, it's really cold in Russia, so it's very cold whilst they do these – I'm trying to make our Russian audience proud – I like it! I'm glad that we did this

This was a first – I'm glad that you're into it – And now we can say that we've done this – I love that we've done this, she says Speaking for everyone

I'm gonna love that we did this – Speaking of other things that I'm gonna love and you're not, I have another Twitter scenario that I asked the Mythical Beasts on Twitter, and so now I'm gonna blindfold you Okay so the scenario that I presented to the Mythical Beasts, Rhett and Link are sitting next to you They're blindfolded So here are your blindfolds

– All right – What do you do, and I got some very interesting responses so please let me be you As you can see, you can't – Nope – All right, we're gonna do a little touching

– Of course, yes, yes – So if you don't mind, I'm going to take this – You want the finger? – Thank you so much for giving me the finger And I'm going to place it somewhere on Rhett's body and you're just gonna have to guess where I place it, Link – Wenis

– Close – Pectoral – Yeah – Okay, you don't have to rub it What's happening? – Am I about to be touched again? – (chuckles) It was be completely silent and see which one of them speaks first

I bet it's Link (Rhett and Stevie laugh) Mm-hmm, painus (Link sputters) – What? ♪ I'm so tight ♪ ♪ So stressed ♪ ♪ Need someone to rub my neck ♪ ♪ Aw yeah ♪ – Not me, man ♪ That's the spot ♪ ♪ I like the way you work my muscle knot ♪ – Eat my arm (soft music) – Ah

– Shrug – Okay I think that was a little more tongue than teeth, sorry (Rhett chuckles) – Sorry, man (Stevie chuckles) Sorry, man

– I just spit all over you – You just spit? – Yeah – On what? On my ear, 'cause it felt like a hand – Tickle party! – Oh (Rhett and Link laugh) I'm not even actually being tickled, ha ha! (all chuckling) – My God

– I'm gettin' ya! I got you! I really got you! (Link laughing erratically) – Link! (Link moans) – What? (chuckling) (soft music) All right guys (sighs) You can take your blindfolds off now – Boy, that was scary, fun, awesome adjectives Heh – Yes, until I got really tickled

And slammed my shoulder – [Link] Well I got plum tickled – I have like, look at that – [Rhett] Hey – You're a good tickler

– That's not from me, that's from my tickles I tickled – Yeah tickles – You hit yourself – I slammed myself due to the tickles

– Hey, when I get invited to a tickle party, I show up (Link laughs) – That's weird – That's all we have So please like, comment and subscribe, and now our final line Three– – Until! – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! (poppy electronic music)

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