vs. Name Brand Products (GAME)

– Today we put Brandless to the test – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer – I'm Christine – And I'm Ellie – And we are hosting a new show with Emily called That Ask Though and it's out right now on Mythical Society – I do a lot of practicing pre-kissing

– Oh yeah how did you practice? – Well it would be like all my friends would have a sleepover and then we would go to our own corners of the room and we would make out with pillows – Oh I thought you were gonna be like Cruel Intentions style (laughs) – I wish – Which is different– – I didn't go to private school doggy Yeah we would go and we would kiss a pillow and then we would each sort of glance over and give each other words of encouragement

(laughs) – That's so weird but also very, I think progressive – So watch it if you haven't already – But today we're talking brands The best branding can trick you into thinking $8 for a cup of coffee is not a war crime, so what happens when a brand's brand is to have no brand? – And that's Brandless's MO which is confusing Brandless is a brand that specializes in low-cost, eco-friendly household items with zero marketing frills and they're not even a sponsor

– No we are not being paid – Nope, we are not – Today we're gonna put Brandless to the test against major name brands in the ultimate battle of the brands, it's time for– ♪ Which brand is the name brand ♪ ♪ Which brand has a brand ♪ – Here's how it works Each round will have two products, one is Brandless and the other is a name brand and we have to guess which is the Brandless product – And once we've made our guesses, Stevie will reveal which is the Brandless product and the stakes are high because whoever loses has to clean the Mythical bathroom with a Brandless product on our Instagram

– Why are you pointing at me like it's gonna be me? – 'Cause it's gonna be you – It's not gonna be me – It's gonna be you, let's start – [Christine and Ellie] Round one – First up we have paper towels

A good, strong paper towel should be able to absorb large volumes of liquids quickly So we're gonna put that to the test by pouring ketchup slowly into these paper towels to see which leaks or rips first – Yeah, and what better way to discover a leak than to be right underneath it, which is not what we're gonna do but why we've asked Davin and Zack to join us Hello – Come on in

– Hey guys – Hi – Okay so we have our pre-wrapped paper towels and you guys are just gonna put this over your heads while we squirt ketchup on you – Yep – Sure

– And you know, let's just hope that both of these are good Wait wait, are you ready? – Yeah – Okay, one, two, three Wow it's really holdin' firm – Same

– [Ellie] So its strength is good – Oh yeah – Mine is holding firm – Same! – How's yours feel? – I feel like it's maybe dipping a bit, but I feel like– – There's definitely some weight – Oh I feel the weight on mine

Oh look at mine – That's okay – You're kinda spreadin' yours all over though, I feel like that strategy you're using to– – I mean I don't have a dog in this race, you know, not that I'm okay with dog racing but the point is that we're just trying to learn what we can about these paper towels – Oh no! – No! – [Ellie] Did it break? – Oh – Oh no

– It's okay, guys – [Ellie] How are you feeling? – [Davin] Mine arches a lot but it doesn't break – [Christine] We can use a paper towel to catch it Oh there you go – Can I touch this? – I'm gonna get this away from my head now

– All right let's just pop that, let's get this– – Oh, oh, oh – Right down there – Oops – Well it spilled out but it didn't, it did not break – Wow, yours was far more stronger

– Okay Are you good like that? – Yeah, I am – [Stevie] You guys ready to guess? – I have my guess – [Stevie] All right so I need you guys– – What the heck? – To put your hand over the one that you think is Brandless in three, two, one The Brandless paper towels are on Christine's side

– What? – Yep Ellie has– – That's crazy – [Stevie] Scott paper towels – Oh my God, beautiful – I thought maybe because the design on these that they were too fancy for like a brand, Brandless brand – Oh our whole thing is that we're Brandless

I also thought because it's like a new brand, it would be good but that's crazy – I know right, ugh – [Christine and Ellie] Round two – One sign of a good friend is you can open up to them and that's why I'm a good friend of wine because the bottles seem to open up around me Luckily our next product is a wine bottle opener

– You wanna make sure that none of these wines have gone bad or God forbid have been poisoned We'll be opening up the bottles and having our guinea pigs test them for us – Yes – I'm up for that, yeah – It's a fun one right? – Fun little game

– I will say I'm a screw top girl because I am a dumb baby who is bad – I like the ones where you just go ka-choon! You know what I mean? – [Ellie] You just kinda stab it and then you twist it and then that's easy – [Christine] But I feel like you have advantage just 'cause your bottle is different, your bottle opener – Yeah my bottle opener's different than yours It's important to note but that looks cool, I'll say that

