7-Eleven Hot Food Taste Test

– What's the best hot food at 7-Eleven? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– For our UK fans or anyone who wants to travel to the UK for our one of a kind experience, tickets are still available for our live concert in London on February 15th All ticket info and all that stuff is at TourOfMythicalitycom – And for those of you living in any one of 17 assorted countries sprinkled across this planet, you probably found yourself under the bright, fluorescent lights of a 7-Eleven, which is where our mouths are going to today – Now there is one very special section of 7-Eleven that's filled with foods that are piping hot and often rolling in place on hypnotic silver tubes of magic, and protected by a glass case of sneeze residue and smudgy fingerprints

– But which of these 7-Eleven hot foods is worth your hard-earned dollar? It's time for 7-Eleven Has More Than Slurpees, Let's Hope It Doesn't Flare Up Link's Herpes – Herpes has nothing to do with this – Well you don't know that yet – Fever blisters is the preferred nomenclature – It might become what it's all about

– All right because not all 7-Elevens carry the same selection of hot foods, we went to as many 7-Elevens as we could find in our surrounding area Burbank! – Woop woop woop! – And we took note of which hot foods were most widely available and those are the foods we're gonna be ranking today – And we're gonna be ranking these foods on a scale of what did they say, seven to 11? Yes You know, seven being the worst, 11 being the best We're going from 7-tually you'll vomit

Nausy-8-ing Rather be-9 I 10-d to like it I 105-D to like it

A little bit of a stretch on that one, and finally, 11-tually I'll stop eating this! – Okay and to help keep our palettes cleansed, we will have these Mythi Gulps handy at all times filled with blue raspberry 7-Eleven slurpee – [Rhett] Mm! – [Rhett and Link] Round one – I'm hot, tasty and full of flavor I'm also full of 73 ingredients, the first of which is chicken product – Oh! Chicken product? – Yeah, baby

– And let me just say, before we embark on this taste test adventure, you know me I love everything and I have a history of eating processed things but since adulting a lot, I've done a lot less of this, you know? – You've been adulting too much lately – My wife has encouraged me to cut back on eating things like this that have 73 ingredients in a chicken stick But I am ready to relive a little bit of my past when I used to just go in there and get anything that was rolling on a couple of– – Dink it – We're gonna– – Dink it and– – Dink your chicken stick

– Sink it Ooh that is thick – That's a lot of chicken product – Spicy, cheesy – You don't really need the cheese

– Mm-mm – I could dip that in ranch Oh it's hot – Remember when I said spicy? – Yeah, but it took that long for it to hit me – And you don't wrap it in a bun or anything, you just eat it out of the sack? – Yeah

– Huh – I'm sorry, I'm gonna keep eating it – I like it I'm also starving, so, happy breakfast – I mean, that's good to me

It's making me hiccup, it's so spicy – You're right, it continues to roll in spiciness – Put it on 10 – Yeah let's start with 10 and move on – I'm a lightweight

– [Rhett and Link] Round two – All right next up we have the 7-Eleven steak and cheese tqquito – Ooh yeah – Now the different 7-Elevens sell Monterey Jack taquitos, taco and cheese taquitos, jalapeno and cream cheese taquitos But all of these were available at the 7-Elevens in our area

– You mean these were the ones that were available Dink it – These were the only ones available in all of them, yeah So, and I will say that Matt, who went out and got these said that while he was standing in line waiting for these, there was an Australian tourist couple behind him who were wondering aloud, what's the difference between a taco and a taquito (crew laughs) We're not even gonna tell you

You wanna dip into the cheese? I don't think I need to dip into the cheese – Ooh 'cause there's cheese in there – Oh buddy – I mean this is more of a dish than the chicken log, which is nothing but a log of chicken This is a bonafide appetizer situation

– It's a full meal – I said appetizer but – How come I ate so much more so much faster? – And you still talk just as much as me – Must be a sign of intelligence – Gosh

