Can we find the M&M in 1600 Skittles?

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I can't feel my face when I'm with you

This week's guests have been working on the railroad all the livelong day and by railroad, I mean their hair Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauding) Oh, I see this ending badly Butt to butt, who knew? Hey guys – Hi! – Welcome

To Let's Talk About That, the show about the show – [Link] (laughs) Yeah – Did you see what we did, we walked in– – Deja vu – We walked in backwards – Oh boy did I, I saw it right up until the cheek to cheek kiss

– Vou lez-vous coucher, sorry – Eh, okay – Okay We're not gonna be doing that this week on this show But we do have a brand new Rhett and Link trailer from our friend Dani at Editing Is Everything that you're going to react to

It's awesomely-themed, you'll be very excited – You hear the noise that that thing makes when I clap? Everybody, quiet (Rhett claps) (Rhett and Link clap) – I hope you at home are enjoying this noise that you probably can't hear – You probably can't hear it but this thing– (Rhett claps) – It's– – Reverberates – It's firing it right into our ears and it's– – Into who's ears? – Our ears

(Stevie laughs) – [Rhett] It's right into our ears – And it's not for anybody else to hear – We could hit it with wood (metal clanging) – (chuckles) No No, that is not the answer to anything, hitting it with wood

Also Monday is our 1600th episode and I have an interesting way for us to pre-celebrate today on LTAT There's some spoiler alerts – Ho, no, what? – Some first looks – We can't do that – It's true, I can, I did

I am going to – Okay – But first we're doing rejected snacks a little bit differently this week – Okay different – And I'm kind of already pleased with myself even though I haven't seen you react to what we've done but this week, we put cheese wheels on a car

– Do you remember that? – Man, that was great – And I was– – I can't believe that happened – I can't believe it happened – I mean it did, it was real – I was like how many people at home wanna do this but they don't have a piece of (beep) car and a lot of money to buy cheese wheels, you know? So I thought to myself, what if they can get a toy car and Babybel cheese wheels

– Babybel cheese – Oh I like Babybel cheese – And then– – Is that a Mustang? – I asked Pasley– – Is that a charger? – And Lucas, I don't know car things It's a toy car, if they could get the car to run on the cheese wheels – Send it to me

– And they said yes – Now can you make it go fast? (Stevie chuckles) – [Stevie] I'm afraid your beard's gonna get caught and just rip off your face – You wanna lick that wheel? – Which one did you lick, this one? – I licked that wheel It's back, it's– – Make these go – It's rear wheel drive

– What did that do? – That's good, do you want me to destroy it? – Um – Are you gonna play with this later? – Is like thumbnail material or something? Don't eat it, we're gonna take a thumbnail picture! – Well there is like, there's glue in certain places but it is lickable – In all the right places – [Stevie] It's lickable I thought– – Just give it a nice little shoo

– I don't wanna shoo it So as I mentioned, I was very pleased with myself and I asked the writers if they could help me think of other good uses for Babybel cheese And the answer is, they could because boy, boy have I got some things here – Buh-doi – Have you ever thought to yourself– – Yep

– Yeah, this thing helps me enter into rooms and adjacent spaces that are closed off by doors – Knobs – But you can't eat it You got it, it's not a guessing game (chuckles) but yes – Cheese knob

– So then we just thought hey, what if you have like an old Victorian looking tiny, tiny, tiny door? (Link chuckles) And you just boop, you need cheese to open that door Yep, there you go (chuckles) Okay, that one didn't work, that one didn't work, but let me ask you this Have you been in a situation where you've just gotten your nails done– – Definitely – You mean did? – And you're like, yeah, and you're like they're wet

What am I supposed to do with this? Oh this foam thing, I can't eat this – Yeah yeah yeah yeah Cheese – Don't worry – Cheese nail separator

– Look at these cheese nail separators – So it's finger separators – By the way, was that really creepy to see– – I actually thought it was your hand – [Stevie] 'Cause you were anticipating it, yeah – The way, the angle I got, I thought it was your hand for a second

– The angle or– – The angle I got on it – Okay, wow, this is getting off to a weird start – What are you guys talking about? The angle I got on it – Listen back to it (Stevie laughing) – Here, you can have that, Link

