Can We Guess the Heat of Hot Peppers? (CHALLENGE)

– Can we play a carnival game while our insides are on fire? – Let's talk about that (upbeat electronic music) Good mythical summer! – It's me, your friendly neighborhood mythical chef, Josh

– And I'm of course, Shane from Smosh, and today's all about hot sauce – Ultra hot hot sauce heat seeking is just an exhibition of the fragile male ego's insatiable need to be the best at pain It's childish, it's crass, it is the patriarchy, Shane, hot sauce is the patriarchy – I mean, I'm just here to eat some hot stuff, but yeah – I mean, yeah me too, it's gonna be awesome

– Yeah – And I'm gonna beat you at it – Oh, ah – It's time for do you even scoville strike, bro? – Okay, so in honor of all the carnivals and fairs going on around the world, right now, we've got here the scoville striker Each round we'll be tasting a mystery hot sauce, and trying to guess the scoville number of that sauce

Since every individual pepper is different, some sauces list a scoville range, we'll always be going off the highest number in that range – And because we're big strong boys, we'll be registering our scoville guesses by hitting the scoville striker, with this carnival hammer Whoever gets closest to the actual number gets a point, most points at the end of the game wins, loser has to spoon-feed the ice cream of his choice on Good Mythical More Let's taste some hot sauce – All right, I like chocolate ice cream

– I just like to be fed – [Shane and Josh] Round one – So for reference, Tabasco sauce comes in at 2000 scoville units, our scale starts at 2000, and goes up to two-million, so this is gonna suck So Josh, we can take as little, or as much as we want of this first taste – I feel like you gotta go big or go home at this point, it's round one, they always– – [Shane] Yeah, yeah, yeah

– I've been here a while, man, things escalate – Or they just gave us a Carolina Reaper to start off – (groans) No, it's cool – (laughs) Okay – It's kinda sweet, I think it's like an off-brand 99 cents store Thai sweet-chili sauce

I used to put 'em on hot dogs, when I was a child – Yeah, it's got a ketchup-y type thing to it – It's the perfect hot dog hot sauce, and it's not super, super spicy – Since you're taller than Link, than I am shorter than Rhett, why don't you go first? That logic makes total sense, to me – If you insist

Great – All right – So if our scale's starting at two, that wasn't super spicy, I'm gonna go for 25 hundred, on the dot, it's gonna take a real light touch on this (loud smack) All right, so it looks like it's four-thousand even – Not bad, not bad

Little over 25 hundred, little – [Josh] All right, you're up – All right I think 25 hundred's a good guess, I think it's more like 22 – [Josh] Oh, you're price is right-ing me

– 22 hundred – [Josh] Is what you're doing – Yeah – You're just going a little bit– – [Shane] Just a little bit under – It's gonna backfire on you, I need you to know that

– All right, let's see, let's see here, just, just a nice little (loud smack) Okay so it didn't move– – All right! too much – Big man Shane, with the big muscles! – Was not expecting Oh gosh, I'm just too strong Okay, so that wasn't good for me though, 'cause that's definitely not– – It still could be right

We don't know what that was – Maybe, hey – [Stevie] Do you wanna know, 'cause I have the answer over here? – Sure do – Yeah, what is it? – So that was a Taste of Thai garlic sauce, it's made in Thailand, hey, and it's rated at 50 thousand scoville units – 50 thousand

(bell chiming) That someone at their factory is cooking the books, and fudging the numbers, but that's fine, I'm just bitter that I lost – [Shane and Josh] Round two – All right, it's time for our second sauce – All right – You go first I want to see, I wanna see how much you take, I wanna gage reaction off you

– Okay, okay – Since you won the first round – All right, I'm getting a good amount there, that's probably way too much for me, all right (soft crunching) Not bad – Oh! – That's not bad at all

– Oh, this is starting to get real now That's a super hot – I don't know what you're talking about, Josh, that's fine – No, no, no, this is super hot, that means it's made with something hotter than a habanero, it's probably ghost, or something like– – Josh, it's fine! (laughs) It's really fine, it's not a big deal – Well we gotta figure out what number this is, the number's just like high and hurt

– Yeah, that's a lot, boy Yeah, I'm gonna say this one's probably, I'd probably– – Go Shane, hit the freaking thing, dude – Okay Let's go over here All right, Josh

– They normally start slow and escalate through the rounds, 'cause I'm normally the guy who gives people the hot sauce – Josh, I really thing this one is probably, this one's probably 500 This one's gotta be 500, this one probably is hotter, but I think, if that last one was 60 thousand, this one's gotta be way more than that I'm going 500 – Just stop talking dude

– [Shane] All right, 500 – Listening hurts, listening makes it– (groans) (loud smacking) (bell chiming) – All right, so that's a little too much – We have a winner – All right, so I accidentally guessed 500 million It's fine Josh

