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(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I'm the real Slim Shady

One of this week's guests writes about social injustice, the other is one, please welcome Rhett and Link (crew clapping) Uh-huh, uh-huh Whoa! Whoa Oh my, oh my! That made me uncomfortable – [Rhett] That was more aggressive than I was expecting

– Did you find anything? – Clear – Clear – Of everything – Oh – Nothing, found nothing

– Nothing there – I heard that you might have found something, that's how deep you went – No I'm like a Ken doll – Got it – Nothing

– Okay, guys there is so much to get to in today's episode but first I wanted to thank today's sponsor, Audible – Do it! (Rhett claps) – With Audible, you get access to an unbeatable selection of audiobooks, including best-sellers, motivation, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs and more Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and now with Audible Originals, the selection has gotten even more custom with content made for members I just started listening to Heads Will Roll – Yes

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I love saying her name – It's star-studded by Meryl Streep, she studded it – I mean that's all they needed was Meryl Streep but then they put everyone else in and it's an even better thing – I mean have you listened to that woman's voice? – Oh, constantly, that's what I fall asleep to at night, Meryl Streep, I call it Streep sleep – Ah! Streep sleep

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Audiblecom/LTAT – Yes sir! – Text an LTAT – Did it! Did you see that I did it? – Yeah that was incredible – Thank you

– You did it, you promoted it, promote, professional – I did not probe it – I'm pretty sure Link did probe me though earlier – I'm very sure that he did, I saw it – Listen, I've been frisked at a TSA airport situation and it was– – When we were with you

– It was just like that – Link gets called aside– – Wait that means– – Quite often – But they get, if they do it, they get all the way up in there – 'Cause that's where I would hide something – It's like they go until they meet the wedge

– Well interesting thing is Link has been not only been taken aside many times, often it's his own fault 'cause he likes to keep– – Just not at the TSA, like in general – His thermos, he actually– – And I always go through afterwards – No no – I've never been retained or anything – Oh, oh, oh

You so soon forget like two trips ago they sent you out– – Yes that's what I'm talking about – And you had to go all the way back through – Yeah but I wasn't like– – I looked up there– – They didn't find anything contraband – And Link was going through the thing that said no return, I was like, there he goes – (chuckles) They didn't keep me, they sent me away

– Why did they send you away? – Because I had my water bottle full of water in there and they said if you wanna keep your water bottle, you gotta dump out and I was like okay, they're like no no no, you gotta exit and dump it out And I was like fine, I'm out of here – And we were standing beside Coach Taylor – It was like– – Waiting for you – Two liters of water

– Yes – I wasn't gonna chug it – Yeah we were trying to meet Kyle– – Like glug-lug-lug-lug-lug – Kyle Chandler – Yeah

– And you screwed it up – But then it was fine but you still screwed it up – Badunk, dadunk – I still sat next to Kyle Chandler on the plane and he said something to me about them trying to offer somebody a plane ticket to get off the plane, they said $400, he leaned over and said, "They gonna have to raise that price" And I said, "You got it

" – You got it, dude – Or something like that – You got, it Kyle Chandler – You got it, Coach Taylor – You know who wasn't on the plane though? Meryl Streep

– Meryl Streep – She wasn't – She does not fly commercial – No, no, no, no, no – She's taken around on an actual bird

– I have great news for you – It's called the Streep cheap – (chuckles) Great news for you, bad news possibly– – It cheaps like cheap-cheap-cheap – For you because I've gone back through the archives I've stumbled upon, actually Matthew stumbled, let's be honest, Matthew stumbled upon a really great bit of audio that I have and I wanna share with you

– Okay – It goes way back, we're talkin' how many years, I have it written down later how many years it is, anyway– – She's written it down later – Also because they're so dang cute, and I've been getting requests constantly, we have the youngest Neals and McLaughlins on to do their very own version of like a Mini Mythical Morning situation – Okay – Okay

– So we have– – Yes – I'll say episode one of that to share with you – Great – And we have a very special guest today A never before done on LTAT music performance by the one and only Britton Buchanan and I'm gonna tease that now 'cause you're gonna have to wait for it