I mean it's better than the chicken log – It's better than the chicken I mean it's better than a lot of things I've had It might be the best thing I've put in my mouth all day – My one critique of it is I don't experience tasting a lot of the meat

Like if you had me blindfolded, I would say there's no meat in it It tastes like cheese – I think the meat part of your tongue must be broken 'cause I definitely taste meat But I wouldn't necessarily call it meat That might be too gracious

– Well I'm putting it ahead for now They may shift – [Rhett and Link] Round three – Now this pepperoni pizza does not roll, so to me, the part of the shenanigans of rolling– – Can't get it open – Is part of the fun of purchasing

I like eating something knowing that it's been rolling You know? – You could probably roll it – So I'm demoting this one even before I bite it, and I do wanna– – Really? – Yeah! You don't like a good rolling thing? – I mean I'll say it is a little bit boring because I can get pizza anywhere that sells pizza – You can get whole pizza at 7-Eleven for $555

– That's getting down in Little Caesars' territory Little Caesars just went to $6 for their large I mean, I don't know if they just did, but I just noticed it on the sign – How'd you even get out of bed this morning? (chuckles) (crew laughs) I don't know the mechanics of that insult, but it's basically your whole life depends on the pricing of a Little Caesars pizza – Oh thanks for explaining your joke

– This is going low for me, man I'm not saying it's gonna make you vomit, but that's, you know, I like it – To me, it's rather benign – It's just, it is benign but I predict it's going all the way to the end, so I'm gonna go ahead and slam it down there – Well let's have a compromise and make it nauseating

Because I'm not nauseated – Okay – I'm still having a ball – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Okay this is the signature Big Bite hot dog, they come in quarter pound or eighth pound

We've got a little one, we got the eighth pound, and we got these raw dog So you can decorate your dog with whatever you want – I think I'm gonna take a little bit of mustard – [Rhett] I'm gonna do a little bit of relish – You know what, I don't normally do relish, but I'm gonna do a little

– Living dangerously today – I was gonna put a little bit of cheese on there but I don't think cheese goes with relish and mustard – Well you haven't been to a 7-Eleven – A few onions, just for the sake of my breath Dink it

And sink it – Not a lot of wiener Not as much wiener as I wanted – [Link] Mm-hm That's a small diameter on the eighth of a pound

– Sometimes you go in wanting a lot of wiener, and you're like what? – When you get a quarter pound, you've roughly doubled Just roughly doubled the amount of meat – I'm having to dip this in ketchup which is a little sacrilegious – I actually like a hot dog that's smaller, you know? – Yeah you do (crew laughs) – It's– – Makes you feel better about yourself

– It's just one part of the entire dish When the hot dog itself gets huge, it's too much for me – What does that mean? – It's too much for me I know you keep trying but I'm not gonna play along – I'm not trying

(laughs) That's the thing, I'm not trying at all Okay, it's just a hot dog though You crapped all over the pizza 'cause it was just pizza – I like the ratio, but it's a smaller hot dog, which for me, it still rotates and I like the ratios – I don't think the ratios are, hold on, hold on now

There's two of us Sometimes you forget– – You can move it anywhere you want but I'm suggesting that it goes ahead of pizza – It's definitely not better than these top two that are more unique though It does roll but I think most people would prefer a bigger wiener – [Rhett and Link] Round five

– Okay so we've got some beef tacos here Oh they're so cute and mini! And there was a tweet from @jalentheman, oh I'm sorry, the E-man Walked into a 7-Eleven bathroom and one of the cashiers was eating mini tacos on the sink WTF – That wasn't a cashier, that was me

I remember that moment I didn't know it was Jalen Now you know what these remind me of? The little mini tacos that you get at Trader Joe's, that you get in the pack and you throw 'em all on there Those are usually chicken though I mean, never ask should you dip something in cheese, just do it

– Mm, mm, mm A little chewy (sneezes) – He's allergic to tacos Not taquitos which are distinctly different, Australia No

