Alien Food Taste Test

– Space food – The final frontier

– Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning – Today's about sci-fi space food and we are luckily joined by actress, tycoon of industry, and star of the brand new serialized podcast Voice to the Stars, our friend Felicia Day – Woo hoo! Welcome – Salute you

Salute, salute – It's a Felicia Day – We should have done this before now Had you on the show – I know, I was sitting waiting for years, in my room, waiting for the email

– Oh we sent lots of emails – Send, send, send – They all bounced back – Sorry – All right I hope you're hungry today

– Uh, why? – Because we're eating lots of really fancifully nice sci-fi foods – Well we know that you're a fan of, almost an expert I might say, compared to us definitely, of sci-fi TV, which is why we're directing our efforts today to boldly go where no taste buds have gone before and try out the weirdest alien food from our favorite space shows It's time for Real Fake Food: Space Edition – Okay lots of times on the internet, people try to recreate fake foods from TV and movies but they make it good for humans – That's no fun

– That ain't what we do We wanna be as accurate as possible to the sci-fi shows that we are gonna recreate the food from today Sound good, right? – I mean I don't know what a borg thinks something good tastes like but let's try it – You'll find out – Exactly

(upbeat electronic music) – Okay we're starting with Futurama, from season two, episode 18 which was entitled The Problem with Popplers – Popplers – Yes and we will try none other than these problematic Popplers and here's the background The Planet Express crew stumbles upon a planet packed full of new delicious edible life forms they call Popplers and proceed to harvest, market, and sell them as the next big fast food craze, but then, Leela finds out that the Popplers are actually the larval stage of the aggressive Omicronian race and they've been eating babies Here's a clip

(crowd chatter) – Stop! Stop eating Popplers! – Huh? – Why? – My booze! – Popplers are intelligent This one called me Mama – There's one way to determine if an animal is intelligent Dissect its brain – No, Mama, stop Grandpa

(gasping) – I'm so tasty – Did that work your appetite up? – Oh my gosh – Absolutely not – Look at this Poppler (Felicia gasps) – It's so cute

– [Link] Mama Funny thing is, I usually don't eat anything that doesn't call me mama So I think I'm good – You know, when I– – Felicia, here's one for you I had a baby and it was barely bigger than this when I had it

– But you didn't eat her – You know what, I thought it was cute and then when it got toward my nose, I got a waft of fish – Yeah well here's what happened – I thought you were still talking about your daughter (laughing) – As you might guess, we were not able to track down the young of an intergalactic intelligent life form so what we have done is substituted that with a little bit of squid because cephalopods are considered the most intelligent invertebrates on earth

Yummy! So we breaded and fried a lobster-based body, then added on two squid tentacles for arms, then sliced a quail egg and painted on squid ink to represent pleading eyes and a mouth begging for mercy (Link laughs) You are sadistic, Josh! – That's not cool, Josh – I mean the hands – I know – The squid

– It's reaching out to, save me, save me – Help me – Should I eat the face? – I feel like– – Definitely – We need to get a little bit of the eyeball in the bite – Is that a requirement? What is the mouth in there? – Squid ink

– Oh great, okay – That's where the squid propels out of its– – Triple dink it – Something when it's scared – Bye babies No Mama

– Triple sink it – Mama, Mama, don't do it, Mama It's pretty good – We might be able to talk Long John Silvers to add this to the menu – I don't think it's dead yet, if you eat this much

– You can't survive with half a hemisphere – Mine can't see or speak anymore 'cause I took out that part of the brain – Oh my gosh – All right, I'll have this little hand – This is good

I'll save the rest for later but I'll definitely eat it later (upbeat electronic music) Okay now we're gonna time travel from the 31st century to the 1980s to taste something from one of my favorite shows from that decade, Alf – Oh, I love that show – Yeah it's a great show If you don't know, Alf is a sitcom about a normal family who live with a sarcastic alien life form

Basically a puppet – Yeah – Alf loved to eat cats – Yeah he did – We are not gonna eat a cat now

– What? – We're gonna eat something else that he liked, slime balls Here's a clip – Gross, what is that? – It's a slime ball – Alf, where did you get those? – Melmac I usually buy wild cherry but all they had left was slug

– Oh – You know it's a lucky thing I found these when I was cleaning out my space ship A couple of more months and they would have gone bad – Oh no! – Well they're not that stale – No, it's a roach

– All right we each get our own sack – He's got the greatest voice of an alien in any media– – I forgot, yeah – Of all time – I forgot how hot he was (Rhett laughs) – Hot and hairy

