Best Dog Food Taste Test

– Which dog food tastes the best? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning

– And good Mythical welcome to our dogs! This is Jade if you don't know her – And this is Barbara – And they're best friends – Yes and– – Isn't that sweet? – Both of them have demonstrated a propensity to enjoy the food that we eat If we offer them food from the table, they will take it, but we usually don't do that but Barbara will often just get on the table and begin eating a human meal herself

And that got us to thinking, they like our food but do we like their food? There's only one way to find out It's time for– ♪ Who ate the dog food ♪ ♪ It will be us ♪ – So even though our dogs are here, we're gonna be the ones tasting the food in order to determine which dog food is the best for them to ultimately eat – Yeah 'cause that makes a lot of sense – Yeah and we pulled together a list of the top-selling, top-rated dog foods available on the market and everything we selected is available at a major retailer like Amazon, Target, Petco, Petsmart, so none of that $100 a bag special order stuff for this test – Right

And because every dog is different, there is no definitive list of the best dry dog foods you can buy but we looked at products that came up multiple times on best-rated and best-selling lists and the winner of our tournament will be crowned Dog Food Brian – Yes I'm hungry (funky music) Okay here we have the Iams Minichunks Chicken versus the Taste of the Wild High Prairie – Yes, Iams is the number 10 best-seller on Amazon

35 stars out of five I guess on the Dog Food Advisor – Dog Food Advisor? – I'm always on that site – Okay – And this is also the cheapest of all the dog foods that we will be– – I say most affordable

– That we will be sampling Most affordable – All right so, let's go in like dogs should, I guess I don't wanna get too much – I got too much

I got a big bite (mumbles) – This was supposed to be the taste of what, chicken? I don't taste any chicken, I'm gonna say that – Farm-raised chicken, can you taste the farm? – I do taste farm – I taste farm It's like going onto a random spot of a farm and just biting the earth

– Maybe the High Prairie is better This thing, on the packaging, it has wolves stalking– – Oh God – Bison You don't like it? – It's horrible, man – It's not that bad

The aftertaste is really wicked – I think I got all I need (spits) – [Link] But there is venison and bison in this thing – Good – So we're just getting started, man

(chuckles) – I'm gonna have to adjust my mindset – Bigger chunks, one particular color – Your glasses, they poked me in the eye Can you take your glasses off while we eat like dogs? – Then I couldn't see You know how dogs like to see

This one's not as crunchy so there's less excitement if I'm a dog – This one's got more like an organ, organ meat, like bison organs, oh gosh – But here's the thing, I think dogs would like that Are we voting for what we like or what we think that dogs will like 'cause it's more pungent? – Oh gosh it's horrible! Hold on I thought we're talking about the one we like the best – Okay

– I mean Barbara's always trying to eat my food – True – She likes my taste That tastes like crap – This one, I don't dislike it 'cause (chuckles) I think I'm just, I think I have a problem

But I agree, the Iams should move on – Yes (funky music) Okay next up we've got Pedigree Chicken Rice and Vegetable versus Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Rice, oh Chicken and Brown Rice – Uh-huh Doesn't look like chicken and brown rice but this is the number two on Amazon

Incidentally, in the last round, we eliminated the number one best-seller on Amazon – That's right, dogs got horrible taste – But on Dog Food Advisor this thing's got four and a half stars so– – Mm! – There's de-boned chicken, chicken meal and fish meal in this chicken and brown rice flavor – Chicken and fish meal? – Let's dig in – Both meals? – Oh there's a, there's a little dark thing

– I think we gotta get one of those – I'm gonna get one of those Let me get some of this – You're pre-loading? – The little black turd-lookin' thing, like a little rabbit turd, it's very crunchy – This one's good, wow! – It's good

– Now, this one has different colors and different shapes to like excite your dog but apparently dogs do not respond well to that because it has one star on Dog Food Advisor – Ooh – I kinda feel like, I'm gonna get one of each color Get little star shapes – Oh a green one

– Green, you got red – Orange – And you got this – Brown – Let's pop 'em all in

– And when I said this one was four and a half stars, I actually said that as if it was a bad thing for some reason Like one star would be good, I don't know why This is good – I think we all knew that it was good, it's just the way your brain works Like the opposite of anyone else's

