Blind Peanut Butter Taste Test

– Which peanut butter's peanut better? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– There comes a day in every man's life when he must put all the knowledge and experience he's acquired in his many years on this earth to good use and challenging though it may be, it is a necessity that separates the strong from the weak, for if a man can't apply the lessons he's learned to a good greater than himself– – I'm sorry, I've gotta interrupt you I just can't wait any longer! It's time for, move aside wedding day and children's birthdays, today is the new best day of my life 'cause I'm eating all the peanut butter, baby! Taste test – Wow You know, I didn't really know where I was going with that anyway, so thanks for interrupting me Okay yes, today we're gonna be tasting a lot of peanut butter while blindfolded to test our identification skills and to also determine the best tasting peanut butter on the market

– Mhm – And before you ask, all the peanut butters are gonna be creamy because you can't pit creamy versus crunchy That's playing with fire! – Mhm, now whoever guesses the most brands correctly will be crowned the lord of the nuts! (chuckles) And I really hope it's me 'cause I have built up this loving of peanut butter thing for years – If you lose, you should be very ashamed That's all I gotta say

– I'm nervous The peanut butters that we're gonna be tasting are Jif – Skippy – Peter Pan – Smucker's

– Walmart brand AKA Great Value peanut butter – And Justin's Peanut Butter which is the most expensive option Comes out at $450 a jar on Amazon All right, let's butter them nuts

– [Rhett And Link] Round one – As you can see, we can't – And all the peanut butters will be brought in to us on the patent pending peanut butter jar car – [Link] Ooh – [Rhett] Let's bring in the first one

– Boy, I hear some rolly rollies – Oh, that's exciting Oh! Oh oh there Oh, hmm – Oh yeah the sweet, sweet creaminess of heaven

– Man That's good – Okay, I know this one (chuckles) – [Stevie] That's all, you have nothing to say but I know this one? – Yeah I don't wanna give Rhett any advantages 'cause I wanna win this one so bad This is a good peanut butter, am I right? – It's a very good peanut butter

I believe that I have a version of this brand that I enjoy but not this particular one I think, I don't know – Now I'm getting inside my own head I'm changing my mind – [Stevie] You ready? – Oh gosh, well we gotta say, we're gonna rate them on a scale of one to 10? – Oh yeah oh yeah we gotta do that

It's good (chuckles) It's real good Can I just say good? Is that a number? – It's so creamy It's like sailing on a smooth sea of brownness – Yeah it's got– – I'm gonna give it an eight

– You know what, I was thinking eight as well Yeah it's got a nice consistency, it's definitely peanut butter Yeah I'm going with eight – All right, I'm actually, I thought I knew what it was, and now I'm changing my answer – Are you changing it to what I'm gonna guess? – I don't know what you're gonna guess

But I'm ready to guess – Man I think I just gave something to you – [Stevie] Three, two one – Jif – Skippy

– Jif – Oh! Oh! (Link chuckles erratically) Okay, I hope you're wrong – [Rhett And Link] Round two – Roll in the nuts! (Link moaning) – You know incidentally, this is how we enjoyed peanut butter at my house growing up, we just put it on the top of the lid – Oh this is a good one

Equally as creamy as the first but a tad bit sweeter, I would say – Yeah a little sweeter – Mhm – Man This is also really good

– Now as much as I love peanut butter, I have not tried all of the peanut butters that we're sampling today I've not tried Smucker's, I don't know if I've tried Walmart brand Maybe Justin's only once actually – I've never had the Walmart brand I've never had Justin's

Never had Smucker's – If you like a sweeter, I don't know, I gave the last one an eight – I had Peter Pan growing up in your house – Peter Pan was my jam as a kid A lot of Skippy in my house now, but I don't discriminate if it's offered to me

I'm gonna give this one a, man A nine, I actually like the sweetness a little bit more – I really like it but I don't think it's any better or worse than the first one, I'm gonna give it an eight – Just a little different, right? – But what is it? Ugh! – Pretty sure about this one – Okay

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – Jif – Peter Pan – Okay well, I hope you're right, 'cause this was your jam growing up so I don't know, I'm saying Jif

– [Rhett And Link] Round three – All right, bring in the next one ♪ Oh daddy ♪ This one's taller Hm – Oh

– What is going on here? – That's different Again, it's not bad – It's a classic taste I mean it's, I can't be critical of this peanut butter It's just great

– Is all peanut butter good? – All peanut butter is good All peanut butter's not created equal but so far, they're all great – Mhm – I'm giving it shoot, man – All peanut butter is good, but is all good peanut butter? (crew laughs) – I think I have to give this one, I'm between an eight and a nine again

I'm not gonna go decimals, that's for losers If I learned anything in math, it's that – It has a little less oil in it Did you notice that there was a little bit of a, I don't know, there's a slightly more natural feel to it – I just noticed more nuttiness

And I'm gonna give it an eight – There's something about this I didn't like as much Again, I still like it, I'm gonna give it a seven I have absolutely no idea which one it is though – I may have already, okay

I may have already guessed what I'm gonna guess I've only guessed two and I've already forgotten – Okay, all right – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Smucker's! – Jif

I think this is Jif – Hm – Have I not already guessed Jif? – [Stevie] Yep – Okay (Rhett laughs) Well

– Yep – I think this one's the Jif one – Uh-oh – [Rhett And Link] Round four – Bring it in! Now Rhett, how often do you dip a raw spoon into some peanut butter and just eat it straight? – Uh, three times a week