– Oh – Wow It stuck to that – All right and I'm not done What does that mean about me? Ready? – We know who opened and drinks more wine

– Whoa, Ellie – All right okay, okay, okay, eh – It's not that I don't drink, it's not that I drink less wine – Ellie I'm really concerned right now – What am I doing wrong? Oh wait

More screws – I think the baby's you – There we go – Yeah you're right 'cause look at this– (cork pops) Finally, woo! – Thank you so much – A merlot? – Oh, thank you

– A 1999 vintage – [Ellie] Yes would you like to taste? – [Davin] Yes, please, thank you – Go ahead and smell it Is it opened up? – Mm, smells like red wine – Generous pour Ellie, thank you

– Yeah well that's how I like it, you know – We're not gonna get you drunk here How's the wine? – Hmm It's great (Christine laughs) – Mine's great too

– Sounds like my kinda wine – I'm a white wine guy so – Oh want us to trade? – I mean is that allowed? – No no no no – I'll stick with the red wine – So I don't think we should judge this based on my inability to open a wine bottle

– But I think it– – I think this was pretty smooth – I don't think so That was not smooth – It doesn't matter – [Stevie] All right are you guys ready to guess which is the Brandless wine opener? – I've never been more ready

– [Stevie] In three, two, one Okay the Brandless wine opener is on Ellie's side – How did you– – Ding ding ding – [Stevie] And Christine had a Williams-Sonoma wine opener – That's a Williams-Sonoma? – Fancy

– That looks like the type of wine bottle opener you'd get at a gas station – Yeah but feel how heavy it is This is quality, baby, feel this – Mm-mm – Oh

– Oh you're oh – [Christine and Ellie] Round three – Next we have cheesy popcorn so obviously the worst part of this popcorn is getting cheese dust all over your mitts So we're gonna have Davin and Zack feed it to us which is good and normal and not weird at all – It's good

Feed us! Yum yum yum Okay, so this is– – Oh oh, high, you're going with the high– – That's interesting – That's pretty good – [Davin] I don't think Ellie's wanting it – You can drop it and he's going direct

– You're crushing it That's interesting I will say I eat a lot cheesy popcorn – I eat normal popcorn so this is a– – All right, bag of butter, you know I wanna try this one now

– Same I've worked in multiple movie theaters so I do consider myself to be a bit of a popcorn connoisseur if you will – Please more Davin, yum yum yum – These are far more cheesy Do I bring you everywhere I go? This is wonderful

I can be on my phone, I can be wavin' to people – This must be a subset of YouTube videos that we could do (laughing) – This is my ASMR, just men feeding me – I know exactly my thoughts I'm fully certain

– Mm – [Stevie] All right guess which is the Brandless popcorn in three, two, one – Oh – [Stevie] The Brandless popcorn is on Ellie's side – Fantastic

– Okay so we're tied – No I'm still losing – [Christine and Ellie] Round four – Davin and Zack have worked really hard today and I think you guys deserve a break, right? – Yeah, thank you – I mean I think so and I think there's nothing more relaxing than a massage and since you two have worked so hard, we're gonna let you give us hand massages with coconut oil

– Oh – You're welcome – So we're gonna be comparing Brandless's coconut oil versus a bakery brand and guess which one it is Let's go to town – So this hand will be the first bowl

– Oh this is, you're using a lot but– – Yeah that's okay, wow – I've never done this before – Get in there, get in there, get in there boy, woo! – That's nice – Oh mama like Keep going

More force, you can use it more forceful More the hand part, less the fingers There we go – You're crushing it, Davin – Thank you Ellie

– Why can't you be like that to me? – You're doing so great – All the way up to the fingertips– – You know what, just a little instruction – Yeah, those are all acupressure points, did you know that? – Yeah, yeah – That's great Let's turn this around, there we go, oh yeah, get the thumb

– You know I have a jar of coconut oil on my bedside table No reason (Christine laughs) And it spilled everywhere and it stained all of my clothes And so I haven't been– – Bought – I've been off the coconut oil train since then

But this is nice – This is nice – Should I try the other one? – Yeah let's try the other one – Okay let's try the other, again, we really– – So these are, they look– – Should we wipe? – Ever so, no, we gotta keep that for science – All right

– The purpose of science – And the other one – Okay Does that feel different in your hand? – No – Yeah, yeah, a little bit

– A little bit? – Does it? – Yeah – Better or worse? Don't tell Christine Whisper it to Davin and he'll whisper to me – Better – Okay, oh, interesting