– Mm, very crunchy, bigger chunks The taste is slow to hit me – Uh uh-oh, uh-oh Something released something One of the colors released something

Is that not happening in your mouth? – Oh I didn't get one of the stars – Yeah the stars got something in it – Oh yeah They're all the same, dude They're just different shapes and colors

– You think it's like Froot Loops? – Yes, it's all a hoax in my mind (coughs) – This one's good – Yeah – This one's great – I don't think that's bad

I like their colors but I agree Blue Buffalo moves on (funky music) Okay so here we have Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural adult dry dog food, lamb and rice flavor versus Wellness CORE's Chicken and Turkey – Interesting fact about this one is that the Purina contains a lot of corn, which is a controversial ingredient in dog food 'Cause they don't like to put a bunch of cereal grains in there

It's two stars on Dog Food Advisor Now, which, this raises the question How are they getting these ratings? Are people surveying their dogs? Are people doing what we're doing? – I think they're looking at the ingredients and stuff like that but they're not sitting there eating it so– – Now there's two different colors – We should be hired – And then there's this weird malformed actual piece of meat

– Yeah I'm gonna get one of those – Oh God – Mm, I ate dry dog food in high school to impress my neighbor Clyda, remember? – Oh – A couple years older

– I remember Clyda every other day – I was hanging out at her house and she had some– – Oh gosh! – Milk Bones, I was like, you dare me to eat that Milk Bone? – Oh gosh! That piece of meat That's real meat – Yeah that thing that wasn't a particular shape – Oh, it's like (spits)

It's liver – It's– – How are you enjoying this? What is wrong with you, man? – It's very mushy I don't know, it's like it bypasses the negative experience part of my brain – Were you dropped? – Taste buds (chuckles) I'm telling you, it's how I got the ladies in high school

– I don't remember you getting any lady – That's true – Getting Clyda – I didn't – I remember her being your neighbor and that was it

– It tastes like– – Oh gosh Dogs would love that but I hate it – I don't think it's bad, I think that this gives them a sensation of eating meat – Yeah I think that's great, again, but that's not what we're doing We're figuring out which one we like the best

– All right so now let's dig into this turkey and chicken – Gosh – This is five out of five stars on Dog Food Advisor It's got turkey and chicken combined with real vegetables, essential vitamins and minerals So it should be healthier for them

– It's all uniform too – Now, it is the most expensive of all the ones we're gonna try this morning – Again, this is not bad When nothing weird happens and nothing putrid is released, which again, I think it's what a dog wants What a human wants is nothing putrid being released

(coughs) – I actually think the aftertaste on this is a little odd – It does get a little strong – I like the soft meatiness of some of that but– – I can't– – You hated it so much – I couldn't get it down, no – I didn't dislike this either so let's move the Wellness CORE forward

(funky music) – Okay we've got Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin dog food versus Trader Joe's Wholesome and Natural Dog Food Formula lamb and rice – This is lamb and rice, are you saying that this is stomach and skin flavored? – Yeah, it has real stomach and real skin This is the– – You know, if you're sensitive, that's what you wanna eat – Number five best-seller on Amazon Three stars on Dog Food Advisor

There's a whole lot of science that goes into this I'm not gonna talk about it but basically they've really engineered this for the sensitive stomach and for the skin which is, I– – Well they better – I'm concerned about that for myself – Better be sciencey 'cause it's in the name – And it's also little

– That's a fun little ball – I could taste the science – I'm just, the aftertaste is really giving me– – It's not great, it's not great It just tastes like it's doing something for ya – All right so Trader Joe's has created this Wholesome and Natural Dog Food

They want you to think everything they do is wholesome and natural – Right – But it has three and a half stars on Dog Food Advisor so it's not knocking the roof out of that – Better than this one I hope – Let's just try, let's get some essence of lamb and rice

(dog food clatters) It smells like school supplies – Oh gosh – It's not that crunchy, it's a lot of air in there – This doesn't taste like any kind of food There's nothing food, oh gosh

How are you getting all this down? I'm worried about you and your sensitive stomach (chuckles) – Thank you It is a good point, I could just spit it out after tasting it – Ugh That is real bad, Trader Joe's