(Link mimics explosion) You're gonna have to wait for it, but first– – I'll frisk him – Of course– – (chuckles) Good – We're cousins – Okay – Keep it in the family

(softly chuckling) – Our rejected GMM snack of the week So Josh, oh, this entrance is okay, yeah yeah yeah – His entrance is immaculate – It's perfect – I never know how to enter– – It's perfect

– Oh my word – This is truly something that was rejected because I do believe it was a pitch that Josh had for the More on this week, you tasted steaks from different chain restaurants and croutons and you could have tasted this but you're gonna get a taste of it now – You're holding back How could this be rejected? I don't even know what it is It's ribs on fries? – Yeah so it's called the three-point rib bloom, it is basketball-themed special item that used to be just introduced in March Madness and I think now it goes all the way through like NBA playoffs and also– – Where? – Through like the Czechoslovakian league, what? – Where the bloomin' onion is

– Oh sorry, this is from Outback This is Outback Steakhouse – Oh Outback – Yeah and then I was ordering the three-point rib bloom online and it said, do you want to add new Aussie twisted ribs which are those and I said yes I do, computer, thank you so much and these are deep-fried ribs covered in mayonnaise and pickles – Oh gosh, twisted

– What? Wait when it said– – So those are twisted? – [Josh] No these are also deep-fried and covered in ranch – Okay 'cause I was like, so they just asked you if you wanted a totally different item– – Yes – But they, okay – It was like do you want fries with that but it was like do you want a plate of deep-fried mayonnaise ribs? (Stevie and Rhett chuckling) – So for the Super Bowl, we, meaning you, deep-fried ribs and I thought that was an original idea – Apparently not, apparently they've been doing it in Australia for years

– You wanna let Stevie pluck one of those or? – Can I tell you something sad about this but won't keep us from eating it? Guess how many calories you think is in this – This right here, I'd say 2700 – Okay, anyone else? – Just what you have right here – Just this fry I'm only gonna go for the fry part

– I actually feel like that's low– – So pickles – That's a low estimate – [Stevie] Yeah, it is low, it's more than that Link, how many calories– – 4200 – For what, our serving? – The loaded bloomin' onion– – The whole thing? – Yeah so it's the bloomin' onion and cheese fries and ribs

– 6200 calories – Okay well it's 3500 calories – Oh okay Then why are we talkin' about it? – These are so good – There's nothing wrong with it at all

– Outback does incredible work – I wanna take my wife back to Outback – Well before we moved out to LA, whenever we'd meet Christy's parents, they would always say, "Let's meet at the Outback" It's halfway, it was not halfway, they just wanted to eat at the Outback – Yeah I also have to say that in North Carolina, that Outback had a special hold

– Wowza – Yeah – I'm dropping a lot of things on the ground – There's nothing bad about this It's delicious

– Here, you should have this 'cause we have a surface – Oh, you guys can hold it right there, good – And I like it 'cause it supports basketball – Right we need to, you gotta keep basketball afloat – Gotta keep basketball afloat

– If it wasn't for ribs, no one would like basketball – No one would care about it – Outback and ribs are the only thing keeping basketball relevant – [Josh] Mm-hmm – Okay

– Gotta try a fry – Well thank you Josh – No thank you guys – This was delicious – And for the record, I know it's not no rules, just fight

It's no rules, just right, but because I would meet my in-laws there, we would always fight and that's the one thing I didn't say when I was trying to give my pseudo-joke – [Stevie] You didn't say that, yeah – Right so you made a joke with no context which is– – Not a joke – Awesome – No I think it still worked but I appreciate the context now, however many days later

– We wouldn't really fight, we would fight over the fries and the bloomin' onion – Well that is not any better (chuckles) Okay– – Mm, man! – So the very first Will It So long ago – Mm-hmm

– Five years ago is when it was – Five years ago – And also, strangely, almost exactly to the date that it is today was the first Will It, Will It Taco And there was a VO recording session so that we can get the title cards and the rounds and everything and we found the whole audio piece – So there's no video? – There's no video, it's just audio but and it's obviously long because you had to record a lot so we kind of picked like the highlights of it

