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– Today, Applebee's and Chili's go rib to rib – Let's talk about that

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– Okay, yes Now, in June we saw Outback Steakhouse take Texas Roadhouse down to the land down under, proving without a doubt, to us, that Outback was the uncontested best, in our opinion, between the two rival restaurants – But here's the thing, Outback and Roadhouse aren't the only two chains throwin' shade at each other Which brings us to Applebee's versus Chili's – Yes, okay, so a couple years back, Twitter went wild after one user's salad from the 'Bee's didn't quite live up to expectations

Hayes tweeted, "So I ordered the Southwestern Steak Salad at Applebee's tonight and this was the outcome" – Good gosh – "I understand that food isn't always going to look like pictures, but dot dot dot" – You know you havin' a bad night when your salad catfishes you – Oh

(laughing) – Needless to say, Chili's die-hard fans were quick to respond, like Kingston Baldie "Playa mistake number one You went to Applebee's instead of Chili's, LOL" – Ooh Okay, then Chili's social team officially threw down the gauntlet by tweeting this

"We are humans, we all make mistakes once in a while But we're right here, just waiting to make this wrong a right!" – Chili's Grill and Bar swoopin' in with the weak retort! But listen, the stage has clearly been set, and this beef must be squashed – Yes, Applebee's, Chili's, two iconic titans in the pantheon of chain restaurants But which titan will remain after a head-to-head battle for ultimate casual dining supremacy? It's time for Food Feuds, Applebee's versus Chili's – Whoa, okay, we're gonna taste signature dishes from each restaurant, head-to-head, and we are going to rate them each on a scale of one to 10

In the end, the winner will be crowned, the absolute, uncontested, best casual dining restaurant of all time, according to us And will win a chance to sponsor a GMM episode – Hey, who doesn't want that? (driving rock music) – We're gonna start with an appetizer, because that's menu rules, and I really like to follow the rules – Hi, welcome to the neighborhood – Hi, Annie

– I'm Annie Applebee's – I see that – And we have some delicious chicken wonton tacos for you – Okay, you don't seem too confident – I have some debilitating student loans

– Okay, working on her tip – Thank you, Annie – All right, and that would be versus? – Hey, what's up Chili's heads? It's your boy, Chili's Chaz and I'm here to tell you that I had my tuition paid for by my parents, so These are southwestern egg rolls, and they're delicious, and they're way better than whatever that cardboard is – I have had these

– I have had those, and remembered liking them – Yeah, I've never had these – Now, okay – [Link] Some limes here – These are a little bit soggy and we've been told by our culinary expert, Mythical Chef Josh, that that is what happens when these are to go, but this wouldn't be the case if it was at the restaurant

So we're not gonna hold the sogginess against it, okay? – It's not gonna be easy to do – [Rhett] Just pretend that it's crispy Oh, if that was crispy, that'd be really good – [Link] Yeah The taste is so great

I can almost pretend it was crispy – Man, if it was crispy, it would have a crunch to it – [Link] Now, this southwest, this is like, legend But then you open it, and you're like, oh, good god, that looks ugly – That looks great to me

It's got black bean in there, cheese – You do your little – [Rhett] Onions, you gotta do your dip and dip – So, again, we're rating both these on a scale of one to 10, assuming full crispiness – I'm sorry I gotta double dip, that sauce is good

– [Link] This is pretty difficult, because that's– – Both of them are good I'm gonna add an additional two points in my head for crispiness I think I would give these a six, but I'm adding two points to make it an eight – Okay, I'm gonna give that a seven I'm gonna give this an eight, barely edging it out

– I am giving that, that's almost a perfect appetizer, in my book – Wow – I'm giving it a nine – Okay (driving music) – Since this Food Feud all began over a sad Applebee's salad, you know we had to take it there

Bring out the rabbit food – Yeah, Chili's Chaz up in the house This is the Santa Fe chicken salad It's pretty sick You're going to love it

– [Link] We love a salad that is described as sick – Annie, bring it on in – So this is not the salad – Oh, the steak doesn't exists anymore – [Annie] Right, this is our, um, grilled chicken tender salad

