Can We Bet On What This Bunny Wants? (GAME)

– Today, we get our bunny's worth – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical summer – We wrote a novel It's called "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" and it comes out on October 29th And to celebrate we're hosting some very special, intimate conversations about the book in six cities only Tickets are available at bleakcreek

com – Yeah every ticket includes a copy of the book So get it And now, please welcome our new friend in the number one slot on our list of top ten favorite people named Macaulay – Hey, hey

– Macaulay Culkin – Whoo! (audience claps) – Yeah Whoo, yeah! – Whoop – Welcome to the show, man – Oh, thanks for having me

I got water and everything (Rhett laughs) – That's right – Can I take this– – We give you water – Can I take this home with me? – Yeah – You can

– Just the water, not the mug – So, tell us about Bunny Ears Not just those but the whole thing you got going on – It's a humorous site we talk about, joke about lifestyles, pop culture, wrestling, everything in between – [Rhett and Link] I like wrestling

– Okay – Yeah, yeah, yeah – All right, all right – So yeah, it's hilarious, you should check it out 'cause we have a lot of really great writers – Okay, awesome, we will do that and we thought that we should just continue right along with that bunny theme today

– It's time for, What Will the Bunny Choose? Don't Call Mulder and Scully We Can Find Out With Our New Friend Macaulay – Kind of a forced rhyme, but whatever Welcome to Bunny Roulette – Okay, here's how this is gonna work

This roulette wheel will have bunny foods on it and each round we're gonna be betting on which meals real-life bunnies are gonna eat You can also bet on the rabbit hole option where the bunny doesn't eat anything at all So, we're gonna spin the wheel and once it settles, the bunny will be released and is free to make its choice – All right, the points are gonna increase with each round and also you're gonna receive a bonus point for each poop pellet that lands in the wedge that you bet it on – Ooh, always bet on poop

– Yes – Yes, that's true The winner of this thing gets Macaulay Culkin to brush the hair out of his face – Oh, mm, yeah – I'm interested in that

– I hope I win (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay, we're starting with something that bunnies love, herbs As you can see, we have three options to choose from – Yeah, we have Mint Conditioner

It's a bunch of mint leaves on a mannequin head – That's really clever – We got Cilantro Tro Tro Your Boat Hey, your boat on a stream of cilantro – [Macaulay] I see what you did there

– And we've got Parsley for the Course, a small golf course made of parsley – Okay, so to determine who has the power of choice and who's gonna spin the wheel, let's draw carrots Longest carrot goes first and then down to shortest carrot – Oh, reminds me of high school gym class (Rhett laughs) – Mac, you can draw first

– Ooh, do I take the nub? All right, this one looks good – [Rhett] Whoa! – [Link] Goodness! – Reminds me of high school gym class, yeah – Wow – I'm gonna– – [Rhett] How did you? That's gotta be the longest one, right? – [Link] I'm gonna go with this really short one Whoa

– Ooh, ooh, ooh, nope, nope – Nope, didn't beat you – No, of course not – Here we go, and – Ha ha ha

– Okay so, in the order that we draw is the order that we go – We'll just put those down there – Yeah, let's put this, carrots on the floor – All right, so – So you can – So, okay, so

– Make your choice first – [Link] I see that Laura is perusing her options She seemed to be eyeing the mannequin right now – Mm-hmm, the mint, I think it's too bright There's too much action here, I don't think he's gonna

I don't think Laura's hungry – Oh, you're going for the rabbit hole – Nothing, nothing – All right okay – Yeah, I'm going nothing

– I am going for The Parsley for the Course Something about that parsley – Mm-hmm, it's ground up real good – Yup – I feel like the mint condition thing is a little intimidating, it's intimidating to me, I wouldn't eat it but I would eat cilantro

So, I'm going to go for that one – [Macaulay] Oh, gosh – Shall I spin? – Well, actually – [Link] The bunny's not gonna spin at all – Longest carrot gets the privilege of spinning

– Oh, yeah – Oh okay, all right – Yeah, in your faces, get out of my way (Macaulay and audience chuckle) – All right Mac Now, of course, the bunny's not gonna spin

Just the surroundings – Oh, thank god, I was kinda worried All right, and here we go bunny (Rhett laughs) – [Link] Oh yeah – [Macaulay] Yeah come on, come on, come on

Don't you dare – [Link] Oh, oh – [Macaulay] Don't you dare, just run away – [Link] She's looking around – [Macaulay] Run away

– [Link] She's like my world – Here we go – Run away, come on – [Link] Go for the golf course – [Macaulay] Nope, nope, nope, yes, yes