(Link chuckles) But I found it especially interesting And in my mind, like, 'cause we oftentimes of course, we re-use different pieces of VO and if it's a series that we've done for a long time that's very easy to do so I remember all the Fallon appearances, you having to record new VO, but aside from that, this was really the first time that you, it definitely was the first time you ever recorded VO for a Will It but it's just not something that is done regularly – So if we're bad at it for some reason that I can't foresee, it's 'cause we never did it before now – Yeah yeah yeah – Yeah

Are you ready? – Why do I keep apologizing? I have no clue what this is about to be – In general, yes but for this, no – You should apologize daily just to make, you know, keep your bases covered – Yeah – I'm sorry

– So let's play the audio and then there is no visual so we're gonna still be on camera so we should probably look– – Just be legit about it – Yeah – Okay – [Link Voiceover] Will It Taco voiceover inserts – You can turn it up

– [Link Voiceover] Take one of one Three takes each, Rhett, Link, and then together – [Rhett Voiceover] Will it! – [Link Voiceover] No it's me, oh it's you – [Rhett Voiceover] You said Rhett and Link together so– – [Link Voiceover] Okay go ahead – [Rhett Voiceover] Will it taco? – [Link Voiceover] We're supposed to do it in announcer voices? Not conversational in the room voices? Will it taco? – [Rhett Voiceover] I don't think it's conversational, I think it's supposed to be like excited, like naming things each time

Like to make it more, to spice it up – [Link Voiceover] Okay – [Rhett Voiceover] Will it taco? – [Link Voiceover] Will it taco? – [Rhett Voiceover] And one, two– – [Rhett and Link] Will it ta– (Rhett laughs) – [Link Voiceover] What are you doing? – [Rhett Voiceover] Will it, will it taco? Like that – Okay – [Rhett Voiceover] One, two

– [Rhett and Link] Will it taco? – [Link Voiceover] Let's just say that is the question – [Rhett Voiceover] That is the question – [Link Voiceover] That is the question – What was that? – [Rhett and Link] That is the question – I don't think we ever used that

– We abandoned that – [Link Voiceover] This whole unison thing is for the birds (Rhett laughs) – Was that it? – [Stevie] So weird – [Link] This whole unison thing's for the birds – Those were the highlights

– Meryl Streep's bird – Yeah (laughs) – [Link] Let's keep that going – We're a lot better at that now – Yeah like– – That is the question

– Like tell us something to say in unison – What do you wanna see Willed? – Will bloomin' onion– – Meryl Streep – Meryl Streep (chuckles) – Blooming onion – [Both] Will it Meryl Streep? – I mean– – Wow

– I mean this is like– – Give us another one – Wow – You were really ready the first time – Yeah I know, no I can't I can literally think of no other example

(Rhett laughs) – Meryl Streep, will it bloomin' onion? – Okay – Meryl Streep – [Both] Will it blooming onion? – And we do this with our hands whenever we do stuff (laughs) It goes up 'cause it's a question – That is the question

– Question (laughing) I love how I'm riff, I'm like this is fun, add that is a question That is the question not that is a question – Yeah yeah – Yeah

That one was good – And we're so serious about it, that's what we're like when we're doing voiceover, we're so serious – It's not fun, yeah – No I think it was fun – It was never fun

– It was great – It's a job – No I think it should be very excited – It's a job – Do you know what was really fun was when Shando came in, Shep and Lando came in to, so what happened was, what had happened was (chuckles), we reached out to them and we were like, 'cause they're on camera from time to time– – Well their agents

– Yeah we went through their reps – We don't even talk directly to them anymore – And we were like, if you could do like a mini episode of GMM, do you think you would know what you wanted to do? And they had immediate answers of things that they wanted to do that were kind of like in the vein of GMM, which is perfect Now unfortunately when it came to the day that we were going to shoot, we had a little Lando camera shyness happening And we were negotiating with his reps and we negotiated that if Link was sitting next to him, that he would shoot