– Okay, you sound like you are on the verge of tears You know what, just take a, just take breath – Yeah, yeah, yeah – I am gonna drink lemon water through a straw – Oh, wow, okay, I am just putting this

– Oh, Annie – Just across the top – I hope she's gonna be okay – I think it all comes down to our tip All right, so I'm goin in – I didn't fully dress it

You don't want a half dressed salad – [Link] I am tryin to get everything except tomatoes – Never seen a man so technically approach a salad – You only get one bite of this thing Dink it

– Well – Stink it – [Rhett] Who made up that rule? – That is a zesty dressing It tastes like chicken tender dipping sauce – Okay, so like a honey mustard

– Bingo – With something else in it – I didn't know hey used that on salads anymore

– Anymore? Like since when? The honey mustard crisis? – Since the tender dip took over That is a bit much for me – It's not enough for me – [Link] Enough what? You like the – [Rhett] I like pizzazz – [Link] You'd like more pizzazz? – Yeah, I want to know what I am eating – Now there is no – I want it to bite back a little it – So that one's got the hard boiled egg but this one's got the avocado – Now, right of the bat, the flavor profile of this salad is much better for me personally, but I don't want that to be the only determining factor because some people may like this You know, this is very middle of the road

It's a safe salad I don't like my salad safe I like my salad sassy – Um, I also prefer this one It's got a little spice

I am big into the avocado, but it's still just kind of a crappy salad I am gonna give this one a six – Um, yeah, I am somewhere between a five and a six because their salads could be so much better I will go with a six though because I do like the spice – I am gonna give this a four

It's just honey mustard has moved on It's just for tenders – I don't wanna judge it based on the choice of dressing because you could get another type of dressing – I have already given my scores – Um, so I am gonna just say that somebody out there would want these ingredients in a salad but judging these ingredients on their own merits, I can't give it more than a three

I'm sorry – Wow, and that really didn't help (driving rock music) – Definitely looking forward to this head to head, some finger-lickin', barbecue sauce drippin' ribs Knock it down, Annie, bring some confidence, bring some zest to it – This is our famous double glazed, shoot, double glazed ribs

– [Link] You're doin' great – Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, Chili's Cha (record scratching noise) Chaz and these are ribs They need no introduction, you already know – Wow, where do you want to start? Chili's is known for their ribs So I feel like we should start with Applebee's

– [Link] No back when my mom and I used to visit the Applebee's, we would have many mom son dates, we would always go with the riblet basket – They still do that? – I don't know – That's not even real – [Link] You don't have to eat the whole rib – Yeah I do

Uh, that's not great That's not good – I like the sauce – I do not like the sauce – [Link] You don't? – The sauce has a like a mass produced quality, like when we taste the barbecue sauces and there was, you know, that the big brands had that kind of almost plasticy taste

– [Link] Not much sauce – [Rhett] There is very little sauce on these – [Link] On the Chili's rib – The meat falls of the one a little bit more – It choked ya, choked ya little with more efficacy – But this is also not a good rib

– I actually thought there was more of a sauce sensation than there actually is – I mean on the scale of ribs and what you can experience in the world of ribs, neither of these ribs is doing a lot of damage to the rib scale, know what I mean? – Yeah, um, hmm, okay,do you have your scores? – Yeah – I actually thought that we were going to be wowed by these ribs, so I am really disappointed – And I am really hungry – With both plates – I am so easy to impress right now

I didn't eat breakfast – What do you give Applebee's? – Three – I like the sauce better than you, I am givin' it a five – Oh – I think that these ribs are just better but only slightly actually, so I am gonna give it a six – I give it a four because I agree

They are meatier and I like the meat a little bit better and the lack of sauce because the sauce is bad makes it better – I feel like we should apologize – To who? (driving rock music) – I love being an adult man, and I love doing adult things, but every now and again, I still like to order some chicken tenders – Yeah, these are Chili's original chicken crispers They are one hundred percent all natural white meat which is also funnily enough the name of my ska band in high school

