Blind Pudding Taste Test Ft. Chandler Riggs

– What have they been putting in our pudding? – Let's talk about that (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning

– You've chosen wisely in joining us today, because today's episode is phenomenal with a capital F – P-H – In just a bit we'll be scientifically determining which fast foods rats love most, yes, that's what we're doing, and we'll be jumping into the popular new world of soap cutting But first, we got boatloads of pudding to eat – Mmhmm, and these aren't just any puddings, these are puddings we typically wouldn't be caught dead eating, which is great, because we've got a guest who knows a thing or two about the dead, and the undead, it's time to play, this is the pudding we all dread, but we're eating it with Carl from The Walking Dead

For this mystery food taste test, we just so happen to have the star of one of the most iconic pudding scenes in TV history, from The Walking Dead and the upcoming movies, Only and Inherit the Viper, please welcome Chandler Riggs (crew applauds) – Welcome to the show, man – Give us one of these – Thank you, thank you – Oh, there it is

– Double shake – Welcome to the show – Yeah, thanks guys – Now, yes, that iconic scene we're gonna show a little still here, you're sitting on the roof, as Carl, eating an economy sized bucket of pudding, while a walker is reaching for you I mean, this could be the most iconic pudding scene in history, you may be the author of that

– Did you know when you were eating the pudding, that, it was like, this is big? – No, I really just thought like, wow, when can I stop eating this pudding? – You ate a lot of pudding? – It was a lot of pudding – Oh, you weren't spitting it out? – No, no, I had to eat it – You might be spitting some of this out I don't know what's in it – We've got several rounds of mystery puddings, and they're not typical pudding flavors

These puddings are made out of things that you will not, or maybe should not, ever find on the shelves – Yes, and whoever wins will be labeled the Prince of Pudding, and be awarded the royal sword, which may or may not look exactly like a large wooden spoon used to mix the pudding Alright, let's get to pudding – [Rhett And Link] Round one – The generic looking pudding is before us, but something tells me that the flavor is nothing but generic

– And we're sharing this I see? – Nothing but generic, does that make sense? – Anything but generic – Anything but generic – There you go – We knew what you meant – Alright, let's take a dip

Don't be, you guys are going small here – That's plenty – Okay, dink it, oh, oh, drop it, oh, I wanted to dink so bad – Oh, I'm sorry – Dink it

You having trouble, is it bad? – Uh yeah, it's bad It's spicy – Your body is trained to know what pudding tastes like, but when it tastes like this – That is not pudding – It's horrible

– It's not that bad, guys, come on – It's spicy, oh man – Okay, so here's how this works – Oh gosh – Stevie's gonna count down from three, and then we're gonna say our guesses

That's if you have a guess And if you have a guess, and you get it right, you get two points, however, if you think that you need a hint, she gives a hint, and then the first person to get it right after that hint gets one point, okay And if you guess during the two-point round, during the countdown, you cannot guess after the hint – I know what this is, because my momma put this on lots of things I don't mean to give you a hint, because I could be totally wrong, but I'm guessing, 'cause I'm going for the two points right off the bat

– I'm gonna take a hint – [Stevie] Okay, who's guessing? – Me – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Gravy on a momma's country-fried steak – [Stevie] No

(buzzer) – Well my mommma puts this on country-style steak, and I am right – Maybe she's been putting pudding on there – Okay fine, you guys get the hint – [Stevie] Okay, here's the hint Spotted cats love this pudding

– Spotted, what's a spotted cat? – Spotted cats? – Like a leopard? – [Stevie] Chandler's getting close – A cheetah pudding? They don't feed pudding to those critters – [Stevie] Okay guys, I'm just gonna give this one to you, it's Flamin' Hot Cheetos (buzzer) – Oh, Chester the Cheetah, yeah – So now we've messed up pudding and Cheetos

– [Rhett And Link] Round two – Spotted cats – This one's a lighter brown, Chandler – I don't like this – Let's get a three-way dink it and sink it in this one