– Does it work for toes too? – Whoa – I also asked, yeah– – Why is the hand mushy? – I also was like thinking about the stress ball situation I was like you can't eat that, so they couldn't make stress balls, it didn't turn out, so then these are just Babybel but I just thought it'd be fun to squeeze it and see what happened – So it didn't turn out meaning they just put Babybel cheese on a plate – (laughs) Yeah

– Didn't turn out, we tried – I love Babybel cheese, not a sponsor – You can really stress it – Can you just eat it? – It's kind of awesome That's good, that's a good stress ball

No glue on that – No, we live in a world– – But it is greasy – If you were to show a tiny little cheese wheel to the people of the olden days, they'd be like, I can't believe we got it that small – [Link] 'Cause they're so big – I can't believe we got it that small

– In the future they're gonna just– – [Stevie] They've been trying for years! – In the future the cheese wheels are gonna be so tiny I love livin' in the future – Okay this one is– – Made that into a horse head hood ornament – This is a, like when, oh that's not what that looks like You know when parents kiss their babies on the lips and you're like what are you doing? – Yeah, yikes

(chuckles) – No longer a problem if your baby's head is made out of Babybel cheese – Oh that's not freaky at all – My word – What is the face? – It's also cheese Lucas said I honestly, when I was describing this, I wasn't picturing a face

I was just picturing this part – [Rhett] Right right right right right – [Link] Now that it's there, you should kiss it – [Rhett] Thumbnail! (crew laughs) – Yeah that's the most indiscernible thumbnail of all time – Bonus– – Is that a baby doll head made out of Babybel cheese that she's kissing? Here, it feels good

Not the kissing part, I don't recommend And okay, this was an actual problem that I thought we can solve with Babybel Truth be told, my camera roll, it has too many photos of just Link's nipples so I was thinking what if that, this sounds like a joke What if– – Oh gosh – We had Babybel nipple covers? So I just wanted to see if maybe we could try to see what that looked like

– Your nipples, it's a very long story why– (Stevie laughs) You have pictures of his nipples– – I actually forgot but I know that it's true – Yeah – Yeah – I can't remember why though – Yeah

– It was, it was at VidCon one year – That was a different time – Oh really? (Stevie laughs) How does this keep happening? – Well not anymore with these Babybel nip covers Yeah – Yep

Me put– – I got a wire! You guys are being framed! (laughs) – We'll just all sit here silently while you put that nip cover on That's not how they work but– – I think they go cheese down – No, there's adhesive on the back – Oh – That's what ad-he-said

(Rhett and Stevie chuckling) – What? – This is like the weirdest romantic, the weirdest, it's not like– – Can you put this on? – Edible underwear or anything, it's like cheese nipple covers – Look, look at that right there See that? – Oh yeah – Don't act like you guys haven't ever used these before – Oh

– [Stevie] Oh yeah, this is just how I imagined it in my head (laughing) I actually really like these – Now put your sweatshirt back down and see if they– – Who's hungry? – And see if they poke through – Who wants a little nibble of the nibble? (Stevie laughing) They look too far out – No that's where your nipples are

I just saw you put them on your nipples – [Link] I know so– – My nipples are this far apart? – Why would you think they were– – I never knew until I put cheese on 'em (Stevie laughing) – Okay, that's all So anyway, you can do a lot of stuff with Babybel including your very own cheese wheel car You are welcome

(Rhett sighs) Okay now that you have those nip covers on, it's time to react to an all-new Editing Is Everything– – All right that's, that's a little much – Trailer – That's a little much – So we had you react to You're So Loud's compilation, but Kiki isn't the only talented Mythical Beast out there because Dani from Editing Is Everything made a trailer – [Link] Well we're all talented

– Always making good trailers – Different degrees – This one is especially cool I'm gonna keep talking – It's all people

– And now, here it is for you to react to – Apocalypse comedy – Apocalypse comedy This will be funny, this will be about my favorite thing (dramatic music) – [Link] Death, it comes for us all

And one day it will come for all at once – Is that my voice? – Yes that's your voice – [Link] Just because everyone else dies doesn't mean you have to – [Rhett] The world is going to end and you need to be prepared for it – [Link] I speak of the apocalypse

– Yes, it was literally the best time of my life and I'm always thinking about it – I don't really think about it much – [Rhett] Nothing out of the ordinary in here (exciting acoustic guitar music) – I'm scared – Greetings, earth dweller

