Are They The Father? (GAME)

– The results are in You are the father

– Let's talk about that! (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – Being a father is a huge responsibility, and as a father, the very first thing you need to do is make sure you're the father – (chuckles) Yeah – Luckily there's a person out there who has assumed the role of exploiting people's broken relationships by offering them DNA tests to be read out loud on live television for ratings His name is Maury Povich

– And luckily there are two guys out there who have assumed the role of exploiting the Maury Povich show by turning it into a game they're gonna play on their own internet show It's time for– ♪ Maury, Maury, hallelujah ♪ ♪ The dads are being DNA tested ♪ Maury Povich would not allow us on his set, so we recreated it here in our own studio – Mhm, and because we both wanna test our father identification skills, we have asked Mythical crew member Jordan to help us out and host this game – Welcome Jordan – Was that a wave or a high five? It was a wave

– Okay, yeah, yeah Sure, yeah – Awkward – Two men waving at each other Two men sitting at each other, just waving

– Point blank range – Hey guys, I'm still here – Okay – Before we go any further, if you're a potential father who's gonna be on Maury and you wanna look your best, check out some of our Mythical Pomade available at mythicalstore

– Ooh yeah Okay so Jordan is gonna introduce us to a couple that was on the Maury show Or Mory? I'm just gonna say Maury, you can say Mory – Because and forth, jif, gif, man, who cares – We're gonna get to see an image of the supposed father and the child side by side and then we'll also get video clues to help us with our decision

– And then based on the information, we have to decide if we think that person is the father or not Whoever gets the most right wins a prize What is the prize, Jordan? – The prize is a set of test results that we'll be reading to the winner – Oh, okay – We're gonna have to wait to find out what those are

– [Link] Let's do it – Okay our first potential father is Matthew – [Link] There he is – His girlfriend Cinnamon got pregnant with her daughter Apple when she was in high school She is positive Matthew is the father, but Matthew thinks not

Let's take a look at what Cinnamon has to say – I'm 100% positive that he's the father I remember the exact moment that Apple was conceived! It was right after I finished doing my homework! (Rhett laughs) – Well I forgot that they yelled so much on Maury when they're reading their cue card! – I think Cinnamon is on the top end of the spectrum when it comes to the yell though – Oh she is? – I mean, I watch a lot of the show We'll see, we'll see

– I tend to yell when talking about doing my homework and then having relations immediately afterward! – Maybe we should start talking like that! – We made love after I wrote a book report on The Red Badge of Courage! (Rhett laughs) – Oh wow, okay – We actually have another clip that might help you guys decide – Oh good – Okay, okay – Was he there for you when you gave birth? – (sighs) He brought his Playstation while I was giving birth

– Oh God! (audience jeering) You gotta be kidding me (Rhett laughs) – Maury's been doing this awhile – You gotta be kidding me (laughs) – Maury's clearly not played the new God of War, it's really, really good Okay to help us out here's a side-by-side photo of Matthew and Apple

– [Link] Okay – [Rhett] Her skin is a lot clearer (Jordan laughs) – The side-by-side, okay, I think it is helping me – Okay, all right, if you're ready to lock in your answers – I am

– Is Matthew the father in three, two, one – DN-yay! – DN-yay! – Yes! – Yes – As opposed to DN-nay, no – DN-yay, so we agree We both think he's the father

– Two yays, two yays Let's see if you're right – In the case of four month old Apple, Matthew, you are the father – [Link] Yeah! You're the father! (audience jeering) (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, let's build our lives together! Get over here! – We're gonna take a family trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos (laughing) Our next father, should I say potential father– – Oh yeah, don't give it away

– Is Salvatore and he's a proud Italian He has three children with his wife of seven years, Asia, but Salvatore doesn't believe that the oldest child, Salvatore Junior, is his because he doesn't look Italian enough He thinks Asia cheated on him with her ex Let's take a look at what Salvatore has to say – I'm a big Italian guy, and that baby does not look Italian

I don't care if that baby eats spaghetti and talks with his hands That does not make him Italian Asia cheated with her ex I looked the ex up on Facebook Bada-bing, bada-boom! He looked like the baby

If the DNA test proves that I'm not the father, Asia can forget about it! (all laughing) – I had my doubts about his Italian heritage until he said, "Bada-bing, bada-boom" – Right that makes it– – Very clear Here's a shot of Salvatore with Salvatore Junior If this clears things up at all – [Link] That is helpful

– Do you guys think you have enough information? Is Salvatore the father in three, two, one – Yes – DN-nay, he is not – [Link] I see a resemblance, man – No, that's not an Italian baby

– One nay, one yay, let's see who's right – In the case of four year old Salvatore Junior Salvatore, you are not (audience yelling) – So what happens now, he just kicks the kid out? – Yeah, 'cause then they had two other kids that now he's gotta get those two tested – Yeah, for the rest of his life he's like, "I'm Salvatore Junior but not really

" (chuckles) You know, it's awkward – Yeah I think you just change the kid's name, but he should stay in the family, man, let's not– – I don't wanna get in their business – I was just excited to see the real life inspiration for Wario (Rhett laughs) Next up, we have DePaul – [Link] A little confused

– He's been dating Lamisha for what she claims has been four long tumultuous years They have two children, one month old DePaul Junior, and one year old Cerinity But DePaul an Lamisha have both admitted to cheating on each other, so DePaul's demanding a DNA test of both children Let's take a look at what Lamisha has to say – [Lamisha] He tried to say that Cerinity don't look nothing like him and that's a bold-faced lie

And when it comes to his son, he tries to deny him because my son had 12 fingers And it doesn't run in his family but it runs in mine – What? (crew laughing) Since when does that run in anybody's family? Seriously? 12 fingers will run in a family? – Well 14 runs in mine – The logic doesn't make sense Because it runs in the mother's family, that doesn't say anything about who she may have cheated with