– It's actually– – Nothing wholesome about it at all – I would say it is the most bland dog food we have tasted – It's almost bland to the point of bad though – Mm-hmm – Like just nothing enjoyable

There's nothing redemptive about it at all – Doesn't taste like food – We're going with Science – Definitely (funky music) – Okay now we're onto the semifinals and I'm so glad we did this as a tournament so we get to eat all these again

– And again – Yes – All right but you know what, let's mix it up Sometimes if I need to feed Jade something she doesn't want, like I gotta hide a little pill in something, I feed it from my hand – That sounds like so much fun, Link

(chuckles) – Here, here, let's do it in unison here (Link grunting) Mm Again, I'm not getting any chicken – Same experience as last time – Really, but we gotta keep eating it

– Not horrible, it's tolerable so that's why it's here – Mm-hmm – Okay, because having you move your face all around my hand– (Link grunts) – Okay – Was so fun the first time – Crunchier

– This one's better That one's got– – Mm-hmm – That one's got straight up organ – Yeah, yeah – I can taste the insides of another animal

– Add some milk to this, and I could probably– – This could pass as cereal – Get it all down – Moving on (funky music) – We've got some Science Diet over here but let's start with the Wellness CORE Doesn't that make it better? To eat it out of my hand

– Uh, no – It gets my hand wet What are you doing? – You gotta put more food in it so I don't make skin, lip to skin contact – Okay gladly – See how much I put in there for you? – I didn't want you to feel like you had to eat it all

Am I getting a chocolate overtone? Is that a note of chocolate? – Called a undertone Yeah it has a chocolate note – And then it gets really dark Like a movie that you didn't know was scary, all of a sudden it's like, I'm in a scary movie Like when I took my wife to see Get Out and she leaned over after 10 minutes in the movie, she was like, hold on, is this a scary movie? (Rhett chuckles) I was like, yeah

(chuckles) You haven't heard about Get Out? She didn't walk out She just readjusted her expectations – I'm still kinda liking that one – All right fine, I'm gonna give you plenty this time I'm sorry, I can't aim my hand while– – I noticed

– There's almost a sweetness to this compared to that – I still like it I don't need to swallow it to find out – This is good, I mean this is like party bowl material – Yeah I think you could set that out next to some wings and some jalapeno poppers and people be like, oh what's this? You're like, oh it's just science

– Just eat it (chuckles) This moves on – Just have a few (funky music) – It all comes down to this – Iams versus Science Diet and since this is probably the last time I'm gonna be eating dog food for 2019, maybe we should make it fancy

– We have made it fancy I think the thing that I've discovered is as long as it's dry and crunchy, I can pretty much eat it I don't hate this exercise – I think that says a lot about you – But I don't know if this is gonna be able to beat this 'cause this is, this is the third time I've eaten this and I'm still on board

(spits) – I still don't enjoy myself while I'm eating it – [Link] I'm gonna spit it out 'cause I feel a brick forming in my stomach (Link spits) – Those are the prebiotic fibers It's gonna help your– – Prebiotic fibers? – Yeah Yeah they're prebiotic, not probiotic

I don't know, man They're so similar I feel like we got two very similar things – It can't be easy at the top – I mean– – To me it comes down, the taste is super similar

I think it comes down to mouthfeel and just overall entertaining experience – This one ironically is more exciting I know it's super uniform and almost seems like Grape-Nuts – Yeah – This one's two different colors but there's just something very appealing about this and I like anything that has science in the name

– And the doggy's so cute on the packaging Look at that I think, even though Iams gave it a run for its money, I think we have to crown Science Diet as– – The best dog food according to two nimrods on an internet show Maybe your dogs will agree – (chuckles) Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi I'm Lucy and this is Theo and Ruby and we're from Carver, Massachusetts And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Click the top link to watch our Mythical dogs eat the winning dry dog foods and play a science kit for dogs – What? – In Good Mythical More

– [Rhett and Link] Until the next LTAT, keep on BYMB – [Rhett] With the Let's Talk About That logo mug – [Link] Available now at Mythicalstore F-O S-H-O

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