– We meet again (gunshots blast) – [Rhett] Pretty soon, we'll be working for them – Hey, you stay with me – I feel weird – What would be really cool is if you could kill robots

– [Rhett] The robot apocalypse is nigh – Got him How far we've fallen – Have you killed them yet? – Definitely keeping away from zombies – Hey, quiet, quiet

We do not use that word around here You are talking about turd rollers – Turd rollers? (men yelling) (woman screams) – [Rhett] What's the best way to stave off an invading robot army? – Rhett! – She does not look well Her mouth is hanging open Murder is gonna be just a regular part of apocalyptic life

– I'm dead – [Rhett] Oh somebody's dead – [Link] That'd be a horrible way to die – [Rhett] In extreme circumstances like the apocalypse, you might have to – [Rhett and Link] We might have just unleashed the zombie apocalypse

– You have a prophecy? – [Man] No safer place than the sanctuary – [Rhett and Link] The sanctuary? – Won't you visit – We're gonna take the shortcut through the alley – But there ain't time – Scary alley

– And you could never go there – This is a real bad neighborhood – [Link] That's the last place we wanna go – [Rhett] We made it through, me and you live I'm gonna give you some stuff to help you make it through the apocalypse

– What can I get for ya? – I'd like to get a large latte with room for cream – Okay and for you? – All the money from the register – Sucker! – You been robbed! Could be brain Gah! Spiders is bacon – I'd rather have pig anus any day

Breakfast sometimes – Breakfast? – We should walk different, like something's wrong with us, nobody messes with us – I think we should make noises too (Link moans) (Rhett growls) – [Rhett] Who wants some of this? (glass shatters) (Link yelling) – So you think we should just wait it out? – Yeah we still got the whole weekend (Rhett yells) – Why's it not any better after 10 minutes? Bad idea! Oh, I think that was them

– Not going in unarmed Turn around and say hello to my little friend The world is gonna end and there's gonna be a few people left (Rhett yelps) – I'm Peter – I meet again

Actually this is also a gun – Man, no matter what we choose, we're basically screwed (upbeat rock music) – We're gonna win at the apocalypse We will be the leaders by default (Rhett mimics gun fire) – [Link] If you had to murder me in order to save me, would you do it? – I don't think it would technically be murder

– How would you do it? – With an ax – I don't wanna die – [Link] As horrifying as an experience as that was, I highly recommend it (Rhett laughs) – Mythapocalypse This is gonna be a movie? – Mythacpocalypse is coming to a theater near us? – What? – Yeah, I just appreciate– – We've already made it? – I appreciate that she found a good use for that fight scene from our Memphis barbecue tour

– Yeah – Because let me tell you, the way we used it wasn't a great use for it – Well there was so much Buddy System in there Makes me wanna go watch it again (Stevie laughs) – If only it were free and in front of the paywall

– But that's happening every day– (Stevie and Link gasp) More and more – We did not use this as a segue to promote Buddy System, but Buddy System – Incredible job, incredible job on that Also– – It made my nipples hard (Stevie laughs) – I actually was, I forgot that we took cheese and squeezed it and I was like (sniffs), oh what's happening? – Yeah I keep smelling my Babybel hand

– Not a great after But Dani, amazing job – Dani – Check out her channel Editing Is Everything if you haven't already (Rhett clapping) – That's for you

– Guys, Monday, our 1600th episode That's a whole lot of hundreds We've been celebrating since episode 100 which was in May 2012 Turns out not much has changed every 100 episodes – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the momentous occasion called the 100th episode of Good Mythical Morning! (upbeat music) 200 episodes, people

– I don't wanna think about that anymore – This is 200 And we'll save our complete thanks to all of you to the end – Welcome to the 300th episode of Good Mythical Morning – Oh

– Link we should, we should celebrate by throwing our– – Fists – Fists over our shoulders – To either side of our faces – It's time to celebrate – Yeah

– We made it to 400 episodes – Yeah, 400 episodes That's triple digits – Yeah made it to, mm, I don't know – What? I am elated to say that this is indeed our 500th episode

I can't believe that we've done 500 of these Who would have thunk it, man? 600, that's a– – Oh I thought it – Just think for a second – I'm going to 6000 and then I'm dying – Wow

