5 Ways To Beat the Heat (EXPERIMENT)

– Can bird poop keep us cool? – Let's talk about that (upbeat theme music) Good mythical summer

– Now when you stop and think about it, and I recommend that you do, heat is a crazy thing You can pack it, you can take it, and you can catch it, but can you beat it? Well today, we're going to test some of the most unique ways to do just that, but we're not just gonna find out the best ways for humans to stay cool in these hot summer months, no, we're going to test some of the ways that animals stay cool, too – And if you thought we were cool before, first of all, thank you, and second of all, you ain't seen nothing yet It's time for, Let's Get Weird with It: How to Keep Cool Welcome to the hot zone

To test all of these potential cooling techniques, we have properly surrounded and wrapped ourselves with as much heat as we could gather – Yes, not only are we layered, but we actually both are wearing heated socks with built-in battery packs – Good gracious – And we have – Look at all these heaters, man

– Every space heater we could get hold of – They're emanating, oscillating, and in otherwise heat-illating – Now we should just move (upbeat electronic music) Is that a dance? You getting hot yet, how 'bout some just pelvic thrusts? – Not towards each other, though Starting to feel the trickle down my back, ooh, into my crack

– Okay, I'm hot now – I'm hot, I'm hot, too – Let's get to testing (dreamlike music) Eating spicy food is one alleged way to cool yourself down The science says that when you eat spicy food, your internal temperature rises, which makes your blood circulate, and then makes you start to sweat, and then once you start sweating, you start cooling down

– Okay, in front of us we have very spicy chicken vindaloo, and very spicy bloody marys – I haven't had a bloody mary since right before we started shooting – Dink it Ew – Ew, ha, ha, ha

Ha, ha – That's spicy – Yeah, mmm – I mean, my body is already trickling and drenching with sweat everywhere – That's good

I'm also a little winded – Oh yeah, me too The spice distracts me from the heat that I'm experiencing everywhere else in my body – Dink it – Dink it, sink it

Uh – Uh oh, huh – Vindaloops – Um, okay, mm – This is what they call a vinda-lose-lose situation

Get it? – Now, I'm already sweating – Well, yeah – So is this gonna make me sweat more? – Makes us sweat more and it, I mean, my stomach's also burning – The problem is, – I should, let's take one more bite – Is it's very difficult for the sweat to evaporate, – When you're wearing all these clothes

– I got a big bite – Ew, uh, it still doesn't taste bad, but it's, boy, it is spicy Gonna wash it down with something else that's spicy – I am getting cooler I mean, I'm just talking about my vibe is cooler

You know what I'm saying? I'm eating vindaloo and drinking bloody marys – And looking like this, though – That's pretty cool, think about me, I'm like a ski bunny – What are these? – Think about me coming down the slopes, I'm like, I come up to the lodge, I'm like, – Look at that cool guy – Is my vindaloo and bloody Mary combo ready? – I'm starting to, there's the hiccups

– I'm super cooL (hiccup) – Yep, it's happening – I'm getting cooler mostly because I stopped running in place What's the science behind that? – I just feel more miserable (hiccup) (dreamlike music) The next cooling technique comes from the animal kingdom down under, when a kangaroo needs to cool down, they lick their forearms until their fur is soaking wet, and as their saliva evaporates, it cools down their body temperature, look at this

Oh yeah That looks tasty – [Rhett] That's a cool kangaroo, man – I wonder if it tastes good, like it's salty, you know That's not the part of the kangaroo that I would eat, no meat there

Of course, he's not eating himself, he's just licking himself – You're looking at that kangaroo, thinking about eating it? – People don't eat a kangaroo? – People do, but – Ooh, first of alL, even just lifting my freaking sleeve, – Relief, sense of relief – Gives me a sense of relief Oh my face is sweating, my glasses won't stay up

Commence the licking – That's kind of nice, it does taste good It tastes a little bit like kangaroo – This is working, especially if you lick and then blow on your forearm – The old lick and blow

– That helps You ever look at those pictures of really muscular kangaroos on the internet? – Yeah! – They're like so buff – I thought it was photoshopped the first time I saw it You know, it might help if we lick each other's arms – I was just waiting for you to ask

Ooh, your arm is very sweaty, it's very salty Why you licking like a cat? Lick like a kangaroo, like this – Because I want to, it tastes, something funky on it – Your arm is very salty – There's something other than salt on your arm

What is that? (crew groans) Hey, come on – I think that's garlic emitting from my pores – It's something you ate – From last night's dinner, – But the real question is, – Daddy garlic arms – Do you feel cooler right now? – Yes, it's working

