Burnt Food Taste Test ft. Padma Lakshmi (GAME)

– Today's main course– – is burnt – Let's talk about that

(Good Mythical Morning jingle) – Good Mythical Morning – Today we are playing a game with the craziest headlines from this week and watching Link eat peanut butter Yes, but first, I've been the recipient of quite a lot of sick burns on the internet such as; "Rhett is so gross and smelly, "he should change his name to Sweat" Or "Rhett has lost so much money in Bitcoin, "he should change his name to Debt" Or "Rhett will die young because he's too tall

" – Oh! (laughter) But devastating insults aside, we're gonna be working with a different kind of burn today Burnt food Now, we've eaten a lot of stuff on this show, but this is the crispiest taste test we have ever participated in It's time for Can We Guess The Meal That's Burnt Or Will It Make Our Stomachs Churnt? Let's give a good mythical welcome to Top Chef top dog, the queen of all things these culinary, purveyor of her brand new MAC capsule makeup collection that comes out March 15th, Padma Lakshmi – Hello

(applause) – Welcome to the show – Thanks for having me – Oh yeah – I've never been on this show I'm excited

– We've been on it (laughter) It's great – Great – But we're doing something that we've never done before We've eaten a lot of weird stuff, but we've never eaten just burnt stuff

– Mm-hmm – We're really stretching – When I eat it, I'm not doing it on purpose, but today I will – I think all the stuff that we're gonna be eating has been very purposely and very thoroughly burnt So this is what's gonna happen

Every round, we're gonna have a little dish in front of us with some very burnt food on it And we're just tryin' to guess what it is But because you're our guest, we're gonna give you the option to have a lifeline You're going to be able to call on the help of the sexy fireman When he's not busy puttin' out fires or making out with people's wives, he's giving you a clever tip about your burnt food

– Okay, great – All right, whoever wins gets labeled the Crispy Queen and will be awarded the sash of ash, a glorious burnt toast regalia – [Rhett And Link] Round one – And here it is, a burnt nugget of something – Padma's already

Oh, she's just eatin' it – Oh my gosh – I don't know

(choking) (laughter) – I was like, I don't know how far that's gonna go – Well, I know what it is Can I say it? – Uh, no This one's relatively easy, is it not? (gagging) – [Producer] You guys ready to officially guess? – [Group] Yes – [Producer] Three, two, one

– Rice! – Sushi – You said rice? – It's sushi – I mean, it is rice (laughter) – It is rice – But there's other things

– Yeah, but rice is the main component I call (expletive) (laughter) – So what is it? – And it's not technically– – What sushi has peas in it? – It's a California roll, right? – [Producer] No, it's a tuna roll – Tuna roll? – [Producer] Do you want me to take back your point, Rhett? – No, no, no, no Give us all a point

(ding) – [Rhett And Link] Round two – Okay, this one has a garnish that is not burnt – Hold up, you attack these (laughter) – Hey, she's a professional, man If she wants to just start eating, let her start eating

– Unless you're so hungry – Can I go? – Yeah – Okay – Ah, it stinks – Ew

What is that? (disgusted whimper) – Rhett See, we have– – It's really salty Okay, can I guess? (laughter) – We wanna play, too (laughter) Okay, I'm – Oh, you're eating the garnish, as well? – I need something – The garnish is the least of his worries right now – That's too much You ate too much

– Ew, it is salty – You made a mistake – Um, it's kind of hard to tell It could be so many different things – Ah, the burntness is just repulsive

But then it gets better If you would have kept it in your mouth a little bit, it would have gone better (laughter) I'm just saying, it's still in my mouth – That's like saying the Mojave Desert is less hot than hell It's just a matter of degrees

– Okay, I've got a guess Let's do this – Okay – [Producer] All right, three, two– – I don't have a guess – Fish

Fish – Fat – Bacon? – Bacon fat That's true, bacon – [Producer] You're all incorrect

– Okay – Ah! – [Producer] You wanna try one more time? – It is very fatty – Lard? – [Producer] Oh, you're so close – Back fat (laughter) – Oh gosh

– It's not fat? Is that not specific enough? – Pork? – [Producer] It's mayo – That's not pork – What? – That's burnt mayo, really? – This is just mayonnaise? – [Rhett And Link] Round three – Oh, wow – It does

