Adults Try Weird Baby Products (TEST)

– Today we suck snot out of our noses – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – Please welcome actress and two time baby mama, Erika Christensen! – Woo! – Thank you, very much – Welcome to the show – Thank you – Thanks for being here Now not only do you play a mother, or you did play a mother in Parenthood, but you're a real life one

– Now I am – Yeah – Yeah – That's pretty cool – Now I am

It's the life imitating art – Yes – Sequence – That's why you did it – Yeah, I had to make it real

(laughing) – Now it got real because what I heard was, the baby came so quick, your second, that it happened at home? – Yeah okay well it was planned to happen at home – Okay it was planned to happen at home – It was planned to happen at home, but it wasn't planned to happen with only me and my husband present – (laughs) Oh, you wanted a professional there – I was intending to have a professional there

It ended up being the coolest thing ever And our doctor, we had a doctor, not a midwife – Okay, yeah – Our doctor was really apologetic, but it was clearly my fault 'cause I didn't call him until 40 minutes before she was born I just didn't know that it was gonna be– – Surprise! – Yeah, all of a sudden I was like, um, hey, the baby's coming

– The baby's crowning – Yeah that was pretty much, there's a baby coming out of me right now Can you come over? And he was like, I'm on my way – But your husband stepped up – He really played it cool too

– Okay, I'm sure I could have not done that well – No? – Yes – It was very cool – So we're all parents here but it has been awhile since our babies were babies, and since then, they've come up with some weird baby products – So we're thinking, if this new high tech gadgetry stuff for babies is a good idea, can it also work on us? – Oh

– It's time for– ♪ Oh baby product ♪ ♪ How was I supposed to know ♪ ♪ If this is good for Daddy ♪ – Or Mommy – Yeah – Or mommy, that's right So we have purchased some of the weirdest baby products available and we're going to be testing them out Because we didn't bring our children, on each other

– That's right – Maybe we'll discover something – Yes, the idea's to see if this product intended for babies will be useful for us adults as well Let's get to it – Okay first up we have the NoseFrida, AKA the Snotsucker by Fridababy, and according to the website, the Snotsucker is your go-to natural hygienic baby booger buster

It's totally safe, so you can say sayonara to snotty noses They say snot snoyonara – Snot snoyonara – It's Swedish – [Narrator] It's smart, safe and hygienic snot sucking

First, soften those stubborn boogies with a natural saline mist Then, simply place the tube to form a seal with the outside of baby's nose, and suck away the snot The sight of success is divine – You use your own lung power? – Can I, I've been holding inside the fact that I have one of these – Oh you do? (Rhett laughs) – And we use it

– Yes! – Really? – What? See here's the thing The packaging is nice, the marketing's good It says smart on it so you must be smart if you use it, right? – Yes It's very sleek and Swedish, but look, look, look – But it's so weird

– This is the key I know it's weird, it's a mental block though This is the key, this is the physical block – Oh it's a filter Guys, you can't get snot in your mouth

– It's not gonna get in your mouth Disposable filter – Have you ever reversed roles? – Had the baby try to suck it, no I could give her a shot, but– – I think we should right now – Here's the thing, I don't have any loose, anybody have any loose snot? (chuckles) – No

– Pretty clear – But I do have creamed corn (chuckles) – Why don't you spoon some of that creamed corn up into your nose? – No Kay, no– – Then Erika, since you've done this before, I mean, I'm very curious to see– – Is it working? Oh my God – I think it is working because– – Oh my God

Oh my God! – It just came back up – Oh! – This is my creamed corn now, guys – Yep, no you can have it – I'm sorry to ruin creamed corn for everyone – Not gonna fight you for that

This is the– – Do you trust the filter? Would you be willing– – That is the question (laughs) – Would you be willing to– – Give me that – Oh God! As much as I liked creamed corn, I really, okay (Rhett chuckles) Yep, yep, yep – So you're about to do this

– I'm gonna do this – Can we double up? – You wanna get both nostrils? – Yeah – Oh gosh (laughing) – You want me to get the other nostril? – Oh no – I'm gonna be over here