Dink it, sink it The consistency of pudding combined with anything besides what should be pudding is horrible – Oh my – I think I might actually have this one – I definitely have a guess, but I'm trying to narrow it down between two different things

– This is so bad – There's one thing in it that I think is rancid You guys think it, Chandler, Chandler has a guess, are you going for the two points? – I'm gonna go for two points – I'm going for it, too – I'm not

– I'm going for it – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Mashed potatoes – Asparagus – Mashed potatoes

– Incorrect (buzzer) – I said asparagus, that's not right? – [Stevie] That is not correct – Dang it – Is mashed potatoes correct? – [Stevie] So Link, here's your hint It is a green thing that kids don't like to eat

– Yeah, that was my other guess – Broccoli – Correct (bell dings) – Yeah, I was like, I couldn't tell if it was broccoli or asparagus – I can totally taste it

– And I went with the wrong one – One point for daddy – [Rhett and Link] Round three – Okay, now this one, this one, you know, any unsuspecting passerby just wants, oh, let me dip into some of this pudding – It's a little bit lighter than you typically enjoy

– Chandler, I can't help but notice you're getting less and less – For a reason, for a very good reason – You're learning that it doesn't take much – Dink it and sink it – [Rhett] Uh oh

– Savory – Man – What, what? – Oh, ooh, I'm getting something oceanic – Oceanic – Yeah

– A lot more, then you can taste it – Oh my god, yeah – I know what this is – Hold on, hold on – You swimming with me? – Now that I'm smelling it, yes

– Yeah, but which oceanic thing is it? You think you know, for certain? – Well I'm already in the lead, so I'm gonna push further, I'm trying to be aggressive here – [Stevie] Alright, who's gonna guess without a hint? – Me – I mean, I have a guess, but I'm not confident enough without a hint – That's right, here's not confident enough, here we go – [Stevie] Alright, Link, go ahead

– Clam chowder (crew laughs) – Incorrect (buzzer) – Clam chowder – Did it not, does it taste, now, if I told you that was clam chowder, would you believe me? – Honestly, yes – See

– Okay, but I'm wrong, what's the hint? – [Stevie] Okay, so this thing also functions as an insult for small people Oh come on – Shrimp! – Correct (bell dings) I almost said oyster – [Rhett And Link] Round four

– I'm having so much fun just eating pudding with you guys – It's so great – I don't like this – You know, we should, you don't like, you're not having a good time? – We're gonna like run into each other on the street, and you're just gonna run the other direction – Yeah, yeah, not again

– You've eaten pudding in the presence of rotting flesh, man, you can handle anything – [Chandler] That's true, I don't like the consistency of this – Yeah, this one's more liquefied – This one's really liquid – Triple wooden dink, triple sink

– Oh god – What are you experiencing? – Like lots of pain and sadness, this is bad – But I think that what it is was good at one point – Yeah, let's convince ourselves that it was good – I think you gotta cut through the pudding and find the prize, you know what I'm saying

– I'm trying, man, I'm trying – The problem is the coldness, the coldness – No, it's ultimately good, it is ultimately good People are ultimately good And whatever is in this pudding is ultimately good, as well

I have an optimistic viewpoint on the world, boys – I'm just getting cold gravy again – I have no clue – It's super meaty – It's meaty, right? – Meaty, saucy

– [Stevie] Anybody want to guess? – [Rhett] No – You wanna guess? – No, no – I need a clue – [Stevie] The clue is, it's good for the soul – Soup, Campbell's soup, chicken soup

– It's chicken soup (bell dings) – Chicken noodle soup We cannot let him run away with this – [Rhett and Link] Round five – So Chandler, when you leave here, what are you gonna tell people about your good mythical experience? – A great time, great time

– Great time – Yeah Great pal, great people – So you're gonna lie – Yeah

– Good, good, that's good – Oh yeah – I love how you're pre-coughing Oh whoa, it's a big mass – [Chandler] This is chunky, okay