– I feel so cool right now (dreamlike music) Sometimes you'll come across a lizard sitting there with its mouth open like it just walked in on its parents making a sibling What is actually happening there is overheated lizards open their mouths for extended periods of time in order to cool off, it's called open-mouthed basking, and it cools the lizard's head and brain – In addition to lizards, elephants have a unique way of cooling off, and it's through their ears They flap their ears, which can reduce their body temperature by almost 10 degrees

So, only because you've been asking for it for years, here's side-by-side footage of a lizard and an elephant cooling off (romantic acoustic guitar music) – Woooo! – We did it! – Freebird! Or whatever that was playing, it was perfect – Now, for the very first time on the internet, we will attempt to combine the cooling powers of both lizards and elephants to see if we can achieve the ultimate cooling method I'm gonna do these on your ears, you do them, yeah, you do that side, I'll do this side – Okay, how's that? And then, over here, how's that? I'm gonna be flapping

Whew, I'm hot – You're sweating a little bit – Yeah, I'm sweating – Okay, now open your mouth And flap

(crew laughs) – The mouth part's really working, but the ears is kind of painful – It's not hurting, though I mean, it is hurting, but it's not hurting the cooling-down process Geppetto, does this make me a real boy? – It's helping a little bit Oh, I lost my hat, which is also helping

– That helps a lot You know what, I can feel my brain getting cooler, if not a little bit stupider – Success (dreamlike music) Storks, turkeys, and vultures are just a few of the birds that are known to keep cool by defecating on their legs and feet Sounds like fun

And because you've been asking for it for years, here's a clip of a hot condor pooping on its own feet (sexy funk music) – Did you see that? Did you see that hot condor poop on itself? – Yeah, it kind of leaned over, and then squish – Yeah, just like I do Okay, that cooling technique is known as urohidrosis, and if you thought we wouldn't try it in the name of science, uro-got another thing coming, and that thing is bird poop – We thought about asking the mythical crew to each make a donation to our buckets, but they were plumb out

So we had to acquire rehydrated, 100% natural, Peruvian sea bird guano – Real easy to come by – That g-word is a fancy name for the s-word, which is a naughty name for crap – Ah, which is a slightly naughty name for dookie, which is a slightly inappropriate name for feces, which is the technical name – Excrement

Gosh, I mean, I experienced some relief just by pulling my pants legs up – Well, let me paint some poop on your leg, and see, – Oh, you're gonna paint on my leg? – Yeah, I'm the poop Picasso, man (sexy funk music) – [Link] Oh, that feels good – I thought it was a paintbrush, I'm sorry, I was putting it against you really hard, and realized, that's some stiff bristles, it's just a piece of wood – But it's so cold, it feels good

It's probably not even cold, it's just that it's mud Let me get some on you, man Step on the thing, though I mean, we're not even on the plastic – Yeah, here we go

Oh, thanks for that – Oh yeah – Right on my toe (sexy funk music) – Oh yeah – That's nice – [Link] Oh goodness

– This is what they call the original stanky leg (crew laughs) – [Link] Granddaddy poop legs – How do you do the stanky leg? Can you do the stanky leg? – We're doing it, man, we're doing it Here, come down here and hit me again – But if we did stanky leg with stanky leg

Let me hit you right, the other, – What's it smell like? Uh, it smells like a cave you shouldn't enter Doesn't it? – Uh, ooh, oh, it's almost like, – It's not as bad as human – Like bird poop – Yeah Okay, the moment it hits my legs, I start to feel relief, and then, I think I might have an open wound, it kind of hurts right there

– Oh gosh, you know what, that's probably good, though I think the number-one treatment for open wounds these days is bird poop – Open wide – It does have a puddling-like quality I'm surprised you haven't been tasting it

– Well, I am tempted, 'cause I'm so freaking hot everywhere I just want to put it on your face – But you can, you totally get the idea that this would dry out slowly, and then you just have poop crust – Alright, so overall, this one works great, but which one do we think worked the best? – Stanky leg, man, by far for me I could do this all day In fact, there's a lot of poop, do you want to? – Sure, Rhett, I'd love to have quality time with you and some guano

– Yes, this is the best technique, so if you're looking to cool yourself off this summer, you're gonna have to get a bunch of sea birds – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Alex – And I'm Andi, and we're in Iceland

– And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality – Oh, to be there right now – Ahh, that'd be nice – We're totally ready for it – We'd be properly dressed, we wouldn't stick out at all

Click through to watch us play a game about crazy weatherman names, weather-person – To see where the Wheel of Mythicality lands Summer, summer, summertime, to sit back and buy online Our classic summer collection is available at mythicalstore

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