So if you want to watch this, just put your thumb like over Link's head and body, I feel like that's doable and kinda close one eye Then you get the experience of Link not being there – Okay – Yeah Which was the original intention but yeah

Yeah that was the thing, I think once Lando got in the environment, it's like whoa He's used to sitting next to us – Yeah – So then when it was like okay, go out there, I told him I'll be hanging around 'cause I knew he needed moral support but then it proved to be a little too much I was like hey I'll just be here to facilitate

– Yeah – They can put a thumb over my face later – Right – That's what we said, yeah So it went really well

Here it is – [Both] What's the best mac and cheese? – Let's kid about that! (groovy electronic music) – Good Mini Mythical Morning – Mac and cheese is probably the best food of all time So we're gonna eat a bunch of it today because our dads said we could – Ah

– And we're going to decide which one is the best It's time for– – [Shepherd and Lando] Who's The Beez Kneez of Mac N' Cheese? – We're gonna try three different brands of mac and cheese: Kraft, Annie's, and Velveeta We don't know which is which – Hmm – We're gonna guess which one's which and also give it a score of one through 10

– One through 10, yeah – Let's do this! – Let's do it! – [Shepherd and Lando] Round one – As you can see– – We can't – Yes! All right the mac and cheese is gonna be coming in on the patent-pending Macaroni Pony Gallop him in

Open wide, boys See it's not– – Where is it? – It's a– (Lando screams) See? – It scared me – Right, welcome to my world, man Ooh, ooh yeah– – Did I drop it? – You can use your hands – Where is it? – It's in your mouth

All right you tastin' it, Shep? It's just like your dad, it's already gone Shep, tell me what you're experiencing – Seven and a half – Oh he's, okay (crew laughing) So you liked it? – Yeah

– Lando, what do you think of it? – I'll probably rate it a six kind of – Okay so you kinda liked it but what do you guys think it is, Velveeta, Kraft, or Annie's? – Annie's – Annie's? – All right now are you just copying Shepherd or you really think it's Annie's – I don't know – Okay, that's an honest answer

All right there you have it, that's a pretty good one – [Shepherd and Lando] Round two – I've never had Kraft or seen what it looks like but it's probably just gonna look about the same as Annie's and then I know– – The McLaughlins don't feed you Kraft? Ever? – No – Huh But you know what Annie's looks like

– Yeah, and then Velveeta, I know it's lighter so, and it's more creamy and stuff – Do you think he's right? – I don't know if he's right Maybe, maybe not – Right, that's how I feel about Rhett too – (chuckles) What? – Okay bring in the mac and cheese, open wide, boys

– Where is it? – Good question (Lando screams) – That's very good – Every time, I look over here and it's completely consumed (Shepherd laughs) It's like a McLaughlin thing – Wait

– And you probably chewed it way too much Lando, all right, you go first What is your palatial experience? – I think this is Kraft – Why? – Because Kraft is usually like the thick noodley thingies – Thick noodley thingies

– Yeah they're like spaghetti noodles but they're hollow and they're short – I call those noodle pipes Shepherd, what about you? What was your palatial experience? – I also think it was Kraft because like, I've had Velveeta and I've had Annie's and they don't taste like this The cheeses basically taste the same but like, the tubes are a little different and stuff, like a different texture And I'd rate it like four

– Oh so you didn't like it that much Lando– – I really, really like it I probably say like eight – Ooh – I love it

So yummy – That's a total of a 12 unless we're averaging it Not up to me (crew laughs) – [Shepherd and Lando] Round three – Bring in the horses

Num! – All right I'll watch Shepherd this time (yelps) (chuckles) – [Lando] Where is it? Oh – Lando I'll tell you that Shepherd's already consumed the entire spoonful – Can I have more? I love it

– Oh you love that one – I know which one that is – Mm – Okay well, if you say it– – Let Lando go first – Oh! That's the strategy, huh? – No no, I already know it