– How's coconut oil better? – This is a little velvety – I don't know I've never touched this before – Well then how can you know it's better? – How did your hands get so much colder between this hand and that hand? – It actually is, yeah, I don't know – I have small hands but get in there, boy

Use that force – [Davin] This is your writing hand, right? I can feel the– – Yes – [Davin] The tense in it – You can go even harder – I don't know what I'm doing

– Wait wait wait, Davin just said this is your writing hand, right, 'cause he can feel the tenseness in my joints – Get in there, I'm a little ambidextrous – Yes I am a scribe – There we go – I might have early signs of what's it called? – Carpal tunnel syndrome? – Carpal tunnel

– Oh I for sure have– – That's more from candy crushing than any writing I do here but– – Some letter writing and cross-stitch for me – Oh! – Getting way too much– – [Stevie] Okay I know you guys are enjoying these massages– – No no no – [Stevie] But are you ready to guess which is the Brandless coconut oil? – I don't know, Stevie – I think so – Okay three, two, one

– No – Oh – [Stevie] Okay the Brandless coconut oil is on Christine's side – Come on ♪ Guess who's good at guessing what is bad ♪ – Okay can I just say that there's no difference, this one was cold

– Yes there is This one is runnier, so this one to me is not– – They're both runny – Nope look, no this one is clearly, it's more liquidy This one is more thick – Garbage

(Davin laughs) – Sorry A coconut queen knows – [Christine and Ellie] Round five – My dog and I love to bond over fetch but she was booked today because she's a busy queen so we're gonna be playing fetch with these grown men instead – Yes, we'll toss these Frisbees and they'll attempt to catch it in their mouths and then we can make our final guess

Currently I am winning three to one but– – Which is fine – But since I'm so gracious, I will make this round two points so you can either tie or you can lose – Well I hope you join me I hope we have that time together – I personally don't, I do enough cleaning

No I don't (laughs), that's a lie – Okay – All right – Why don't you guys go back there? – Ready boys? – And no hands – No hands? – Mouth only

– Yeah Who's a good boy? – Ready? – It's me – Are you a good boy? – [Christine] Good boy, good boy? – [Ellie] No you caught it with your hands – Oh you're almost– – I don't want that to happen – That went straight to your mouth though

I have to say I threw it straight to his mouth Yeah that was great – You have a dog to practice with – Yeah that's great – I don't wanna hurt my teeth

– Okay, one, two Good boy, good boy (screams) – [Ellie] Why are you copping out? – I'm afraid, Ellie – Get back, get back – I'm sorry

– Get back – We're doing it again? – Yeah – I gotta close more here – [Christine] Okay I'm gonna do an up and down – [Ellie] No, no, you need to catch it in your mouth

– [Christine] One, two, three – [Ellie] No, it's like you have an auto body response One more – No Ellie – One more

– Wow, one more? – Let's switch back, I wanna try this one again – [Ellie] Lots of surface area Don't be afraid – Okay one two three – That was a bad throw

– That came close That was honestly closer than you've ever been, good job – Thank you – Good job – I know how I feel

– Yes – I know exactly what I'm going with – [Stevie] Okay – But for strategy, okay so basically we have learned that Brandless is garbage (Christine laughs) And that's how you know this is not a sponsor truly

– Yep – And I know what I want and I know what I need to guess but I just need to see what Christine says – Oh you're making me go first, wow – Well we're gonna do three, two, one – [Stevie] Here we go, hand over Brandless in three, two, one

– You're insane – [Stevie] The Brandless dog Frisbee is on Christine's side – No way No way – First of all, that's a normal Frisbee

What is this? This is not a Frisbee, this is a weird– – This is a good Frisbee – No it's not – It's really nice silicon, that's insane – You know what, she's just never played Frisbee I've had people take me on Frisbee dates and it's awful

This is a normal Frisbee, that is, I don't know what this is, it's garbage You don't believe me? You're a Brandless truther? – It's right there – There it is – Brandless, bye bye, no thanks But yeah Ellie you got the most wrong so you'll be cleaning the Mythical toilets with Brandless supplies on Instagram @rhettandlink

– I'm aware (laughing) Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hey guys it's Derek from Marshville, Wisconsin, hanging out with Rhett and Link in Plover, Wisconsin Shout out to Mythical crew member Ellie who's from Wisconsin and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– I was just in Wisconsin for the first time ever – How'd you feel about it? – It was all right – Wow Wisconsin's a beautiful– – The cheese curds were amazing So click the top link to watch us make sand castles with baking products in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's going to land – [Cotton Candy Randy] Hi daddies, I'm a pin now I still spend most of my time in hell but you can also find me at Mythicalstore

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