7 Upsetting Photoshop Fails (GAME)

– I love rectum-less pugs (electronic music) – For years Photoshop has been used to make people look younger, models look thinner, and baboons to look like birds, also known as babirds

(scary ding) – Yes, one of my favorite things, not freaky at all Now, not everybody is so good at Photoshop that they can create babirds (scary ding) Sometimes people just downright screw up – Right, so we're going to look at some of the most ridiculous Photoshop fails of all time We're gonna be showing the photo, you can play along, and we'll have to see who can identify what aspect of the photo is a fail first

That person who correctly guesses it first gets a point The person with the most points at the end will win their very own Photoshopped photo I gotta have that – Can't wait – Stevie, show up the first one

– [Stevie] I'm gonna go easy on you for the first one so you can see how this goes – Okay – [Rhett] The crotch is backwards – [Link] What, what – [Stevie] Correct

(ding) – What (crew laugh) That's just like – He's got a butt bulge

– What on Earth – That could be a hemorrhoid – Oh, gross, I think it's just an non-vestigial tail – [Stevie] Okay, these are gonna get harder – Hold on, so I got the point? – [Stevie] You got the point but are you ready for the next one? – I wouldn't even call that Photoshop

– I can spot a backwards crotch anywhere (crew laugh) – Alright, give me the next one – [Stevie] Okay, here we go – [Link] Where's her arm? Her arms missing, no – [Rhett] Her hands are the wrong direction

– Her, what – [Stevie] Close – That one finger's weird That finger that comes across the front – [Stevie] Yeah, I'm gonna give it to you

That whole right hand looks like it has sausage fingers – [Rhett] Yeah, like that's, like that can't happen You can't do that – Well, it can happen but then you're gonna be in pain for a couple weeks – But look how many knuckles that one finger has

That one finger has four knuckles – And this is on the cover of a mazagine, wow – Yes – [Stevie] You ready for the next one? – Dang, I gotta catch up – Yeah, you do, Link

– Don't look at this one, close your eyes first – Nope – [Stevie] Okay, here we go – [Link] Oh, wow (crew laugh) – [Rhett] I don't see anything wrong

– Her What? – [Stevie] Guys – Oh, she doesn't have a bellybutton

(all laugh) (ding) Oh, there it is That's just like our bellybutton song at the end – Yes – Are those- – Bellybutton trees, yeah (dramatic thud) No different

– Stevie's like, 'Guys' (crew laugh) – Wake up – Yeah, that's the problem, Stevie, we're guys (both laugh) – Okay, I got a point – Okay, good job, Link, you spotted it

– [Stevie] Okay, how 'bout this one? – [Link] Oh, wow – [Rhett] Oh, the mirror wouldn't look like that – [Link] You can't see your face in the mirror – [Stevie] Correct (ding) – The mirror wouldn't look like that, the reflection wouldn't look like that, so I get the point

– No, that- – The mirror looks correct – What's in the mirror would not be like that, I spotted it immediately – You get the point – I didn't articulate it perfectly but you know what I'm saying – That is creepy though, I mean, who is this girl behind the mirror

Alright, let's see another one – [Stevie] Okay, here we go – [Link] Okay – [Rhett] Oh, a pug – [Link] Calender

That pug does not have a rectum (crew laugh) – [Stevie] You are correct I kind of prefer 'em this way – Yeah, I love rectum-less pugs – I'm not gonna say that's the first thing I looked at on that pug, but since their faces are so ugly

– Well, it is true that- – No, I'm sorry, there's lots of pug lovers out there and, you know what, I love you for loving pugs cause somebody needs to – But all short-hair dogs that have a tail that goes up like that, it's like the Eye of Sauron staring back at you so I prefer to close up the anus if possible surgically – Yeah, that's not a long play though That's just a short play, if you're like- – One day – Yeah

Eh, then you, move on (Rhett laughs) – [Stevie] Okay, how 'bout this one? – [Link] Oh gosh, lots to see here in this Roseanne cast photo What have they done? Is there a hand missing? – [Rhett] Oh, gosh I'm not gonna get this one, there's too many details Oh, that one plate's not being held up, there's a finger on top of it but it's anti-gravity

– [Link] Which plate? – [Stevie] Correct (ding) – [Link] Oh, wow – [Rhett] Ha! – How does that happen even? – Glue (crew laugh) It's glue – Like there was a hand and they took it out because it was ugly, I mean, what's the motive here? – I don't know, we're gonna have to speak to the person who edited the photo

Is that person available? (crew laugh) No, apparently not, I'm being told they're not – We did not bring them in Oh, man – They just wanted her to have a plate She needs a plate too, stick it to her finger, nobody will ever know

– I've fallen behind, okay – [Stevie] Yeah, okay, so this is the last one and Rhett has four and Link has two so there's really no way unless we make this two points – Let's make it three because I'm sure it's gonna be a difficult one, right – [Stevie] Oh, super difficult Three points, let's see

– Okay, three points – Okay, got some bathing suit action Lots of skin Ah, okay, I'm looking, I'm counting toes What? This is tough, I don't

Whoever found this stared at this image way too long – I'm scanning over and over again – What's that at the top of her head, is that a knee and a calf? – Yeah, but it doesn't seem weird, does it? – No

– [Stevie] There's a saying about people who can't dance that's kind of like this – Oh, she's got two left feet – [Stevie] Except for not left – She's got two right feet – Right feet

Oh! – [Rhett] Yeah – How does that, again, how does this happen? It's like, you know what, the top foot is right, it's the bottom foot, what? – [Stevie] Her left foot was, woof, god, we had to get rid of it – Yeah, did they duplicate the same foot? – Yes Well, I don't know All I know is they didn't want to show the inner arch of her left foot

– Yeah, it's just like a pug's anus (crew laugh) Yeah, the inner arch, I've always said that (Link laughs) – Alright, Rhett, you win That means that you win your Photoshop but before we see the Photoshop, can we see what I might would've won if I would've won this game – Yes, let's see this

(crew laughs) – [Rhett] Oh-ho-ho – [Link] I get it guys – [Rhett] Yeah, hmm, wow (laughs) – [Link] If I'm not mistaken, you Photoshopped a dog's face into that wig – [Rhett] Yeah, that's the only difference with our show

– [Link] I will say that Rachel Maddow is higher quality than the rest of our show (crew laugh) – [Rhett] In more ways than one (Link laughs) In more ways than one – [Link] She's so much crisper than the rest of our show – [Rhett] Right, she is

– [Link] And it says quit your job under there, so is that a message? (Rhett and crew laugh) What are you guys saying? – Thanks guys Yeah, I've gotta call into Rachel – Congratulations Rhett, you won What is his Photoshop? (dramatic thud) (crew laugh) A Rhettiyeti? – [Rhett] What are you trying to say about me? – A Rheyeti – I think it's just a Rheti

– A Rheti? – That's the Rheti – I would call you a Rheyeti – Spotted in the wild – Look at yourself, you're so pleased with yourself – And why shouldn't I be? Look at those eyebrows

(Link laughs) Okay, I've found a new skill – What are you gonna do with that? – With the skill? – No, with the Photoshop? You won it – I'm gonna put it in my bedside – Oh really, you're gonna frame it – Yeah, like I do all the time when we play these games

You should see my bedside (Link laughs) Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Evan from Canada and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Inception

– Weird Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning And click the top link to see which one of us is faster at spotting the Photoshop in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land Dear mythical beasts of the land down under, we're coming to see you in July

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