– Yeah so you don't wanna tell him – No, can I whisper it to you? – That's smart, yeah, that way– – Where's your ear? (crew laughs) – Okay, all right, Lando, do you think you know what this one is? – It's not Velveeta I don't know which one is Velveeta But – Are you still talking? – No – What's your guess? – I'm thinking – Okay, cool – Let me think

– All right Your blindfold's inside-out – It is? (laughs) – Don't turn it All right Lando, we need a final answer – I just did a random answer

– What? – Annie's I don't know what that– – All right and then, how much did you like it on a scale of one to 10? – Seven – Seven and an Annie's All right Shepherd, what's your guess and what's your rating? – Well, I said Velveeta to you – Yeah you whispered Velveeta in my ear

– The number is 15 – What? – You loved it that much? – [Shepherd] Yeah – You busted the scale So you're really saying 10 – No, 15

– Okay – Get it right – I heard your numbers, I'm just saying that's not part of the scale The scale goes to 10 – I don't care

– Okay, all right So you guys can remove your blindfolds It's time for the results So Lando, which one did you think was your favorite? – It was Kraft – [Link] Okay

– [Stevie] Okay well according to this, your favorite mac and cheese is Annie's, and then the winner is– – Where are you looking? (crew laughs) Just look this way, man It's all part of the illusion – [Stevie] Lando with two points – Lando, you got two right – Is that good? – Yeah you won, you guessed more right than Shepherd

– I got one right? – But Shepherd ate more than you so I think, I don't know who won actually – Me – Congratulations Lando What does he win? – [Stevie] Mac and cheese! – Yay! – You get your favorite mac and cheese – I love mac and cheese! – And you know what, Shep, you also get your favorite mac and cheese as a consolation prize

– Oh okay (crew laughs) – Now you say thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – Thanks for liking and commenting And subscribing – And now you say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is – Those kids are so cute – So cute! – Never given him Kraft I didn't know that (laughs) – It's such a weird world that he lives in

– Never had Kraft – Yeah – Well – Do you think that that, well you know– – No yeah, Annie's is what is in the pantry – Cupboard

– So I'm surprised he didn't, I'm not surprised he liked it, I'm surprised he thought it was Velveeta (chuckles) – Yeah – I really enjoyed seeing you in him or vice versa, the fact that he was immediately consuming every bit of food that was presented to him even though he was blindfolded, didn't even know – Also big spoon, big amount – Oh yeah

– It wasn't like a big amount for a small child – And then Lando's over there like nibbling and concerned about what's falling on the table – Yeah the McLaughlins are definitely not afraid of food We are, especially macaroni and cheese – Okay finally, you know him from The Voice, Link knows him as his cousin

Please welcome Britton Buchanan – Yeah! (crew applauding) There he is! – There you go There, we got a– – Welcome – What up? – How you doin'? – Welcome to the show – I'm good, thank you for asking

– Wow you guys have gotten– – Hold on, you didn't frisk him – A green thing going on – Yeah stand back up, you gotta be frisked – He could be packing – [Stevie] Well okay

(chuckles) Oh – I'm not gonna go for the back I trust him – Oh now? So Britton, you've been on tour with these dads – I have

– For a bit, I've heard that it's gone so well that you will be on tour with them this summer – Yes, yes, it's what they tell me – Unless you change your mind You sound like you're second-guessing – No no, I'm excited

– We've heard a little bit about some tour stories on Ear Biscuits, but I heard that you might have some more dirt to share about things that Link might have done that we're– – Oh he's, fine, throw me under the bus – I didn't do anything – You didn't We played it relatively safe almost the whole time The first day, you ran me over

I don't know if you remember this We rode our scooters– (Stevie chuckles) – On the bus? – We rode scooters, not my idea, took us an hour and a half to download the app (Rhett chuckles) But once we got it downloaded, he's back in Instagram – Mm-hmm – Congratulations

– Plug my Instagram, @linklamont – He wanted me to take a story for him – Take a story for me, that's what I said (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah – Take a story for me

