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– Hey it's me Mythical Chef Josh and this is my Mythical Chef thinking chair where I contemplate all my life's regrets It's also where I come up with ideas for dumb new food shows like what would happen if we took two snacks combine them, to make one delicious snack baby

Is that a baby I'd wanna eat? So I reached out to you to see to see what two snacks you wanna see paired together and you came up with Oreo's, Barbecue Lay's potato chips Is this snack gonna be a smash? Let's find out This is Snack Smash (upbeat music) All right so we're not making Oreo flavored barbecue chips here We're essentially gonna be making a barbecue chip flavored Oreo

So I need to infuse that in several layers So what we need to do is make a copycat BBQ seasoning So we already know the ingredients that are in the chips So I'm just gonna start dumping stuff into a spice grinder Then I gonna taste it taste it and we're gonna see where we're at

You can kinda look at the ingredients list on anything and just figure out what's in there By law they have to list it, and they list it by weight from most to least Add a little bit of salt in there Salt obviously can be the most You can actually see that they list sugar and molasses separately, but sugar and molasses when you combine it is also known as brown sugar

Got some of the good extra wet stuff The problem with that is brown sugar is wet and so its not gonna adhere So we need to add a couple of drying agents like maltodextrin That's gonna kinda dry everything up Make it all blend evenly

Now let's just like throw more chemicals in there Another thing you're gonna have is smoke and yeast Any person whose been dragged to a vegan restaurant and had to eat a bunch of vegan mac and cheese tasted this a lot Then we gat a little bit of lecithin, that is a binding agent so it's just gonna get everything kinda "Be all happy" be all happy in there and stick together, and then as far as the actual seasoning agents in there, it's gonna be a classic trifecta, stuff like onion There's a lot of onion powder in packaged goods because that's just like, what gives you that little savory kind of edge, and same as garlic powder, and then dehydrate tomato powder

That's what's gonna give a lot of that red color and then that's obviously like an ingredient in barbecue sauce Then we got black pepper and then some smoked paprika, to give you some more of that smokey barbecue flavor, and then just a little bit of corn starch, just to ensure that nothing sticks together (blender whirls) Sounds like the moped I never got for Christmas If I had a moped, I'd be in a moped gang called Granny's Boys, where we'd just run drugs and kill people No one expects that from Granny's Boys

(coughs) Actually it really smells like barbecue chips All right now this is gonna be a very scientific process So we have to taste the seasoning, and then we gotta suck on a barbecue chip, and then we're gonna try to do that until they taste the exact same Also if you ever eat food that I make just assume that I have licked my finger and put it in that food Oh yeah

That's one of the same So now we have our barbecue copycat seasoning We're gonna add it into the Oreo cream filling, and then add a little bit of that to the cookie, which we have to make (wind whirling) Yeah do it till your knuckles bleed (table banging) No pain, no gain

Grind chips in Vitamix This is actually gonna give you an edge over doing it in a food processor The food processor will get it into a crumb But the Vitamix will pulverize it into like this weird chip smoothie, you'll see its great I've put a lot of chips through a Vitamix because you don't know my life

What happens is that it actually turns into like a sludge That you can really blend into anything (blender blends) Oh yeah that's real messed up looking I love it So you see, it just has the texture of like wet sand

You see how much of the oil is actually in those chips Now you just gotta scoop it up with your hands This is an entire family size bag of barbecue Lay's That's aggressive It sticks to the teeth

Now we're gonna make the actual cookie Could you see stuff in my teeth? 'Cause if feels like there's just like 30 chips caked into there Does anyone have like a travel sized tooth brush? Like one of the ones you take to sleep overs It's the back ones that are hard to get (wind whirling) Hello, you might be wondering, "Josh, why are you interrupting your own show?" Are you a narcissist? No I'm actually very self conscious and often wonder what my purpose in life is

Maybe you can help me answer that question by subscribing to the Mythical YouTube channel If enough of you subscribe I'll get to keep doing this, and maybe I'll understand what it means to truly be happy (wind whirling) So our cookie base is gonna start by creaming together the fat and the sugar That's gonna incorporate all the sugar in there Since this like pretty much has the consistency of a shortening, I'm just gonna toss it in there right now

We're gonna be using a bunch of vegetable shortening There's a lot of palm oil in Oreo's, but I think like palm oil, kills orangutans, maybe, anything, anyone? Orangutans and palm oil, I don't know anyways, we're using vegetable shortening instead (spoon clanks) Because Oreo's are such a crispy cookie everything in there has to caramelize really fast, and since powdered sugar has less surface area, it's gonna caramelize quicker It's hard, I'm big but I have really weak hands I have such big muscles but such weak hands because I don't believe in my hands enough

Real muscle size comes from the belief in yourself, and also Creatine Ugh, gosh So we want about two cups, that's two cups So lecithin is like the work horse of every packaged food It's just literally in everything

It binds together fat and water, essentially that the cool thing it does in cookies, when you cream it with the fat and the sugar is that it's actually gonna create little micro-air bubbles 'cause it makes everything stable It's actually gonna give the cookie a light crispy snap during the creaming process (chuckles) Creaming process So you're suppose to add about 3 percent lecithin by weight to flour ratio And 3 percent perfect measured

And so this is gonna get everything to incorporate really nicely It's actually gonna warm up the shortening a little bit Cool So Oreo, more of a cracker than a cookie if you really think about it like if there was no sugar in there, it would really be a Ritz cracker So we're gonna take kinda elements of some cracker baking, plus all that fatty sugariness of a shortbread