– Oh, what in the world's happening there It's like it's got its own shape to itself – What do you mean its got its own shape to itself – Like it's separating from the sides, like it wants to be one thing, you know what I'm saying, it doesn't want to spread, it wants to accumulate – Dink her, sink her

– I got a guess I really got a guess – There's a gripping flavor to this one – Gripping, it's actually good – Yeah, it's not bad

– This one's the best one so far, because it's giving me signals that says, not a pudding, enjoy it as something totally different, you know – Now, okay, here's what I'm gonna do for you guys I feel very confident in what this is, but if I get it right without a hint, I go up to four points, and then you guys are just left in the dust – Do you think you know what it is? – I have no clue – I am taking myself out of the pre-guess, I'm taking myself, but if you give me a hint, I'm going to, oh boy, I'm going to take it

I'm going to take it, so – You think you know what it is? – Yeah, I mean, again, – It's sour – I've been on this show long enough to know that I could be completely wrong, but it feels so obvious to me, but I could be completely wrong – Let's talk our way through this How does it taste to you, what are you getting? – I mean, it's, yeah, it's got like a sour, it's very strong, it's like

– Oh guys, I feel like it cuts through in such a way that the pudding doesn't even influence it – It's pungent – It doesn't, yeah – You've tasted this before – [Stevie] Alright, who's gonna guess without a hint? – I'm gonna take a hint

– I want a hint – [Stevie] This is the only other ingredient on a Chick-Fil-A sandwich – Pickles – Correct (bell dings) – [Rhett And Link] Round six – Here's the thing I will say, being in the lead at this point

This isn't a skill that you need to be proud of Like you know what I'm saying? It's just like– – Where are you gonna apply this in normal life? – This isn't anything to care about, right It's like what are you good at? Well, if you put weird stuff in pudding, I can tell you what it is Four-point-two GPA – I think what Rhett's getting at is the bragging rights go to the person with zero points, so you're doing great

– It just means you're the most normal one – No sniffing – But, oh, just taste it Just dip it and then dink it, but I think the smell is gonna go a long way just based on what I just did – And Chandler, given our experience on the show, I'll go ahead and tell you, this being the last pudding, it's probably not gonna be gross at all

It's gonna be really tasty Your face says not tasty It's got a strong medicinal smell – I'm pretty sure I know what this is, as well Oh gosh, it's so strong

– Is it a fruit? Or is it something from the medicine cabinet? – How specific do we need to be? Are we going– – It's pretty generic – Okay – I'm definitely thinking this is something that you find in a bathroom, but I don't know what – How 'bout I'll give the hints now – What? – You definitely find, – You know what it is? – Yes

You definitely find this in a bathroom – What are you tasting? – I think I know what it is, I'm just not gonna say it, though – Did you swallow it? – Yeah – Ew I spit mine out

Alright here, Chandler, you're our guest, here's what I suggest He thinks he knows what it is, let him guess for two points – Yeah – You know what, three points, and then if he gets it wrong, he still gets to respond to the hint before you, but not me – I'm not responding at all

– What's your guess? – It's just soap – Correct (bell dings) – Oh God, it is just soap – It's just soap, and it's– – And you swallowed it? – Yes – It doesn't need to be in a pudding

– It doesn't taste like you would think, but it smells like you would, yeah – I need some more pickle pudding to– – Yeah, to dilute this – To get the soap taste out of my mouth – Okay, let's bring in the scepter – Congratulations guys, the two of you have tied, so you have to fight over the magnificently large wooden spoon

– You know what, Prince of Pudding, you can have it – You can hang that over your– – You can carry that through town today – This is amazing, yes – Hang it on your wall in your apartment – Oh look, it's got a little ornamentation there

– It does, yeah – What is that? It looks like a ghost from Pac-Man taking a crap Alright, be sure to watch The Walking Dead on AMC, and check out Chandler in the upcoming movies Only and Inherit the Viper in theaters soon – And keep watching, just to hang out with us some more – [Rhett] Want a new way to enjoy pudding, or just a beverage? Get our Ear Biscuits mason jar, available at mythical


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