– Oh this is not– – I'm doing a number of things here – This is not realistic, I just wanna make sure that we're not scaring away potential parents – We're crossing the streams, we're crossing the streams – One– – Whenever you're ready, guys – Two, three

– Oh God, it feels like my brain's gonna, oh God – I can– (Link coughing) I can– – Taste corn? – I can taste air that's corn-flavored – Corny air – Oh! (crew laughing) – Is it too hard, I'm sorry – Is it working? – This is what your baby goes through? Yeah it's sucking, do it again

Whoa (laughing) – Your tongue just went into the roof of your mouth (gasps) – Feels like my eyes are crossing every time you do it Do it again, do it again – The sound is what's killing me

– Do it, suck on it – Oh my Okay – That's tough, man – It's hard to tell how much is on the inside and how much is on the outside

– You know, it got some cream but it didn't get much corn – Do you have more in your nose? – I've got some actual pieces of corn in my nose, but you know what, I don't mind – I think it actually gave me a headache Sucking so hard, creating that vacuum – I could definitely that Erika had more experience with this because it just felt like a tighter seal and just more direct

You could work on it a little bit But I could definitely see how that would work – But the bigger question is, should it work for adults? Is this a thing now? – Oh right, listen You can probably do it on yourself (crew laughs) – That's it, so the answer is– – [Together] Yes

– On yourself – Up next, the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder Now this little contraption allows you to feed fresh foods to babies without having to worry about them choking on it – See now this seems like a decent idea – You have one of these? – I don't have any experience with this item

– Oh – Okay – This is all new to me – But are you open to it? – Well, of course I mean we're here, let's do this

– I think it's about a baby tasting rather than eating though, right? – It's about not choking, man – But how do you not choke on the net? – (chuckles) They're just constantly gagging (gags dramatically) – Well you do but you just keep pulling it out – You're like no worries, the net is not the food No, that's just the net

That's just the net – (laughs) Right – Okay so, apparently this has been useful for babies but we're adults, people! And there's nothing more adult than brunch So we have some brunch foods that we're going to try – Thank you

– Okay Erika, gave you some avocado toast You just take that little piece off there and put it– – I just got a nice buttered waffle – I got some eggs – I'm going with my hands 'cause I Oh this is real, this is bad news, guys I'll tell you that right now – Get that down in there, woo – [Erika] See that's a good, at least you get syrup

– That's inviting – I don't know why this is worst to me than the snot sucker – Yeah 'cause, I can't see how it could be – Mm (crew laughing) I'm actually getting a lot of egg through this

– Oh yeah! – Look how much egg's coming through Mm – Once you really munch down on that waffle, it's coming through as well – I have to say, it's really tasty (crew laughs) – I could see us walking around like a high art museum

Like mm (mumbling) – A high art museum – Look at that – Now the only problem with this is that I want more I'm a big man

I usually enjoy a lumberjack breakfast About this size And this is a little small – Might take you awhile – So I brought my own

– Wow What do you think of the looks of that? – Just put some sausages in there Just bacon – [Erika] This is gonna be really, really, really tasty – What is that? – Rip some ham

– Did we modify a fishing net or something? – I think I could probably get a whole pancake in there – You know on your Thanksgiving dinner when you just, you put the gravy over everything and you mush it all together, I think that's the vibe you're getting here – [Link] Mm-hm, mm-hm – More eggs Hash browns

– I want another bite – I know, it's good, right? – I actually think I could get the entire– – Good gosh – Thing in there – See 'cause what we're experiencing is that we have to reload, see – Now the reload is actually a little gross part

– [Link] Of course that's not gross at all – [Erika] But you only have to load it once – Right – And then you gotta really– – Oh my gosh – And then you just pick a side

(Erika and crew laughing) – Welcome to my world, Erika – You got the egg side – [Rhett] That's a little tough This is incredible! – [Erika] Sweet – It's kinda like a diet too

