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– The voice of Matthew McConaughey once appeared in Carl's Jr Commercials

It's just one of the 523 very important facts I know about Carl's Jr Another thing I know? Every last detail of their next mega-viral menu item This is "Future Fast Food" All right, all right, all right (upbeat music) "Future Fast Food" entry number 4,867

In my quest to predict and make every viral fast food item of the future, today I find myself wishing upon the star of Carl's Jr Hardee's? Carl's Jr? Yeah, whatever It's a story of family, a story of passion, and most of all, a story of redemption still being written In 2017, 12 years after Paris Hilton ate a Western Bacon Cheeseburger while riding a bull in daisy dukes, Carl's Jr

launched an ad campaign apologizing for their misogynistic marketing indiscretions So where do they go from here? Will Carl's Jr find a way to erase their indecent past and regain a sense of class? Carl's Jr's gonna realize they have to reach a new generation A generation that doesn't remember Kim Kardashian dripping ranch dressing on herself in a bathtub to promote the Cranberry Apple Walnut Chicken Salad

Carl's Jr's gonna go after millennials, and what's the only thing millennials love more than, I don't know, Wario memes and a comprehensive student debt forgiveness plan? Brunch The future fast food of Carl's Jr is the Lobster Champagne Brunch Burger They just don't know it yet

So we've gotta start off by making our Barefoot Bubbly Brut Rose hollandaise So we gotta get this reducing in a pot Then we're gonna put the reduced syrup right in there (bottle cork pops) Nailed it, all right Gonna get about half a bottle going in there

The reason Barefoot Bubbly is partnering with Carl's Jr is one, Carl's Jr is not gonna be able to find any classy champagne brand to go along with them But, they did think this was owned by The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten It's not

Either way, it's the match made in heaven We need to put a couple egg yolks into a double boiler Then we're gonna put in a little bit of Dijon mustard, little bit of salt, little bit of lemon juice You gotta whisk this up until you actually beat some air into the yolks You're gonna go ahead and gradually stream in your melted butter

So you need this to gradually heat while you stream the butter in there to create an emulsion similar to a mayonnaise while you're heating all the way through All right, so now we're gonna take a little bit of that Rose reduction, whisk that right in there If you've ever wanted to get day-drunk on an egg yolk emulsion, today's your day So we got a whole lobster boiling here And we just gotta take him out of the water, and then that goes directly into an ice bath

That's gonna stop the cooking immediately to make sure our lobster's not completely over and super chewy One of the things about lobsters everyone knows is that they used to be considered like the cockroach to the sea, right? They were fed to prisoners, but as train travel became more and more important, and popular people would take the train up to New England They developed a taste for Maine lobster, and it got a rebrand However, Carl's Jr's actually going to make the cockroaches of the sea by crossbreeding the lobster with the cockroach to reduce cost

'Cause the way this burger is right now, it's gonna cost about $70 They're gonna reduce cost and create truly a genetic nightmare and God's mistake So, now we can take the lobster out of the ice bath What we're gonna do, cut off its tail (chopping sound) Fantastic

(chopping food) So you're gonna wrap the cloth in a towel (mallet pounding) What we're gonna do is a quick butter-poach We're gonna add some sprigs of thyme and rosemary in there And we're just gonna let the lobster rest in the warm butter Now we gotta make our Thickburger

Thickburger is actually the name copyrighted by Carl's Jr It used to be known as the Six Dollar Burger They named it the Six Dollar Burger because that was the price you would've had to pay for a burger at a nice sit-down restaurant, but now their Thickburger is actually the cost of a sit-down restaurant burger at $6, so they had to rename it And so, we're just gonna take that, and we're gonna put it (burger sizzling) right into a grill pan to get those signature grill marks on it You see a lot of people like pressing their thumb into the middle of a burger patty while they're cooking it, and what that does, it actually spiritually connects you to the cow

It's kind of like a way to give thanks to the animal for sacrificing its life so you can provide nutrition for your body Also, it prevents the burger from like swelling up and becoming a softball Just gotta flip this burger (burger sizzling) Beautiful To prove to Carl's Jr

that this can be made in the heat of brunch service in a quick and expedient manner, I'm gonna try and get this in under four minutes Start the clock (upbeat music) (butter sizzling) (scraping griddle) Already going terribly It's like skating around to make Paul Bunyan's flapjacks Okay

(cracking egg) So we're gonna crack the egg in there Fresh-cracked egg, people think only McDonald's does it Not in the future Carl's Jr's gonna do it, too

We're gonna get the burger buns down there, and then, (scraping griddle) since the burgers are probably pre-cooked, we're gonna throw that on there, and then we're gonna melt our cheese right on top Now we play the waiting game (burger sizzling) (drumming fingers) All right, since the egg's gonna take the longest to cook, I'm gonna do old diner trick and just flip that Let the cheese melt directly onto that Afterwards, I'm gonna flip it back, revert the invert, put the hot lobster tail on top of that to continue melting the cheese

It's gonna shave at least two-and-a-half seconds off my time So, lobster tail (food sizzling) All right, bun's nice and toasty And we got a little bit of watercress down there Watercress, easily one of the top three most classy cresses

Like, it's no pepper cress, but (snorts) you know what I'm sayin'? Cause it's not frisee season yet God, I love frisee so much Aah, frisee is great Okay, take our burger patty right on top of that cress Take this off

Gonna get a little bit of that hollandaise drizzled all over it Gosh, that is so gorgeous! You can see the pink from the Rose Remove the excess off that egg (scraping griddle) Oh we're 10 seconds, we're so close! Maybe if you like breathe hot air on it (blows air) I refuse to serve a white that isn't set yet

I have almost no principles in life other than I'm not serving an unset egg white That, I'm just gonna crown right on top Time! – [Observer] 3:20 – 3:20? I'll take that any day of the week The whole rollout of this brunch burger is centered on the idea of classing up Carl's Jr by infusing it with heaping amounts of fanciness

Look! (majestic music) This incredibly fancy burger for only $869 Nice, right? But for $999, you can upgrade to the Carl's Jr Classy Meal

"What's in a Carl's Jr Classy Meal?" you ask Fancy this Each Classy Meal comes with a Lobster Champagne Brunch Burger, a medium drink, and a surprise classy trinket Let's see what's in this Classy Meal

Whoa, it's a monocle! So classy! But there will be a whole rotation of classy trinkets in there Maybe you get a monocle, maybe you get a fancy letter opener, maybe you get a new gazing ball for your garden The point is, when people in the future think of Carl's Jr, they think, "Classy" Glorbglerp, come fulfill the prophecy

Feed me my fifth item (Glorbglerp humming) Oh God, Glorbglerp, well how did you get up there? That is, here, do you need– (Glorbglerp humming) You are the pinnacle of grace and beauty, now please You will be released from your servitude once I eat the fifth item as was foretold Oh yeah, claw for it Oh my gosh, that is incredible! (Glorbglerp hums) (slurping noises) This is actually really incredible

The gruyere really hits it with a sharpness You get all that lobster This is incredibly fancy It's also incredibly delicious This is the future of Carl's Jr

This is gonna take the world by storm This is gonna make people forget about an entire decade's worth of trash advertising (Glerbglorp grunting) Glerbglorp, come back! (Glerbglorp grunting) That rascal Let's make this Future Fast Food a reality Click the Twitter link in the description below and smother Carl's Jr

with the hashtag, Future Fast Food It's like the classiest thing you could do Thank you so much for watching and as they say in the future, bye buy this shirt at FutureFastFoodnet Seriously, buy it


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