Back To Mythicality – GMM Season 14 Trailer

(epic orchestral music) – [Link] Good Mythical Morning I am beyond excited

– I just don't know if it's safe That's exactly the way we wanted it Yeah, ha, ha, ha – Ahh! Oh, it's a thicky Yes! This is a magical achievement

– Is hot orange juice not a thing? You gotta have these – Chase, did you pee in this pool water? – That's not gonna be bad – Yes! (Link and Liza scream) Murder Rhett to save me – That's a horrible question – [Rhett] It is back to mythicality week

– [Link] One episode a day, followed by Good Mythical More Is this me? (Link retches) (Link, Rhett, and Stevie slurp) – No, no, I mean, maybe

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