– Go Laura, get it – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes – Laura you no, no, no – [Macaulay] No, no, no, yep yep yep, yep, yes, yes! – Nope, oh wait – Back two feet, back two feet – Come to the golf course – Last foot, last foot! – She's so timid

– [Macaulay] Put it down, yeah, come on There we go, there we go It's on black, she's on black – All right let's see if she poops I don't see any poop happening but Mac you definitely have gotten the first point

– I know my bunnies – Laura went to the rabbit hole and chose no food – Nothing – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Look at little Simba in there

We're gonna feed Simba some veggies today So back here we've got Hell in the Celery It's a wrestling cage made out of celery and inside we have Dwayne the Stalk Johnson versus Stone Cold Steve Celery – Oh the puns just keep coming – You guys are great, yeah

– We also have You Have the Right to Romaine Silent Human hands made out of bunches of romaine lettuce inside of actual handcuffs It just kinda looks like bunches of romaine I don't see the hands, but okay – [Link] Well, you see the handcuffs

And we've got a magician's hand holding some chard We're calling this, Is This Your Chard? – [Rhett] Oh, nice – [Link] Goodness – I get it, I get it – All right, so let's draw again

– I went first last time, so let's rotate – You were the loser so draw first – Yeah, you were the loser – Did you go with girth? – Yeah (Macaulay and audience laughing) – Oh, look at that

– Whoa, whoa what? – Mine's even shorter – Yeah wow This is the round of the short sticks – Yeah – So I'm going last

– Sweet – All right, you're up – Mac you're going first again – I know – So what are you feeling, what are you thinking? – I don't know

He's been staring at that lettuce pretty good and well Oh, but now he's looking at the celery Okay, let's see – He's looking at you now – I didn't even see that

– [Link] Oh look – [Rhett] He's grooming himself – [Link] He's cleaning his beard – [Macaulay] Aww – [Rhett] He's getting ready

– [Macaulay] Aw, hi buddy, hi buddy – All right, he's not hungry (Macaulay laughs) (Rhett laughs) – You know what? – Never work with children or animals and I would know – [Link] He's facing that celery but it just looks like it would be hard to attack – The romaine looks like it's just waiting to be eaten

So I'm gonna go romaine – [Macaulay] All right – I have a good feeling about the celery cage – [Macaulay] Okay – There's so much of it – All right Mac, go for the spin again

– Oh, I get to spin again – [Rhett and Link] Yes – All right Let's do this Don't get confused bunny rabbit

– All right Simba Don't get dizzy – [Macaulay] Come on Simba – [Rhett] And don't get out while it's spinning please (Macaulay laughs) – [Macaulay] Very dizzy bunny – Okay

– Oh – And – Looking around Lift off – It's a slow stop – Yes

– No – Get that celery – Do not, do not – [Link] Simba [Macaulay] Do not

Just go home, go home – [Link] Yep there you go – Oh oh oh – She's gives a little sniff – Uh huh, go home, go home

– Yes, yes, yes – Oh that's so close – He can't just sit there, he needs to take a little nibble – There's lettuce over here (Macaulay laughs) – [Link] You're in a good spot, turn back around

– [Macaulay] No, just go, go Do not, do not, you're not hungry You're not hungry – [Rhett] But it's so leafy – Don't, don't

– Oh God, it's gettin' so close – [Macaulay] Yes you go home, go home – [Link] See Simba's thinking, I might just exit the wheel entirely – Yep, but don't worry we have a whole moat around here – Oh yeah back, back to my zone

– [Macaulay] Nope, nope – [Link] Just take a little nibble Simba is a choosy animal – [Macaulay] Mm-hmm, see I told you That's why I keep on pickin' nothin'

(Rhett and Macaulay chuckles) – Now that Simba has looked at everything He's back in the middle doing nothing – Looking majestic – [Rhett] He's like, look at what I just did, I investigated – [Link] Look how proud he is

– [Macaulay] Mm-hmm, look at that mane of hair on him – Okay, you're two for two – Thank you – Simba is very choosy and has chose nothing – [Rhett and Link] Round three

– All right the lucky bunny this round is Luigi Jr – [Link] He looks just like his dad – We're gonna be dealing with sweet treats this round We got the Bananaconda, a big snake made out of bananas – [Link] We've Strawberry-A 51

An alien head and UFO covered in strawberries – [Rhett] And Carrot-E Kid the classic image of the "Karate Kid" made completely out of carrots Carrots are like a really sweet treat for rabbits Not a normal food, so Hopefully, this will actually get them eating but here's what were gonna do

We're gonna give a point for every time the rabbit makes contact with one of the foods – Like sniffs it or considers it – But you get actually three points in this round if the food is eaten So, we'll just let it play out a little bit and see – All right, I see you guys wanna catch up