– How is it like a diet, 'cause you can't eat that much? – [Erika] Yeah and you really gotta work for what you get – I'm only gonna get like, look at that sausage – You're burning a lot of jaw calories – I guarantee you I'm not gonna choke (chuckles) (Erika laughs) Oh, mm

It is actually enjoyable You know what– – No – You want a bite? – No (laughing) It's great for sharing No one will ever steal your food again

– Should this be an adult product? Yes! – No – Up next, the Baby Mop Now this is an outfit designed to take advantage of the fact that your baby's crawling around on the floor all day, might as well put him or her to work And we've actually tested this one out before Good

– If you're at my house, a lot of times you're gonna see cold cuts on the floor like that – [Link] Oh yeah, get out those cold cuts, baby That baby was just a doll– – Still true – So I kinda had to push it with a stick – I can see that

– But real babies, you don't have to usually do that – Not usually, unless they're just really lethargic that day (laughs) – 'Cause the only thing you've been feeding them is through the net – Right Do you have one of these? – I don't have one of, I think it's actually quite fashionable but that looks like it's for a huge baby, like a baby that's already walking

– The bigger the baby, the better the clean (crew laughs) – But what we didn't test out was an adult version of this Behold the Daddy mop I look kinda like Thing One or Thing Two – Yeah you kinda look like the guy who cuts the tails off of poodles

– Oh God (laughing) – I'm a poodle tail collector – I got a lot – I like to stick 'em everywhere, especially you know where – Oh

– Oh God – All right so I'm ready to mop, I just need something to mop up – Yes well because this is an adult product, we wanted to give you an adult accident And Chase has had an adult accident I don't know which weapon was used to off him

– [Erika] It was clearly the rope – [Rhett] (laughs) Clearly, that's rope burn – [Erika] Blunt force trauma with the rope – Maybe the candlestick, I do know that it was probably Professor Morgan who did it – Uh-oh

Okay here's the thing When you've got a scene like this, a crime scene, the first thing you gotta do is get rid of the dead body So Erika, let's just pull Chase off here – Sweet, so yeah This is in my wheelhouse, okay

Oh thanks for the help there (laughs) – [Rhett] Okay that's good, keep him within the crime scene – There you go – Between the police line And you know what, I went to the trouble of saving Chase's blood in these Super Soakers

– Oh my goodness – Sweet, sweet – Go over there – Yeah – We can dirty things up in there

– [Erika] Ugh, oh God – [Link] What did you do, drain him of all of his life force? – Yeah, with the rope I just sucked on the rope – Okay – Ugh

– Ugh – Ugh, all right, I'm out – Okay, there you go, Link A real adult mess to clean up – Okay guys, here I go

Dada, Dada Dada found blood – [Erika] This is– – [Rhett] Oh gosh (crew laughing) – Dada Dada clean

– It's fairly effective – It's all in the hips, Link – [Erika] Yeah, the spin move, yeah – Look how good– – It's doing a– – Everywhere that you went, it's basically got all of Chase's blood up – Oh yeah and you know what, it's comfortable down here in all this blood

– It looks real comfy – I'm sure it is – I could bed down for the night here (grunts) – I feel like we need martinis and cigarettes or something (laughs) – [Erika] Yeah

(sighs) – Good – Okay – This is a lot of good clean fun – Why don't you stand up and show us what you've gathered – Pretty good huh? Look at that! You wouldn't know that someone was viciously murdered

– It's not even saturated – You could definitely get all that up if we gave you time – A whole 'nother murder – So you gotta be the judge of this Should this be an adult product? – Absolutely

Hugs – Yeah, yeah! – Okay – Let's do thumbs up – Teamwork – Thanks Erika for being with us today

– My pleasure – And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is! – Hi this is Kevin – This is Jean

– And this is Elle She was just born today – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Woo! – Congratulations! – Click the top link– – Little Elle – To watch us test out some baby butt products in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the wheel is gonna land – [Rhett] Zip ups, crew necks and pullovers, oh my It's getting cold Warm yourself up with our logo long sleeves, available now at Mythicalstore

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