– Three times a week? – And then another two times a week, I take a dark chocolate bar and take a square and I dip that directly into peanut butter – I don't have that – And then one time a week, I take the spoon and I put it in the peanut butter and then I get chocolate chips and I decorate the peanut butter with chocolate chips That's every day of the week, my friend – Mm, while you been yapping, I been tasting

And my answer, not that you asked, but– – This is the moment I'm always a little bit nervous about – I do, I dip a raw spoon into peanut butter I would say 8 times a day – Oh – This one is very nutty

– Very nutty, like I actually, I felt the nuts I literally felt the nuts in my mouth – Even though it's smooth, it's like, well is that crunchy? It's not smooth, but it's not crunchy – There's nut particulates in there – There's nut particulates

– I'm not particular about my nut particulates – Me neither, man – There's some in there – I don't know it's tough because– – I don't like it when it's that nutty – It's less processed so it's probably– – I like it more processed

– A better – I like it more processed I haven't completely, you know, there's a big part– – It's oilier – Of my heart that's still in the south (chuckles) – But it's still peanut– – North Carolina, I haven't completely converted yet

– I'm gonna give it a seven though – I'm going all the way down to a six on this one – Whoa! – Yep, sorry! – Who is it? – I think I know – Let's guess – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one

– [Together] Justin's – Yeah – Gotta be, right? – It's gotta be – Yeah – Yep

– Yep! – Yep! – Yeah! – Yah! – Gotta be Justin's – Yes, expensive! – Better be! – [Rhett And Link] Round five – Bring it in Yeah and as a family, we eat so much peanut butter I venture to say we may eat more peanut butter than your family

We go through like– – Huh? – A large thing of peanut butter Every single week – Yeah I don't let anyone except me eat peanut butter in my house It's all mine! – Oh What? Oh gosh

– That is, it is some thick peanut butter – That's nuttier than the last one – It is and it, it's thicker too, man – I'm afraid to go back in, it's too messy – But I'll be honest, I can't– – Be honest

– I can't tell if what I'm experience with like the oiliness and the thickness means that it's more expensive or less expensive You know what I'm saying? It could go either way when it's not that like, straight down the line, ultra-creamy – I don't know – You remember whipped Peter Pan peanut butter? – I didn't get into that – It had a lot of air in it, it was like they were basically selling you half the peanut butter

– That felt like a sin to me – That was fun That was fun to eat for awhile But what am I giving this? I'm not loving this, I'm giving this a four – Yeah, this is even more natural than the last one

I'm going all the way down to a five – So you think it's more natural, not more generic? – I could be trying to throw you off – Could be – Because I really wanna be the lord of the nuts – Mm

– [Stevie] You ready? – Yeah – Three, two, one – Smucker's – Justin's – Oh you doubling up on the Justin's? – Yeah I'm going double Justin

– That ain't Justin's, man No way – Really? – There's no way – Okay – [Rhett And Link] Round six

– And now to taste the final peanut butter ♪ It's the final peanut butter ♪ (crew laughs) – I'm blindfolded, ma'am, so I cannot see who you are or were – I have no idea who that was The more I think about it, the more confused I get – It was definitely, it was definitely Stevie

(Rhett chuckles) I don't know who it was, maybe it was Micah, I don't know – Is it in there? – Bring it in! ♪ It's the final peanut butter ♪ – Mm – Mm! That's good! – Mm Wow – See, this one's a little oilier

– That's real good – But in terms of taste – Oh, that's my favorite, that's a nine Right off the bat – I actually– – Somebody's doing something right! – I think this one's a little loose for my taste

– A little loose? – It's a little oily and it kinda, it's overly spreadable – (chuckles) I don't want it to be too spreadable – I mean– – I wanna work for this sandwich – Don't get me wrong, it tastes great and I love basically all of them, but I'm gonna give it a seven – Oh really, okay

– Yeah Do I know what it is? No – I have a guess I have a guess – Well, I don't know, maybe, hm

That was weird – Don't screw it up, Link – It's good but different – I haven't guessed the Walmart brand yet – Me neither

– [Stevie] Okay you ready? – I don't know if this is it or not – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Skippy – Jif! – Skippy Skippy Skippy Skippy Skippy Skippy! – I went with Jif – I don't think that was Jif

– I haven't had Jif in years, but– – Okay, that's it, right, can we remove the blinders? – [Stevie] Remove your blindfolds How do you feel? – Nervous – I don't have a lot of confidence – I feel like my entire branding is on the line – I have nothing to lose

– [Stevie] All right so I'm gonna give the– – But you've got a lot of gloatage– – [Stevie] Correct answer first so we can build this up for Link Rhett, you have two correct – Oh – All right, I beat you There's no way I didn't get more than two

Right? – Well let's find out – [Stevie] You have three correct – Only three? (Rhett laughs) Okay so I won but I didn't win the way I wanted to – You're the lord of the nuts but– – Crown me! – Oh! – It was Micah ♪ You're the lord of the nuts ♪ – (laughing) Okay, it was Micah

That's who it was – I was right, I was right about that Whoa Good lookin' axe you got there – Thanks man

– Congratulations, Link What's your first eatage as lord of the nuts? – I would like to crown as the official peanut butter of Good Mythical Morning, the best tasting one What? – [Stevie] It was Jif – [Link] Jif is some good stuff, huh? – Was that the first one we tasted? Second one? – [Stevie] It was the second one you tasted, yeah – Okay, there we go

Jif, the official peanut butter of Good Mythical Morning Not a sponsor though! Not yet Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – Like Mr Roger's Neighborhood

You know what time it is! – I'm Whitman – I'm Tiffany – We're eating peanut butter on a spoon and it's time to– – [Together] Spin the Wheel of Mythicality – What a cute couple In a hammock with some peanut butter

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