– I can't, my eyes are tearing up, I can't see (Shane yelling) To do it, we gotta– – Oh, sorry, I need to reset this I need to reset this for you, ah, I'm not Rhett (laughing) – But you're such a natural Rhett type, and I'm more of a Link – [Shane] Do I set that down, right? – [Stevie] Lucas, can you come in and help the guys, please? – Can somebody help me? – It's actually pretty hot, man

– That was a lot – It's a lot (sighs) – Hoo, and I took way too much – Uh huh Round two, huh? Round two

– [Stevie] All right, thank you Lucas Josh? – Right! – [Stevie] How you doing? – I'm doing great, how're you doing? – [Stevie] I'm doing great, thanks! – That's the real question Okay, so here's the thing Any hot sauce company, they wanna brag that they have like the highest scoville unit ranks, they're trying to get– – Obviously – They're like real toxic masculinity dudes, not guys like us, not guys who have something to prove, we have nothing to prove, you know

Like we're not competitive at all – I got nothing to prove – We don't like being in pain, we don't do this type of stuff, right? – No, at all – So this is for sure, their listing it at two-million, I know, I'm just gonna swing for the top (loud smacking) (bell chiming) (Shane groans) – Yep, we're gonna tie on this one, I feel closer together now that we did this

Stevie? – [Stevie] Guys, I have really bad news for you – No, don't tell me! – [Stevie] This is Blair's Mega Death Hot Sauce, with Liquid Fury, and the label dares you to feel alive, it's rated at 550 thousand scoville units – You gotta be kidding me I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna sit down – [Stevie] I don't know, I think we just have to chalk this up to a, just a loss hogey on this round

– What are you guys doing to me? – [Shane And Josh] Round three – I don't think I'm ready for the next sauce, but I think it's time for the next sauce – I don't wanna do it, actually no, I think I know what sauce this is Do I get extra points? – It looks like nuclear waste If I can guess it? If I guess it can I get points? I put this on chicken burritos, I don't like it on red meat– – You ate this for fun? – Yeah – [Shane] I'm doing a little bit less, just a little bit

– I think I know the sauce, maybe I don't – [Stevie] I'm not giving you anything here Josh, you can't have your culinary advantage – Why are you having so much? – That's a good sauce dude, imagine that on a chicken burrito – Yeah, I mean– – Also, this sauce is so much less spicy than the previous one, that it'll actually cool your mouth down, think about that You can literally just like– – You're gonna trick me

(slurping) – You can drink this to cool your mouth down from the last one – What are you doing? – That's actually really tasty though, it's fragrant and green, I dig it Now I got my guess locked in, I am gonna go – All right, those were – I think this is El Yucateco Green, and I think it's a habanero sauce, so I think I know that it's gonna be about in the 80 thousand range, I could be wrong, it could be something completely different, and honestly my mouth is completely numb after the last one, but I'm gonna shoot for 80 thousand – Okay (loud smacking) (bell chiming) – [Josh] Oh no, dude, wow, my adrenaline is going through the roof, I don't know where I am right now – I feel like I'm alive! – Wow! (laughs) – All right, so what was that? – Could rob a bank! Yeah, like what? Five million, let's call it? – That's at five million

– That's five million, I'm starting to lose like motor function – All right, let's reset this Oh thank God, that wasn't nearly as bad – [Stevie] This is my favorite part (laughing) – It's kinda like ASMR, just like (hisses)

– [Lucas] Hit it with the hammer – All right Now Josh, you guessed a, you guessed five million, which is a little more than I was expecting, I'm gonna guess, I'm gonna guess around a 126 thousand, so I'm gonna get a little above that guy up there – I'm gonna throw up – [Shane] A little, little thing here

– You got it man (soft smacking) That's great – [Shane] Okay, well maybe four, maybe five, six thousand, isn't bad? – [Stevie] Okay, this is a little scary because Josh named the sauce exactly – Buckets, get buckets – [Stevie] But it is only nine thousand scoville units

– See I knew that – I hate this – I knew that – I– – You know the name, but not the number, that's crazy – [Shane and Josh] Round four

– All right, let's taste – All right, this one just looks like a little bit of like dark queso, you doing a lot, man – I think is Chipotle salad dressing, I'm gonna think that they're throwing a curve ball in here, 'cause they already hit us with a deep round two, this is Chipotle's tamarind vinegarette – Three, two, one (soft crunching) (slurping) – It does weird me out when you do that

– Why? (laughing) – You're drinking sauce – Yeah, well the chips curved for a reason, it's like you ever eaten oyster, like you're supposed to just like (slurps) It's a natural aphrodisiac, you'll, we'll it see it more, it's gonna get weird no matter what So – Yeah, that's nothing

– I can't taste much at all It's a really tasty hot sauce, I would like to get that, someone please order that again on Amazon, 'cause I'm really digging it Is it me first this time? – No, it's me first – It's you first, my brain's all scrambled from the heat – Let's go

