7 Foreign Remakes of American TV Shows (GAME)

– Today, we're getting lost in TV translation – Let's talk about that

(upbeat theme music) Good mythical summer – America's got three major exports, Big Macs, Kardashians, and TV shows I'm talking about breathtaking works of art like Extreme Makeover, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Extreme Makeover: Lost in New York Countries all over the world take these shows and make their own versions of 'em – Uh huh, but how close to the originals do they actually get, and Rhett, will you, along with you, be able to tell just by watching them which American show a foreign show is emulating? It's time for, (rock music) American Sitcoms on Foreign TV, American Dramas, Name the Show You See

Alright, (babbles) I don't know why that wasn't English I was trying to say, okay Rhett, here's how this is gonna work – I thought you almost called me Heather – Heather, (babbles) – You can call me Heather if you want

– I'm gonna show you a clip of a foreign TV show, and you're gonna have to guess what the American counterpart is, okay I'll give you multiple choices to help you – This'll be a breeze – Well, some of these may be easier than other ones If you get four or more of these correct, you get to meet your own foreign remake

Yes, we have here in the studio, – Of me? – A Rhett foreign remake – Whoa, I'm excited about that – But you gotta earn it – I know what I'm doing – Okay, you ready? – This afternoon – Alright, first up, Russia may be known for exporting vodka, but it's also known for importing popular TV shows

What do you think this one is? (upbeat music) (speaks in Russian) – Oh gosh – Yeah, okay, so I got some choices for you, but process it a little bit, what do you see here? – Well, it feels like, I'm going with, like a '90s sitcom that's about magic, or is this just an episode about magic? – I don't know – This is the magic episode – Okay, here are your options, is this a remake of, Full House

– That's a good candidate – The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, or what happens when you take too much Nyquil? – Oh gosh, it's gotta be Full House or The Nanny I don't remember that many kids, I didn't watch The Nanny that much – Me neither – You know, I wasn't like an avid watcher of it

So I don't think that there were that many kids present on The Nanny, even though, she was a nanny, which is the weird thing Is that just a faulty memory of mine? – Yeah, she was a nanny with no kids, it's like, that was the hook, no it wasn't – You know what, but she looks like Fran Drescher a little bit, like the Russian Fran Drescher – Does she have to? – Fraun Dresser, and he looks like the guy who wore the suit, and apparently there were children, so I'm going with B, The Nanny – You're right, it is The Nanny, check it out

(upbeat theme music) Cats She's wearing a ski bib in the sky – What? – Alright – You know, in some weird way it's less annoying then Fran Drescher – Well I always thought that Fran Drescher's voice should be a global phenomenon, and indeed it is

You want to see the Polish version? – Oh gosh, no (speaks in Polish) – Yeah, same exact episode – Yeah, just a little less resolution than the Russian version – You want to see the Turkish version? – No, this is a real thing? – Yeah (speaks in Turkish) They take that magic box around the world, man

– They took it up a notch in Turkey, it was on Fox – Alright, so you're off to a good start What is this Indian TV show a remake of? (dramatic music) Grandma packing – This is more recent, so we're talking hour-long, dramatic situation – Okay, it's pretty scary, you know

Is it, – Not really – You weren't scared? – Not at all – Is it Homeland, NCIS, 24, or a home movie of Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong? It happens – It can happen, yeah Okay, wow

(Link makes dramatic music) The funny thing is is the framing of the face and the expression, that guy was definitely channeling Kiefer And I'm not talking about the nice yogurt drink – It is a good yogurt drink, it's tangy – Yeah, it's good – And like, wow

– It changes your whole butt, your butt It changes your whole gut biome is what, but I almost said butt giome – Well, it changes that, too – Butt Giome is my rap name – Alright, so 24 – 24, C

– Is your answer I'm gonna show the next clip in order to confirm or deny your answer (speaks in Hindi) you know with those picture in pictures that you're right This is definitely 24 – Yeah, he's got it down, too, (bell dings)

The smolder, and you know, the concerned look – And if this version doesn't have Chloe, that is a naan-starter for me Because naan is a dish in India – That's the kind of joke that you need to see written in order to get it – Oh, it's right here

– It's funny there, yeah, yeah, yeah – Naan-starter – That was funny for those of you following along on the closed captions – Naan – Every once in a while we do one of those

– I thought it was great in general Alright, you're two for two What is this Greek TV show supposed to be? (speaks in Greek) – Oh, okay – Did you understand anything they were saying? – No – Okay, well that's not gonna help you