– The thing is, they always, everywhere I go with them, they also see scooters and wanna ride them so this tracks except for I say no and you didn't say no – See? – Britton– – I'm an enabler – I've never heard Britton say no to anything – Yeah yeah he's up for anything – You wanna eat the hottest hot chicken in Nashville? Yes, you wanna see the most demented movie that's out in theaters, yes

Do you wanna talk endlessly about Bruce Springsteen? – Yes (all laughing) But I took the story of you comin' at me – Yeah you took it You took it, all right – And almost, towards the end you let out this fierce, primal scream

– Ha! – Not unlike Tarzan, but that's when I realized that you weren't gonna stop And you ran into me head-on on our first tour – That's hilarious – You could have ended it all right there – Yeah it was wonderful

– Right could have hit your guitar hand – That would have been not good – Is that your right or your left? – I think it's either hand – Both of them I think – Okay

– You need both – If you had to choose one to lose a finger on, which one would you choose? – This one – The strumming hand – You lose a finger on the strumming hand – Okay, there's I'm sure more embarrassing things that you did– – We locked our– – I did that on purpose

– We locked ourselves out of our own respective hotel rooms – Within an hour of each other – Within an hour of each other – That also has happened multiple times when we've been together before you – Yeah you can tell we're related

We kinda did, got locked on the bus, locked ourselves out of our hotel room – I thought we were checking out so I left the key – I did not think we were checking out and left my key in there (Rhett laughs) – Okay so when I asked Link what song that you'd be performing or that he wanted you to perform, he said quote, "He can play our favorite song "of his that we required him to play every night on tour" Do you know what that– – I know what it is

(sighs) They asked me to go out with them on tour and they said, "Okay well stipulation is, "you have to write this song" And I thought that was hilarious until I realized that they weren't laughing and it wasn't a joke And so I wrote it anyway and we did it every night I need a place to stay out here I live with him so I have to– (Stevie laughs) I have to make him happy

– If I commission a song for no pay – I gotta do it – Okay I haven't heard this song so I'm excited Are you– – This was your closer

– Every night – For your, what do they call that, the finale? – The closer, the last song – I was right the first time – [Stevie] And let's hear it, I'm ready – [Britton] All right let's do it

– You gonna use both hands? – Yep Plannin' on it So I wrote this with my friend Wilkes who was also on The Voice with me so I can't take all the credit for this – Okay – Only some of it, but yeah it goes like this

(acoustic guitar music) ♪ Maybe your hair is looking kinda flat ♪ ♪ You were walking out your house ♪ ♪ You couldn't find your hat ♪ ♪ Maybe you've acquired some sweaty stain ♪ ♪ You're feeling down in the pits girl ♪ ♪ You can't hide those pits from us ♪ ♪ What do I got to lose for you ♪ ♪ There's a table just outside of this room ♪ ♪ They've got a merch stand ♪ ♪ And one for you and one for me ♪ ♪ They've got some shirts and wrist bands ♪ ♪ Hoodies and DVDs ♪ ♪ They've got beard oil, they've got pomade ♪ ♪ They got everything you need ♪ ♪ And if you pre-order their novel ♪ ♪ You will get something for free ♪ (Rhett chuckles) ♪ What could it be ♪ ♪ It'll satisfy all your Mythical needs ♪ – Woo! ♪ At the merch stand ♪ (acoustic guitar music) – Woo hoo! (crew applauds) – I'm gonna go get some merch! Yeah! – Okay, I see it I see it – You gotta sell that merch! – Oh my God – The only problem with that song is that, we were coming on right after and everyone would leave and go to the merch stand – Oh, okay

– That's how effective it was – Man that was so good Thank you so much – So of course he's gonna keep coming on tour with us – Yes

– That was so good Where is it, where's the merch stand? Oh – Exactly – Oh wait, hold on a second – On your body

(Rhett laughs) – All right that's all– ♪ Your body is a merch stand ♪ – Okay – Oh gosh – Oh (laughing) – [Link] That's the sequel – That's all for today

Thank you so much for being here – Thank you for having me – And thank you so much for being here and now it's time for our final line – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O

(poppy electronic music)

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