Today we together celebrate this, our seventh hundredth episode – You just said seventh hundredth – It's our 800th episode – We made it, Link It is the 900th episode of Good Mythical Morning

– Woo! – Yeah! – Here we are dressed up, Link, in our tuxes – Yeah this is– – Celebrating– – Special occasion man – 1000 freakin' episodes of Good Mythical Morning – Woo! Wow wow wow wow wow! Ladies and gentlemen, today is our 1200th episode – Today is a very special day because we are celebrating our 13th hundredth episode

– What? – Woo woo woo woo woo woo – Of all days, it is our 1400th episode! (dance music) – It's our 15th hundredth episode! – 1500th episode! – Welcome, kind Mythical Beasts to our 1600th episode! – What? (crew cheering) Woo! – Whoa! – Oh wow, look at that, look at that, look at that 1600th Ooh what are we gonna be doing on Monday, huh? – We lost this – There's a lot of this – This is shaking these nipples off if you do it too hard

– I am so happy that we had Marshmello in that episode Really spiced things up– – That was weird – With that montage – [Rhett] That's just how it worked out – I had asked Morgan to put together a montage of stuff that we've done and by the time you got through, you saying it was our blank hundredth episode, it was already at two minutes and I was like, oh you know that's fine

There's a lot of hair changes and stuff There's a lot to look at – Yeah yeah yeah yeah But I'd say 40% of the time, we say it wrong We say like 16th hundredth

We say the T-H twice – Didn't even notice that – You made fun of me and then you did subsequently more times than I did – Oh I don't know if I did it more times I think it might have been even

– Well something tells me the comments are gonna tell us (chuckles) So we started this thing at, I think the fifth hundredth episode when we did 500 bouncy balls and a bunch of other 500 things, then we did 600 cheese balls and we did 700 water balloons that we threw at you, that was really great But 1600, that's a pretty big number so it's kinda hard to keep up with that kinda pattern of things Or maybe it's not because it's time for can we find the M&M in 1600 Skittles? Oh man you guys are so excited, aren't you? You think this is a great idea – [Link] That's 1600 Skittles? – [Stevie] Yeah

– [Rhett] It's pretty underwhelming, isn't it? – It's like a party-size bag – And then how many M&Ms are in here? – One One single M&M So do we need a strategy for this or are we just gonna– – I found it (chuckles) I freakin' found it

– No you didn't That's a Skittle, man (Link laughs) – Got ya – We could pour 'em all out – Okay yeah

– Let's just shake it and look at it – 'Cause I think it's– – I think if we shake it– – It's gonna be the same color (candies clattering) – [Link] Yeah, spread it One fell on the floor but that wasn't it – It's definitely gonna be the same color

– Wow – Okay it's gonna be, could we Should we start putting Skittles to one side? – I think it's gonna be red

– Here it is right here Isn't that a M&M? – No it says S on it (Stevie gasps) – Bite it – Hold on, that's– – No, that's an M&M! – That's an M&M, that's it It's an orange M&M, right? – Guys, this was supposed to be more fun

– Well hold on now, I did something We can spend the rest of the time celebrating (crew applauding) – It's orange – I found an M&M – [Stevie] That's it, that's M&Ms

– I'm good at finding M&Ms – You thought this was gonna take a long time? – Yeah, Davin has hints written down for us if we couldn't find it – All right, what are the hints? – [Davin] It's orange (Rhett laughs) – Okay the hints– – What's the next hint? – I don't know how I found it, it just had an M on it – Guys– – I flipped it over and it was an M

– Now it's time for our final line – You're gonna find something else? – No – Don't be disappointed – I'm not disappointed – You are

(Stevie laughs) – Hey, I know what'll make you feel better – Hold on, hold on, you know what? – [Link] Push There we go (Stevie laughs) – You're right, that does make me feel better Thank you

– Well you know what they say Oh now you want touch it – No I wanna see what it looks like Pretty good Okay now our final line

– [Together] Until next LTAT– – Where you going? You all going over there? – There – To the one Morgan's pointing at – The one Morgan's going like this – I didn't see Morgan pointing 'cause I was looking at the camera where we normally look at (Stevie laughs) – But there's not a camera there

Until– – Next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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