– Don't revert to logic at this point, Link That's not how this works – Anyway, six fingers, 12 fingers, that doesn't make a lot of sense Let's hear DePaul's counter argument – If you hold a baby up like that, you ain't gonna look at that baby to see if it's yours? (laughing) Tell me that! They know what they talking about, but look at it

If it was mine, I would have had it like this I got this baby in the air (Rhett laughs) – Yeah I held all my kids from a distance until I was sure that they were mine – You held your babies in the arr? – Yeah, and you notice I said all my kids because there is a third that no longer lives with us (laughing) – Rhett Junior

– Yeah (chuckles) The Italian one (laughing) – Can we see a side-by-side? – Yes, let's see a side-by-side – [Link] So either both of them or neither are his – I think you have to figure that out for yourself

(sputters) Is DePaul the father of Cerinity and DePaul Junior? Are you ready to lock in your answers, three, two, one – DN-yay – Yes – Yep He needs to hold those children close

– Yeah, I can see it – Guys, I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised Let's see the answer – In the case of one month old DePaul Junior DePaul, you are the father

(yelling) (audience cheering) In the case of one year old Cerinity, DePaul, you are not the father (audience jeering) (Rhett chuckles) – She's like Looks like she's playing a game – The look on her face was very cute Tee-hee

– Whoopsies! – That's the best way to get through deep family problems like that, just laugh it off – Yeah! – I think she ran away, actually – So we got half a point on that? – Let's do one point each, so you both get one point each – Great – Our next potential dad is David

– [Link] Hey David – Mhm, two different women have accused him of being the father of their children and they were wrong, so of course he didn't believe his current girlfriend Kesha, that's Kesha without the dollar sign, when she told him that he's the father of her daughter Gabriella Let's take a look at what David had to say – I've been betrayed, manipulated, and lied to by women all my life Of course I question Kesha when she said Gabriella was my child

Can you blame me? I found deleted Facebook messages between Kesha and one of her exes around the time she got pregnant Don't get me wrong, I want to be a father But I don't want to be a sucker (Rhett laughs) – And then the baby's like, I, don't know – I think we went to high school with that guy

– I think everybody went to high school with that guy Did Zack Snyder direct that clip package too? – Foom, foom, foom (Rhett chuckles) – Whoa Here's a photo of David and Gabriella – [Rhett] Ooh, okay

– If David is not the father, he's going to leave Kesha for good So, is David the father in three, two, one – DN-nay – Nay We agree again! – It's two nays, let's see if they're right

– In the case of seven month old Gabriella, David, you are the father! – You are the father! (Link groans) (yelling and cheering) (Rhett laughs) – [David] Sorry – [Link] Wow – I got something to ask, Maury – What? Oh – [Link] Whoa! – Will you marry me? – Yes

(Rhett laughs) – I thought he was gonna say, "I got something to ask, Maury "Will you take me to Urgent Care "'cause I really injured myself doing the worm" (laughs) – Oh, that's how strong families are built, you know? – Yeah – You find out that you're the father, you do the worm and you get married – So we both got it wrong but I'm really happy for him

– Yeah and I think we're all invited to their wedding at Golden Corral (Rhett laughs) Let's move on This is the final maybe-daddy Link, you can still tie this up This is Greg

– [Link] Greg is sad already – When he was dating Melanie, he gave her an ultimatum Let's take a look at that ultimatum – I told her if she wanted to be with me, she had two weeks to get pregnant Then she tries to tell me that she's pregnant the same day

I don't think so, Mommy She tries to say baby Giovanni looks like me But I got diabetes and a little bit of vision, so I can't see! He's all blurry to me! (Rhett laughs heartily) – You can't laugh that hard that that – I'm sorry, man! – That's a blurry baby! – I love that strategy though You got two weeks to get pregnant

– And then she's like, whoop, you know what? I just did – He's like, well, surprise (laughing) – Here is Greg and Giovanni side-by-side – [Rhett] Oh man – [Jordan] They both look pretty bummed

– Let me make them both blurry Oh, Greg's come to life when you do that – Is Greg the father in three, two, one – [Rhett And Link] DN-yay – Yes, oh, shoot

Okay, so in order to tie, you know what? You wanna change your answer? – No, I feel pretty confident that he's the father – Well then I gotta go for gusto I'm changing my answer, even though they do look very similar – Smart play, smart play, Link – I got to

– Let see if you're right – In the case of 22 month old Giovanni, Greg, you are the father (people yelling) – [Link] Well (audience cheering) (yelling over each other) – We were right, he can see – Hey wait a second

– Oh man, she slammed it right in his face – It makes fatherhood so much more exciting when you can just do it right in front of a big Maury crowd like that (laughing) – Take a victory lap – All right, I had to go for the tie, which means I lost by two – So in the case

– In the flat paper-like case – Mhm In the case of who is the greatest internet daddy of all time Rhett, you are the daddy! – Woo hoo hoo! I told y'all! I told y'all! (Jordan laughs) Oh, can't do the worm I can't do the worm

Listen, I'm not even Italian but I'm still the daddy – Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies (breathing heavily) I have a Father's Day gift for you It's a mouth full of spiders – Thanks? – Last weekend, I took your kids to Six Flags

– Thanks And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is, daddies – Hi I'm Luke – And I'm Brad

– We just finished our last day of high school in– – [Together] Jorts, dad-style And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – You boys are going places In that Jeep Click the top link to watch us guess the crew members' fathers in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land In jorts – [Rhett] Love GMM? Live in a town? Well guess what, you can make our show the number one internet morning show in your hometown Customizable tees available now at mythicalstore

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