(laugh) – Annie, rescue us – Hi, these are our chicken tenders, they are so good you'll forget about how over due your credit card bill is to American Eagle Actually, can I have some of that? – No, Annie – Yeah, give her one – Okay, take a tender and leave – Yeah, you can take one

– You know what, take one of these – Uh ah – They look so different – [Rhett] Yeah, these look, uh, crunchy differently breaded – [Link] It looks like fried fish to me, something about – Yeah, yeah, welcome to Long John Silver's (laughter) – This looks like something – You're welcome – You would warm up in a, from the freezer

There is not a lot of meat in there And the meat that is in there is not great – It's not as good as like a fast food tender – Right – This is so weird – Like a tender from Carl's Jr

would be way, way, way better than that – I think, if my mom made tenders at home, which she has done They look kinda like this – A little homemade feel It is almost like a tempura batter

– It's like a McDonald's McNugget but elongated – Way more meat Look at that, look at that meat cross-section, and I know, you just thought, oh you just took one cross-section No, look, every time you break open an Applebee's tender, you're gonna get, look, barely any meat – Yeah, I, we're definitely in agreement

The Chili's tender is better – That's a good tender I can only imagine what it would taste like if I could dip it in something – Can't do it We already used it on the salad

– I am gonna give that – Seven! – I was gonna say seven – I know What about that? – Three – Three (laughter) (driving rock music) – Even if you don't have room for dessert you order it just as an excuse to continue to enjoy the amazing Chili's and Applebee's decor – Oh, hell yeah

– So much to stare at – Hey – Hey – All right, this is our triple chocolate meltdown – You have been doin' great, Annie – Thanks, as a woman on the verge of a triple chocolate meltdown, I would really like to know I can pay my rent this month

That being said, here is your bill – Is the tip built in? – No – Okay, okay, boy it's really stressing me out – The name is Chili Chaz and I am here to say Applebee Annie is bumming me out today So this is the molten chocolate cake – [Link] It looks like a volcano versus that which looks like ice cream with, you know, cake beside it

– This looks like the cake that you make with a play set – You have seen my work – This is like an Easy Bake, maybe they used an Easy Bake Oven to cut on costs – [Link] Now, it's suppose to be real molten in the middle – Oh, yeah, it's very melty in there

– How difficult is this? Dink it – Hm, I thought it was gonna be better It started to get good and then it got weird – You are exactly right – [Rhett] Good cake

There is weird thing happening – I think there is blood in it – You might be right – Like there's some coins in there – There's definitely blood in it

– There's some (laughs) There's some coins in – We have solved the mystery – All right, this has caramel and it has – Actually it's just tears – Okay – Thanks, Annie

– [Link] She came back in to make us sad again – [Rhett] It's bursting – Caramel Their chocolate shell – Is there, I am gonna desecrate this, because I wanna see what's in the middle

Oh, look, Link, look at that Oh, look there's even softer goodness in there – This is not bad – [Rhett] I like that – This is definitely better

– I wan to give it a second chance, their so molten, look at that – I don't need to give it a second chance – Still blood – I am gonna give that a three It's not great

– I think it's better than that, especially goin' into the second bite knowin' there was going to be a little bit of a bloody taste (laughter) I am gonna give it a five now – All right, but over here This is pretty magical the way that it all comes together I am gonna give this a six

Big jump up for me – I am gonna go up to, I am gonna go up to a seven for that That's a good, solid dessert A mountain of goodness – So across all these rounds, Chili's beat Applebee's every single time

Applebee's comes in with an over all score of 44 and coming in with 66 points, we have Chili's – Ah, Chili's, you have won a sponsorship for Good Mythical Morning episode So slide into our DM's – Thank you liking and commenting and subscribing – Sorry, Annie, um, we are gonna to give you an 80 percent tip though

So you'll feel good about yourself – That will help with my fibromyalgia Thank you so much – You know what time it is – [Boy] Hi, I am Caden from New Castle, England

(piano music) And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – That is the future, guys I don't know what happened – Click the top link to watch us taste and compare Applebee's and Chili's kids meals in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land

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