Now so Felicia, show yours first because I believe you have the wild cherry slime ball – The texture is not appealing – [Rhett] But you did get the wild cherry one Whereas– – What is that? – [Rhett] We got the slug – Ew, oh, oh, oh, oh! There's something in there

– What is that? – You know, just kind of a cockroach – What? You're gonna eat that? – Mine's got a slug, yours has a cockroach – Whoa whoa, hold on – Where's the slug? – This is not Alf-approved – The slug is down in there and– – You ran out of slugs? – Is that like a, wait– – We had to beef up the recipe with some cockroach

– No but I wanna, I wanna understand Where do you get, did you just go out in the alley and get these or the actual culinary– – We no longer ask these questions We've gotten so much stuff here, Felicia It's just, it slides across the desk – As long as it's cooked to an adequate temperature, it doesn't matter if it's from the alley

– I don't know about that theory The food science behind that is skeptical, okay – Triple dink it – Okay I'm gonna bite the cockroach – I'm gonna let Felicia take hers first

– Are you really gonna, okay – Can I try the back half? – Oh that's pretty good, it's actually, you wanna taste the back half, yeah – [Rhett] Hold on why are– – Eat the back half of my ball It's really good actually It's kinda like a gourmet Jell-O with pieces of cherry in it

Alf – Which side of this– – That's good Almost as good as cat – I actually might throw up if I watch you eat that cockroach, I'm not kidding No, please

– Okay Dink it – Dink it – And – Oh my God, oh my God

Oh for real, I'm disgusted right now I'm for real disgusted, oh my God! – And I got, here, use the bag, use the bag – [Felicia] I'm not kidding, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen – Look at that cross-section – I got a slug, man, it's not like it's that much better

– Oh my– (Link gags) (crew laughing) (Link retches) – Oh you're right – Oh gosh! What, Alf! You did it to me again, Alf! – Ugh – Ugh – Alf is no longer my favorite television show – I can't look at it, just, please hide it

(Link whimpering dramatically) – You know what, we'll save that for Alf (upbeat electronic music) Now there are tons of amazing gross and intoxicating foods featured throughout the Star Trek Original Series, animated series, five spin-off television series, and film franchise – Hey slow your roll, Star Trek – But we have made the highly illogical choice to focus on a sample feast from the Klingon race – Oh

– We're talking about a starter course of the delicacy gagh Followed by a platter– – Sounds great – Of pipius claw, all washed down by Klingon blood wine Resistance is futile – Let's start with gagh

Gagh is basically a live serpent space worm and it's supposed to be revolting because it's wiggling around in your mouth – Got you I'm not– – Gaghked you? – Yeah, I just don't wanna eat anything live – Yeah, they're dead – So it's not live but we added Pop Rocks– (Felicia gasps) To make it feel like it's still alive

– No wait those are– – Worms – Sauteed earth worms seasoned heavily with Pop Rocks and Sichuan peppercorn – No No, I'm not gonna, I'm so sorry – All right Felicia, we're not gonna do this to you

– Oh! – We're giving you– (laughing) We're gonna give you the gummy worm version – Thank God, thank God because there's absolutely no, I'm so sorry I have several, as a policy I always save worms from the sidewalk so this is my equivalent of somebody offering me horse entrails, okay? – [Rhett] Oh you, whoa (Felicia screams) – You're getting it on your hand – Worm juice, worm juice was about to go everywhere

– Oh my God – No, I think you saved it – And you know what, maybe we should just share this and– – Now come on now! – This is great Look how beautiful this is – Okay

– These are– – Now give it a go – Here Link, take one You remember the Klingon people down at the diner? – Wait what? – In Burbank that we went to visit – Yes – Not too far down the road, there's a Klingon group that gets together and has breakfast together

And we went and– – Really? – We went and did it – You joined the group, yeah – [Rhett] I joined the group – You would be an excellent Klingon, by the way You have a good forehead for it

– Thank you yeah, I could really ridge it up – Yeah, okay – Okay Dink, you can at least dink it, just dink it – Dink it, oh, you know, I think you should get a mic here because can you get close to the mic because it is popping

– We do have a mic right there, it's real – Do you hear that? – All right and sink it – Oh (gagging) Having trouble? – Sichuan peppercorn helps – It's got that numbing effect, yeah

– Have you had worms before– – Yeah – Is this the best preparation of worms? – This actually is – This is season 15 (chuckles) Yeah We've had worms

Look at what it does to your mouth – Oh my God, that is so sexy – So we got that down Let's move onto the second course which is pipius claw That's a fictional creature that's a cross between a chicken, a crustacean and a squid