– This one has a strong fragrance – Oh, I think I know what this is – Oh, it actually smells good – You were trying it again, already Can I try? – I'm just following your lead

– On this show we typically like to dink it and sink things So Dink it – Dink – Pinkies up or pinkies down? – Oh, good idea – Pinkies up

– Makin' it classy for once – I think I know what this is, but I just need a little bit of help, poor me Can I have the sexy fireman, please? (laughter) – Good idea – That can be arranged – Bring in the sexy fireman

– Where's the fire? (laughter) – Wow! What month are you in the calendar? (laughter) – I'm all the months Where's the fire? – Well, I don't know about the fire, fireman, but this is really hot so can you try it? – Oh, he gets to try it – And it's slippery It's East Coast style If it's crispy, it's Hong Kong style

And if it's just right, it's my style (laughter) – What? – He was not helpful at all – Are you talking about the food or something else? – If I set the plate on fire, then he might have jumped to action – If it's slip– – What did you say? – No, no! – Wait, what did he say? Sexy fireman only gives one hint – I think he said something about slippery and touching

– Where's the fire? – Fire's on my plate, sir If it's slippery, it's East Coast style If it's crispy, it's Hong Kong style – Hong Kong – And if it's just right, that's my style

(laughter) – Like the balls, "for my style" – Yeah, a pregnant pause is good – [Producer] You guys ready to guess? – East Coast, Hong Kong – Hold on, hold on – East Coast? What? – I think I got this one in the bag

I'm ready – [Producer] Three, two, one – [Group] Crunchy noodles, ramen, squid – [Producer] No, I didn't hear it – Crunchy noodles

– I said ramen, you said squid? – Bird's nest Noodles – Bird's nest noodles? – [Producer] Okay, it's– – Onions No, it's not onions – [Producer] Chow mein

– It's what? – Chow mein – Chow mein – Low mein – There's an East Coast style of chow mein? – [Producer] I actually believe the sexy fireman switched the East and West Coasts, but you guys still didn't get it – Wait, wait, wait

Chow mein is made of noodles – Yeah, that's true – And I said noodles – [Producer] Rice and sushi (laughter) – I think I get the point

– All right, we'll give you the point – (ding) Yay – [Rhett And Link] Round four – Okay, so this one we've got three little nuggets per plate – Wait, I have to touch-up my lipstick because this is having a hard effect

Look at all the brown Oh my god – You don't want a lot of burnt residue on the lips – I get it – Exactly

– I design a makeup line for it – Available when? – Available March– – [Link And Padma] 15th – That's right – That's worldwide Online and in stores

– Do you mind hittin' me up? – You need it, too – Actually, this is a beautiful Go like this

Okay – This line is actually made for darker, you know, like people who aren't white, but it looks good on people who are white, too That's the beauty of this, which is why it's really good for you because it's translucent But look at how beautiful – Look at that

– Oh, wow – Don't you want to just kiss that pout – Nefertiti – Not, not really – It's great

– It looks beautiful on you I didn't think about it, but it would look It does, you know

I keep saying it looks good on everybody, but now (laughter) – I've been over here waitin' for a long time – Put your lips normally and just stretch them a little bit

There you go See, now you know why women make all those weird faces when they're doing their makeup in the mirror (laughter) And that, my friends, is how you put on lip gloss – Wow – Look at that

– We're all Nefertiti – You guys look like you're ready for the club – Triple nefertiti – I'm so hungry for some more burntness now – Oh yes, okay

– Okay, so Just listen to how burnt it is – Oh, I was about to say, how you gonna do that? – Oh, okay

– So fierce You're like a ravenous tiger Oh, she's gettin' a cross section here – If I had my glasses I could see better – It's definitely meat, huh? – It's obviously a meat

This one's not that bad – Sorry – I get a massage, too? (laughter) Um, wow – Okay, I know I think I know

– You know what kind of meat this is? – I mean, I wanna take a guess, but I don't want him to figure it out – I'm ready, guys – [Producer] Okay, here we go Three, two, one – [Group] Chick, chicken, pork

