Best Mouthwash Taste Test

– What's the best mouthwash on the market? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– If you wanna see us play live this summer, you better act fast because all shows are nearly sold out but you can get the last tickets at RhettAndLinkLivecom – My mouth is the fourth favorite hole in my body, right behind my pee hole, my B hole and my Z hole – (chuckles) What's your Z hole? – Wouldn't you like to know? The mouth is also the third dirtiest part of my body, behind the pee hole and the B hole Luckily there are all types of mouthwashes designed to keep our mouths clean

– And today we're going to rank 'em to determine which one is the best It's time for ♪ Swish swish this ♪ ♪ We're tasting all the mouthwashes ♪ – We purchased six of the top selling best reviewed mouthwashes available and before we try each one, we're gonna reverse palate cleanse by eating something that will give us bad breath – Woo! – Then we're gonna experience the mouthwash and rank them on this board behind us – And we have a scale of one to six, starting with straight from hell-itosis, uvula gotta be kidding me, an inconvenient tooth, gives me a good filling, a brush with greatness, and win-givitis – The mouthwashes we're gonna be tasting are Listerine, Scope, Act, TheraBreath, Colgate and Toms

– All right let's wash our mouths (electronic music) – First up we have Listerine Fresh Burst– – Woo! – Mint, and before we wash our mouths out with this, let's sip some coffee Dink it, sink it Coffee breath Am I having a coffee breath? – Enough

– I just wanna make sure it's working – Okay now this is my mouthwash of choice but it's actually because it's my dentist's mouthwash of choice because he was like, you're having some buildup You should be rinsing with Listerine Sounded like a commercial and then I have become convinced and I know this is not right because actually, Listerine used to say that it treated colds and they actually had to stop saying that it treated colds The FDA cracked down on them in the 70s or whatever and said you gotta take that out of your ads

But I'm convinced that Listerine treats colds because when I get a cold, oh, I do a big gargle – You do a deep gargle? – Mm-hmm (gargling) (chuckles) Oh wow, that's like a water jet Power wash your mouth – Now, it tastes good

– And you feel like you can't get sick now, right? 'Cause it killed all the germs – I've never thought of it that way, Rhett – Science, man! – What about my coffee breath now? (blows air) – I don't taste any coffee – I don't smell any coffee but I'm not trying to taste anything – It just, so is this about which one works the best? – And taste, it's everything, brother

– I like Listerine, again, there's a familiar feeling to it – I like the logo – It sounds medical because I'm doing something medical to my mouth I want something to sound like it's doing something – Sounds medical

– And also, it hurts a little bit and I like pain – I'm gonna put it at a three for now We can move it around but by the way, I'm not believing anything he's saying (electronic music) – Next up we have Scope and our bad breath meal for this round is wine and cheese, we got some stanky cheese – Oh yes

– Get the stinkiest one, Link – Ugh, what is this crap? – Is that Limburger's? – Mix it in with some wine – Oh It's got stinky legs – Remember that French woman that we met at Sundance– – Oh gosh

– Was in our face – Don't talk about it – And she had this wine and, it's like her whole body had to turn into wine and cheese and it was just emanating from everywhere And she was speaking right– – It was so French – In our face

You can give it back to me, this is part of the science – Oh It's bad – Okay so Scope, another very popular brand – This one you get twice as much for the price of that, but from an alcohol content, there's a lot less, right? – 13% alcohol versus 21

6 in the Listerine Listerine's got a lot of alcohol That's what does the work as far as I'm concerned Now one reviewer LovePrime on Amazon said, I put this in the refrigerator, try it Extra refreshing

– Mm-hmm – So we did put this in the refrigerator (gargling) – Yeah you can definitely tell it doesn't have as much alcohol, it doesn't have as much of a bite to it – I don't think this cure my colds – It's got a sweeter taste and let's blow on each other