– I was thinking Golden Girls with just a blind guess, but there's no laugh track – Alright, is it Designing Women, Golden Girls, Laverne and Shirley, or Rupaul's Drag Race? – Oh, okay, so I mean, those, it's not Laverne and Shirley It's gotta be The Golden Girls, you got three women, there's similar haircuts Do they not have a laugh track in Greece? – They don't, actually That is very astute of you, Rhett, and you are correct

(bell dings) I would have also accepted Greek Sex and the City – Well I'm glad you finished that (speaks in Greek) – Alright, you're doing really good, Rhett, three out of three – Yeah, I know my TV, I watch a lot – What Colombian TV show is this a version of? (speaks in Spanish) – [Male] All in

– Wooooo – Now I almost don't want to give you the choices Do you have a guess before I even throw those up there? – Well, everything about it seemed serious, except what they were doing, and that woman saying – Woooo – Woooo All in, Malcolm in the Middle, I don't know

– Is it The Sopranos, Dexter, Breaking Bad, or just an intense game of Scattergories? So it's not a comedy – It's not Dexter, 'cause there was never that many people together in one room in Dexter, never happened It's either Breaking Bad or The Sopranos Man, I feel like I need to see those people again Woooo

– Yeah, that's your biggest hint, wooooo – I don't feel confident, but I'm going with Breaking Bad – Alright, let's show the clip and see if you're right (speaks in Spanish) – [Rhett] Oh my gosh (speaks in Spanish) – It's cool, I really think I could watch that version, and it would totally work, you know

– That's exactly what I'm thinking It's the kind of thing where I want to go back and watch Breaking Bad at some point, but why not just go back and watch this – The Colombian version, yeah – You know what I'm saying, it's more entertaining – And then you can stay turned for the aftershow, Hablando Bad, hosted by Chris Hardwick

He does all versions Alright, four out of four, man, can we go for the clean sweep? – We can – What is this Chilean TV show a version of? (speaks in Spanish) – Oh, I feel confident – Oh, you have a blind guess? – This is Modern Family – Alright, it could be Married with Children, or Two and a Half Men, as well

Or just a meeting with Harvey Weinstein – No, no comment on that – You're sticking with Modern Family? – I am, I am going with it It's because of the Club Senior stand right there – Alright, let's play the clip

You are correct (speaks in Spanish) (upbeat music) (speaks in Spanish) – See it's totally obvious once you start seeing all the formatting and everything Modern Family in Chile has all the same characters, yet chili in Cincinnati has spaghetti in it It's so weird – It's why I don't go to Ohio

– Alright, Rhett, keep the streak going, what do think this Belarus TV show is supposed to be in America? – Hello Bon jour Nihao (speaks in Russian) – What do think this is, Rhett? – There's a laugh track – Two Broke Girls, Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory, or Saved by the Belarus? – Based on the, I don't watch Two Broke Girls, but based on one of the girls, and where they work, and that man in the purple

– Hello – I've seen him in the promos – Nihao – Two Broke Girls – Alright, let's show the clip

– [Rhett] Oh no, I was wrong – [Link] It's The Big Bang Theory There he is, see – [Rhett] Is that Sheldon? – I think so, yes – Is that the Belarussian Sheldon? – Yeah

– Downgrade – Yeah, and even in this version, the laugh track volume is 2,000% higher than everything else Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – Yeah, just like the laugh track we have here – They added it

– It's just a button that we're pressing – Okay, alright, so you can't go for the clean sweep, you just missed that one – But I'm already getting to see the foreign version of myself – But what do think this Croatian TV show is supposed to be? (speaks in Croatian) Okay, is this Curb Your Enthusiasm, Married with Children, The King of Queens, or just a security camera from inside a Payless? – I haven't been in Payless in quite some time, but I'm gonna rule that one out, because there was multiple angles Usually a security camera just gets one angle

It had the wife character on the couch with the big hair, if I'm getting that right, I've already forgotten, but I'm gonna go with Married with Children for that reason I think I saw a Peg Bundy – You are correct, (bell dings) take a look (speaks in Croatian) There you go, yep, he's got the signature hand in the waistband, and you know what, Rhett, six out of seven, you win your very own foreign version of yourself, Australian Rhett – G'day

– Hey buddy – How are ya? – What, okay, we'll figure this out later Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Noah Anderson in Bentonville, Arkansas

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