(Link blows air) It's a sneeze bag – I was trying to pop it, I thought that would be, I don't really have another sneeze (blows air) (pops bag) There it is – Hey! – Oh! – That's a good flavor – The beef is a good flavor, it's surprising

– Are you tasting the meat now? – I am A lot more meat – But it doesn't roll I don't think it's better than that Let me have the back end of that

– You mean the back end and all of the middle? – I had to get all the way to the meat – And again, they need to put more of this beef into that I'm still missing it – I think they did, dude It is the same meat

It's a different cheese on the inside This is a Philly cheese This is a tough call – These don't look special, but, they taste really special They really do, don't you think? I mean, is this a contender for number one? – It is, you know what, let's just put these parcels back up there, straddled

Because we still got one more thing to taste – [Rhett and Link] Round six – Now we have the ultimate hot snack, the buffalo wing Each one of these has 20% of your recommended daily sodium So five wings, you get 100% of your sodium, kids

You don't have to eat anything else the rest of the day – Here it is right here, now these look good But they don't roll – Why are we just putting these on the table? – Well I want the people– – Have you seen the things that we've done on this table? I mean, montage! (chuckles) No please, no montage – It's kinda like a wing from, I would assume– – A bag

– Like a Domino wing Or like a wing from a takeout pizza place, in terms of the way that they're pre-prepared and then heat it up That's not necessarily a bad thing because I actually really like this wing What do you think? – I eat a lot of wings And the flavor profile tastes like it was first taken off of a chicken, then frozen– – I'm with you on that

– Then frozen, then shipped I feel like I can taste the truck Taste the truck is not a great slogan – Now that you mention it, you're definitely helping me see that– – These are not fresh wings, man – Mm-mm

Not that good – Oh That's all it took, first of all, mine are burnt Yours look great – Well my first taste was really good, like I like the sauce on it, but the wing itself– – Yours are better than mine

– Oh really? – But I can still taste the truck – Yeah – Okay – Taste the truck, if you're into that – In my mind, these are maybe, you wanna move the pizza all the way down? – Yeah

And then, I actually, I like the hot dog better 'Cause I like the hot dog Are we sure about this with the chicken log and the hot dog? – I definitely am sure I almost feel like I'd move the hot dog a little further, but– – Where else can you get this? Nowhere that I know of – Let me taste it again

– Let me taste it again – It's gotten better That's– – Whoop! So now– – This is the problem – [Link] We're down to this – There's so little left to taste

– [Link] So we've got the taco – And the taquito You see the difference, Australians? You see how different these are? America's crazy, isn't it? (laughs) – I don't know Not much left there What's that coming out? Meat

– The whole not tasting the meat thing, I think your mouth is broken Here's what I'll say I think the taquito ultimately tastes better – (claps) Me too – But I think that the rolly nature gets me a little excited and you were the one that was really excited about the rolly nature

– I know, I love a good rolling food – Mm-hm You can get little mini tacos at lots of places Where else can you get a log that's cheese steak that's sitting there rolling all day just waiting for you Maybe all day and night

– This is tough – I feel like it's a draw And I'm gonna let you make the decision, but it doesn't really matter because we don't even have any food left to put up there, so, whatever you want – Let's just decide in our minds The rolling food wins in my mind

– Oh, oh there we go! There you have it! – But we don't! There it is! – In first place– – And the taco – There's a taco – Yes, boom! – This is the official scale of 7-Elevenness with the best thing you can get at 7-Eleven being the cheese steak taquito – Woo! – And maybe one of the other taquitos, but those are the ones that we tried and we loved 'em – Conveniently at your disposal

Grab 'em and eat 'em – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – (exhales) You know what time it is – I'm Matthew – And I'm Lauren

And we're at the North Carolina State Fair about to see Rhett and Link perform – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Woo! – All right! – We were there! – Woo woo! Click the top link to watch us create some all new and potentially awful 7-Eleven slurpee combos – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Would you like to snag the last remaining Forest and Farm swag? Yes you would

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