You're gonna start with bread flour, it has a little bit of a high gluten content in there This is a food enriched? Nichole, enrich flour me! So let's start with two cups and see where we're goin And then if you notice the color of an Oreo it's almost more gray than brown, and that's coming from something called Alkaline processed chocolate, which you can see on the ingredients list This is Hershey's special dark Dutch cocoa powder that means that it has alkaline in it (makes beat with container) That's right that was Last Resort by Papa Roach I actually listened to that in my car (claps) on my way to work this morning, that's fun

"Losing my sight, losing my mind, wish somebody would tell me it's fine" I think Blood Brother's is actually the better Papa Roach song We're also gonna add xanthan gum, so we're gonna get the cookies extra structure, it should give it a little bit more crunch Just about a little teaspoon of that All right let's give her a taste

Wow it's really weird, it tastes like someone put the idea of barbecue chip like there was inceptioned into you mind Like Leonardo Dicaprio and Mariam Cotillard? Marion Cotillard? She was in that They were all like living in their own, world of their making You know like was it real does it matter? You know if you think it's real, it's real Did the top fall? Here we go this looks like what we're looking for

So right now the dough is still wet and pliable and a little bit sticky, but that's just because we had so much friction going with all that shortening in it which is gonna start to melt So what we have to do is wrap this in plastic, put it in the fridge, and it's actually gonna solidify it to a point where you can roll it out Oh no I switched to erase (yells) Always lube up your mats before you start rolling on 'em Just take it and roll it out very thin

No, I have to re-write You wanna work quick because the more pressure and heat that you put on a dough with shortening in it, the higher the chances the shortenings gonna kinda leak out You want these pretty thin 'cause Oreo's is like a really thin wafery, crackery cookie Its also gonna help it crisp up in the oven Let's go ahead and remove that

We have a little sheet of dough Oreo's have a really distinct pattern on them We don't actually have and Oreo mold So what I'm gonna do is stick this here pretty, frilly, sex baton I don't know what else to call it, And we're just gonna go ahead and lube that one up, and then you're just gonna roll it very quickly and its actually gonna create a pattern in there

One more pass And then we're just gonna take the little circular ring mold, and then we're just gonna go ahead, punch circles into this Great we have one cookie Now eight thousand to go We're going in an I formation, then he's gonna hook around, quarterback's gonna roll left, and its gonna be a throw back

Called the annexation of Puerto Rico (wind whirls) Now we have to make the Oreo cream filling It's actually really simple All it is is some sort of hard fat, so we're just gonna use vegetable shortening again Common known by it's street drug name Crisco

We're gonna add some of our barbecue spice to that, and I need a, can I have a spoon? A good ol' heap of it (spoon clanking) Crisco is filled with a lot of hydrogenated fat but not trans fat which Oreo actually got sued for in 2003 So it's literally just between Crisco Now we're just go ahead and dump a ton of powdered sugar in there Powdered sugar

Our old friend soy lecithin I mean at this point, I'm just taking fingers of it and rubbing it in my gums because I love it so much, this is really in absolutely everything, and again that's gonna create little micro-air bubbles so that's gonna give you that like that little lovely little light in mouth feel Never said lovely little light in mouth feel about Oreo filling but it has a lovely little light in mouth feel And then we're gonna take just a good amount of that barbecue spice So this is where that flavor is really gonna come through

All right I forgot to plug it in Where's the thing? Nope, that's not how that works I did it! We're fine we're doin great Honestly it's like you got– (burbs) punched in the face by flavor towns strongest bouncer 'cause you're in there and drank too much "donkey sauce" if you know what I'm talking about

Spread it onto a mat I know right now it just looks like frosting, but when we actually let this rest, It's all gonna coagulate back up to be roughly the same texture as that shortening And then after we spread it, we're gonna go ahead and let it chill, And we're gonna cut it into the same size coins as we did our cookies Life's too short not to take the double stuff That's what my grandpa always said, died when he was 31

All right, all right these are gonna go in the fridge and then we could punch them out, sandwich them in between some cookies (wind whirling) The assembly process of an Oreo is very difficult and very intricate What you need to do is take one cookie, that's the bottom, And then you're gonna take a frosting disk and you're gonna place that on top of the cookie bottom But then here's the crazy part What you do is you take the top cookie

Wow what a wild ride, such a long journey this has been from the scene in the train, where the inception didn't take to, there was like a bomb in, on like a mountain I think, there was like that elevator scene that was a really heavy-handed metaphor for Leonardo's subconsciousness and his ability to cope with trauma, but a snack isn't a snack without a cool package If someone just handed you one of these on the street, you wouldn't trust it My grandpa actually died from street Oreo's it's a big problem So we have a really cool package I think, show the package

Yeah (upbeat music) You guys asked for these to snacks to be smashed together I executed it to the best of my ability The top fell and Leo finally got closure All we gotta do is try it It crunches like an Oreo

It's got the sultry cream filling of an Oreo But, oh, there is something extra First the positives, there are things in here that work Chocolate and salt, and that's a really good combination Even the spice, things like pepper, that's really good

Where you start you get stuck, is when you get the garlic powder with the sugar and the chocolate It's really jarring, it's when you smell gasoline, and you're like "ooh that's kind of a good smell" and then you're like "No, I'm just huffing fumes, I shouldn't doing this" But that's kinda what this is, there's enjoyable elements to it but I could see why it Lay's and Nabisco, never tried to have this union But I do wanna go in for a second bite and that means something I think you gotta eat like 40 or 50 of these to really form an opinion

So I'm gonna be doing that, but for right now I mean it's good it's a little weird, I don't think it's ever gonna replace your need to both eat Oreo's and barbecue chips at the same time Look it's neither a success nor failure, but if you wanna try it yourself just like I don't know smash up a bunch of barbecue chips and stuff it into a Double Stuff Oreo It's pretty much the same thing And if you wanna see more food shows like this, please subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel, the more subscribers we get, the more food shows we could make Let me know in the comments what snacks you want me to smash next


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