Blind Pizza Crust Taste Test

– Can we guess the pizza– – From the crust alone? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning

– And please welcome actor and YouTuber and friend of the show, Shay Mitchell! – Hi guys – Hey! Welcome back – Ah, thank you – Welcome back – Hey

– Yeah – Okay now, last time you were here we played Meal or No Meal, and you ate some pretty gross things – Sure did – Mm-hmm – But I think that Link's vomiting was maybe the worst thing we subjected you to

– Yeah that was probably– – Eat that brain (Link gags) (crew laughing) (Shay groaning) – Oh no – Oh my goodness – Oh no was right – Yes

– And for some reason you agreed to come back – And I agreed to come back, what do you know? Yeah – You shouldn't worry though because this time, we're just gonna be eating pizza crust – That's amazing – Yes

– That sounds good – And because we're such nice guys, you don't even have to eat the pizza, just the crust It's time for Adjust Your Disgust and Trust Your Wanderlust As You Blindly Eat Pizza Crust – I don't know why you use this voice to talk about pizza crust – That's my pizza crust voice

– Do you have a pizza crust voice? – I don't Maybe I do now – Oh – It just came out – Okay so we're gonna be, I'm gonna let it go

We're gonna be tasting just the crust from five different pizza restaurants which are Little Caesars – Domino's – Papa John's – Pizza Hut – And Costco

– Oh – Now how confident are you in your pizza crust identification skills? – To be honest, I was feeling really confident when I knew it was gonna be the whole pizza But now that you've just switched it to the crust, it's gonna be a little trickier – Right this is gonna be difficult, I mean, most of the times we don't even eat the crust – No exactly, I don't

– You look at it – Oh really, y'all are non-crust eaters? I'm a crust eater – Ho – I am, that's what I do Okay whoever gets the lowest score

You're not playing to win, you're playing not to lose because whoever gets the lowest score will be named the anti-crust Basically the Satan of pizza – Okay – And I have heard there is a costume – All right

– All right let's get to it (funky music) – [Rhett and Link] Round one – As you can see, we can't – Yes And all of the crust will be delivered to us on the patent pending Crusty Dangle

– Ooh – So let's bring in the first one – You ever been crusty dangled, Shay? – Nope, sure have not – Oh okay here it is – But that was my nickname in high school

(crew laughs) – Oh I keep hitting it, is this it? – I found it – Are we going? – [Link] Bingo – Mm, oh – Mm All right it's kind of hitting me in the eyes

Which is a bit annoying – It's good – It's good – It's from– – It's probably good because it's just the first one we've tried – Probably

– I would tell ya right now, the moment it hit my taste buds, I was like– – Is it gone now? – I know what this is – Me too – I know where this is from I feel almost 100% sure – I think it's gone now

– It's gone? – [Stevie] You guys ready to guess? – Hold on, you think you're 100% sure what this is? – What do you think Shay, do you like it? – I like it, you know what – Do you know what it is? – (sighs) I'm gonna throw a wild guess out there – I've got a guess – Okay here we go Three, two, one

– Little Caesars – Domino's – Oh what did you say? – Domino's? – Okay Domino's – So Link and I both said Little Caesars – Oh and I know that that was right

I'm not trying to gloat, Shay – All right, all right – It's a little early for that but I guess I'm doing it Way to go, Rhett Good job Rhett, you were right

(funky music) – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Dangle it Oh, oh, it hit my forehead That's a sharp crust! – [Rhett] Mm, you learn a lot from the smell – Okay, I went for the middle

'Cause I think they're trying to trick me – This is also good – Mm-hmm – I would say this one's sweeter – It is

– Isn't it a sweeter crust? – A little sweeter – I like pizza crust, guys – Me too, who needs the other stuff? Okay – Just straight up – This pizza crust is not good though

– You don't think it's good? – What? – Too much sugar – Oh sugar – I mean I could dip some honey if I want sugar on my crust (Shay chuckles) – Okay, I have sort of a uninformed guess – Okay

– All right – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one – Costco – Pizza Hut – Pizza hut! – Oh ho ho ho yeah! – You guys agree with Pizza Hut? – Yes

– That's way too small for Pizza Hut – I don't think so – Pizza Hut's got different kinds of pizza, man You been to the buffet? (funky music) – [Rhett and Link] Round three – All right bring it in

– I always check to see if it's there, oh it's not there yet, all right There it is, all right – I got a big piece – [Rhett] It nestles up oh my left nostril – That is a lot of crust

– Oh God! Geez! – You guys okay? – No – Are you okay? I think I might have a mild concussion – I think I'm bleeding a little bit – Did you guys head butt each other? – Yeah A little impressive

– But I didn't get my pizza crust yet – Okay you go now I'm done – I'm going in – You go, I'm all the way over here

– Oh oh, okay – This is dry – It's bland, isn't it? – Oh my God, I can't even swallow it – It's a dry, bland pizza crust There's a lot more crust

– It's caught in my throat – There's no love in this crust – You need the water? – No I got it Thank you – You know, they don't care about it

– There's no sweet, there's no garlic, there's no little like powder stuff, yeah no – Nothing here so who, man, I've already guessed Costco but you guys haven't I don't think their crust is that big – I'm not gonna say Costco 'cause he just said that that was the best pizza You said it was pretty good

– Well I just said it was surprisingly good But I honestly don't remember what it tastes like – Do you guys have your answer? – [Rhett] I've got an answer – All right – Got an answer

I feel a little bad about this but – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Domino's – Little Caesars – Rhett and I agree, you're Little Caesar in this one? – I'm Little Caesars, yeah