– This is amazing! – So for this, Josh marinated chicken feet and octopus tentacles in a mysterious red goo and laid it into a bed of squid ink soaked cabbage – Wow, I'm not as grossed out about trying this – I think I'm gonna grab an octopus – This one obviously has some kind of war wound This one's missing a finger

– No he did that for all of it – Yeah – Oh, okay – Because that makes– – It's for accuracy – Makes them seem alien

– Kinda makes them seem heavy metal – It does like wah – Okay – Hook 'em Horns – Here we go

– Dink it – Doop be doop I don't wanna do it now – Oh wow – That's good

– I can't even, it's real meaty It's just– – Whoa it's spicy, whoa – I can't get, I can't get my mouth– – Wow! What spice is this? – Oh it's very spicy – [Josh] Klingon – (chuckles) Klingon

It's Klingon sweat – I can't, oh, ow it's burning – Burning – Wait for real It's really burning my mouth

– Yeah yeah, don't drink water, it only makes it worse – What? – And we don't have anything else – You wanna wash it down with some octopus? – No the octopus is spicy too, actually getting more spicy How's this possible? It's like moving around my mouth I think I need a nappy

– I've got anti-bacterial hand sanitizer You can put that in your mouth – It's getting more spicy, how is this possible? (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah – [Josh] The cabbage should cool it down – The what? – The cabbage

– Oh yeah, eat some of the black cabbage – [Link] Seriously? – Oh did that help? (Felicia gags) (Rhett laughs) It helps! (Link coughs) – I hate you Josh! – What's in the cabbage? – Is it over-seasoned or what? – (laughs) Is it over seasoned? – It's still really, really hot, for real – We got milk, we got milk for ya That'll calm down – Why is it still hot, like it keeps going

It's getting hotter – It's Klingon We like it rough, as Klingons – Is this like radioactivities? – It's like a caffeine replacement All right the best thing to do is to wash it down with some blood wine and– (Rhett laughs) So let's move onto that

It's the most popular alcoholic beverage amongst the Klingon race and is best served warm Oh it is warm, I can feel it – Oh gah, oh – It's known to be highly intoxicating To the point that most Klingons are incapable of getting through it and tolerating it but I bet we can

– Oh gosh – So– – I have to pass – This is my arch nemesis The blood is my arch nemesis – Yeah I gotta pass on that

I don't drink alcohol – Hold on, let me– – You want a swirl? – Yeah give it swirl– – She doesn't drink alcohol but she does drink melded pork blood – [Rhett] Oh, I shouldn't have swirled it – So I wanna feed this to you Oh my gosh, warm

– Link, swirl it You gotta swirl it – Do some swirlies I'll do some swirlies – You gotta get the blood

– [Felicia] Now on the Klingon planet– – (groans) Oh just the smell, woo! – On the Klingon planet, what? – Just for the record, on the Klingon planet, we would be married after I feed you this okay? – Should we do this or something? – We'd have to do battle, yeah, we'd do battle Okay you ready? – I'll just drink by myself I guess – Dink it and then– – Okay dink it (glasses clink) – I'm just gonna take one little sip Don't give me like a glurg glurg glurg

– I'm not gonna glurg you That's something very dirty that Klingons don't allow in public, okay? – (chuckles) Here we go – Wait why am I leaning on you? (retching) Oh boy okay – Oh you know what? – I got it down – I feel like the vodka almost makes it tolerable

– Oh yeah vodka helps, helps a lot I mean if you're gonna drink blood, definitely add vodka – I don't hate myself I don't hate myself as much as I usually do – The look on your face is that you might puke out of your eyeballs right now

Like you really– – I know, seriously, I got it down I got pork blood past my– – Woo! – Yay! – Thank you, Josh This is a new thing for me – Thank you, Rhett – I feel like I passed the final frontier

– You passed it – Yeah – You pass the final frontier, that's too far – Yeah you went too far, man – I went past the edge of space

– All right Felicia, we wanna thank you for hanging out with us and for feeding me this – I mean, I would feed you more actually if you want – Yes, make sure you check out her new podcast series Voyage to the Stars – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing Now you say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is – I'm General Boss – And I'm Admiral Riff We are from Zorbage, and it's time– – [Both] To spin the Wheel of Mythicality (rock guitar music) – Zorbage

– Zorbage – I love it! – That's the best planet name ever Rhymes with corsage – Or is that the name of their band? I don't know – I don't know

Click the top link to watch us taste astronaut ice cream in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] Our stories are now wearable Check out Post Apawcalypse, a Mythical storywear collection now at Mythicalstore

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