– What did you say? – I said pork – [Producer] Okay, it is chicken – Yay! – Yes! – [Producer] I'm gonna give you a point, but can you guess what kind of chicken it is? – White meat chicken – It's a thigh – A feathered chicken

What? – [Producer] It's Chicken Mcnuggets – [Rhett And Link] Round five – Now this one is in pieces Oh my goodness – That's rosemary

I know that – That'll be a good palate cleanser I mean, this is like, just little nuggets Well, not nugg– Oh! What? – It could be anything That frickin' stuff in the second round was mayo

– Yeah, that one was hard – It's so charred – So hard to eat – This is hard – I need my microscope

– I would just like some glasses – Oh, you want some glasses? – Are those readers? – No, they're just for looks – Oh, (expletive) – No, no, I have the opposite sight – I figured it out

You gotta get your eyeball like three inches from it – Did they chop it? – I have a guess based on the configuration of it It has a funnel cake on a miniaturized scale kind of configuration, but it's meek – [Producer] Oh, I think fireman has something – Where's the fire? – Oh, thank you, sexy fireman

– Oh, the sexy fireman got reading glasses – Oh, this is a total game changer Hold on – Why don't you give us a hint while you were giving her the glasses? (sensual music) – Where's the fire? (laughter) – There is no fire Do you understand the premise of this? – Cooking this on Top Chef is a bad idea

– It is a bad idea – But saying yes to dinner with me, that's a good idea – Well if you give me the answer to this question and you may get your wish – Listen, if you get a date with her, you don't get paid You don't get both

(laughter) – That's right You have to choose – You ready to guess? – Yes – [Producer] Three, two, one – Grubs

– Fried rice – I think it's ground beef – I think it's grubs – [Producer] Incorrect (incorrect buzzer) I don't even know how to give you a hint beyond what the sexy fireman just hinted so it's mushroom risotto

– Oh, I said fried rice and risotto is made with rice (laughter) – You can't get that one You're already in the lead – You're already in the lead – [Rhett And Link] Round six

– Little slice of heaven – Well, I hope it's not meat – But burnt like hell – Oh, I can't even – Oh, you're It actually looks good when you eat it

– How do you know? – Let me try it – Oh! Man, that is spongy

How did you get through that? – I've eaten a lot of (expletive) in my time (laughter) A lot of experience – This has got a consistency of inedibility – It's pretty– – It's so spongy – [Producer] I would like to remind you guys, this is the final round of a GMM episode so keep that in mind

– What she's sayin' is it's gonna be really gross – Okay – 'Cause this is a final round and for the final rounds, it's stuff we don't go cute, we go nasty – So go for the nastier guess? – Yeah – The nastiest guess you could think of

(laughter) – I think it's something from like a sponge mop – There's no way I can win Who am I kidding? But I do have a guess – All right, here we go – Horrible! – Three, two, one

– A hoof – Sea urchin – It's a hoof – Tofu – Tempeh

Salmon – [Producer] Think lower – Those were three guesses – I said a hoof It don't get any lower than than a hoof

– Oh, a butt – [Producer] Think nastier – Salmon (expletive) – Anus (laughter) – Fish anus

– Fish anus or pork anus Pork anus tastes way better than that, I'm sure – Sea urchin anus – Any pork tastes better – [Producer] Ah, you're so close, but they're Rocky Mountain oysters – Oh my god! – Oh, it's testicles! – Really? Ah, I can't believe I missed that

– It's a testicle Ah, now I'm pullin' it apart and I continue to look at it Why? Get it out of here – Okay, well I think we have our winner Well, first of all, we're all losers

– Sorry, it was empty, mostly – Padma is officially our Crispy Queen – But you had this – Oh, right – Oh, yay! – Congratulations, Padma! – I get a crown

– This is awesome – Wow, crown and a sash – Padma, you won – You have the sash of ash – Oh my god, this is gonna go right next to

– Oh, wow, the Crispy Queen – All right – I expect you to be wearing this tonight on the Top Chef finale

Thank you, Padma, for being here Her new MAC capsule makeup collection comes out March 15th, y'all – And click through to see Link eat some peanut butter Trust me, it's worth it – And painful

– [Rhett] Don't burn yourself because we got some hot news Our new T-shirt collection is available at mythicalstore

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