(coughing and groaning) – I am still messed up from that first one All right I think it's gonna catch us off-guard though, because the scoville range thing, I don't buy it, I'm not buying the scoville range guys, it's all over the place I'm gonna guess this one's, weirdly, I'm gonna guess they, for some reason, they put there is a thirty-thousand, they're gonna be like, "yeah it's not spicy "but ah, it's crazy!" So here we go, thirty-thousand (loud smacking) I got really close! (laughing) That's, hey! – [Josh] What are we gonna call that? 20, twenty-two-five

– That's a twenty-two-five right there – Yeah, that's a twenty-two-five – That's twenty-two-five All right, I'll reset this baby – All right so right now the numbers are all across the board, when Rhett and Link play the international dart board game, and they're both floundering, they'll just aim for the middle of the ocean, play the field, I'm gonna aim dead for the middle of the board, in that like 60 to 80 thousand range

– That's really smart – And just, I'm gonna try and really take the cowards way out – [Shane] All right (loud smacking) – All right, 10 thousand, that's not bad The adrenaline rush has completely faded, and now my body wants to sleep or die

So that's cool – [Stevie] Yeah, I think that your taste buds must be off at this point, because that was African Rhino Peri Peri Sauce, made from Africa's hottest pepper, the peri peri – No – [Stevie] This stuff is rated at 250 thousand scovilles – Oh wow! Oh, we're so dumb and wrong, Shane

That's the whole theme of this thing – We're really stupid – Yeah – [Shane And Josh] Round five – So Josh, somehow I am up three to zero

(Josh laughs) But if you somehow get within the correct block of this next one, I'll give you the win – I accept your pity – All right – I feel like we've both just gone through so much that it's at this point – We've gone through war together

– Yeah really – Gone through Hell All right – So the last round, I think you should taste it first, I'll come after you – I think this is the same sauce from round two

This looks like the same sauce, I think they're pranking us – But, since round two was so bad, maybe the last round's gonna be like super mild, and it's gonna be like a whole joke– – You're so right, Josh, you're so right – Yeah Okay, so after he takes that bite, I know what the sauce is by the look of it, I'm pretty sure – It's the same sauce

It's the same sauce – No, no, this is called Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, they also make a sauce called Calypso Sauce, it's one of my favorite hot sauce brands from the island of Trinidad Someone tell me I'm wrong, I know exactly what this is – Oh my gosh, I have hit like a zone, I can tell that this is horribly spicy, this is like the spiciest thing – But you're not feeling it

– But I'm dead inside – No dude, that's it (crew laughing) We've reached a higher plane, we're in the galaxy brain meme right now – Oh my gosh, it's like when time freezes – Oh my God

– And you're just like, what? – This is unreal, let's rob a bank – This is crazy Oh my gosh, I've never been able to do this – Yeah, all right – I'm feeling so good

(loud laughing) – I laugh at the face of death All right, wait we gotta hit the thing Who's hitting the thing? My head itches now – You go ahead first – Okay

– This is nuts, I'll never be able to do this again in my life – This is big, but big points buckets, so I'm gonna shoot for one million, I think it's right in that range, I think this hot sauce is just gonna like give it a cool mil, that's what I'm going for (laughing) Hey man, what's up? – We are (laughing) We have lost our minds – [Josh] Oh God, I can't tell if I'm awake or asleep

(loud smacking) Oh! – Whoa! Not bad! – That aint bad! Two million even – All right man, if it's between one million and two million, I'll give you that win, 'cause that's, that's impressive Now I'm gonna guess that it's over two million I am never gonna feel this powerful ever again (laughing) All right, here we go

(coughing) (loud smacking) (bell chiming) – There we go! – That's just over two million – What've we got? – Can I guess that that's over two million? – [Stevie] Well, the thing is that Josh, this Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce – Don't tell me the number Don't tell me the number's wrong, I can't take it anymore – Is it five-hundred trillion? – I can't take it anymore

– [Stevie] And it is one million scoville units – You did it! – Does that mean that I win? – You did it! (bell chiming) – I think that we should feed each other ice cream in more – I think so – I'm calling this a co-victory We're gonna feed each other ice cream in more, this was absolutely about teamwork

When you go through this much together, there's no competition – We are brothers – But I still won technically speaking – You did technically win, I mean I won the marathon, I won the war, you won the battle at the end, it's fine – It's a whole thing, anyways check me out in an all new Future Fast Food this Saturday

– And make sure to check out Smosh, and Smosh Games, and Smosh Pit, we do a bunch of crazy stuff It's cool – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing You know what time it is – My name's Van Normous, we just finished the Death Nut version two challenge, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Don't think he did it, I think he bought the nut, and I think he made the video, and no one ever had it Look at the guy behind him, he's smiling, he's over-acting – Oh that's true, you wouldn't be smiling if you were dealing with that – No they probably did it, and I respect them a lot (laughing) Anyway, click the top link to watch us eat weird flavored ice cubes in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] Heads up, we have the hats you need, in a variety of styles at mythicalstore

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