(blowing air) – It's a little ripe – Oh yeah? (blows air) Yours is good, mine's ripe? – It doesn't, of course, this isn't a fair comparison really because we had coffee, now we had cheese but I'm trying to take into account what it did to what was in there I don't, again– – This is milder – I like, I don't like the mildness – I prefer the mildness but the actual flavor is not as minty as the Listerine so I'm gonna vote to put it a little behind it

– I'm definitely gonna agree with you on that one, brother (electronic music) – Next we got Act Restoring Mouthwash Anti-Cavity Bad breath reducer is gonna be canned tuna I said reducer, I meant inducer but you're gonna– – Reducer, inducer – Now zero alcohol in this thing

– You want me to feed you? – Of course Didn't want you to feed me that much but– – I remember sometime back in the early 90s, my mama bought this She came home and she was like, y'all check this out – [Link] A little squeezey squeeze – Look at that, she was like y'all look at that, it fills itself up

So I'm partial to this because that's a fun thing to do When you get to squeeze something before you taste it – Yeah that's definitely points in the pro column – I'm always for that – Mm-hmm, I'm gonna close that up because we already have two of these

– Again, I like the burn I want to know something's happening And like you said– – There's probably not gonna be any burn to this – The Listerine is about killing things This is about strengthening your teeth

You gotta make a choice, people – Mm, mm (gargling) (moaning) – Mm, mm, mm! Mm! – Mm hmm hmm mm – Bubbly It's, whoa

– I missed, shoot – It's so bubbly – Bubbly and it's tasty It tastes like really well-constructed gum – I gotta say, that is a good taste

I almost wanna drink it straight – That is the best taste – I love the– – There's no bite of course – I love to squeeze it – But you got the squeeze

– I feel like I kinda need to think about just the people that I'm representing As your Good Mythical representative (chuckles), I wanna make the right choice for you, and I feel like most people probably don't like the burn – You know, maybe this is good in the morning, this is good at night – Oh we could do both! – Yeah I don't know but I'm definitely loving the taste of this the most

And I don't love the bite – Taste, mildness, and effectiveness, but it's not really, no I can actually still smell the tuna This is not about freshen your breath – Yeah – [Rhett] You can still smell the tuna

– A little bit – It's not very effective – Right so at night, this might be your jam – So where you gonna put it is the question – I can't put it in the top for that reason

– Let's just bunch 'em all in the middle (electronic music) Next up, Therabreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Oral Rinse – Okay – But first we have some horseradish to sample – Okay

– Oh just go in hands huh? There's spoons over there – Hmm Not bad to eat actually – Oh, pungent – Very pungent

Let me tell you right now This is the ugliest packaging I've ever seen of any product – Now hold on But it doesn't give you confidence? That gives me confidence that– – Something this ugly would make my breath smell pretty? – [Rhett] No no no no, it's not about, no, this looks like– – It's like medicine – We were talking about, off-camera, we were talking about the fact that we talked about on-camera many times how we use hydrogen peroxide for breath

– Yes – Because alcohol has a tendency to kill not only the good bacteria but the bad bacteria and it dries your mouth out which then you don't have saliva which, it's a long story but basically– – Long term – Yeah hydrogen peroxide is a better thing, now this guy– – Long term alcohol will kill all bacteria – He says on the back, Dr Harold Katz created the TheraBreath formulas

Formulas, there's more than one In 1993 to help his own daughter (chuckles), wow, she's got a bad rep – Poor girl – Own daughter conquer her bad breath because nothing else worked – It smells like something that you would get at the dentist

– It does It does – It doesn't smell good – It says powered by oxygen – Let's try it

(gargling) – I think this guy's onto something – [Link] Well there's a reviewer that says that four hours later, everything tasted horrible and metallic even though it tasted fine right after gargling – Well we don't have four hours, this is a short show (chuckles) So sorry – I think we should start making episodes four hours

– I, now I like the packaging – I don't like the taste I don't like the packaging – I like the mystery – I don't like the mystery