I like Domino's – I do too but– – That's a cheap pizza – I verily rarely, verily rarely – You verily rarely? – I verily rarely– – Wow – Eat just a crust

– Yeah me too but, this is, that was not– – You hit me harder than I thought – You hit me hard I'm bleeding, okay? It's just under my hair – Anything that gives me an advantage – Oh man

(funky music) – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Dangle time – Is it there? Oh, okay, you go first, Rhett, gosh – I'm doing it gently – Okay go

– I'm moving it away – All right tell me when you're done – Okay I'm good, I'm good – Okay – Oh don't worry about me, I'm just over here eating pizza crust

– Okay – That's a good taste – Not bad Crunchy – Well

– It actually, it's crunchy but it has a doughiness like a– – Mm-hmm – I got a little tomato sauce on mine – Oh no that's cheating! – I'm just kidding! – Okay – It almost has like a sour doughness – And the more you chew it, the better it tastes

There's a reward in the commitment – Mm-hmm – Who's doing sourdough these days? – Hmm – Huh – Hardee's did that one time but they don't sell pizza

– Hardee's? – Yeah Carl's Jr, we call it Hardee's – Oh okay – You like this one? – I like it – Yeah this one's a good one

It's a dark horse – It is – Came out of nowhere – It's got a little crunch to it – I don't recognize it at all though

– I got this one – You do? I think I got this one – Oh, you do? – Uh-huh – All right – All right

– [Stevie] Okay three, two, one – Costco – Papa John's – Yes! – Ah! – Okay – Oh, I thought we were high-fiving

– I was! – Oh okay – You can feel my hand with– – I did I'm very intuitive – With your senses? – Uh-huh, yeah – Okay so you guys went Papa John's

I went Costco – Man, you're dissing on the Papa – Uh-huh – He probably deserves it – Mm-hmm

(funky music) – [Rhett and Link] Round five – Now be honest, have you guys ever been going into a pizza restaurant, you see someone left a slice or two, untouched, have you ever picked it up and eaten a slice just as like a appetizer – Okay maybe not at a pizza place but when I was working as a waitress in a restaurant, one time, literally this person, I swear did not touch anything I may have taken it to the back (Rhett laughs) – If it's a perfect triangle, just go for it

– Exactly, exactly – We did that at a Chinese restaurant with an egg roll Remember that, Link? – Yeah Pretty much every time I go Dangle us

Oh yeah, this is the final now – This is the final, all right Okay wait, are you going? – I'm good, I'm good – Okay, okay – [Rhett] This is big

– Where is it at? – I can't do it – Has mine been bitten already? It tastes, it felt like that – Mm Yeah who ate all this pizza? – Yeah – Ooh

– Hmm – That's soft – Oh – That's flavorful – Crunchy on the outside

– That is good – This is a good pizza crust – Thought I'd swish it around like a glass of wine – Man – Yeah

– That's the best one so far – I agree with that You think this is the best one? – I kinda do – Mm-hmm – It's thin

– That's a good pizza crust, y'all – Where's this from? – But who is it? Who's responsible for this pizza crust? – Hmm – So gluteny – It's so gluteny – This is, man

Okay, shoot – Okay I got a guess – [Stevie] You wanna try? – All right – [Stevie] Three, two, one

– Costco – Papa John's – What did you say? – I said Costco – I've never tasted, yeah – Really? Okay you giving them lots of credit

(Rhett laughs) Papa John's and Domino's Okay so, shall we remove our blindfolds? – Yeah – Are we good to– – Yeah you can remove – To learn the results – But hold on, do you think if you'd been able to see them this whole time you would have been able to guess? – Yeah, yeah

– In fact, don't even look at it! (crew laughs) – All right Stevie, let us know who's gonna dress up like the anti-crust? – [Stevie] Link, you have one correct – Are you kidding me? – Hold on – Oh gosh – That may be in the lead You never know

– I'm currently in the lead – [Stevie] Rhett, you have one correct (Rhett laughs) – Oh my gosh, come on – [Stevie] But Shay You have five correct

– What? – Are you kidding? (dance music) ♪ I am not the anti-crust ♪ ♪ I am not the anti-crust ♪ I told you – You got all of them right, what– – I've never had this before – You have a gift You wanna take the Crusty Dangle home with you? – I wanna take the Crusty Dangle home I want this contraption

That's– – You have a super power – I've had all of them I just had never had Costco and I've never tasted this flavor before And Costco was the last one I told you it was so good! Okay, one of us has gotta be the anti-crust

Link, you know what, if you wanna start, I'll finish – I'm in shock I can't freakin' believe this – Yeah, we've never– – I really like this – Queen sweep! – Can I take this back? – The queen of the queen sweep, Shay Mitchell

– Wow, that is absolutely phenomenal, you know – Costco – You can take the whole rope and everything home – How does this go? – I want the whole thing – Have a good time

Okay thanks you Shay for being here And make sure you– – Thanks you Shay – I'm just, I'm telling you, you hit me a lot harder than you– (chuckles) – You hit me hard, okay? – Check out her YouTube channel We tried weird Japanese beauty products on there – Yes we did

– And thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – Crust queen – I'm Molly

– I'm Jacob – And we're from New Bern, North Carolina Peanut butter – Will it pizza? – And it's time to– – [Both] Spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Hello from New Bern

All right click the top link to watch us do a pizza cheese taste test in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Be your Mythical best with these logos on your chest New logo tees available in a variety of colors Get 'em now at Mythical


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