So one of you guys can catch up to me, all right – That's true – Yes, exactly – Okay I get it, I get it, real cheating here – I was the loser last round

– Oh, that's a very impressive carrot – Thank you – Aww – Okay – Aww

– Oh ho ho – Rhett you're first, I'm second, Mac you're third – Aww – All right, okay Just looks like there's a lot surface area on that Bananaconda that the rabbit can get to

– [Link] Luigi Jr is really staring the anaconda down – [Macaulay] Staring that down – [Rhett] Yeah, so I'm going for the banana – [Link] Okay, I have to think those strawberries are really inviting

– [Macaulay] Well, looks like I'm going with nothing, no, fine okay, carrot, Carrot-E Kid, oh no – It is bunny they do eat carrots – Not really feeling it – And I'll spin it this time – Yeah, you get to spin

Give it a good push – [Link] That was pretty gentle – [Macaulay] Yeah, see the carrots, carrots, carrots You see 'em, you see 'em, you see 'em – [Link] Look at that

– [Macaulay] Don't – [Link] Okay – Got it Link? – All right, don't, no bananas for you, no bananas for you Yes, yes, yes, no Yes, yes, yes

Yes, no, no – Come on, look at the size of that banana That's like 12 bananas, Luigi – Don't touch it, don't touch it Oh bunny, oh bunny, carrots

– Strawberries – Carrots – Strawberries – [Macaulay] No, not bananas – Get off of that grass, get off of that grass

– No – Get off the grass – [Rhett] Hey, there's nothing up here No, there's no food – [Link] Nobody's up here

– I feel like David, David Attenborough – He would always crouch behind a rock I don't think he was actually there, he's just behind – He just does the words – He's in like a sound booth

– I just like the visual of David Attenborough crouching behind a rock in like Alaska Come on buddy (intense music) – What if touch him with a banana? Do I get a point for that? – Nah, I'm pretty sure you'd get metoo'd (Rhett chuckles) – [Link] Up, up, up – What if we just bring in all the bunnies at this point? – Let's add more bunnies

– Yeah, let's add more bunnies – All right, we're adding more bunnies – [Rhett] Yeah – I just got a point – Okay

– That was a strawberry point – Okay, strawberry point, strawberry point Luigi's a follower, look at him He's like, okay, I'll do what you guys did – Carrot-E Kid

Yeah, listen to Laura – So, right now you've got two points No, you got three points – Yes, he's got three – And I've got one point, there's a carrot point

– [Rhett] Okay, that was a carrot point – [Macaulay] Eat it, eat it – [Rhett] Another carrot point that was two carrot points – Well, what can I say, I know my bunnies (suspenseful music) – [Link] Get those strawberries

Get the strawberries – [Macaulay] They're just all flocking – [Link] They've butted up against each other – [Macaulay] What is your problem? – [Link] They're hunkering down That's a banana point

– [Rhett] Oh, he's eating it! – [Link] He's eating it – [Rhett] He's eating it, he's eating the bananas, he's eating the bananas – Banana! – Laura ate the bananas, thank you Laura – You've been so happy I've never seen somebody so happy to see a rabbit eat a banana

(laughing) – I still don't win though – We're all winners here all right – [Macaulay] Yeah, you done with that banana – [Link] Okay, I'm done with that banana – [Rhett] I feel like I've got a little more faith in bunnies again

Because you know if none of these bunnies had eaten anything, none of you would have been adopted – Yeah – Well, actually you can adopt these, if you just go over to bunnyworldfoundationorg They're gonna be on there

So, you can contact them through the website They're all available for adoption But congratulations Mac, you got five points! Because you got two carrot touches – Yes – Which means you just won the privilege of having Macaulay Culkin brush your hair from your face

– Okay let me – Oh yeah, get a good view of this (slow sensual music) – Thanks for joining us Macaulay Make sure to check him out over at bunnyearscom

– And special thanks to Bunny World Foundation for lending us the bunnies today Like Rhett said, if you wanna adopt a bunny, go to bunnyworldfoundationorg – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Now, you say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is – [Bella and Ollie] Hi! – I'm Bella – And I'm Ollie – This is Avatar – And we're from Sydney, Australia

– [Both] Now, it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Yes! – Woo! – I wonder if Australian rabbits eat (laughing) Click the top link to watch us guess what people are pointing at in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – Ooh

– [Link] We wrote a novel, "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" to celebrate, we're hosting some very special, intimate conversations about the book in six cities only Tickets are available at bleakcreekcom and every ticket includes a copy of the book

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