– It's got a back story, you see a back story on any one of these? – Excuse me – It doesn't taste good It doesn't taste good, in fact, I ought to want to put more horseradish in my mouth right now – Look, I wanna put it here but I'm gonna hold out hope and I'm gonna blow it in your face (electronic music) Next up, Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health

(chuckles) – You don't want half mouth health – I think it's funny, it's health for your mouth hole – We're gonna eat, I almost said bananas (chuckles) Those are not bananas – Because you didn't say it, you didn't have to say you almost said it

– These are onions – Now you look stupid – But I paused – All right let's eat this banana This is the type of thing that tomorrow, I still smell like onions in my mouth

– Is that a Vidalia? – So I'm not gonna keep chewing that 'cause that'd be three days, man – I kinda like it – It's like sniffing a salad (chuckles) (crew laughs) – Ever sniffed a salad? (chuckles) – Fine, all right, so we got this There's no alcohol in this mouth hole health and we're gonna– – Aw man, you're so aggressive

(gargling) The lower the note you hit while gurgling, or gargling– (Link gargles) The lower it gets That's a fact, Jack I feel like this is very much like Act in terms of no alcohol, mild taste, but no cool packaging We need to smell each other Oh man

I'm starting to smell a potpourri of everything you've eaten (Link chuckles) (blows air) – Ew – Oh I got deep on that one I got something that belongs – That onion is just bad, dude

– Yeah and I swallowed it – Ugh – And I enjoyed it – Oh – [Rhett] So I definitely feel like Act is better

– This is so difficult because I think it's just as refreshing as the Scope, it's just a different– – [Rhett] I feel bad about this, I'm gonna move that – [Link] What you're gonna, you're moving the ugly guy up? – It's good, man, it works And I feel bad about Dr Katz and his daughter – ILink] I don't feel like anything should be down this– – It's too big, look how much bigger it is

They're compensating for something – It's a deal (electronic music) – Finally we got Tom's Whole Care (both chuckling) Mint wash, mint mouth wash, you can put it in any hole So this has got six benefits in one, guys

– Smells stronger than I expected of Tom's given that their deodorant doesn't work worth a darn – This restores minerals – Let's eat some garlic before we get into this – [Rhett] Talking about sticking with you, man – I got a little clovey clove

– Just do it Okay I was gonna do the end – Oh really, you gonna bite the end? – A little garlic goes a long way Oh it's so spicy, oh! Good lord (gargling) Mm, mm, mm

Mm, mm, mm, mm – I mean the taste isn't bad – It's coating my mouth! Tastes like old Sprite – Yeah it tastes like old Sprite Nothing is happening except old Spriteness

– I think it is old Sprite Ingredients: old Sprite – There's no alcohol in it There's not much of anything in it – As a global citizen, I wanna pull for the natural stuff

– Right, and I like Maine – Yeah Maine's one of the best states – But at least they made that easy I mean it just doesn't do anything – No yeah

– And yeah I know we just ate the garlic but the cumulative effect of all the mouthwashing stuff brought us to a point of like weak All right so now, here's the thing I know you love the story and we're ultimately peroxide– – And the package I really like the packaging – You can make your argument for where that goes

– Come on, it's right here – It's just, it's a dental experience Like– – It's a dental experience? – This tastes better than that and I know this tastes better than everything – [Rhett] Okay this has got cool packaging, without a doubt – You gotta square that

– You really swish it hard, fast – The Listerine is twice as strong as anything else out here I think it's too strong – You think it's too strong? – [Link] But I like the font – He likes the font so we agree that Listerine's the best mouthwash? – Yeah man

– Well my dentist is gonna be happy – It's my day choice but my night choice is Act Bring it to bed with me – I don't really understand that but here's the definitive list of the best mouthwashes on earth – Congratulations, rich daughters everywhere

– Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Scott, this is London, and this is the last minute before I retire from teaching And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality– – Mythicality – Don't do it! – Congratulations

Don't do it! – No, congratulations! – Click the top link to watch us try the oldest toothpaste recipe ever in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Hide your head in plain sight with this not so plain GMM camo hat, available now at Mythicalstore

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